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Free tiny boys gay porn movietures Riding Around Miami For Cock To
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The Train Ride She regretted last night. She just wanted him to like her. She didn't know it would go that far.


--LAST NIGHT— They were both on the bed making out. It was cold and her skin was still damp from swimming earlier. When he pulled away to catch his breath the sudden loss of warmth made her gasp.

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He could tell she was cold because he couldn't take his eyes away from the clear view of her nipples through her shirt. He slowly slid her shirt off her shoulders.


She was bared to him from the waste up. "This is just practice" she said, "for Katie." She was just 'helping' Kyle.

Katie was her friend and she wasn't used to a male touch, and because Kyle was a virgin and so eager to have sex he scared Katie away sometimes.

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She was just helping him learn to control some of his urges. "For Katie." He replied quietly, never removing his gaze from her chest.

He learned down to lick a nipple and her body involuntarily leaned up towards him. Its just because he's warm she told herself, but even she could feel the lie. Kyle moved himself between her legs and licked his way up her chest, up her neck and started devouring her mouth.

He was such a good kisser. Sarah was losing herself into his kiss, she didn't even realize that thrusting against until she felt her underwear moved to the side.

"Kyle, not there." She tried closing her legs to guard against his intrusion but he just kept shoving further. "It's just practice.

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Don't worry. I still have my pants on." He pulled her face back towards him and distracted her with his mouth, but Kyle was determined. Slowly, using the guise of exploring her body, he started undressing her. "I've never seen a girl naked," he lied with a smile "maybe I won't be so rough and eager if you show me what it looks like." Sarah was already completely topless but she still had her skirt and panties on. Still, she was uncertain. Sarah felt him, she knew he was hard even know he was hiding his bottom half from her under the covers.

"You're being so helpful to me right now, I don't deserve a friend like you Sarah." She melted. She liked him so much, and although he's dating Katie, she's liked him since before Katie. "Okay." Sarah wiggled out of her skirt, and rolled down her panties. Kyle turned on the light and took the cover off of them.

With the light on and the cover removed, she saw that Kyle had lied and he wasn't wearing pants. Right next to the entrance of her newly unclad vagina was Kyle's dick. He was stroking it and staring at her pussy.

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This had gone too far. "Kyle…" Sarah had closed her legs and started sitting up. "This doesn't seem like practice anymore." "It's okay." He leaned down to kiss her, while pushing her back towards the bed.

"I just want to touch you." He started kissing down her body again. "My mom's going to be coming home soon." She tried to push him away but he just kept going. Soon Kyle was back to kissing her and she could feel his naked head at the entrance of her pussy. He was sliding his length up and down, every once in a while he would stick just the head of his dick in but then he would withdraw and go back to the up and down. "Kyle, please stop." But he settled onto of her more heavily.

His tip was in her, he was no longer withdrawing it. "I'm still a virgin." He stilled on top of her and looked into her eyes.

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"Then we'll be each other's firsts." Then he thrust inside of her. She screamed and he groaned into her neck. It was so painful, she was ready yet, but he just kept thrusting deeper and deeper. He opened her legs wider and circled them around his hips and moved faster.

"Kyle! Stop! It hurts." Either he didn't care or he was so lost into his own pleasure that he didn't notice her protests. "Ah, fuck." He said as he slammed her against the headboard. He pulled her hips flushed against his as he made one more deep thrust and came inside of her as he bite down harshly on the side of her neck.

 CURRENT TIME The train was crowded the next morning. Her mom never came home for work, probably pulled an all-nighter again at the hospital and Kyle had stayed over.

She was too sore to move him off of her and when he pulled out of her the next morning she realized she could possibly get pregnant because they weren't wearing protection. As she was thinking about the possibility of a pregnancy Kyle moved behind her on the train. Although Sarah was used to this crowded train, she's never felt this helpless before. She wasn't able to move an inch. A person blocked every side of her, and she sincerely hoped that people would be getting off before her stop.

She felt hands rubbing her hips. She froze. "Kyle?" The hands squeezed an affirmative and she suddenly felt Kyle press into her. He was hard. "I keep thinking of last night." He said. He moved his hands up towards her tits and grinded his length into her. "You were so amazing Sarah." He bit down on her ear.

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"Kyle stop, we're in public." He dipped his hands down the front of her skirt and she quickly closed her legs tight. "Nobody is paying attention." Sure enough, when Sarah looked around, everyone was in his or her own world. As she was distracted, her legs loosened and Kyle was able to get his hand into her panties. He parted her folds and thrust two fingers up inside her. She was so sore from last night Sarah immediately tensed and tried to pull away.

But the slight gap that she caused gave Kyle an idea. When he removed his hands from her Sarah let out a breath of relief, but it was short lived, because she felt the bottom of her skirt being lifted up and Kyle's penis being slid between her unclenched thighs. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting his penis between her thighs. "Kyle, what are you doing?" "Shh" he said in her ear and kept thrusting against her.

The friction was causing her panties to slide around and Sarah knew that the only thing stopping Kyle from fucking her on this train was the thin piece of fabric protecting her pussy from Kyle's dick.


She started grinding with him. Hopefully, he'll get off soon and he won't feel the need to penetrate her. Kyle had other plans. As soon as the train stopped, there were some shuffling around of passengers and Kyle took that opportunity to move Sarah's panties to the side. He also aligned his penis at Sarah's entrance and it seemed like the sex gods were listening, because as soon as the train jerked into motion he was inside her. She was just as tight as last night, and he couldn't stop thinking about fucking her all night long.

"Kyle, please no." What could he do? It's not like he could pull out, the train was too crowded for that.

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So he kept fucking her. Nice and slow, moving with the jerking of the train. Sarah prepared him for Katie; he could control himself better.

The whole ride to school, Kyle fucked Sarah, but he was at his limit, and they were almost there. The slow, steady thrusts stopped and Kyle moved his hands up to Sarah's breast and pulled her down to him roughly.

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He bit down on her neck to muffle his groans and started jerking quickly up inside her. "Not inside, please Kyle, I could get pregnant." Those words were like a trigger and Kyle thrust as deep as possible and came deep inside Sarah.

When he pulled out of her, he wiped the excess juices on the inside of her thighs. "We're here." He said and smiled at Sarah as he walked off the train.