Asian slut astrid jaymes getting fucked by a big white cock deep penetration and pussyfucking

Asian slut astrid jaymes getting fucked by a big white cock deep penetration and pussyfucking
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"I'm sorry! How many times do I have to say it?" She pleaded with me. "You're wasting your time with telling me you're sorry, I'm done with this." She looked at me and said with a slight quiver in her voice, "if you stay with me, I will do anything that you want. Anything." "fine", I said. "Let's see if you really mean that." I ordered her a few more stiff drinks then we left. She had dressed rather provocatively to keep me interested in her even though she had violated my trust. She knew she had fucked up and was trying to keep her good thing going, but I was pissed off.

She's what a lot of dudes call a bbw. About 5'5 250 pound or so.

Long raven black hair, big brown eyes that are so incredibly sexy. Everything about her rocks my world. I don't tell her that. I make her think she's lucky to have my attention. That's the secret. She lights up a More 120 and I am instantly hard. She knows how to push my buttons just as well as I push hers. With the slim brown cigarette in her hand, she takes a long drag and blows the smoke out towards the cracked window of the car.

Her fiery red nail polish contrasts between all the dark colors and I almost run off the road watching her. "So, where are we headed?" She says demurely. "You'll see", I reply. We drive for about 20 minutes from the well-lit part of town, through the industrial section and away from where the good people go about their business. I pull up into the parking lot of the Adult Bookstore and glance over at her. She arches her eyebrows as she takes a long drag.

Her full lips pursed around the butt. She blows the smoke out slowly and adjusts her 48DD's in the super tight top that I had bought her. Her massive tits are crammed so tightly in that it looks like they might explode out at any second. "get out" I say to her. She obeys. I like to watch her get out of the car with her big ass trying to wiggle free of the bucket seats.

I get out with her and start walking towards the bookstore.

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Without even looking back I know she's following me. I open the door and step inside as she catches up and comes in behind me. The dimly lit squat concrete building houses row upon row of adult videos, magazines and various sex toys. "Oh, are we buying new sex toys?" she asks. Even though we own enough to take over a small country with them.

I simply reply "no" and I walk towards the back of the building with her right behind me.

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We step into the even more dimly lit hallways of the booths. The sound of various adult movies overlapping each other. Random dudes are milling about and immediately notice us. In my mind I can hear them thinking, "Fresh meat". As most couples stumble into these areas once and never return. I can't help but smile a little. "w-what are we doing back here?" she asks. Finally noticing a nervous edge to her voice. She sees the men looking at her. "Just shut up and follow me" I tell her.

I pick a big booth so there is plenty of room and I open the door for her. The room has the traditional tv monitor in it, a folding chair and a bench. As she's taking it all in I close and lock the door behind me.

"what are we doing in here?" she asks. I ignore her and slide $20 into the machine so it's out of the way. Immediately porn appears on the screen and I start flipping channels.

I click through until I find something interesting. A BBW is on screen sucking a huge cock. She is surrounded by others waiting their turn. My wife is mesmerized at the sight. I start unlacing her top.


"Are we going to fuck in here?" she asks, "It's so nasty! And it smells like cum!" "Yes" I say to her as I finish unlacing her top. I pull it down and her tits spring out in all their glory.

I can't help but squeeze them and she sighs from the attention. I continue to help her remove all her clothes and I put them to the side.

Her breathtakingly brown skin is shaking a little as she feels truly vulnerable. I remove my clothes and sit on the bench. I motion to her to come over and she kneels on the bench and takes my cock into her mouth. I am so hard right now that my balls are aching. She gives the greatest head I have ever had. Those lips of hers are the stuff of legend.

Her ample ass is sticking up in the air when I see the first sign that we've been noticed. An arm emerges from the glory hole near her ass and he gently starts to rub it.


I know what's coming next, so I roughly grab her by the hair and choke her down onto my rock-hard cock. She gags and is trying to get away as the hand explores her ass. I whisper to her, "Do not fight this.

If you want to stick around, this is my price. Do you understand?" "Yes" she whispers as she takes her mouth off my cock for a split second. I smile at her and stand her up. "Press your pussy up to that opening on the wall and face me." She does as she's told and looks up at me with those sultry brown eyes.

I push my dick back into her mouth and she continues to blow me. I see a man step up to the gloryhole behind her and start to finger her pussy. I know she's super wet because she always seems to be.

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I feel her clamp down on my cock as he fingers her more and more vigorously. Her first orgasm hits her hard and her knees try to buckle. She is stuck between my cock and his hands and doesn't go very far. I push her back against the wall and watch as a very fat cock is pushed into her pussy. She grunts from the entry and I am so incredibly turned on that I almost cum. I whisper out, "Fuck her hard man, she deserves it for being bad." I hear the wet slapping sounds as that big cock is slamming into her from behind.

Her fat ass jiggles as he pounds away. She goes crazy as she's sucking my cock and I can't take it anymore. I pull out and cum all over her face and tits. I cum so hard that I think I may never stop. Load after white hot load splatters on her tongue and face. She sucks the last drops from my cock and concentrates on squeezing her pussy rhythmically while the dude behind the wall just moans out while he fills her pussy with his cum.

She starts to stand up while saying "that was fun!" but I just push her back against the wall as another man steps into the booth. In seconds he has shoved his cock into her pussy and is pounding away as hard as he can. I feel something brush against my ass and look over my shoulder to see a gigantic black cock hanging through the hole. I look at my wife and say, "I wish you could reach both at the same time!" She looks at me and says, "No baby, but you can reach it".

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I'm somewhat shocked as I look at her. She looks at me and says "do it baby! Suck his cock!

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You know you want to". This is a new feeling. Her telling me what to do. I can't help but be aroused by it. "Make sure I can see you sucking it baby." She says to me. I say fuck it and drop to my knees. I take the huge cock in my hands and ease the head into my mouth. I let the salty taste caress my tongue as I slowly pump the shaft with my hands. I hear her moan behind me, more from my show than the fucking she's getting. She starts talking to me as I suck the cock in front of me.

"Come on baby suck that dick like a good little whore!" "make him cum baby!" Even with all this encouragement this big cock isn't cumming. She whispers to me, "He wants to fuck you baby! Give him your ass!" now, I have had fantasies about this type of situation, but I've never been fucked in the ass by a dude. Between the alcohol the sex charged environment and how horny I am I Just bend over and push my ass to the hole. I hear the best sound of the night as I hear the squishing sound of lube coming out of an almost empty tube.

I look back to see a well lubricated black log coming at my ass. I bend over, and my wife is finishing off dick number 3 maybe? She has her ass fully pressed into the hole behind her and I know she's being fucked repeatedly by someone. Her eyes are glazed over from the pleasure of the sex she's having, and she kisses me passionately as that big dig starts to ease into my super tight ass. I moan into her mouth as she pulls away and coaches me gently.

"It's ok baby, you can take that gigantic cock in your ass. I'm here to support you." She says that with a mischievous grin that I fell in love with when we first met. My ass is on fire as the giant warm head of this random cock makes it past my entrance. I moan in the pain and my wife starts slamming her ass into the wall behind her. "she looks over her shoulder and shouts, "FUCK ME HARDER!" She is in another world as she stares me right in the eyes and says, "You take every inch of that big dick in your ass!" Reach back and pull your ass apart for him!

I am shocked to my core as I do exactly as I'm told. I pull my ass apart with both hands and he sinks balls deep into me. I cannot breathe from the pain/pleasure explosions happening all over my body. Right at this moment my wife reaches forward and pinches both my nipples as hard as she can and my entire body shudders. Her breath is hot in my ear as she says, "You're my bitch now baby!" My dick is throbbing It's so hard from all this attention.

I let go of my ass and reach forward for her tits. I squeeze them hard in both hands and we both start fucking the person behind us as hard as we can while kissing and mauling one another. She starts to cum again for the… I have no idea how many times. She says, oh there's nobody behind me now baby, I can concentrate on you! She turns around and pushes her cum filled pussy into my face. "clean my pussy up nice and clean my little bitch husband!" I do what she says. There is so much sticky sweet cum that it is leaking out and down her legs.

At some point someone even came in her ass and she is trembling from me licking the cum out of her body. "Oh baby that's so good!" She coos. I'm trying to concentrate while this guy is shoving a telephone pole up my ass until thankfully he starts to cum.

He fills my ass up and I hear him grunting from the effort. He leaves the booth and we seem to have exhausted all the men.

I fall back on the bench exhausted but with a raging hard on. My wife giggles and pushes my legs up in the air. "My turn" she says. She starts to lick the cum out of my incredibly sensitive and pulverized asshole and it is making my cock jump and spasm.

She takes pity on me and starts stroking my cock while she shoves her tongue deeper and deeper into my ass. After a few minutes of this I cannot help but to cum.

I cum harder than I ever have in my entire life. I cum on my chest, on her hair, and then she takes me into her mouth and I just keep cumming. I'm seeing spots before my eyes right as I see another big cock sliding through the gloryhole, on my side of the booth. "Get back up there baby! She says, you're nice and lubed!" I look at her like she's crazy then laugh because I realize she actually is. By the end of the night I can't feel my ass anymore. We have taken turn fucking and sucking strangers and each other for so long that there is literally no one else in the entire video booth area.

We get dressed and shakily walk towards the front of the store when I see some men walking into another door.

I read above it and it says adult theater, $5.00 admission. I look at my wife who is still basically almost topless and she gives me that grin. "Two please" I tell the man behind the glass and we walk into the next room hand in hand.

"All is forgiven my pet" I whisper to her as we enter the dark theater full of randy, horny, desperate men.