Cute twink gets pissed on and spitroasted hard til creampie

Cute twink gets pissed on and spitroasted hard til creampie
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Kristen was enjoying her night off by relaxing in her whirlpool tub.the candles were lit and there was soft music playing on the stereo.she layed her head back on her bath pillow and closed her eyes.she started to drift off to sleep when she heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen sounded like glass breaking. maybe the wind blew the glass vase off the window above the sink,she thought. she stood up and wrapped a towel around her dripping wet body,then stepped out of the bath.she slid her feet into her slippers and walked down the hall to look over the railing.she couldn't see anything from where she was standing,so she proceeded down the stairs quietly.her heart was pounding faster with every step she took.finally she reached the last step.she peaked around the corner and noticed that the window above the sink was shattered.she was frightened at this point.she knew that there was a possibility that her life is in danger.Kristen decided to quietly sneak back up the stairs to call the police.she walked up a few stairs,then heard another noise,but this time it was closer.she turned around and saw someone standing in front of her.

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Kristen screamed ,as the figure leaped toward her,and covered her mouth.she struggled to get away,but another body sprung from around the corner.tears were pouring from the corners of her eyes.the two strangers carried her into the dinning room and layed her on the table,then tied her hands and feet to the table of the strangers covered Kristen's eyes with a piece of cloth and tied it snug around her head.

she heard a husky voice telling her that he will uncover her mouth,but if she screams he will put a bullet in her temple.he told her to nod if she understands.Kristen nodded her head.she noticed a familiar smell,a women' s perfume.then she heard the husky voice again,"we will take what we want, if your a good girl and do as your told,you will live"!


she heard them leave the room. she wanted try and wiggle out of her bindings,but they were too tight.

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she listened closely.she heard a man and a woman's voice.she could hear her dresser drawers hitting the floor,and doors being slammed. suddenly she felt cold,soft hands on her legs.her body twitched.then she heard a woman's voice telling her to lay still.she could smell the perfume again.the woman opened Kristen's towel and began caressing her breasts.then she heard the mans voice again"did i tell you to start without me bitch"?

they both laughed.she was surprised when one of them untied the cloth from around her took a few minutes for her to focus,but she couldn't see their faces.

they were wearing ski masks.she did notice that the woman had small white hands,and the man had a light brown skin tone to his hands.the woman continued to fondle her breasts,and play with her nipples,while the man unzipped his pants and took out what seemed to be the largest dick she had ever seen.he put one of his hands to her mouth,and outlined her lips with his fingers"you have a very pretty mouth"!he started to stroke his long pole with his other hand as he slid his middle finger into her mouth."suck it"!Kristen did as she was told.

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the woman was now straddling Kristen's body, with her ass in Kristen's face.she had her finger between Kristen's legs massaging her her clit,then she spit on Kristen's pussy and slid her finger inside,making her body twitch once again.Kristen started to moan as if she was liking the attention she was getting from these strangers.she lifted her hips off of the table and moaned even louder when she felt the woman's tongue enter her moist cunt.

the man moved in closer and caressed her lips with his dick,sliding the head back and forth across them,before sticking it into her warm mouth.Kristen sucked on the head of his cock,while he slid two fingers into the woman's tight snatch in-front of him.


the stranger slid his cock deeper into Kristen's throat,she gagged and tried to turn her head."come on,suck this big dick like you want it"!he pulled his dick from her mouth and lifted the shaft,placing his balls on her cheek.he began stroking his long cock."lick these balls girl"!Kristen looked up at him and grinned with an evil look in her eyes."don't try anything crazy,bitch"!she started to lick his well groomed balls,then took each one in her mouth,one after the other making him moan."oh shit ,that feels real good"!

finally he pulled away from Kristen's face and walked to the other end of the table where he watched his partner tongue fuck Kristen's pussy."kiss me baby,let me taste that pussy"!she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him deep,letting him taste the cunt juice on her tongue. he told her,"now make that bitch eat your pussy,while i run this cock up inside her"!

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Kristen closed her eyes and just zoned out,letting it happen because she knew there was nothing she could do about it.she had never licked a pussy before,so she was clueless on what to do.the woman backed up and straddled Kristen's face,then slowly lowered her pussy to Kristen's mouth.the woman demanded,"lick it like i licked yours"!

Kristen enjoyed the pleasure this woman gave her only moments ago,so she stuck out her tongue and began licking every inch of this woman's pussy.the woman began to moan,"yeah,that's it"! "now put your fucking tongue inside my cunt and fuck me"!Kristen stiffened her tongue and began to slide it in and out of the woman's pussy,which made things worse,because the woman enjoyed it so much,she sat up and began grinding her pussy on Kristen's mouth.

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the man continued to stroke his dick harder while watching her fuck Kristen's face.he asked Kristen,"you ready for me to tear that pussy up"?he told his partner to get off the table and put her clothes back on.he untied Kristen's feet,and climbed on top of the table, waved his pistol in the air and said"remember,don't try anything stupid"!he opened Kristen's pussy lips and started to tap her clit with the head of his dick,then grabbed her thighs and spread them as far apart as they would go.he slid a finger inside of her tight cunt and noticed how dry she was,so he stretched her pussy with his fingers and spit inside.his thick rough fingers continued to slide in and out of her.twisting them around to find her G spot.he worked on her pussy until she was wet enough for his giant pole to enter with ease.finally he slid the enormous head past her soaked opening.Kristen let out a loud moan.she knew she was being raped,but she was also enjoying it.

he continued to slide more and more of his cock inside of her, then back out,fucking her slowly at first.Kristen looked into the mans eyes ,then lifted her knees allowing him to go in deeper this time.the man looked surprised,then smiled and said"you like this big dick don't you"? Kristen wanted him to fuck her now."yesssssss,fuck this pussy good"!"i want it"!

the man put Kristen's legs on his forearms and slammed his throbbing cock into her pussy with force.she tried not to get loud,but this man was fucking her so good,she couldn't help her outbursts.he made her have multiple orgasms before he finally pulled his dick out and shot his hot cum on her pussy and thighs.

after catching his breath,the man put his clothes on.he united one of Kristen's hands and told her to lay still until she heard the door close.Kristen looked up at him as he untied her and said"too bad your a criminal,we could do this more often"!


he laughed and walked out. about a week later Kristen was out in the yard weeding her flower bed,when a handsome looking man walked up and introduced himself as her new neighbor.his voice sounded familiar.she stood up and took his hand,so she could properly introduce herself.

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when she looked into his eyes,she became speechless.this was the man that broke into my house and pleasured me better than anyone else.her heart started beating so fast she though it would break through her chest,then she thought to herself, maybe this could be the beginning of a good friendship.