Novinho cavalgando ao som de Old Town Road

Novinho cavalgando ao som de Old Town Road
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It was a cold winter morning in January when the State Trooper knocked on Sam Benson's door; shaking him out of a deep slumber. It was 3:05 A.M. and a light dusting of snow covered the streets. Sam barely heard the words of the Trooper as he explained how the life of his daughter and son-in-law ended on an icy highway early on the first day of the new year. They were on their way home from a company New Year's party. The Trooper informed Sam that his two small grandchildren had been picked up from the sitter and were in protective custody.

Since Sam and his wife, Vera were the only living relatives, the Trooper left Sam with a paper explaining the steps necessary to take charge of the children. Two days later, when the children came to live with their grandparents, Logan was nine, almost ten, and Beth was five. The children knew their grandparents but had not been around them enough to feel comfortable. Once the children were informed of their parents' death, young Beth clung to her big brother and refused to be separated even for a short time.

Logan was equally protective of his little sister. It took almost six months for them to sleep in separate bedrooms. Even then during thunderstorms, Beth would rush to her brother's room to seek his protection from the loud thunder. After about a year she finally adjusted and began to prefer the privacy of her own room.

When Beth entered the first grade, it was difficult for her to be separated from Logan for most of the day. However, young Logan understood his sister's fears and made it a point to visit her throughout the day when his class schedule permitted.

Even though Beth was four years younger than Logan, he tried to include her in everything he did; even if it meant letting her tag along with him when he socialized with friends. Somewhere along the way, Beth began to see Logan as her strong masculine figure. Her Dad was becoming only a fading memory, and Logan was filling that role. By the time Logan graduated from High school, Beth had developed friendships with other guys and gals which helped fill the empty gap that was created when Logan went off to college.

Logan tried to ease her separation anxiety by frequently calling or writing letters. He always made it a point to send her a birthday card and a present when he couldn't make it home for the celebration.

He never missed being there for her during the holidays. Logan tried to e-mail or speak directly with her each day he was away.

When Logan graduated college, he accepted a commission as a Second Lt. with the U.S. Marine Corp. During his time at boot camp, their contact was limited to weekend phone calls. The Boot Camp separation was followed with three months at Officer's Candidate School.

That was rough on Beth but not nearly as rough as it was when Logan was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. His missions and locations were classified. They went without any contact for weeks and sometimes months. It was a hard time indeed for both of them both. When Logan finished his tour of duty, he returned stateside and was stationed in Southern California at Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego. Beth was starting her freshman year at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and they were unable to see each other before he reported for duty at Camp Pendleton.

They were now separated by the full width of the U.S. Continent, and Logan promised to visit her at the first opportunity. Beth missed her big brother but was beginning to adjust to life without him. Logan tried to transfer to the Naval Base at Norfolk, but the Marine Corps had other plans for him.

He was promoted to Captain and put in command of a company of Marines. He could hear her pain each time they spoke on the phone and assured her he could hop a military transport if she ever needed him. He promised to be there within a few hours if she ever summoned him. When a photo of Beth in her Old Dominion cheerleader outfit arrived in the mail, Logan didn't recognize her at first. She was taller, slimmer and more filled out than the last remembered.

Her long blond hair came down to her shoulders, and her sparkling blue eyes pierced his very soul. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, and he felt uneasy about the way he viewed her now.

He felt guilty when his cock became hard while viewing her photo. He kept reciting to himself, "I am an officer and a gentleman." The erection finally went away after some time.

He had a moral obligation to remain her protector and had every intention of living up to that obligation. Beth dated Jeff Henderson the first four months of the semester.

Jeff is the handsome star quarterback and coeds were always hitting on him.

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Beth was proud to call him her boyfriend and often fantasized about becoming Mrs. Henderson. That's why it broke her heart to find that Jeff had a fleeting eye and flirted with most women. He even had sex with a few women behind Beth's back. When she found out about those other women, the humiliation caused her to break up with him.

It was just weeks before the big annual homecoming celebration was to take place. Beth is a cheerleader, and it would be embarrassing for her not to have a date for homecoming. She decided not to attend the dance and fell into a deep depression. Beth's roommate, Susy Jordan told her she had to attend the homecoming dance because she was a cheerleader.

Everyone expected her to be there with a date. Beth and Susy shared a lovely two-bedroom apartment just off campus. Susy suggested Beth find another date and flaunt him around Jeff.

The new boyfriend had to be someone spectacular. Someone Jeff would be envious of and jealous to the point of he would be pleading for her to forgive him. Susy reminded Beth that she is a gorgeous young woman that anyone would be proud to be seen with. Beth didn't think it would be possible to find someone at this late date until a bizarre idea popped into her head. Beth had been adopted by her grandparents to qualify under their health insurance and had taken their last name, Benson.

Logan had kept his father's last name, Miller because he had received coverage through high school and college because he played football. Since they both had different last names, no one would know they were brother and sister. Beth's plan called for her brother, Logan to travel to Virginia and pretend to be her new boyfriend during the Homecoming festivities. For that plan to work Beth couldn't tell anyone Logan was her brother; not even her roommate, Susy could know.

Beth locked herself in the bathroom and called Logan. Logan answered the call on the fourth ring. It took him a few minutes to wake up and collect his thoughts. "Good morning, Baby Sister. What's so important that you have to call so early in the morning," Logan asked. Logan had always called her Baby Sister. It was a term of endearment. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Logan. I forgot about the time difference between the East Coast and the West Coast.

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Would you like for me to call you back later?" "No…No, I can tell by your voice it is something significant. What is it I can do for my favorite Baby Sister?" "I'm your only Baby Sister." She laughed. "I know, but you are still my favorite person in the whole wide world. What can I do for you on this early autumn morn?" "Oh…Logan, I feel so terrible waking you for this." She whimpered.

"Don't worry about it, Sis. What do you need?" He is wide awake now, and she can detect it in his voice. "This is going to sound silly, I know, but I need a date for the big homecoming dance next week." "And this concerns me how?" "I want you to be my date for the homecoming dance." She cheerfully announced.

"Wouldn't you feel awkward having your big brother take you to a college dance? You're not a little girl anymore." "No one would know we are related because we have different last names." Logan thought for a minute and then said, "You are a beautiful young woman, Beth. Aren't there plenty of guys at your school who would die for the chance to take you to the dance?" "You don't WANT to take me?" Logan can hear the anguish in her voice.

"No…No, Sis. I would be honored to take you to the dance. I just thought&hellip." Beth cut him off in mid-sentence.

"Oh…good, Logan. I knew I could count on my Big Brother." The cheer was back in her voice. "You need to be here next Friday night. The dance is immediately after the big homecoming football game. I can pick you up at the airport that afternoon, and you can sleep on the couch at my apartment and……" Logan breaks into her diatribe and says, "Wait a minute, Beth.

Slow down and take a deep breath. I can't just rush off without permission from my superiors. I am in the military and have to get permission from my Commanding Officer to leave the base, but I don't think that will be a problem since I have 30 days leave coming to me. I can probably hop a military transport and be there in a matter of hours. "Oh…goody! Where can I pick you up?" "I'll have to text you the details.

If I can get on a military transport next Friday, you can pick me up at Chambers Field on the Norfolk Naval Base. If I have to take a commercial flight, I will fly into Norfolk International Airport.

"Just let me know, Big Brother, and I will meet your flight. I love you so much and can't wait to see you." She was off the phone before he had a chance to change his mind. Beth wasted no time in getting the word out that an old friend from back home was going to be her date for the Homecoming dance. Beth hinted that there had always been a love connection between her and this old friend. She wanted Jeff to be concerned he had lost her for good.

There was more truth to that story than Beth really wanted to admit. She had always had a secret fantasy about making love to her big brother. She had always been really careful not to let anyone know. When the flight touched down at Norfolk International, Beth was among the crowd to greet the arriving passengers. She thought her heart would explode when she saw Logan disembark the plane in his Marine Dress Blues.

The butterflies in her stomach threatened to make her woozy. She felt he was the most handsome man in the entire terminal. She knew he was her brother, but her body didn't seem to note the difference and caused her panties to flood.

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When Logan picked her up in his arms and twirled around in a circle, she almost passed out. Logan had an unusual reaction also. He had to put her down before she and everyone else in the terminal noticed the beginning of an erection. It didn't help matters that he could see her nipples poking through her sweater. "Sis, this is the first time I have seen you in over a year. I think the last time I saw you in person was at my college graduation.

That was almost two years ago." "I know," she sighed. "You had to go to that boot camp and then OCS. They shipped you to Afghanistan before we ever had a chance to get together. It is so good to hold you again. I worried about you the whole time you were overseas. I prayed every night that God would bring you home safely.

And when you did finally get home, they stationed on the other side of the country." Beth became aware she was nervously babbling when Logan put two fingers to her lips and shushed her.


They embraced for another few minutes before heading toward baggage claim to get Logan's duffle bag. "We can drop your bag at my apartment, and you can change for the dance while we are there," Beth offered.

"I need to check in at the Naval Base first, or the Shore Patrol will be hunting me down. I don't think it will take long to process my paperwork. However, you can take my bag to your apartment, and I can meet up with you just before the dance." "Does that mean you won't be through in time to attend the football game?" "Probably not, but I promise to be there for the dance." "Don't you want to change into a suit and tie?" "You said you wanted a date that would grab everyone's attention.

What's more eye-catching than a dashing young Marine Captain in his Dress Blues.?" "You're right!" She agreed. "That should make Jeff Henderson eat his heart out." "Exactly!" Logan laughed. "The dance is in the Great Hall on campus. Everyone plans to meet at the Cherry Blossom Lounge across from campus. Please be there no later than ten o'clock. I want to show you off before the dance." "I promise not to be late," Logan says. Then tosses his duffle bag in the trunk of Beth's car.

He gives her a quick peck on the cheek and then catches a cab to the base. ======== Beth nervously tapped on the hardwood surfaces of the patio bar, her fingernails drumming against the polished finish as she glanced at her watch. Shifting from one foot to the other she sipped her wine realizing she hated waiting for anyone. Where is he? She wondered, glancing at her watch again as she anguished over what was keeping her brother. Logan had promised to meet her at 10 o'clock. It is now five minutes until ten.

Beth's plan is time sensitive and won't be as effective if Logan arrived after Jeff leaves for the dance with his date.

Beth's roommate, Susy had managed to be Jeff's date for the dance and promised Beth she would keep him close so he could witness everything going on between Beth and her mystery date. I wonder what's keeping him, Beth ponders, her hand smoothing down the skirt of her formal gown as a warm southern breeze whistles around the open-air bar causing the other patrons to scramble and grab their menus to cover their drinks.

Why can't he be on time? Marines are noted for their timely arrivals, she muses. Her hand holds her skirt in place as the persistent breeze tries to push it up her thighs, exposing her lacy black panties to everyone in the bar.

"Beth!" A voice calls out, causing her to look up, a smile crossing her face as she sees her handsome big brother waving to her, moving tenaciously across the crowded patio bar towards her. "See I told you I would be on time," He smiles. "You look great in that gown, Baby Sister!" He assures her as she stands on tip-toes to embrace him tightly as she whispers in his ear. "Logan, please don't call me Baby Sister. This won't work if everyone knows you are my Brother." "Sorry!

My bad," her brother grins. "But you do look stunning in that gown." Thanks," Beth smiles, obviously pleased by her brother's compliment. She'd never admitted it to anyone, but she'd always had a bit of a crush on Logan, and had fantasized about her older brother in ways that still brought a shameful blush to her cheeks. "You look good too," she assured him, trying not to think about how good he really looks to her right now.

"So, do you have your dancing shoes on?" She asks Logan as she leads him to a nearby table. The patio was littered with heavy wrought iron tables with glass tops. The tables had to be heavy to keep the wind from tossing them about.

"Absolutely!" He answered. "I plan to dazzle everyone as I move around the dance floor with my Cinderella tonight." The waiter suddenly appears at their table, politely waiting for their drink order.

Beth is surprised when her brother orders a beer, thinking he would have chosen a more sophisticated drink, but finds herself following suit and ordering another glass of wine. They are soon chatting away, talking about anything and everything as they sip their cocktails, and catch up on each other's life.

They quickly finish the first round, and a second round appears on the table almost before either one of them had realized their glasses were empty. The liquor eased their inhibitions, and both were feeling things inside they tried to deny. Beth slyly checked to make sure Jeff was still in the bar witnessing her interactions with the handsome Marine. As Beth sipped at her third glass of wine, she found herself studying her brother, seeing him more as a man, a relatively attractive man who just so happened to be related to her.

Her dialogue became friendlier, flirtier as she sipped at the wine. Finishing her third glass, she was feeling a slight buzz and began to ask herself why she had never acted on her fantasies, her desires for him?

Was it what she really wanted or was it the alcohol driving her incestuous thoughts at the moment? She is tempted to make an enticing move to see how he reacts?

Logan noticed the change in his little sister, seeing how the wine was affecting her, how she was looking at him, and it brought a tingling to his balls.

He'd always known that Beth secretly admired him, but now it is beginning to appear more than just admiration. Her smile seems to project sexual overtones. Logan feels sure that his little sister would never admit her desires to want him sexually, but the alcohol seems to be lowering her inhibitions.

He is tempted to make a move on her and see where it leads. Suddenly he is gripped with doubt. What if it is his own desires to have Beth, but not hers to want him like that? He worried about what would happen if he initiated something if he'd made the first move and she rebuffed him.

He didn't want to risk destroying their relationship. However, all the signs are there inviting him to act. He had dated enough women to recognize a lustful desire in their actions. The way she looks at him. The way she casually touches him. It all pointed toward her wanting him as much as he wanted her. His cock started to swell again, and he began reciting over and over to himself, "I am an officer and a gentleman." Thank goodness the erection went away before she became aware.

There was another sudden gust of strong wind, an unpredictable warm breeze, that was the facilitator he needed. The warm autumn wind is suddenly whipping up again, catching the hem of Beth's formal gown and causing it to billow up.

The persistent breeze pushed it up above her sexy hips, exposing her legs and just a hint of her black lace panties. Logan turned his head, shielding his eyes with his hand from the wind and discovered that he can peer down through the glass table top at one of the most alluring sites he'd ever seen.

He found himself glued to the site.


His eyes are running up his sister's exposed legs, tracing over the lacy edge of her black panties. Those panties look nice against her smooth cream colored thighs. Her panties look very sexy and expensive, he finds himself wondering if she wore them just for him. He licks his lips instinctively as he ogled his sister's unique treasures. Beth gasped as the wind kicked up, her hand going to push her skirt down when she noticed where Logan was looking, a small shock of excitement ran through her as she realizes her big brother is staring at her legs; more specifically at her panties!

Could he be interested? Beth wondered to herself, as she bites her lip. At that moment she wonders whether she could tease more of a commitment out of her brother. Only one way to find out, she thought to herself, slowly spreading her legs slightly, her hand gripping the hem of her skirt, making it look like she is trying to straighten her dress when she is really pulling it out of the way, to give Logan a better view.

Logan's mouth shifted into a smile as he stared at his sister's panties, glad that the wind was wreaking havoc on her wardrobe, giving him this splendid opportunity to admire her lacy black panties as she struggled to fix her dress.

Very lovely indeed, Logan nodded to himself. His eyes were intently running over the black lace, the prominent camel toe, the slightly see-through fabric as Beth's legs opened slightly; treating him to a lovely view of the blond pubic patch between her creamy thighs.

The alcohol is in control now, and Logan is no longer trying to hide his lust as his eyes travel over her mound, committing to memory the shape of her sex outlined by her panties. He's definitely interested, Beth exclaimed happily in her head, watching her brother's gaze as he stared at her crotch, watching the change in his eyes as she spread her legs a little wider.

I know you like what you see, Logan, she tells herself as her brother tried not to be so obvious. Her body is screaming, now come and get it, big brother. Take what you want. A rushing feeling of excitement washed down through her body, the warm, pleasant eagerness centering in her vagina. Oh my, God. I'm getting wet just from him looking at me, she marveled, shifting in her seat a little, slumping down in the chair to push her panty covered vagina closer to her brother's ogling eyes.

God, I want to pull those panties off of her and lick that lovely young pussy for days, Logan admits to himself, wondering how she'd taste as he licked his lips once more. I need to know, I need to find out, he assured himself, knowing that no matter what he had to find a way to have her.

His cock swells again, and he is jolted back to reality. He starts his mental mantra over again, "I am an officer and a gentleman. I am an officer and a gentleman." It takes a while, but it works.

"We should. we should get going," Logan suggests even though his head is telling to stay and continue to feast on her womanhood. "The dance should be starting soon." "Oh, yeah," Beth agrees, smoothing her skirt back down, hiding her panties from her brother once more. She apparently wants him as much as he wants her. Will this be the long-awaited coupling, she hopes? Beth wondered to herself. Will he really do it with her even though they are brother and sister?

If he doesn't initiate something, I'll make a move, she promised herself as she stood up, waiting for her brother to take her hand.

========= The dance was going strong as the clock struck midnight. After several alcoholic drinks, the music from the DJ was still going strong, and pairs of dancers covered the floor. Logan and Beth have totally lost all inhibitions and were dancing to a slow song from the '60s; a song that allowed Logan to hold his sister closely.

Her hands were wet with perspiration as she felts his erection push into her thigh. She ground her vagina hard against his cock; not caring who saw them. After all, no one knows they are brother and sister. Soon Jeff can take it no longer and took Susy's hand to lead her a few feet away from his ex-girlfriend and her mystery date.

Jeff had to speak loudly into Susy's ear to be heard over the music, "Look at Beth and her date." Susy looked over to see Beth grinding against Logan.

The pair seemed engrossed in each other. Jeff saw her look over at Beth and he didn't want to appear jealous. He spoke into Susy's ear. "It almost gives me ideas; doesn't it give you ideas also?" Susy looked at him and smiled, the plan was working. Jeff appeared to be jealous of Logan and his openly sexual moves with Beth.

Susy felt Jeff's hands on her butt as he guided her crotch against his hard cock. Susy bit her lip as she seemed to fit perfectly pressed into his body as they moved to the music together. Susy enjoyed the feeling of being close to Jeff. She was beginning to wonder if she can go through with the plan without falling for Jeff herself.

After a few slow songs, a very fast paced tune came on the speakers. Logan turned up his movements and began running his hands up and down Beth's torso. He wraps his arms around Beth's waist and pulls her perky little ass into his throbbing cock. He burrows his hardness into her ass crack.

Beth started to swerve her hips faster and harder into his cock, and let her arms drift up around Logan's head. She unconsciously pulled his head closer to hers, and in an instant, Beth felt his lips meet her neck. She felt like she couldn't breathe as he kissed her neck and slowly moved up to her ear. At that instant, she decided to meet him halfway. Their lips connected. Logan spun her around, and they continued their kiss.

Her lips parted to let his tongue in, and while they kissed, Beth felt like the party had stopped around them. She had often dreamed of his lips on hers. Now that it was actually happening, she could hardly breathe. Her panties were so wet a slight trickle seeped down her thigh. When they finally broke apart for a moment, Beth felt her head spinning somewhat, whether from the drinks she had been drinking or the kiss her brother gave her; she didn't know.

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She looked around to see Susy and Jeff locked together, kissing more aggressively than she had ever seen in public. Susy and Jeff seemed to be enjoying their time together. Most everyone else that was paired up on the dance floor seemed to be exclusive, with some groups of singles together enjoying themselves. Logan steered Beth into him to start dancing again, and she gladly did so. However, as she began to grind into Logan's hips, she felt his cock beginning to grow harder under his Marine Uniform.

He made a quick adjustment and continued grinding. For a second Beth didn't know what to do, but in the end, she just focused on his hardness, rubbing her vagina harder on it, and occasionally turning around to press her ass into her brother.

For his part, Logan eagerly guided her ass into his cock. For the rest of the evening, he decided to forget about being an Officer and a Gentleman. They danced and kissed and dry fucked their way to the end.

Sometime around two o'clock, the DJ began to pack his gear, and most couples began to make their way out of the great hall.

"This was fun," Beth expressed to her brother as they winded their way across the dance floor, Logan letting her proceed him as they navigated between the tables. "Yes, it was," Logan agreed, his eyes traced down his sister's backside, focusing on her small but perfectly shaped little ass, watching it jiggle as she walked in front of him. His cock was pushing hard against his trousers.

He had to keep his hand in his pocket to hold it in place. He didn't want it openly bulging until he was at least alone with his sister. "We should have gone out together like this sooner," Beth remarks as Susy and Jeff joined them on the sidewalk. They were all still slightly intoxicated, and Beth found herself wanting more time alone with Logan. The two couples paused unsure what to do next.

No one wanted this night to end, and Logan searched his mind for a way to prolong it without being too obvious. Everyone was relieved when Susy suggested they all go back to the apartment for a nightcap. They arrived back at the apartment around 3 A.M. and continued where they had left off on the dance floor. Logan swept Beth into his arms and began tongue fucking her mouth. The apartment had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.

Jeff and Susy disappeared into Susy's bedroom without another word. Beth took her brother by the hand and led him down the hall toward her bedroom. Beth paused and looked at her brother and said, "Are you good with sleeping in here with me tonight?" She was praying she hadn't misread the situation and hoped he would accept her open offer of sex. After all, they had been publicly dry fucking on the dance floor for most of the evening.

Why wouldn't he want to do it for real in the privacy of his sister's bedroom? Logan held the door open for her as she walked in, then closed it behind her and locked it.

He wrapped her in his arms and planted a kiss on her that she felt deep in her loins. Beth closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed silently in her bedroom for several minutes, simply enjoying the feel of each other's body. Logan broke away from the kiss, removed and neatly folded his uniform jacket. Then his next move was to unzipped Beth formal gown and let it slide to the floor.

He stood marveling at her sexy black bra and panties. She, in turn, began to unbutton his uniform shirt. Then moved quickly to unbuckle his trousers. The trousers fell to the floor, and Logan bent to retrieve them, to neatly fold them as he was taught by the Marine Corp, but Beth stopped him and pushed him toward the bed.

They resumed their passionate kissing. After a minute Beth asked him to unfasten her bra. He did so immediately and devoured one of her nipples. She scrambled to remove his t-shirt and then sucked one of his nipples into her mouth. Logan had never had a woman do that and almost dumped his load on her thigh.

Beth pushed her brother onto his back and stripped her brother's boxer shorts from his hips. His cock slapped her in the face, and she took it into her wet mouth. Beth swirled her tongue around the head and then took it deep into her throat.

Logan wondered where in the hell did his little sister learn to suck cock like that. She bobbed her head only a few times before he flooded her mouth with cum. She swished it around in her mouth then swallowed every drop.

He looked her over, then grinned. "You're really damn gorgeous, and to think you are my little sister." Beth leaned forward and gave Logan a quick peck on the lips, before removing her panties and pulling his face into her pussy.

Beth closed her eyes and let herself relax to Logan's active tongue. He wondered how in the hell his little sister had learned to be such an experienced lover. He had no way of knowing she had been with only a few lovers before him, but she had choreographed these moves in her head ever since she first dreamed of having sex with her big brother. Logan didn't have much experience eating a woman's pussy. He had shied away from that until now because he had always heard that a woman's pussy smelled like fish and tasted salty.

To his surprise, Beth's pussy did not fall into those categories. Her pussy had the musky smell of an aroused woman, and her pussy had a clean taste; almost tasteless.

He felt he could eat her pussy several times a day for the rest of his life. Beth had her legs draped over his shoulders, his hands cupped her ass to his face and her heels were planted in the small of his back.

When he licked near a sensuous area, she would arch her back and push her pussy tight against his tongue. Logan licked up one side then the other before shoving his tongue into her canal where he found the walls felt like fine silk. The inner walls of her vagina were the smoothest thing he had ever felt. Logan licked all around until he stumbled onto her clit. He didn't exactly stumble onto her clit.

It was more like she guided him to that sensitive little nub. It wasn't long before Logan felt her thighs begin to tremble and her back arched as she pressed against his assaulting tongue and squealed at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm hit like a spring thunderstorm. Beth exploded into ecstasy.

She saw flashes of light like summer lightning and heard her heart drumming in her ears like claps of thunder. The juices that flooded Logan's tongue were delicious. He wanted more and continued to vigorously attack her clit searching for more of her sweet nectar. After a few minutes, she pushed his mouth away and begged for him to let her rest. She had so much pleasure she was having a tough time breathing, her only breaths coming in short, and probably loud, moans.

Logan only added to her intense pleasure by pushing a finger into her ass hole. No one had ever touched her ass hole like that. Logan's finger pushed in all the way into her anus to the third knuckle, then withdrew.

She knew she had already cum several times, but as her next orgasm built, she knew it was going to be more intense than any in the past. Her legs tensed, her back arched and her hands grabbed the covers. Her moans were louder and more irregular. Logan sensed her orgasm was going to be powerful, so he added another finger inside her tight virgin anus.

Beth finally exploded in her biggest orgasm yet, and then fell back utterly limp on the bed, catching her breath, and noticing for the first time she was covered in a subtle sheen of sweat. Beth's moans were deafening now, and she couldn't care less who heard as Logan's tongue swirled around her clit once more, and his finger probed away inside her ass, getting faster the whole time.

She had another orgasm and stifled a scream as her back arched in the air. Logan had to take a short break to pull her back down to earth. He held her hips in a death grip while she recovered. Logan kissed his way up her stomach, stopping to circle her belly button with his tongue before engulfing a hard nipple.

She squealed again as another orgasm swept her body. Beth pulled his lips to hers and probed deep into his mouth with her tongue.

Logan took this opportunity to ease his cock into her wet pussy, and she wrapped her legs around his hips. Logan pushed his cock in as far as it would go and held it there for a moment. As he started to withdraw, she locked her heels under his buttocks and pulled him back in. They fell into a rhythm. He would withdraw all but the head of his cock, and she would use her legs to pull him back. She had another orgasm and then tried to quicken the pace.

Logan began to slam into his sister's pussy like a jackhammer. They both broke into a sweat, and their bodies quickly became wet and slippery. Logan could feel a massive orgasm boiling in his balls. The closer it got to boiling over the faster he pumped.

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Beth could feel her next orgasm on the horizon and began to scream. "Oh my, God I am cummmmming," she screams. "Fuck your baby sister, big brother. Fuck her like there is no tomorrow. Shoot your hot cum deep into my pussy! I love you so much, big brother! Fuck me harder, fuck me faster!" At that moment Logan's orgasm exploded. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming baby sister. I'm flooding your sweet pussy with my cum. I love you so much baby sister. Oh my God, this is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me." Beth cried out as she felt her brother's hot seed flood her womb, his cock seeming to grow more prominent, and harder as he held himself deep inside her.

The sensations were enough to push her over the edge again, her body sagging slightly as it was racked by yet another but wonderful orgasm. All the energy drained from her body. She was totally exhausted. She held her brother tightly as they trembled and shook through the most amazing mutual orgasm. There was total silence in the apartment.

The only sound they heard was the clock ticking the kitchen. They didn't know if Jeff and Susy had heard their declarations of love. And frankly didn't care if they had. They had each other now, and no one else in the world mattered. Logan grabbed the sheets and threw them over himself and Beth, and Beth snuggled her body closer her big brother. Their bodies intertwined, and the pair drifted off to sleep; off into the most beautiful relaxed sleep.

When they awoke the next morning and ventured into the kitchen, they found Jeff and Susy locked in an embrace by the stove. Jeff and Susy smiled and greeted them with a good morning. Jeff and Susy looked at them with suspicion, however, neither ever said anything about what they may have heard during the night from Beth and her old friend from back home. Logan and Beth are almost sure the couple knows their secret and wonder what will happen when others learn of their incestuous coupling.

Jeff and Susy become an item after that night. Logan spent the next thirty day of his leave in bed with his sister. They would break for brief periods for meals and for Beth to attend classes. Plans were made for Beth to visit the base in California during summer break and every holiday in between.

Logan and Beth continued to present themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. When Beth graduates from Old Dominion, they plan to marry and live as husband and wife.