Hot gangbang session with an asian minx brunette

Hot gangbang session with an asian minx brunette
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The hot early afternoon sun burned brightly as it slowly moved on its never ending path into the horizon. Rock pulled up into the dusty parking lot of a small diner on the side of the highway, he felt his excitement build knowing he would at last once again see Honey, his long lost friend who had dubbed herself, "Familiar Stranger." He had thought of this meeting over and over in his mind.

Going through every detail as if it were an old movie which would rewind time and again. He parked the car, opened the door and was surprised to feel his legs buckle with anticipation as he worked his way towards the door.

He took a deep breath as he walked into the deserted diner and scanned the tables. He started breathing again when he noticed she had not yet arrived. He took a spot in a booth with a clear view of the parking lot and settled in for what he hoped wouldn't be a long wait. A gum chewing brunette with big hair, big boobs, an apron and a wide smile approached and asked what he would like.

As he turned to her, he saw a look on her face that seemed to say, "Coffee, Tea or Me." He smiled and said that some ice tea with lots ice and lots of lemon would hit the spot. She cocked her head inwardly, giggled, jotted his request slowly slid away.

As he waited for his ticket to coolness on the hot, dusty day he let his mind wander back to the time he had shared with Honey. He recalled the instant chemistry and spark of energy that flowed between them. It seemed to be just yesterday and was, in reality several years previous. He could clearly remember the dazzling smile and beautiful eyes that had penetrated his soul and his being. The brunette was back with a tall cold glass of ice tea, a bowl filled with bright yellow lemons.

As she placed the glass and lemons on the table she asked if he wanted anything else. He just smiled and told her, "Not right now, I am waiting for a "Familiar Stranger" and can't even think about eating. The butterflies in my stomach are flying like kamikazi's on their last mission!" She laughed, smiled in understanding and walked away. At that moment he felt his pulse quicken and his breathing stop as he saw Honey riding up on her bike. She motored up, parked, kicked down the kick stand and hopped off the bike.

As she slid her helmet off her head she shook her long blonde hair which flowed out in new found freedom. She was wearing a dark sunglasses covered from top to bottom in black leather.

Her jacket covered her entire torso and went down past her waist to her mid thighs. Leather riding chaps peeked out from beneath her jacket and lead down to sturdy riding boots. Honey walked into the diner, quickly scanned the tables and immediately saw him as he stood him and began walking towards her. He stopped arm distance away reached out his hands and smiled. She took his hands in hers and looked into his eyes which sparkled with excitement and enthusiasm.

They lost themselves in each others eyes for what seemed an eternity and in actuality was perhaps 30 seconds. Rock pulled Honey to him and as if by magnetic force, they both moved together and embraced. Their bodies fused as one and an intense, incredible energy flowed between them.

Their hearts beat as one and they molded together in perfect unity. As Rock and Honey peeled part, they looked at each other, blushed and walked towards the table. They sat and looked once again into each others eyes.

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Honey said, "You'll be happy to know that all I have on underneath all this leather is." "Well nothing goes with leather like lace." Honey said. The two old friends tried for a moment to make small talk, to catch up on the many years left behind them.

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He, about his feelings about leaving behind the place where he had grown, she about her ride to their meeting place, how a hawk soared above her as if he was along for the journey. All the while, under the table, their hands were searching, groping, wondering what may lie ahead. Honey felt the hardness she wanted and her mind started drifting to another place. Suddenly, the waitress returned, cleared her throat, and said "well, and what'll you have?" Honey replied, "I think I'll have him." She whispered in Rock's ear softly "let's get out of here," as she threw down a bill on the table, grabbed his hand, and they ran toward the door.

Honey hopped on the bike and yelled "follow me!" She sped down the highway with Rock following. As she looked in her mirrors to see him behind her, she thought of the months of anticipation of this meeting.

She had waited so long to have every part of his body and soul, as she dreamed that he would want every part of her. As the bike rumbled and vibrated between her thighs, she could no longer withhold the passion. The climatic waves came over her body and she screamed. She had never felt so free. When they arrived at their destination a short time later, Rock asked Honey "is the bike running OK?

You seemed to be riding erratically back there." "Oh never better, my friend." As they went inside, she grabbed a package from her saddle bag.

"Here's a little gift for you." "Cool! I love gifts!" Rock said with excitement. "I wonder what it could be?" He took the package which she gave and looked at it carefully. It was wrapped carefully in red cellophane paper and had a big Red and white bow tied in the middle. He carefully placed the package on the bike and said, "First let me get something Honey." He went to the car, opened the trunk and came back with a nice thick blanket, a small cooler and two champagne glasses.


He placed the cooler on the ground and handed Honey the glasses. "Are you going to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" Honey said with a grin? "That sounds like a great idea!" he answered mischievously. Rock whipped out the blanket and it fell delicately over the sand on the beach beside the river. There were cottonwoods which enclosed this small secluded garden while providing cool, soothing shade. Honey moved up behind him and as he turned around she threw her arms around him and brought him to her welcoming curves as they locked in an embrace.

He wrapped his arms tightly around the small of her back and around her waist. His arms brought her firmly to him. His evident excitement pressed firmly against her and she responded by squeezing harder. "Watch out or your going to drop the glasses," chided Rock. They separated slightly and looked into each other's eyes.

As if attracted by a magnetic force they melted together and kissed. As he felt her lips, he lost himself in wondrous bliss. The intensity built slowly and steadily as their passion intensified. When they slowly came back to reality, they both took a deep breath.

"Wow! That was wonderful!" he told her with a deep sigh. "You are stalling though; I want to see what you have for me." He took the champagne glasses from her and set them on the blanket next to the cooler. He went to the bike, grabbed the present, took Honey by the hand and led her to their paradise contained within the folds of the blanket. They sat down; he unwrapped the bow and then tied it playfully around her waist. "You realize that I am going to make you take that off later with your teeth!" Honey said with a grin.

"I can't wait!" Rock said with excitement. He opened the package and saw a wonderful variety of fruit carefully arranged with a canister of whipped cream in the middle. "What do you have in mind for these?" He asked with a devious smile. "You'll see and feel what I have in mind!" she said teasingly.

"You are bundled up in all that leather Honey. Let me help you get comfortable. Stand up for a minute." She stood up and he slid the bow he had tied around her waist down below her jacket. He stood up and faced her as he slowly unbuttoned her jacket from the top down. He then slid the zipper down as she breathed heavily with a rush of excitement. "You're right, leather and lace does go very nicely," Rock whispered.

He slowly slid the jacket off and dropped it to the ground exposing her lightly bronzed shoulders. A red lace bra highlighted Honey's spectacular torso. The top half of her breasts formed a wonderful curve which promised pleasure.

He delicately traced the edges of the bra over the delicate curve which formed in the middle of her chest. As he did so, her nipples tightened and came to attention visible beneath the delicate red lace which contrasted wonderfully against her skin. He slipped one hand into the top edge of her bra as he took his other arm and wrapped it around her waist. Rock's mouth moved towards her neck and he kissed her passionately just below her earlobe.

He felt her shudder with his touch. As his mouth worked wonders on her neck, he gently searched for her taught nipple beneath the silky fabric. When he brushed against her nipple she suddenly straightened and sighed deeply as he delicately stroked the edges which ached for attention. His mouth moved slowly, surely from her neck down her chest into that wonderful inviting valley of pleasure.

He kissed her delicately around the soft silky lace and reached behind her back and caressed her soft skin.

Rock pulled Honey down to her knees and gently laid her on her back as his tongue savored every inch of her body. Honey reached down and in one swift movement rid him of his shirt. As she stroked him, she felt his strength and stroked his back while he continued his journey. He moved lower, kissing her abdomen as he explored her body with his hands.

Rock turned to her and said, "I love the way your leather chaps form a perfect hideaway for your triangle of desire." He moved the bow up above the delicate lace of her panties and expertly tied it so it looked as if it were part of her wonderfully sexy hideaway.

His hands brushed lightly over the top part of her inviting mound and slowly to her inner thighs. Honey felt a rush of pleasure and again breathed deeply and profoundly as she let out a loud sigh. Rock turned completely around and considered Honey's boots. "I'm not sure how to get these things off!" he said with a laugh.

He fumbled for the key to free their prey and began tugging at one of the boots. She considered the view and liked what she saw. As he tugged on one boot, Honey brought up the other and placed it firmly on his rear and pushed.

The boot he was fighting with suddenly came free and he went head over heals." "Aha! So you want to play rough!" Rock laughed. With that he swiftly took off her other boot and was on top of her in a moment. They kissed deeply, passionately and intensely.


He felt her desire as their mouths came together and their tongues flipped deliciously probing and searching. His bare chest fused with hers. His back arched down and his pelvis pressed firmly into her slowly gyrating, inviting hips.

Honey gasped as she felt his hardness press against her delicate mound. She struggled to feel the pressure of his desire. His hips moved firmly and decidedly and firmly to meet her delicious mound of pleasure as they moved together as one. Her hands explored his back and she felt his muscles undulate as they moved in harmony. Her hands moved down under the waistband of his jeans and she grabbed his hips and pulled him invitingly to her center.

Without warning, Honey firmly rolled Rock over and was on top of him in an instant. "Now the tables have turned!" she said playfully. She reached for the whip cream, got up on her knees and shook the can vigorously. He lay on his back watching and wondered at this beautiful creature as she undulated invitingly above him. Her wonderful love triangle danced inches from his hardened desire. Honey took off the cap, flung it to he side and carefully leaned down and placed a trail of whipped cream first from below one ear to the middle of his chest and then from the other.

From Rock's chest she traced a line down to his belly button where she made a small mountain of cream and followed the light line of hair down to his jeans. With one hand she unbuttoned the top buttons of his jeans and continued the flow of cream to where his hardness peaked out from beneath its prison. She pitched the can aside and said, "Now you are in for a treat." Her lips hovered above his manhood and he could feel her breath.

She enticed him with the tip of her tongue and as she gently reached her hands into his pants, she held his hips and slowly lowered his pants. Honey slowly worked her way up his torso, swirling the cream with her tongue. "give me your hand, Rock." She grabbed his fingers and placed the tiniest amount of cream on his fingers. She took his fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. As honey straddled Rock, she felt physically diminutive, yet she sensed the passion was in control of his mind.

"Rock, my friend, I've dreamed of being dominated by you, but today I feel so powerful." She moved her waist toward his lips and said "come on, untie the bow!" Rock took the ribbon in his teeth and honey leaned back slowly to let it unfurl.

Honey swiftly raised his hands above his head and tied his wrists to the nearby tree that shaded them. She lie on top of him and the heat of their skin began melting the cream that remained. "How about a good bye kiss?" Honey and Rock again kissed hard and deeply. She stopped suddenly. She draped her long hair over her head and dragged it down to his torso. Once she reached his strong hips, she finished the job of undressing him.

She stood over him to admire this man, nude, vulnerable and wanting her. Honey once again knelt down over him and began to kiss and massage his belly. She tickled his inner thighs and once again stopped, stood and admired her work.

"Please don't stop, Honey!" Rock moaned. Honey knew the passion in him that had so slowly evolved needed a release. She fell to her knees and took him in her mouth, and felt him throbbing and his desire mounting. She quickly knew he was gratified. As she raised her head she felt a last drop of his love on her lip, and she teasingly licked it off. Honey reached up and released the bow and lay beside him and waited a moment for Rock to recover.

As Honey stretched out on her back, she looked over and said "I'm thirsty." "I have an idea, " Rock grinned as he rolled over to the cooler, opened it and took out the chilled bottle of bubbly.

He tore off the foil and popped the cork. "That's nothing like the explosion you just gave me Honey! I feel wonderful! Now it's your turn." Honey sat up as he grabbed the two glasses in one hand and poured champagne into each until it bubbled over the brim and trickled down onto Honey's inviting breasts still covered by the sexy red lace.

"Oh, oh! Now look what I've done!" Rock said with a devious smile. The champagne made the red lace now completely transparent and he admired his handiwork.

He drank his entire glass in one long slow gulp and pitched the glass aside. Honey held her glass with one hand and shivered as the cold champagne slid town her breasts, down her stomach and into her panties. She slowly sipped the champagne as he grabbed the bottle and added a splash to each breast and then one to her panties for good measure. She got goose bumps as she felt the cold champagne against her skin and waiting in anticipation of what was to come.

Rock said, "Just kick back and enjoy the ride Honey, I am going to take you on a ride you will never forget!" She threw her head back and her long blonde hair flowed back across her back. He went again to the wonderful spot between her earlobe and her neck only this time with more intensity and vigor. The combination of the champagne and his wet wonderful kisses was driving her wild. He moved his hands up her sides and to her breasts where he immediately freed them of the confines of the red lace.

He expertly reached one hand behind her and deftly unlocked the door to his desire. His mouth was instantly on her breasts, kissing, sucking and playing with each taught nipple in turn. He went back and forth savoring the champagne which impregnated her skin. He was intoxicated not with the liquor but with her beauty and her wonderful breasts. As he felt her desire build he took one hand and brought it roughly down into her crotch. The wet delicate lace now completely transparent drove him wild with desire as his hand firmly massaged her mound.

Her hips thrust up to meet his hand with an intense need to be satisfied. His hand worked the moist delicate material as he squeezed and probed.

Suddenly he pulled the delicate underwear to one side and placed is hand directly on her sex. She gasped and again pushed up to meet the object of her pleasure. He stroked her labia and firmly rubbed the wetness around her mound and into her inner thighs. As he brought his hand to her inviting crevice, he firmly grabbed each side of her hot pussy and then more delicately searched for her love button.

As he flicked his finger over her clit, she moaned in pleasure and immediately pushed his head down.

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He moved down her abdomen still sucking the remains of champagne off her body. As he approached her love slit which was now exposed with her panties pushed to one side, he said, "I can't wait to taste your sweet honey, Honey!" She giggled and again pushed his head down. With a quick tug, he ripped off her panties and her wet pussy was now fully exposed to his mouth and tongue.

She still wore her riding chaps and the site of her wonderful love triangle beneath the black leather had him once again Rock hard and wanting more.

Rock told her, "I want to give you a moustache ride!" With that he strongly brought her up over him as he lay on his back.

He firmly maneuvered her hot wet pussy over his mouth as he sucked her inner thighs first and then decidedly went at her love slit. She was on her knees now and in full control of her movements. As he found her hot clit, she slowly and firmly started to grind her pussy onto his inviting mouth.

Honey arched her back and grabbed the sides of Rock's head to keep him from breaking contact with her love button. She shuddered once and again as the waves of the most intense climax she had ever experienced began to work their way from her hot drenched pussy throughout her body.

He continued to lick and suck as she pressed her hot sex onto his mouth. He slowed slightly as he felt her entire body shudder again and again.

As he felt the shivers slowly subside, he again began to slowly but surely work his magic. This time it was he who grabbed her hips and moved them in rhythm over his mouth and tongue. He once again felt her begin to shake and shudder as she exploded once again in an intense, powerful orgasm. Honey moved her hips down his body, hovered above him and said, "Slow down and let me catch my breath!" honey sighed.

The sun had shifted and honey and rock were now basking in the sun, no longer shaded by the trees. The combination of the sun, the sex, and the chaps made her fell wilted. She turned her derriere in his face, bent at the waist, turned her face back to look at him, and said, "Come on, help me with these chaps!" Rock unzipped the zipper of each leg, unbuckled the waist, and grabbed the chaps before they fell to the ground and threw them to the side. Honey now stood before him, completely naked, with the sun to her back, the golden hairs on her hips sparkling in the sun.

She kneeled down beside him and nuzzled his neck. "I love this day!" "Honey, you should catch up with me" and rock said as he poured her a fresh glass of champagne and dunked a plump strawberry in it. She took a few sips of the champagne, scooped tout the strawberry, and ate it. "I think you need another glass, too, my friend," and honey retrieved his glass and filled it. There they sat, naked yet comfortable with each other, sipping on their champagne, feeding each other tiny pieces of champagne soaked fruit.

The champagne slowly began to numb their senses and their words. Instinctively, they started to kiss again, as if it was the first time they had ever kissed. Gently pressing lips, peeking out of nearly closed eyes, their tongues exploring, they fell back on the blanket, like the young lovers they once were. Their hands searched out places familiar and foreign. The mood had calmed but they both knew what they had in mind.

As they wrestled in each others arms, skin on skin, hearts pounding. Without any need to question or discuss what would happen, his hard penis slipped inside her. Honey shuddered, feeling so relaxed that this moment had finally arrived. They lay on the blanket for an hour, taking turns taking control, mutually thrusting and pounding.

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The sun slowly made its descent to the west and the coolness of the desert evening filled the air. As Honey and Rock moaned, the coyotes began their early evening cries. The air around them quickly started to cool. Rock could hold back no longer and he climaxed, and Honey felt every spasm inside her.

The sky was becoming dark. Honey stayed close to Rock, still wanting him inside of her. The sky above them filled with stars, and the coyotes howled in the distance.

They gathered the blanket to protect them from the evening chill. Sleep came over them and they huddled together under the stars. Rock woke in the early morning while it was still dark. He had a raging rock hard on which nestled warmly against the crack in Honey's buns. She was curled up facing away from him as he held her in his arms.

He felt the heat in his loins spreading up and into his rock hard cock which ached for attention. He slowly began moving his desire against Honey and her hips responded to Rock's movement.

He held her tighter in his arms and she nuzzled against him. He gently caressed her arms and sides as his hands explored every inch of her wonderful torso. His right hand came down to her hips and encouraged her movement against his rock hard cock. He firmly massaged her buttocks and upper thighs. He then reached his hand down over the curve of her butt and with his fingers slowly pried her legs apart from behind.

His fingers were at once in the delicate folds of her sex. Honey moaned deeply and pushed her crotch into his hand to feel his touch. Her pussy was moist with excitement as he drew his fingers up and down her wonderful slice of love. Honey movements increased in intensity responding to his touch, feeling his hard cock which promised unbridled pleasure. His middle finger suddenly slipped up inside her warmth as his other fingers explored, feeling Honey's hot desire.

Rock noticed Honey's breathing. She was still asleep as her hips moved rhythmically against his rock hard cock. He could only imagine the wonderful dream she must be having. Rock again opened her legs slightly with his firm hands and moved his body down slightly. He expertly guided his love missile into her hot center and slowly drove his passion deeply into her. She gasped as she felt his hardness filling her with pleasure. He grabbed her hips firmly and guided her movements to match his slow sensual grind.

Honey now awake and somewhat in a daze, turned her head over her shoulder. Her lips immediately found his and their mouths and tongues intertwined deliciously probing as they continued to move in rhythm. When their mouths parted, Rock said, "Touch yourself Honey, I want you to feel wonderful." With that she moved one her hands down over her breasts.

Her nipples were taut with excitement. She gently massaged and kneaded her nipples and moved her other hand slowly over her abdomen and down to her sex. She lightly encircled his hot manhood with her hand as it stroked deeply into her love tunnel. She loved the feel of his cock stroking through her hand. He would withdraw keeping the head of his stiff cock within her moist lips and then once again drive his hot piston deep inside her. As one hand continued to massage her breasts and nipples, the fingers of her other hand lightly touched and probed her clit which was now hard and aching for attention.

Her touch began slowly and with each thrust of his manhood increased in intensity. She was soon bucking wildly against his hard tool and her fingers which combined sent waves of pleasure through her body.

His slow rhythmic thrusting continued to pound home. His hands held her hips and firmly brought her hot pussy to his throbbing cock with each thrust. He felt her shudder and her pussy lips held tightly onto his manhood. An intense orgasm which started at their feet, came up through their loins and spread up throughout their entire body overtook both of them simultaneously.

Each felt the other shake as the waves of orgasmic ecstasy broke wildly against one another. As the intensity subsided, Rock wrapped his arms around Honey and said, "That is the most intense orgasm I have ever had!" She brought his arms more tightly around her and she snuggled up against him.

They continued stroking and caressing each other with his cock still up inside her wetness. They slowly drifted off again to sleep as the stars continued to sparkle above them. The sun quickly rose above the pink mountains in the distance.

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Their mouths were dry from the night of champagne and love. "Oh, my mouth is so dry, rock" . "here I have the cure for that, honey." He looked around and found the cooler, opened it, and found a cold bottle of water. Honey and rock shared a few sips of cold water. Honey could not help herself. She looked at Rock and remembered the night they had just shared and felt as if she was still experiencing the orgasmic waves.

"Do you have anything left to give me?, Rock?" "With you beside me, I can do anything," Rock whispered. Honey melted and nuzzled Rock's neck.


"Come on, lay on your back. Relax." Honey straddled rock and gently stroked his chest and tummy. She lowered her head and softly kissed his chest and tight abdomen. Honey scooted lower and took his balls in her hands. "Be careful Honey!" Honey answered "I'll treat these like the precious jewels they are!" With that, she slowly and gently, one at a time, sucked each one of his testicles in her mouth, while gently tickling the sweet soft part right behind Rock's scrotum.

She ran her fingers up his inner thigh, activating the muscle that lifted his balls deeper into her mouth. Honey reached up and felt a spectacular erection developing. She gently released Rock's most delicate part from her mouth. She grabbed his hard cock and squeezed the bottom and tilted it towards her lips. Honey almost too eagerly took his throbbing cock into her mouth, sliding up and down with her lips, not caring if her teeth may cause him some discomfort.

Rock moaned, "Honey that feels so good, but your teeth, please be careful!" Honey abruptly stopped, rose up on her knees and grinned at him. "Sorry Rock, but you are so delicious, I can't help myself! Do you want to put that someplace soft and warm to make it feel better?" Rock quickly forgot the sadomasochistic pain he just glanced.

"Come on Rock, I want you to make love to me, hard, from behind." Honey rolled over on her hands and knees and stretched her arms in front of her, with her butt lifted high to greet Rock.

Rock easily slipped his dick inside of her. Rock slowly pumped in and out, driving in as deep as he could, and then slipping his dick out of her. Honey instinctively raised her hips higher. As he did, he stimulated a new desire in Honey. Honey started crying with the immense pleasure that was so new to her. "Oh Rock, that feels so wonderful, please, don't stop!" Honey and Rock mutually rocked and rubbed their most sensitive parts together.

Honey could not help but moan and cry as Rock's hard dick filled her. Honey screamed louder, feeling something that had never been aroused in her.

She looked up and saw and thought clearly, more clearly then she had done in her lifetime "Rock, please, keep fucking me!

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don't ever stop!" Rock obliged, driving in and out of her. Rock kept it up like a taskmaster, pleasing this woman in a new found ecstasy. After another long session of lovemaking, their sensitive membranes were flush with blood. Honey and Rock could hardly take more love. Gradually, Honey felt a new kind of orgasm, one she had never dreamed of before. It was as if every cell in her body had come to life.

Honey collapsed to the blanket below her, as Rock collapsed on her, gasping for oxygen in the high desert. Honey collapsed to the blanket below her, as Rock collapsed on her, gasping for oxygen in the high desert. They laid in each others arms, Honey snuggling up against Rock and he holding her in his arms lightly stroking her body. As their breathing once again returned to normal, Rock stood up and said, "He what's that over there?" He got up and walked to the river's edge and bent down to look at something.

"Honey come here and take a look at this!" Honey walked over and bent down to see what Rock was pointing to. Rock moved behind her and watched as her well curved rear pointed up in the air as she bent down.

With her legs slightly parted he could see the outline of her pussy lips. He licked his lips with hunger and desire which didn't subside in the least. "So what is it, I don't see anything Rock?" "Nothing really, I just wanted to see you bend over and send you on your way!" With that said he took his hand and gave her a hard spank on the ass with his fingers grazing her sweet folds of love.

The spank surprised Honey and sent her tumbling into the river. Suddenly she was drifting in the river. Rock jumped in after her and said, "I'll save you Honey!" He grabbed her in his strong arms and they both burst out laughing as they floated down the river. The water was cold and felt wonderful against their bodies which were sore from the intensity of their desire over the last day. They spotted a nice open area on the river bank and swam towards it. They walked out of the river and stood on the bank dripping wet.

Rock took Honey in his arms and pulled her close to him, their wet dripping bodies fusing together. As they peeled apart they looked down and then up into each others eyes. "Now what?" asked Honey with a smile. "Well, as you can see, my little guy is in in hiding from all the cold water! I don't think he wants to come out just yet!" Rock said with a laugh.

"How about we greet this day properly with a little Sun Salute?" "Great idea!" chimed Honey. "How about if I lead and you follow?" "From here to eternity," Rock said with a special smile he reserved only for her. Honey stood straight and tall facing the east and Rock stood behind her. The dirt on the ground was firm yet forgiving and slightly damp from the dew overnight. Rock looked at this wonderful creature before him and admired her perfect curves.

He followed her movements as she brought her arms straight up into the air and then paused and watched as she bent over and stretched down fully with her knees locked.

He could see the outline of his fingers marked on her ass from his previous swat. The sight of her nice round ass in the air provoked him and he once again spanked her on the ass. "Ooh, that feels great Rock! I love it when you spank me like that." She went down on all fours in downward dog and he once again swatted her butt. "I think I will just watch and swat if you don't mind Honey." "Not at all! I love having your eyes and your hands wandering all over my body!" Honey went through the movements of Sun Salute and each time she bent over, Rock would give her another spank.

When she was done, they sat on the ground facing each other and with their knees locked spread their legs as Rock took Honey's hands in his own. They took turns slowly stretching the other as they rocked back and forth.

The site of her sweet sex spread in front of him once again brought Rock to attention. His stiff member swayed back and forth as they rocked and stretched. "I want your hardness up inside me," Honey cooed. She scooted towards him and sat on his hips, her legs on top of his. She was wide open and moist. As their mouths came together in a sweet soulful kiss, his cock slid up inside her. They rocked and kissed, their tongues searching and probing as his member also probed every inch of her wetness.

In this position she could feel all of him deep inside her and the friction of his pelvis against hers touched just the right spot. Their lovemaking was now slow and unhurried. They enjoyed each moment of this wonderful fusion which brought them together as one.

Honey and Rock were startled to hear the sound of foot steps a few feet away from them. Honey sat up straight and before her was a man in a uniform. "Oh no!" Honey nervously giggled, "Rock we're busted!" The uniformed man held out a badge and honey could make out the words "Conservation area police" on it.

"Rock and Honey tried to free themselves from the very compromising position that they found themselves in. The officer apparently felt the intense glare that Rock was giving him and the officer turned away while Rock and Honey stood, and Rock wrapped the blanket around them to hide their nakedness. "Are you safe here, ma'am?" the officer asked. "Oh yes! Just two consenting adults acting like teenagers." To this the officer replied, "Well not only are you two committing an act of public indecency, you are trespassing on federally protected land.

I do have the authority to ticket you both." The wheels in Honey and Rock's heads started turning to try to connive a way out of the sticky situation they found themselves in.

It seemed as if Rock could read Honey's mind. He let the blanket slip enough to expose one of honey's breasts. Rock piped in, "Officer, I sincerely apologize for the indiscretion. I would hate to see my good friend get in trouble over my randy actions. Is there something we can work out?" The officer tried to look Rock and Honey in the eyes as he responded, but his eyes kept wandering down to the hardened nipple that peaked out of the blanket.

"I'll be back here in twenty minutes," was the officer's response. "I don't want any sign of you folks when I return." The officer turned on his heels and walked down the trail.

Rock and Honey could not help but laugh at themselves. After a moment they looked around at their clothing and other evidence of their madness and started picking up the pieces. After finally dressing, Rock asked Honey, "Well, where do we go from here?" "Let's hop on your bike and go get a breakfast burrito with the hottest chili we can find!" Rock said, "I need to recuperate from a whole lot of Honey!" "Great idea! What about the car?" asked Honey.

"Ah, let's just leave it here, it's a rental. I'll call them and tell them to come pick it up" They walked back to where they had been.

Honey slid back into her leathers and Rock jumped into his jeans. Honey straddled her hog and kicked it to a roar. "Hop on Rock and hold on tight." Rock saddled up behind Honey and wrapped his arms tightly around her. "I think I could get to like this!" he said as he moved her honey blonde hair aside and nuzzled up against her neck. As Honey felt Rock's sweet breath on her bare neck, she let out a sigh of pleasure, popped the clutch and they were off with a rooster tail of dust in their wake.