Pale brunette big tits and blowjob in public bathroom they head back to his place for

Pale brunette big tits and blowjob in public bathroom they head back to his place for
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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 5 - Brenda's Story A few days after the Train Show with William, John got out the Birthday gifts that he bought for Kelsy. He decided that he would try to be funny, and put the camera and the lens he bought her in 4 other boxes so she had to work to get them. As for the promise ring, that he would give her when he took her to dinner the next night for her Birthday, he decided that he would not wrap it and just present it to her during their meal.

Kelsy was turning 18 the next day. Her mom decided that since she was coming of age, that she did not need a big party like she always had since she was 4 or 5. She was allowed to have John, his two friends, Shelby and Emily over since they were all good friends, and they were all dating each other.

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None of them knew what John had bought her, and he never even gave them a clue about what it was. Every time one of the girls asked, or guessed what it was, he would just say no with a straight face. They even guessed correctly on the promise ring a few times, but no one ever thought about a camera. John had just finished wrapping the camera in its four boxes when his phone rang.

He looked down and was surprised to see that it was not Kelsy, but Brenda. Brenda was the girl he fucked on their graduation night while Kelsy and their friends recorded the act in order to black mail her so she would stop harrasing John. "Hello?" John answered "Hey, John, whats up?" she asked "Just finished wrapping Kelsy's birthday gift." He told her "I was wondering, can I come over?

I need to talk to you about something." She said. "Yeah, come on over, I have nothing planned, Kelsy is out with both Shelby and Emily, so I am home alone today." "Thanks, I really need to talk to someone about this." John took the gifts out to his car then waited for Brenda to show up.

After about 15 minutes, she walked up to the house. It looked like she had been crying. "Whats wrong, Brenda?" He asked with concern. She ran over and gave him a big hug, and started to bawl her eyes out. John held her as she cried. He did not know her as well as Kelsy, but he could tell something was seriously wrong.

He let her cry on his shoulder until she was just sniffling back the tears. "Do you want to tell me whats wrong?" John asked.

"I don't think you or Kelsy will like the news I am about to give you," she said, scared that it might result in the video being released on the internet when she told him, "I am pregnant." John was stunned. He thought that she had been on birth control the night that he fucked her. He was speechless. After a few moments, he was able to speak. "I hope you are not expecting me to leave Kelsy for you because you are carrying my child." "No, I don't expect that.

I am scared. I don't know what to do, and I don't want to be a single mom." She said with a scared tone in her voice. "I think Kelsy and everyone else should hear this." John said.

He grabbed his phone and called Kelsy. She answered on the 3rd or 4th ring. "Hey baby, what's up?" She asked "Are you still with Emily and Shelby?" he asked "Yeah, we just left Target. Whats wrong?" "Just get over here now, its about Brenda" he told her "Why, whats wrong?" "Just get over her now, I will explain when you get here, I am going to have Jason and Scott come over as well, I know they are at the station" he said.

"Okay, baby, we are on the way, see you in a few minutes" Kelsy said as they hung up the phone. The next person he called was Jason. He too told them to get over to his place as soon as possible. Within 15 minutes, everyone was there, and they could see how upset Brenda was. The three girls went over to her and tried to comfort her as much as they can, but they could tell that she was scared out of her mind. "Brenda, tell everyone what you told me, then we can figure out what we should do." John told her.

"The night I had sex with John and then you guys blackmailed me so I would stop hitting and stalking John, happened to be on the day that I was most fertile. Guys, I am sorry, I am pregnant with John's child, and I am scared, I don't want to be a single mom" she sobbed Everyone but John was stunned. Brenda started to cry again. But to her surprise, no one got angry with her.

Kelsy and the girls all hugged her tightly. "It's going to be alright Brenda." Kelsy said. "Yeah, you didn't know that you were fertile that day, you didn't bother to tell John that you were not on the pill, and he never asked if he should use a condom." Jason said. "Basically, everyone is at fault here. We didn't even think about the possibility of you becoming pregnant." "He is right, Brenda, no matter what, you should not blame yourself. We should have been smarter than we were, but we were all focused on other things, You were focused on getting John here to have sex with you, and we were all to busy on blackmailing you." Emily went on "Listen, Brenda, it's going to be alright.

We are all here for you. We know what happened the day after, and even though you never apologized to us, we are still accepting you as our friend." Shelby continued, trying to comfort Brenda more "Listen, if you are truly scared about being a single mom, then maybe we should try to find you a real man, not a boy, but a man who will actually accept you for who you are, just like John." Scott said.

"I agree with Scott. If we can not find someone for her by the time she delivers the baby, then the 6 of us will will pool our resources and help you raise the child." John said. Deep down inside, John was actually happy to learn that he was going to be a father, but also upset that the mother of his first child was the result of a blackmail, and that Kelsy was not going to be the mother. "You guy's really mean that?" Brenda asked "Of course we do honey, unlike your old self, we know how to let go of grudges." Kelsy said.

"You are one of us now, if you need help, all you need to do is ask any of us." Brenda smiled. She thought that everyone would be pissed. She never expected for them to be so open with her and accept her after what she had done to John.

This put her mind at ease. Emily and Shelby hugged Brenda again. "Well, baby, it looks like your going to be father!" Kelsy said as she pulled him in for a kiss. "I know, I am happy and a bit excited, but I am also disappointed that you are not going to be mother, sweetie" He replied "Don't worry about that, babe, I know that some day that we will have our own little bundle of joy" She said with a smile on her face.

John saw her smile and kissed her on the lips. He loved her, and he was surprised that she did not flip out over the news of Brenda being pregnant. Emily and Shelby agreed to go with Brenda. Everyone convinced her that she needed to tell her dad. They went with her for moral support. Jason and Scott went back down to the station as John and Kelsy stayed behind at his place.

"How would you like one of your birthday gifts now?" John asked. "Are you serious? Don't you want to wait until my birthday tomorrow?" she replied "Babe, I feel guilty about knocking up Brenda, and I think the gift I am about to give you will make you happy." He said "If it helps you get your mind off things, then yes, I would be more than happy to recieve one of my gifts now." She told him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

John walked to the car and grabbed the ring he had bought her. As he walked over, he had it behind his back. "So, where is it? Is it a puppy?" She asked "No, its not a puppy." he replied John sat down, and told Kelsy to close her eyes. Once her eyes were closed, he took on of her ands and had it so where she had her hand opened as if he was about to give her something. As she was expecting John to be corny, she expected to feel he weight of a Model Locomotive.

But instead, she felt something small enter her hand. "Okay, baby, you can open yours eyes know." John said Kelsy opened her eyes and looked into her hand. Her eyes widened with pure joy when her brain finally comprehended what was in her hand. It was the ring John had bought her the previous week. She knew it was a promise ring and was about to scream with joy, but thought better of it, instead, she placed the ring on the porch and lunged towards John, giving him a big hug.

"Do you like it, baby?" He asked "Oh my god! I love it! It is so beautiful!" She cried. She had a small tear running down her face. He could tell that he just made her very happy. "I choose that ring because of the emerald. It reminded me of your eyes that I love so much." He told her She was all smiles, but then she remembered that she had not yet put the ring on. "Put the ring on my finger, sweetie." She said John picked up the ring and took her hand into his.

"My sweet, beautiful Kelsy. I love you so much, you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you accept this ring as my promise to you to marry you?" he asked her Kelsy gave him the biggest smile that she had ever given him. "Yes, sweetie, of course!" she replied. He slide the ring on to her finger. The moment the ring was on the finger, she pulled him in for a passionate kiss, and she held him close to her.

She was beaming with delight. The cuddled there on the porch when Emily and Shelby arrived, and to their surprise, Brenda was also with them, It looked like she had beeing crying more. "What happened when she told her parents?" Kelsy asked with concern "It was not good. Her dad blew up. He went into an all out rage and started throwing shit around. He told her to get out of his house, and to never come back.

He basically disowned her. She is homeless now, Kelsy. Things have just gone from bad to worse." Emily said. John looked very concerned. He looked over at Kelsy and she had the same expression. The three girls sat down on the porch with them. No one said a word for a good 15 minutes. It was John who spoke first. "Let me talk to my parents." He said Kelsy looked over at him with surprise.

"What, you think they would let her live here with you?" He could tell that she still did not fully trust her, but considering the situation, it was their best chance to prevent her from becoming homeless. The rest of them simply did not have the space for an additional person. "Yeah, lets go talk to them now." He said, getting up. The five of them walked into the house, and found his parents sitting in the living room.

His dad was watching the news and his mom working on a needle point when they came in. "Mom, Dad, can we talk to you?" He said as they walked in "Yeah, son, you can talk to us about anything." His father said They all sat down.

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"Dad, I want you to meet our good friend Brenda." He started His parents looked over at the her, and they introduced themselves as April and Gary. They could tell this was going to be a serious conversation. They then looked at John, and by the expression on his face, it was on of deep concern.

"Mom, Dad, the reason why we wanted to talk to you is because we are worried about Brenda." "Okay, what is the problem, and how can we help?" His mom asked "The thing is, Mrs. Walker," Emily started, "Is that her boyfriend got her pregnant. She came to us all upset and crying. It took us awhile to calm her down, and we told her that we would be there for her." "Is this true, Brenda?" Johns dad asked She looked down at her feet and said "Yes, Mr.

Walker, its true." "That is not the worst part of the story, Mr. Walker. We convinced her that she needed to tell her dad. So we went with her for moral support," Emily said, "Her father did not take it well, and basically went into a rage and kicked her out of the house.

That's why we are all concerned for her." Gary looked over at his wife. They too also became very concerned. They knew John would never ask anything of them unless it really did matter. But this time, it was a huge favor he was asking, taking in one of his friends who was expecting a baby. "John, let me talk it over with your mom." His dad finally said. "I don't want to see anyone get kicked out on streets, especially if they are pregnant." "That's fine dad, we will go out into the back yard and think of how we are going to deal with this." He replied They walked out to the back yard and started to discuss what they should do if his parents did not agree.

They thought about putting her into a hotel, but that would become very expensive for them, and they could not afford it. Brenda did not want to go to a homeless shelter because she was scared of some of the people in there. John thought about William and Danielle, maybe they would take her in, but then he remember that Danielle was recently diagnosed with Cancer and William was working a-lot these days.

Darrel lived with his dad, and he had no interest in helping a pregnant girl. They knew Dan wouldn't, he lived in a small apartment and would have no space. Things were looking dim if his parents did not let her stay here. Her only option was contacting her grandmother who lived in Maine. She knew that she would take her in, but that would involve moving, and leaving her life long home and her friends.

She started to get very depressed. She was now deeply sorry for what she had done to John. As the four of them tried to cheer her up again, Johns parents came out into the back yard. They could see how depressed Brenda had become since the 5 of them came outside. "John, your mom and I talked it over." He started. "I want you to know that we are very concerned about her, and we don't want her out on the street. If she really does not have anywhere else to go, she can stay here." Brenda's eyes lit up with joy as she heard this.

Everyone else sighed a breath of relief that she would not have to move to Maine. "However," his dad continued, "There are going to be some ground rules for her staying here. First, you will need to help with the chores around the house. We know that you are pregnant, but you are in the early stages, so you should be able to pull your weight around here.

Once you are in the middle of you 2nd trimester, then we will lighten the load, and when you are in your ninth month, we expect you to rest as much as possible" "Yes, Mr. Walker, I will be glad to help around here!" Brenda exclaimed "Also, you need to realize that John has a life, and that he won't be able to help you every single time that you need something.

Both John and Kelsy want their private time as well, so be respectful of that. You also need to know that after you recover from giving birth, we expect you to get a job to help pay the bills. I know it may seem to be asking you that since it looks like John does not have a job, but he does have a steady income from that video sharing site, getting monthly checks of about $1,200." He continued "Yes, I will do my part to help, thank you, I really do appreciate it! But dad has banned me from ever stepping foot in the house again, and the only things I have are the clothes on my back." She explained "Who is your dad?" April asked.

"His name is Tim Wacha." She said "Tim Wacha, I think I might know him, does he work at Wells Fargo?" Gary asked. "Yeah, he does." She said "Well, I think I might be able to get you your things back. I happen to be his boss." He told her They all smiled when they heard this.

As it so happened, Her dad happened to be a brown nose at work, and did every little thing that Mr. Walker asked him to do. He thought that he could use this to his advantage. He pulled out his cell phone and everyone watched him. He went through the contacts in his phone and found Tim's phone number. He pressed send and put the phone on speaker so everyone could hear the conversation. "Hello?" Tim answered "Hello, Tim, its Mr. Walker" He replied "Yes, Mr. Walker, what can I do for you." "It involves your so called disowned daughter, Brenda." He continued "What about her." He replied, he sounded a bit angry when Gary mentioned her name.

"She is over here at my place. She happens to be good friends with my son, John. She will be staying with us now, and if you really do value your job, then you will let us bring her over there so she can get her things." "Sir, as much as I respect you, I don't want to see her face right now, she has insulted the family by getting herself pregnant." He explained "Then leave the house before we come over, no matter what, we will be coming over there so she can get her things.

Either you be peaceful and leave the house, or we will come over there with a police officer, and you will be out of a Job" Gary told him, his voice had become stern, and intimidating. "Fine, I will leave, but she had better be gone by the time I get back." He said. "We will be over there in an hour, I will call you when we leave, but you better not show up before, or I will fire your ass." He scolded, then hung up the phone "Thanks Mr.

Walker, I really appreciate that!" Brenda said. Gary just smiled. The girls also had big smiles on their faces. Emily and Shelby left to go find their boyfriends to tell them the news, and his parents went back inside.

They would be taking all three cars they had to get all her stuff. Kelsy hugged John and Brenda smiled. She was not going to be homeless at all. "Thank you, John," she said, "Kelsy, may I give him a thank you kiss?" "As long as it is on the cheek, missy" She replied Brenda smile and walked over to them, and kissed John on the cheek. She then went back inside so she could use the bathroom. "Baby, thank you for talking to your parents, this just show's me how much you care about others, no matter how bad they have treated you in the past." Kelsy said as she gave him a kiss.

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"I helped you and your friends get away from your prom dates, didn't I? The three of us are just like that. " he replied, returning her kiss Kelsy cuddled up close to him and just smile. She sure did have a winner with John. About an hour later, Gary called Tim again and told him that they were on their way and he had better be gone when he got there. It was a short drive and John led the way with his parents following in their own cars. When they arrived, Tim was gone.

Brenda led them into the house, and they became disgusted with the living situation there. The house a mess, Beer cans and papers from work were scattered all over the place, and food was rotting on both the stove and on the table. They opened the windows to let the smell out so they could start getting Brenda's stuff. After about half an hour, the smell had dissipated enough that they could all go in to start gathering her things. She decided that she would not bring everything, and that the things that were most important would be the stuff she moved to her new home.

They gathered about half of the clothes, the ones that she wore the most and abandoned the ones that she had either outgrown, hated or her dad gave her. She gathered her computer, TV, VCR, DVD player and her stereo as well has all 5 of her stuffed animals, along with her pillows. She did not want the sheets that were on the bed since it was her father who got them for her. They brought back bad memories that she had not yet told her friends. After about an hour and half, they had everything she wanted from the house and Gary called Tim saying that he was safe to come home as they left.

On the way, they passed Tim as he drove back to his house. Brenda was happy to get away from him. She was going to tell her friends the real reason why he kicked her out because she became pregnant. They arrived back at Johns house, Their friends were waiting for them so they could help move Brenda's things into her new room.

She was going to be moving into one of the the spare bed room's, this one was across the hall from John's room. They manged to have everything moved into her new room and John hooked up all her electronic devices. After all was said and done, the 7 of them went out to the back yard to relax.

"Thanks for everything guys, I don't know how I can ever repay you, especially you John, if it was not for your parents, I would really be homeless." She said "Like I said, we don't hold grudges, you are one of us now." John said "Can I tell you guys a secret, the real reason why he went into a rage when I told him I was pregnant?" She asked They all wanted to hear the reason, and they quickly agreed.

"Please, do not tell anyone else this," she started, "When I was 11, my mom abandoned us. She left while I was at school and dad was at work. All she left was a note saying that she hated her life, hated him and hated me, and that she was through with us.

It really hurt me that my own mother said that she hated me and no longer wanted me in her life. I cried for days.


My dad took it bad as well, and quickly turned to drinking to try to get rid of the pain." "Oh Brenda, I am so sorry, we had no idea." Emily said, coming over to give her a hug. "That is not the worst part of the story," she continued, "a few months after she left us, my dad came home drunk from the bar. I was asleep in my own bed since I had school the next morning. I did not hear him come into my room, and I was woken up when he shoved a sock into my mouth.

I woke up right away and saw him in front of my face. He told me that what he was about to do I should never tell anyone, and if I did, he would kill me. Being scared, I shook my head in agreement. He ripped my panties off and stripped himself. I was scared, I couldn't scream and I had no where to hid, because I was scared that he would kill me if I did. He got on top of me, pulled my legs apart, and shoved his cock into me.

He raped me. He did not stop, even though he saw me crying. He was not gentle with me and I was in extreme pain.

I do however remember that he did not last long, but he did not pull out and he came inside of me." The 6 of them looked are in disbelief. It was starting to dawn on them why she had became so attached to John.

She saw how well he treated Kelsy and it made her jealous, For the past 8 years, she was abused by her own father and wanted someone to love her. Her father did not love her, he did not see her as his daughter, he just saw her as his sex slave and when he found out some other guy knocked her up, he thought the she had betrayed him and was defiled by another guy. "He started coming into my room every night. It was the same thing all the time, he forced me not to wear any underwear when I went to bed, even when I started my periods.

He would come in, fuck me, always against my will, and shot his cum in me. He forced me onto the pill so I would not become pregnant, because he did not want anyone to know what he was doing to me." She continued.

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By this time, everyone was in total disgust with her father. They did not know, but the window to the kitchen was open Johns parents were listening in as well. Gary was starting to see red. His best employee had a secret life that involved incest, no, it was not incest, it was just plain rape. Brenda continued with her story. "This went on for the next 6 years, every night, he came in and fucked me. After the first few months, he told me I had better enjoy it or he would lock me in the basement, and make me disappear.

He told me would not kill me, but that I would be locked in there and the only time I would have been able to see anyone would be him when he came in fuck me. I started to fake it. I never enjoyed it. But I did not want to be locked into a dungeon for the rest of my life." At this point, Gary could not take anymore, and he went outside, with his wife following him. They all saw him come outside and they could tell he was on the verge of an all out rage.

"Brenda, do you mean to tell you that your father repeatedly raped you these past 8 years?" He asked Brenda shook her head yes. "The last time was a couple of nights ago. But it was not just him, he brought another guy from the bar, and made me suck his cock while my dad forced his cock into me. I later found out that the guy paid him a $2,000 for me to suck his cock." She said.

"That fuckin piece of shit!" Gary shouted. April, call the Police, they need to hear this. "Dad, if he found out, he will kill her!" John Shouted.

"Please, Don't call them!" "John, calm down, sweetie, everything will be okay, he will not be able to hurt her when is in jail." Kelsy said "She is right, John, calm yourself down. We are not going to let anything happen to her." Emily added "John, if you need to, go to the station and watch some trains, I will go with you, but you need to take it easy man, we got her out of that situation and nothing will happen to her" Scott added.

"Come on John, lets go watch some trains." Jason said. He hated to see his friend like this "Hold on, guys, he needs to be here so he can help explain to the police how she ended up here." Shelby said.

"Please stay, John, I would appreciate it if you did." Brenda begged. "I don't plan on going anywhere." He replied.


April called the police and about 5 minutes later, two cruisers pulled up to the house. April led them to the back yard where everyone one was. Just as they walked out to the yard, one of the officers told her that a detective was also on his way. They were the first to arrive to check out the situation. Sure enough, a detective arrived a few minutes later. When he got to the back yard, he introduced himself as Detective Groat.

"Ok, when I got the call, I was told that one of you was repeatedly raped, which one of you is the victim?" He asked "It was me, sir" She replied to his question.

"Can you tell me what happened?" He asked. Brenda again repeated her story, word for word as she told her friends. They all got even more angrier at her dad then they did the first time around.

The officers sensed that, and even as they heard the story, they wanted to go to him, and not arrest him, but execute the bastard. They knew better then that, but they could not help themselves from feeling that way.

"Do you want the state of Missouri to press charges against him for rape and sodomy. You were a minor for most of the time he did this to you, and if you said it was everyday for 6 years, then only a few dozen times the past couple of years, he is looking at 1,900 counts of rape. In the state of Missouri, that equals to about 7 life sentences that he is looking at.

However, once the prison population finds out what he did, I am sure he won't last more than a couple of days at most, as they will most likely kill him." He explained "Yes, please, detective.

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I want that bastard to pay for what he did to me." She said "Where are you living now?" He asked "I am living here, with John and his parents, he kicked me out because my boyfriend got me pregnant and he kicked me out of the house.

I just moved in this afternoon." She replied "Okay, so I won't need to get in touch with a women's shelter then." He said. We will go ahead and bring him in. With what you said is true, the state has a solid case against him, and he won't stand a chance. Where do you think he is right now?" "More than likely either at the house downing another twelve pack, or at Malone's Bar on Taylor." She replied. "I think we have enough evidence, do you happen to have a picture of him?" He asked.

She pulled out her wallet and produced a recent picture of the two of them. He was smiling and hold up a large mouth bass. She however, was not looking too happy in the picture. "Thanks Miss Wacha, thanks to you, we can take another sexual predator off the streets." He told her. The then turned and spoke to the two officer's. "Lets go get this bastard." He told them.

He then turned back to to the group. "If that will be all, we will go ahead and go bring him in." "Would you mind giving me a call when you have him in custody?" John asked. "Of course, what is your number?" He asked. John gave the detective his number and they left. "Its getting late guys, I think Emily and I will head over to my house.

She is staying the night with me since we are going to Springfield tomorrow so she can meet my grandparents." Jason said as the both got up.

"Same for the two of us, Shelby said, I want to get home because my favorite Uncle is coming into town in a couple of hours. I want Scott there to meet him so I can show him off." They to got up and left. That left only the three of them. They talked more about her situation with the baby. John agreed that he would decorate the other spare room and make it into a Nursery for when she brings home the baby.

She was grateful for everything that John, his family and their friends had done for her. She never felt so much love in her life.

She wished that John was single, but she remembered her promise that she would not do anything that would jeopardize his relationship with Kelsy. However, she was happy that she could call him her friend. "Are you going to be fine tonight, Brenda?" Kelsy asked. "I am sure I will be." She replied. "If you need anything, just ask." John added. "Thanks, I will be fine. I feel safe here." She told them The three of them went inside.

They sat down to watch some movies. Around 10, his parents went to bed. Brenda was growing tired herself and decided that she would go to bed as well. It was her first night her new home. John turned off the TV and followed the girls up the stairs. Kelsy was going to stay the night again because her mom went out of town to visit some friends in Moberly, Missouri. She would be back the next day for Kelsy's Birthday. The two of them said good night to Brenda and went into Johns bedroom.

They got ready for bed. It had been a long day. John had found out he had knocked up Brenda, she got kicked out of her house, his family took her, moved her stuff in, and then found out that her dad had sexually abused her. The two of them crawled into bed and Kelsy quickly cuddled up to him. "Thanks John, you are an amazing person." She said as she kissed him. "You are even more amazing, Kelsy" he replied as he kissed her back.

The two of them started to to get into it, and pretty soon, Kelsy crawled on top of him as she continued to kiss him with unbridled passion. She could feel his cock start to harden under here. She felt this and she knew that he wanted her. She wanted him bad as well. She had not had any kind of sex with John since the weekend of the train show.

She broke of the kiss and sat up. She lifted her shirt over her head and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. John watch as she removed her clothes. She bent back over and let him take one of her nipples into his mouth. He started sucking on her right nipple, and while sucking on it, he flicked it with his tongue as well. This caused her to emit a moan of pleasure. She never felt him do this before. It was different, and she liked it. She decided that it was not fair that she was topless and he was not.

She pulled him up and removed his shirt. Once removed, she pushed him back down and started to suck on his neck. It was his turn to moan because she knew that when she did that, it made his cock even harder.

He rolled her over so that she was now on her back. He went back to sucking her nipples, cause her to moan even more. She was really getting into it. She was just about to cum from him sucking on her nipples when he started to kiss his way down her body. When he reached top of her skirt, he hooked his fingers and pulled both her skirt and panties off.

She assisted him by lifting her hips so he could easily strip them off her. Once he got them off, he could see that she was already soaking wet. He stripped off his pants and boxers and got between her legs. He wanted to taste her pussy again. He went straight into licking her, and sure enough, she still tasted like sweet Pineapples. He could not get enough of how good her pussy tasted. He soon had her squirming. She grabbed his head and pulled him back up her body.

She pulled him in for a kiss. She looked at him with her emerald eyes. "Make love to me, baby. Please, I need you." She told him. He gave her another kiss and started to rub the head of his cock on her wet pussy, teasing her a little, but was actually get the head of his cock wet enough so he could easily enter her. She moaned as she felt his cock rubbing up and down her pussy. She knew what he was doing, getting his cock wet enough. She enjoyed it when his cock was rubbing on her pussy, it turned her on even more.

Before long, he pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. She gasped at the penetration. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to push him deeper into her. She loved the way his cock filled her pussy. He was so big, that when he was fully in her, the head of his cock was actually in her womb. He did just that and bottomed out in her. She wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him with passion as he started to pump his cock into her. She moaned with pleasure as he pumped into her, She kept her legs wrapped around him, giving him good access to her pussy.

She loved how deep he managed to get. John had built up a steady tempo, grinding into her clit every time he bottomed out in her. She was starting to moan, and she had to remember that she had to keep it down. She could feel her orgasm coming on and it peaked fast. She let out a silent scream as her pussy clamped down hard on his cock.

John could feel her get tighter, and then felt the familiar sensation of her squirting on to his balls. He started to pick up the pace, thrusting into her faster and harder then before. She was enjoying his cock fucking her pussy. The pleasure was starting to get too much for her as she kept cumming on his cock. Unlike last time, every time she came, she squirted on his balls.

This drove John nuts. He loved it when she squirted. She grabbed a hold of the sheets, gripping them tightly every time her orgasm's peaked. "Baby, I am going to cum soon" He told her "Cum for me baby, fill my womb with your cum." She replied, trying to be as quiet as possible. John started to picked up the pace and he was now pounding into her. She had to cover her mouth with a pillow because she could no longer keep the screams of passion silent.

She came hard again and John could feel her squirting onto his balls again. This drove him over the edge and he shoved his cock as deep as he could into her womb and he unleashed a week's worth of cum deep into her. Kelsy felt his cum splashing into her and she reached up and pulled him down to kiss him. This was the second time she felt him cum deep into her pussy, and the feeling was unbelievable. She was in heaven every time she felt him fire another shot of his seed into her.

John kept his cock buried in her, making sure he got every last bit of his cum into her. Every few seconds, his cock twitched inside her.

After a few minutes, he finally pulled his cock out of her pussy and he rolled over next to her.

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He looked at her and admired how beautiful she really was and how lucky he was to have her in his life. She looked back at him and smiled. She cuddled up to him and laid her head on his chest. She loved listening to his heart beat.

They knew they would have another busy day when they woke up, since it would be her birthday. The two of them drifted off into dreamland after about 20 minutes of cuddling. They were both satisfied with the amazing sex they had, and they knew that it would not be the last time either.