CFNM doms harness perverted voyeur in trio

CFNM doms harness perverted voyeur in trio
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Josh heard his alarm clock go off and groaned, rolling over to ignore it. He pulled the covers over his head to drown out the raucous buzzing, but he was awake. He didn't mind getting up; it was what he had to do that day that made him reluctant to get out of bed. His mother had volunteered him to keep one of her out-of-town co-worker's daughter company for the day.

Ordinarily, he wouldn't mind, but he'd been told that the girl was blind, and he really didn't want to spend the day in the company of a cripple. He certainly didn't want his friends to see him with her. "Come on, Josh, they're here!" his mother called up the stairs. "Get dressed and come down here!" He mumbled something into his pillow and rolled over, pulling the covers over his head.

His mother called to him again, but he ignored her once more. Five minutes went by, and he actually started to doze off again, but a gentle tapping on his door caught his attention. "Go away. Mom, 15 more minutes, okay?" "I'm not your mom." said a girl's voice, soft and lilting. "She just left a few minutes ago with my mom, so I figured I'd come up here and wake you up." Josh uncovered his head and looked at her, his eyes bleary with sleep.

She was slender little brunette, wearing a white blouse and black skirt that hung properly just below her knees. She was wearing dark glasses, too, just as he had expected.

She hovered in the doorway, obviously wanting to be invited in. "I'm not dressed yet." he said. "You can wait for me downstairs, if you like." "Well, I can't see anything, so is it okay if I wait in here? It's a lot easier for me to go upstairs alone than it is for me to go down." she said, coming in. "Fine." said Josh, throwing back his covers and putting his feet on the floor.

"Just wait over there, and I'll help you get downstairs in a moment.

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I just need to get some pants on, first." "So, what sort of plans do you have for us today?" she asked, coming a few steps into the room. Just as he was about to warn her, she tripped on some dirty laundry in the middle of the floor as her feet tangled up in it. She twisted in the air as she fell, landing on her butt instead of sprawling out on her face, but she inadvertently exposed herself to him. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist, and he could clearly see her white panties as her knees parted.

He dropped the pants he had been about to put on and rushed to her side. "Oh, gosh, are you okay?" he asked, his voice full of concern. "Yeah, I'm fine, except my fuckin' ass hurts." she told him. He looked shocked that such a pretty girl would say a swear like that, and she laughed at his silence. "What, you never heard that word before?" she asked. "Oh, no.

I've heard it plenty of times." he said.

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"Just never from a pretty little girl like you." "Is that how you see me, as a little girl?" she asked, quietly. "Um, well…" he said, blushing. "How old are you, then?" "I'm seventeen! But you really think I'm pretty?" she countered. He nodded dumbly, then realized that she couldn't see his head moving.

"Yeah, I think you're really pretty." he said. "Maybe even beautiful." "Oh, wellthanks for the compliment." she said sarcastically.


"A beautiful, maybe, but definitely LITTLE girl." "Are you not a little girl" he asked her, smiling. "I bet you never even kissed a boy before."' She swallowed hard, but then faced him bravely. "Sure I have." she lied. "Lots of times!" "Then you won't mind if I kiss you right now?" he challenged. He didn't wait for her to answer; he bent down and put his mouth on hers, She made a soft sound of protest, but after a moment, returned his kiss.

It seemed to her to last forever, her first kiss from a boy, but in reality it was quite short. He didn't want to go too fast and scare her. He knew how much trouble he could get into for this. He sat up and looked down at the dreamy expression on her face and smiled.

She wasn't scared, so he kissed her again, longer this time. He caressed the side of her face with the back of his hand as he did, then slowly moved it down onto her breast, feeling her nipple stiffen at his touch.

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She wasn't wearing a bra, so it was just the thin cotton of her blouse between her nipple and his fingers. She moaned again, but this time the was no sound of protest in it, it was all passion. "I guess you're not so little, after all." he said, finally pulling his head back.

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His hand was still caressing her breast, but as he spoke, he moved it over and slipped a button free of it's loop.

"Oh, I…"she started to say, protesting as he unfastened another button. He took his other hand and laid a finger on her lips, silencing her as a third button came free. "Shhh." he whispered. "It's okay, I promise I won't hurt you." Her mind was swirling with emotion as he undid the fourth and final button, then opened her shirt to reveal the budding mounds of her breasts with puffy, dark nipples.

His was racing, too as he had never actually seen a girl's bare breasts before. She frantically tried to remember everything her friend April had told her about the boys she'd been with. No use, April was mostly a tease, and had never let things get this far with any of the boys she's made out with. She felt Josh's lips encircle her right nipple as he sucked it gently and flicked the tip of his tongue over the burgeoning bud. She drew in her breath between her teeth at the sensations it caused, and her hips arched upward and she opened her legs further.

He felt her shift position as he moved his mouth over to the other one, then slid his hand up her inner thigh and onto her pubic mound. The crotch of her panties was already damp, so when his fingers pressed the material into her slit, they became completely soaked with her juices. He slipped his fingers under the edge of them and wormed his index finger inside her to the first knuckle.

She moaned and began breathing heavily. He began kissing his way down her belly, tugging her panties down at the hips. "No, wait, what are you doing?" she asked, alarmed. "Ohh, Josh, stop, no, don't!" She tried to draw her legs together and up to her belly, but he was laying across them and prevented her from denying him access.

The motion did allow him to get the elastic waistband down under her butt cheeks, and he slid them smoothly down to her knees.

His chin brushed the tops of her thighs as his tongue lapped the only part of her slit he could see, and she moaned again, louder. "Oh, Josh, no, please, I… I don't think…" she said softly, feeling him gently pulling her knees apart. Her panties slid lower, all the way down to her ankles as he opened her legs and rolled between them, looking up at her exposed pussy.

He didn't answer her; instead, he opened his mouth and put it over her whole twat, laving his tongue up and down on her clit. "Ohh!!" she exclaimed, thrusting her hips up into his mouth. "OHH, GOD, JOSH That's the best thing I've ever felt!!!" she cried out. Josh kept licking and sucking at her for a few minutes, until she climaxed, screaming out her passion and writhing uncontrollably as he gave her the first orgasm she had ever experienced. He slid up along side her and kissed her lips gently, still stroking her breasts and thighs as she caught her breath.

"Did you like that?" he whispered. She smiled brightly, her eyes shining behind her dark glasses and nodded. "Felt great, didn't it?" She nodded again, and he kissed her. She returned the kiss passionately, opening her legs for his hand as he rubbed her down there. "Are you ready to do it for me?" he asked, and she froze, suddenly scared again.

He looked her in the eyes, even though she couldn't see him, and smiled gently at her. "Easy, relax, you'll like it, I promise." he reassured her. He caught one of her hands and guided it to his crotch, letting her feel the hard bulge in his boxers.

Instinctively, she gripped in lightly in her fingers and began moving her fist up and down on his shaft. "It feels so big!" she whispered. He could hear the awe in her voice and smiled.

He pushed them down to his knees, and the material slipped out from under her fingers until she was gripping his bare cock in her little fist. "That's great." he told her, putting his hands on her head. "I want you to suck it." Her mind whirled as she heard his request.

She only knew one other girl at school who had ever done that, Emily Parker, and although she hadn't heard the story first hand, she knew that it had been a horrible experience for the girl, who had ended up with a huge mouthful of the worst, most foul tasting, evil stuff at the end of the ordeal. "I don't want to." she whispered meekly, but she felt him sliding up along her body as he guided her head towards his crotch.

Moments later, she felt the rubbery hard head of it brush her lips, and she quickly turned her head to the side to avoid it. "Josh, please don't make me!" she begged him "But, I need to come!" he told her. She could hear the desperation in his voice and knew he was telling her the truth, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. "Please, don't leave me like this!" "But Josh, I… I just don't…" she started to say, but he still had a hold of her head with both hands, and turned her to face it once again.

He thrust his hips against her, and his cock poked her lips. She pulled her head out of his grasp and turned it to the side again, starting to cry. "Oh, gee, don't cry!" he said, full of concern. "It's okay, you don't have to. I'm sorry I did that; I don't know what came over me!" "It's okay, I forgive you." she sniffled.

"My friend Emily told me that when boys get all worked up like this, they can lose control of themselves and do things they are sorry for afterward." "That's just what it was." he said. "I can feel it coming over me in waves." His face contorted in pain. "Please, you have to help me!" "I… I want to." she said. "But, I heard of this other girl who… did what you just asked me to do, and she said it was awful!" "Well, how about if you just try it, and if you hate it, you can stop." he suggested.

"Please, I… I don't know if I can stop myself!" he groaned, grabbing two handfuls of her hair and pulling her face toward his groin once more. This time, she decided not to fight him, and opened her mouth. His cock slid right in as she closed and began sucking lightly.

He groaned deep in his belly and pushed more of it between her lips, quickly filling her mouth with his man meat. She choked a little as it slid toward the back of her throat, and he let go of her hair, allowing her to move back a little. She took a breath through her nose, then took a little more of his cock into her mouth of her own volition, deciding that it really wasn't so bad as she had heard at school.

She was still a little nervous about letting him come in her mouth, but the sucking part wasn't so bad. She bobbed her head up and down on it, still sucking softly, until she felt it throb between her lips. She drew her face back a little, letting it slip from between her lips as he hand found it again and began stroking it. "Did you like that?" she whispered. He was gasping for breath, belly heaving.

His hands went back onto her head and pushed it back down onto him. No sooner had she opened her lips to let it back in, he spurted his first jet right into her open mouth. She tried to pull back, out of the way, but he pulled her mouth right down onto his shooting pole and filled it with his spunk.

She tried to spit it out, but he was holding her head with both hands, and her whole mouth was full of cock, so she had no choice but swallow several mouthfuls of it to avoid choking. "Ohh, yeah, just like that!" he sighed. "Are you sure you've never done this before?" "Oh, gah, bleah!" she said, rolling over to spit and clear her mouth.

"No, I've never done that before, honest." she said.


"Did I do it right?" "Ohh, yeah, baby, that was fantastic!" he said. "Did you like doing it? Seems like you did, after a minute to get used to it." "Well, yeah, I guess so." she said, sitting up. "It wasn't as bad as I had heard, especially the way it tasted." She wiped a little bit of it off the corner of her mouth and licked her finger. "It tastes pretty good, actually.

I like it." "Oh, well, that's a relief." he said. "I was afraid you were going to tell on me for forcing you to do it." "I won't tell." she said.

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"You want to force me to do it again?" "Oh, you noticed that, did you?" he grinned. He was still rock hard. Eighteen year old guys roll like that. "Do you want to suck it, or should we go to the next level?" "What do you mean?" she asked, and then her eyes widened behind her glasses as he stroked her pussy with his fingers.

"You mean…" He nodded and kissed her again. "Are you ready?" "Oh, well, I don't know…" she said, meekly. His fingers dug into her as he fondled one of her nipples with his other hand, and she shuddered a little and drew in a shaky breath. "I'm ready." she sighed, laying back down. "Just, uhm, try not to hurt me too much, okay?" "Sure, but let's get onto my bed, okay?" he asked.

She held up her hand, and he helped her to her feet, then led her to his bed. She sat down on the edge of it, and he sat next to her. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.


"I'm back in control of myself, and we can stop now, if you want to." She took his hand in hers and smiled at him. "You're so sweet." she told him, then shook her head. "No, I want to do this." she said, laying down on her back and drawing up her legs onto the bed. "You started it; are you going to finish it?" "Oh, man, I've been wanting to do this for a long time!" he said, grinning.

"My friend Billy told me how good it was to have a girl all the way, and now I'm going to find out if he's right!" He got onto the bed with her, rolling on top of her as she opened her legs to either side of him. She could feel his hard-on laying against her belly like a red hot bar of iron. He looked down into her sightless eyes as he positioned himself to enter her virginal young body.

"Ohh, yeah, baby, get ready!" he sighed, then sank his throbbing manhood deep into her, piercing the flimsy membrane guarding the entrance to her womanhood. She arched her back under him, feeling his member open her deeply, penetrating to the very heart of her and igniting a fire deep in her belly. "Ohh, yesss!!" she screamed, feeling his hard cock piercing into the very depths of her.

The flare of pain from the tearing of her hymen was rapidly fading, and new, more powerful urges were taking over in her. She bucked her hips up into his to meet his thrusts, wrapping her legs around his back and using her heels to drive him deeper into her.

Her pussy gripped him like a silken fist, and he knew he wasn't going to last very long inside her like this. He simply didn't have the experience to hold back from the sensations flooding his body. Until this very moment, he, too, had been a virgin. He knew the dangers of coming inside her; he didn't want her getting pregnant, so at the very last moment, he pulled out and let his wad shoot onto her belly. Grunting and gasping for breath, he rolled off her and lay on his back, chest heaving.

She dipped her fingers into the mess of sticky goo on her belly and rubbed them together, then brought them up to her mouth and licked them off. "Mmm, I really like the taste of your come." she said, sitting up. "I want another taste." She bent down and took his cock in her mouth once more, sucking gently and cleaning off all the juices left on it from his fucking of her.

He gradually grew hard in her mouth again, but pushed her head off when she started bobbing her head and sucking on it in earnest. "Don't you want me to?" she asked him, surprised.

"I thought you liked it?" "Oh, yes, I do." he replied. "I like it very much, but right now, there is something else I want to do to your delicious little body." He got up on his knees and made her lay down on her belly, then he took his pillows and placed them under her belly. "What are you doing?" she asked, mildly curious about this strange position he had put her in. It all became clear when she felt the head of his cock probing at her backdoor, though, and she just grunted when he pushed it inside.

"Ohh, that feels weird." she said. "Does it hurt?" he asked, sinking it inside all the way to the root. He pulled it slowly back out, and felt her quiver with excitement. His hand slipped under her belly and rubbed her pussy, his index finger rubbing up and down her clit as he fucked her ass.

"No, not exactly." she said. "Put it in the rest of the way. It kinda feels neat." With a groan at how tight she was on him, he slowly thrust it balls deep into her asshole. Again, he felt his balls tightening, and knew he was going to shoot again very soon, so he pulled out, rolled her onto her back, and straddled her stomach, jerking his cock in his fist with it pointed right at her face.

She opened her mouth and bent her neck up as far as she could get it, trying to get his cock in her mouth, but it was still a tantalizing inch away. Her hand went up an pulled it closer to her open mouth She felt it throb in her fist, and then a jet of white shot out of the tip of it and splattered her forehead, dripping down onto her nose and cheeks. With every stroke of her fist, another stream shot out and sprayed her face. She tried to catch as much of it in her mouth as she could, but she was a sticky, cum covered mess when he finally finished.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her, his come dripping off her face and onto her smallish breasts. It was everywhere, in her hair, all over her face, tits, and belly. He grinned at her as she wiped it off her face and licked her fingers clean.

"Guess you need a shower." he said. She nodded, then held out her hand to be helped up. "Yes, please." she answered, getting to her feet.

He led her to the bathroom and got the water in the shower started while she peed in the toilet.

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When she was done, he helped her get in the shower and started to go, but she clutched at his arm and stopped him. "Don't leave me alone, please!" she begged. "I don't know my way around this bathroom, and I don't want to fall." "Okay, I'll stay." he promised, but just as he said it, they both heard the doorbell sound downstairs. Two seconds after the chimes repeated themselves, the phone rang, too.

She didn't look happy about it, but she let go of his arm. "Go." she sighed. "I guess I'll manage, somehow." "I have to get the door and the phone, but then I promise I'll be right back here to help you out, I promise." he told her, going to the door.

"I'll be right back, promise." "Well, I'm holding you to it." she called out as he left. He went downstairs after ducking back into his room real quick to pull his boxers back on. He got downstairs, saw the message light on the phone flashing, then heard the door chimes ring again just before he got to the door.