Hermoso culo y vagina de chica sexy

Hermoso culo y vagina de chica sexy
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Daddy and me Re-cunt-nect Introduction: My daddy missed my graduation and made it up to me and took me to our family cabin the following weekend to reconnect with one another It is early Thursday morning and I'm very excited because I just graduated from Vassar College last week. It's great to be back in the Big Apple and away from Poughkeepsie. I mean Vassar is a great college and all but there is nothing like New York City. Now that I had graduated I was looking forward to some serious partying.

It has been four very long years of studying and giving up on going out with my girlfriends to find random strange cock to make my pussy happy.

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Well, the time has come for me to correct that problem. My father Brett was promoted to Vice-President of procurement at Lockheed Martin last year. He has really pushed hard with his career after my mother Renee passed away my sophomore year of college. My father has really never gotten over her death.

They were one of those sickening couples that always held hands when they walk down the street and they wouldn't care who's around when they kissed each other. My father loved to smack my mom's ass and mom on occasion would grab my dad's junk. It really didn't matter where they were they couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

When I was younger and my girlfriends were around me my parents were quite embarrassing to a young girl. To my knowledge dad hasn't had a girlfriend since my mom's passing and still hasn't gotten laid either.

My father was called away on a business trip on the same day of my graduation. He doesn't return until later today. I have to run out to JFK to pick him up from his flight from South Korea.

I spent the afternoon making my plans to go out tonight with my girlfriends. We planned on hitting several of the hottest new clubs in Manhattan. When I finished making my plans I left to pick my father up at the airport.

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It is rather odd that my father works at all seeing that we come from very old money and most of our family lives off of their inheritances. Somewhere along the line my grandfather and my father decided to be the black sheep of the family and found high power jobs in large corporations.

I really do miss my father for the most part. He has traveled the world the past four years while I was in college and I've only seen him during holidays and parts of my summer breaks when he is not traveling. It is going to be nice to finally get to spend some time with him when he is not traveling but tonight I plan on getting shit faced and hopefully find a 12 inch cock to bury in my very unused pussy.

I met my father just outside baggage claim and I have to admit for a guy who is in his mid forties he looks pretty damn good. As I watched him walking towards me I could tell that he has been working out. His little pudgy belly has disappeared and his second chin has evaporated as well.

It also seems that he is much larger in the shoulder areas as well. Even though the past few years I have fallen out of touch with my father he is the only immediate family that I have left and contrary to popular belief I still love him very much.

When his eyes caught mine my father's smile went ear to ear that was very encouraging. Especially before I tell him that I'm going out tonight with my friends. With my arms open wide I gave him the same big smile, "Daddy, you look great! How much weight have you lost? You look so good. Do you have a new woman in your life?" With his arms wrapped around me as tight as he could get them I could feel muscles in his chest and arms that hadn't been there before, he had been working out.

He smelled rather good too considering that he just flew 13 hours from Seoul. "First thank you! I feel great now that I have you in my arms. I have been thinking about you ever since last Friday honey.

I am so sorry that I couldn't be with you over the weekend. I just feel horrible maybe I should quit my job and this whole charade and just stay with you for a while? As far as my weight I lost 30 pounds and have toned up pretty good." He began patting his stomach and running his fingers under his chin. "I was watching a late night info-commercial and ordered this P90X thing and damn if it didn't work. I haven't been in this good of shape since I was your age and seducing your mother on a nightly basis at Princeton.

Your last question is no, I don't have any women interested in me. I have a lot that are calling me now with the new body and all&hellip. But I'm looking for someone special like your mother. They don't seem to meet the criteria of your mother sweetie." As we walked through the airport towards the door there stood trustworthy Randolph. He has been our family driver for as long as I could remember even before I was born I suppose. I had my arm around my father as I was wheeling his carryon bag in the other, "Daddy, I hope that you aren't going to be disappointed but Taylor, Kayla, Alyssa and Brooke invited me out tonight.

They want to go out dancing and meet some available bachelors tonight is that okay?" He turned his head and I saw disappointment at first and then a small smile crossed his face and said, "Well, since I ran out on you on the most important weekend of your life I guess that it is okay if you leave your poor destitute father for one evening. I do have a surprise for you though and hope you are going to like it.

Just don't make any solid plans for the rest of the weekend." I handed the bag off to Randolph and began to hug my father while I was jumping up and down in his arms, "Thank you, thank you, thank you daddy. I love you and I promise I will be all yours to do with for the rest of the weekend I promise." With that we got in the car and my father told me about his trip to Korea and all the interesting places that he had been to and seen over the past six months while we have been apart.

When we got home Penelope our chef made a wonderful welcome home dinner for us. She made my favorite dish of all time Spaghetti of all things. After dinner I went and got ready and an hour or so later my girlfriends showed up. Everyone was dressed to the nine and ready to go out and have some fun. I kissed my father goodnight and off I went with the girls. The night started out just fine I met several different guys in several different bars and in the end doing shots, throwing up in the bathroom and eventually passing out.

When I woke the next morning I had a horrible hang over and it seemed like I was bouncing all over the place. When I finally woke up I surveyed my surroundings and I was in the back of our limo with my father and the clothes that I was wearing the night before were gone.

I was in a fresh bra, panties, t-shirt and shorts and my father sitting on the back seat while I was lying stretched out on the long seat along the side of the car. "What happened? How did I get here?" My father smiled and said, "Well, you had a pretty good time last night. When I came to your room this morning I found you in bed with a guy named Jimmy. Well, I should say, he met me. He felt the need to leave very abruptly and left his phone number for you on your night stand.

Maria and Consuela cleaned you up and dressed you and got you down to the limo. I mean my god Megan you are one sound sleeper." I was wiping the sand out of my eyes as this was not the first time that this has happened to me and said, "Okay where are we going daddy?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the seat with him and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I thought it would be nice to go up to the cabin for the weekend and spend some alone time with each other and try to reconnect." The funny thing is that I really missed my father being just my father.

Not some big executive working for a major corporation trying to impress people that don't give a damn about him. I put my hand on his knee and rubbed his thigh and said, "You know what dad I couldn't have thought of anything better for the two of us. The next couple of days just relaxing and have fun just like when I was younger and enjoyed the lake with you and mom." The funny thing is that I had no idea that the soft touch to his thigh made my father's penis grow and his head actually touched my hand.

My father's face blanched red but I let it go figuring it just had been a long time since any woman touched him. It was a nice afternoon my dad packed just about my whole closet and chest of drawers for me and we relaxed and talked like we haven't in a long time. We talked about my future what I am looking for and what my dad wanted out of his life for himself and for me. It was great we sat around talking for several hours while we sipped on margaritas. I never realized how much my father actually wanted for me other than money.

He cared about my happiness, marriage and children. After getting pretty drunk we both made it back to our rooms and decided to go running together in the morning. In the morning as usual my dad, Brett, was the first to rise and he made it to the back patio that overlooked the beautiful lake. Then when I walked out through the patio and said, "Daddy, are you ready for our morning run?" My father looked up at me and said, "Sure Megan, give me a minute to get my shoes and we'll be on our way." Dad put his shoes on and met me out front.

We started off together and I said, "There we go daddy! I thought you might wuss out on me because you were taking so long." My dad turned around and smiled and took off sprinting away from me, "Yeah right wuss out no way. Come on and catch up with me." After a half an hour of jogging and talking together my dad grabbed his chest and feigned exhaustion. I became worried a little bit and I told my father to walk along with me until he feels better.

My dad said, "Oh… I'm so winded. Maybe I need to sit down a minute." I was more than concerned I mean he lost over 30 pounds in less than two months and I asked him, "Are you okay Daddy?

What's wrong?" My dad told me, "I'm okay I just need to stop for a minute or so. You run on ahead, honey. I'll catch up in a little bit." I was ahead of him just a little bit and said, "What? You're not running with me?" "Just run a head I'll sit a little and I'll be fine and I'll catch up.

Remember I'm just a little bit older than you." I laughed and said, "No problem dad I'll be just a head if I get too far I'll wait for you okay?" I began to run away from my father who was sitting on a big rock along the pathway.

A few minutes later I realized that I had to pee but was too far away from the house to make it back. So it looked like I was going to have to squat off of the beaten path as it were. I found a nice spot and took my shorts off because I wasn't that much of an expert peeing outside and didn't want to go on my shorts then I began to go.

I just started to relax and had that good feeling of relief as I had a nice strong stream when I heard my dad stop close to the edge of the path and said, "Hurry up honey!

I'll wait for you here." I watched my father sneak behind one of the trees to spy on me. He wasn't that far away and I thought I heard my father say something like, "She has such a tight muscular ass." I then adjusted myself and pretended that I wasn't aware of him spying on me. I turned to face him so that he could view me relieving myself. It was interesting to see that he never broke his gaze of my nakedness. Once my eyes spied back on my father I noticed that his shorts were now around his ankles.

The tree he was trying to hide behind was kinda small and I could actually see his hand wrapped around his cock jerking off as he watched me pee. I wasn't sure what to think.

In the car I brought my father to erection just by rubbing his thigh innocently and now my father was jerking off watching me piss. I wondered if he was into water sports. Interesting, so I figured I would warn him that I was on my way back because I finished and said, "Almost done daddy! Be right there!" I figured that I would confront my dad and walked back towards the path leaving my shorts on the little stone. When I approached him his eyes were closed as he was really working his hand on his shaft, "Hmm Mmm daddy what are you doing?" His eye popped open and I pointed my finger at my father admiring his very erect penis and said, "You were spying on me!

I caught you! If you wanted to see me naked daddy all you needed to do was ask and I would have gladly gotten naked for you." My father's face became very red and his hands went down to his cock and his eyes went right to my bald pussy and began to stammer, "What!? No wait! I was just standing here waiting for you. I had to pee to that's why my shorts are down around my ankles honey.

" I smiled and stood by my father and giggled a little, "If you were just peeing then why do you have such a hard erection?

Perhaps it's because I have such a nice muscular ass?" My dad was a loss for words, "Well, uhm… I guess it was just the view honey. It's been such a long time since I've seen a woman naked that wasn't on the internet." I wrapped my arms around my father and pulled him in tight feeling his manhood press against my stomach and said, "You want me don't you daddy?" I let my hand fall between us and touched my father sexually for the first time in my life.

My hand began to stroke him as I kissed him on the mouth and said, "Its okay daddy I know that I look just like mommy. If you want me you can have me it will be our secret. It'll be nice to have a daddy with benefits if you know what I mean." Again my father a very articulate man began to stumble over his words, "What?

No, wait, Yes, wait, No uhm…" My father broke our embrace and smiled at me grabbed his shorts in his hand and began to slowly jog away from with his hard cock swaying left and right like a clocks pendulum. "I thought we were running today, aren't we?" I became desperate as I liked the feeling of my father's penis against my stomach and in my hand.

I mean last night I was so drunk I don't even know if the guy that was in my bed even fucked me. I'm sure he did but I have no recollection of it. All I know is that I was so damn horny, "Where are you going daddy? What are you scared of daddy?" My father still had some distance between us as I began to sprint after him naked from the waist down, "Nothing dear, I just want to exercise now.

Yeah that's it I want to get in our morning run." My dad was running as fast as he could but I passed him and made it back to the house first then realized that I had nothing on except my top. My clean shaved pussy was on display for my father and Mother Nature to gaze at. I saw my father running towards me and to my surprise his cock was still just as hard as it was five minutes ago.

When he came closer to me I said, "Hahahaha! You're still a little out of shape there daddy!" My father ran up next to me and then fell to his knees with his hands over his chest and stomach facing me and his eyes glued to my vagina said, "I'm so out of breath, honey. It's not because of the running I think it's your beauty that is taking my breath away." I grabbed my father's hands and pulled him up and said, "I'm up here daddy!

I think what's taking your breath away is a young pussy that happens to be your daughters." I looked down at my father's manhood and instinctively wrapped my right hand around his shaft, "No more running away from daddy!

Let me see what you have here." My father looked down at me as his legs buckled just a little. I guess it had been a very long time that someone other than his hand actually was in control of his cock.

"Honey, this isn't right. I know I should have never spied on you back there. This is just wrong you shouldn't be playing with that. Be careful it might just go off in your hand if you're not careful. It's been years since a woman has touched me honey!" I fell to my knees and caressed my father's thighs and kissed the head of my father's cock. "Mmm. Let me taste this sausage daddy." My father leaned back against a tree as I was on my knees and he looked down at me with eager eyes, "Yes, Megan, Lick it up and down honey." I wanted to pleasure my father and it took both of my hands from the bottom of his shaft and his head was peeking out.

My tongue went to his head and I began to kiss it and suck on his head as my hands jerked him off.


"Oh, daddy! What a tasty cock you have for me." My father's knees completely buckled but I did not want to let that big cock go. Yesterday I wanted a 12-inch cock and my dad wasn't quite that large but it was big enough to take care of the deep itch between my legs.

Now it was my chance to get his cock nice and wet so it would just slip inside of me. My father pulled my head so that his cock slid slowly into my mouth and then down my throat. "Okay, baby. Suck my cock good; take it all the way in your throat." I looked up at my father, "Mmm, feed me your cock daddy." It didn't take more than another minute of my father pumping his cock into my mouth when without warning his pre cum touched my tongue and a split second later my father began to pump shot after shot of his cum into my mouth.


After I swallowed my father's love juice we went inside the house. That was the first time I had sex outside. We made our way into the kitchen and my father couldn't take his hands off of my ass and he pushed me onto the kitchen table. I spread my legs open and pointed to my bald pussy and said, "Why don't you taste my pussy a little bit daddy?" My father smiled at me, "Oh honey I thought you would never ask. I can do anything you want. This is becoming the best family vacation ever." My father took over as he grabbed my legs forcing my ass up in the air and my body was resting on my shoulders.

My father's tongue penetrated my 22-year-old pussy and as he was making his assault on my cunt. His warm breath cascaded over my clit and into my cunt sending shivers from my ass to my neck creating goose pimples all over my body. Then he lifted his mouth and said, "Mmm. You taste so good." I grabbed my nipples and began to pinch them as I played with my breasts, "Yeah, daddy. Just like that, stick your tongue inside of me." My father's talents were much better than any high school or college boy ever had when they ate me.

His tongue was like a magic wand each time it touched my clit or slipped inside of my pussy lips it sent shivers up and down my spine. "Ohhh&hellip. You're making me cum already daddy. Don't stop your tongue fees wonderful." My father gave me one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. I know knew why my mother was willing to put up with all the long trips because my father was one good pussy and ass eater.

After I recovered I spread my legs once again for my father and grabbing the head of his thick and hard cock I said, "Fuck me now daddy. Fuck my wet pussy." My father closed his eyes and pushed forward missing the opening to my love canal several times and he smiled at me, "Guide it in baby.

Put it in yourself if you want all nine inches of daddy's love stick." I was so wet and I could feel the deep fires that burned inside my pussy that ached for my father's cock. Taking his penis I guided my father's cock between my pussy lips and it felt electric as if you grabbed a red power wire and the black ground wire together at the same time. My father's energy from his penis began to flow and lit up my pussy inside.

His current was of love and grace that he had for me. I wanted to say something profound to my father but all I could manage was, "Ohh! Yes, daddy, fuck me. This is your pussy now! You can have me anytime you want me." My father was actually bigger than I had thought.

He mentioned earlier that it was a full nine long inches and the night before I had the desire to take on 12 inches. All I could say is as his cock slowly and deliberately slide inside of my wet canal is, "Fuck me hard and deep daddy.

Punish your baby girl's pussy. I'm such a bad girl." When his balls finally rested upon my asshole and our pelvic bones finally met it was if the head of my father's cock pushed through my womb. My father leaned over top of me and with a soft whisper in my ear my father said in the most loving tone that I had ever heard from him said, "Take it all Megan, and take it deep inside of you.

I love you so much. Your pussy is feels like the finest satin much softer and wetter than your mother's ever was." I became encouraged by my father's words and wanted to make love to him rather than just let the taboo situation we were in end too quickly.

I could tell by my father's faster and harder thrusts that he was soon to erupt inside of me. I did not want this to end so soon. I pushed my father back and smiled at him just before I kissed him on the lips, "Not so fast daddy, there is no way I'm going to let this end so quickly. Now lie down on the floor and let me ride you." My father gave me a little smirk as the corner of his mouth came up and he did as he was instructed.

Instead of facing my father I wanted him to concentrate on my ass as I rode him so I went to the reverse cowboy position.

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Once I began to impale my father's penis my hips began to rotate clockwise like I was trying to keep a hula hoop moving around my waist. I could feel the head of his cock swirl in a circular motion on my pussy walls. With my hands on my father's new chiseled chest I looked back at him with a smile and said, "Do you like it like this daddy?" My father reached to my breasts and began to play with my nipples and said, "Oh, yes fuck me honey.

Don't stop my cum is beginning to bubble up again in my balls. I want to erupt on you so badly." Once again I realized that I needed to slow down my father's orgasm.

I immediately popped up and off of his manhood. I spun around and kissed the head. Then I leaned down and kissed my father on the lips while I stroked his cock. None of my partners before this could reach the height of my father. For many years I would be willing to give a hand job to my boyfriends if I was having my period. As I stroked the shaft of my father my forearm began to ache with pain with the sheer size of it.

I then moved to my hands and knees and said, "Daddy take me from behind." My father moved like a snake that couldn't wait anymore to strike and before I was ready his hands were on my hips and his penis was once again inside of me, "Give it to me! Give me your pussy. Honey if I would have known that you were willing to do this with me I would have visited you at school more often." I was breathing heavy as my father's long hard strokes were taking my breath away, "Fuck my pussy!

Don't be afraid to pound it nice and hard and don't forget deep daddy. Now that I'm home you and I can now sleep in the same bed and I can fuck you anytime I want or you can fuck me anytime you want." I like the feeling of my father pounding me from behind. I stood up and my father remained inside of me. His large hands continued to envelop my breasts and his fingers played with my tiny nipples.

Pushing my ass backwards on his rod my father pulled me upwards to his chest and once again his words whispered in my ears sending chills down my spine, "I love your firm breasts honey. They are so much nicer than moms ever were." Wrapping my hands around my father's head my fingers began to run through his thick black hair. I began to whisper in my father's ear in return, "You feel so good inside of me, daddy.

I never had anyone so deep inside of me daddy.

Now, I know why mommy loved you so much." Once again my father's legs began to buckle and became week from fucking me so hard and deep. Eventually he fell to his knees with his man meat slipping out of me. I pushed my father all the way down to the floor. My father rose like he was doing a sit up. With his knees slightly raised I faced my father and once again took his manhood inside of me. I grabbed his hands and leaned back as my feet wrapped around his new smaller and very tight ass.

My back rested against his strong thighs. With my father and me holding hands I was very comfortable and began to slide up and down on my father. The feeling was incredible as his head was caressing my g-spot. That began another onslaught of my pussy juice coating his cock. "Oh, daddy you are going to make me cum again." My father grasped my hips and maneuvered my motions.

He pushed me to the very top of his head until it almost escaped the grasp of my pussy lips then he would pull me down fast and hard until my ass slapped against his pelvic bone. "Ride me baby! Ride my cock! Show me how much you love me honey. I want all that warm wonderful pussy juice to soak my cock honey." I was so close to cumming, "Grab my ass daddy." His large hands cupped my ass cheeks.

I felt his middle finger begin to circle my asshole. It was the first time in my life that I felt anyone play with my asshole. I guess it was time to grow up. My father never penetrated my asshole but he licked his finger and caressed it. "Oh yes, baby, fuck my cock I love the feel the rush of your cum over my cock honey." "Don't stop daddy! Play with my asshole with your finger as I cum over your cock daddy! You feel so big inside of me daddy. I swear your head just swelled inside of me." My father pulled me down on him, "Grind on top of me honey like you did before.

I want to feel you on top of me. Squeeze your pussy tight around me honey. Oh god! You are going to make me explode baby! I want you to drink it up!" I was overwhelmed that my father was like the young guys that fuck me and wanted me to eat his cum just like them.

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I was excited that my father wanted to treat me like a bad girl that I was. I fell off of my father's cock and went to my back. My father came to his knees over my face. "I'm ready daddy feed me!" He began to stroke his cock over my face. I opened my mouth and put my tongue out to catch every last semen that he was going to give me.

I enjoyed watching him stroking his cock then he became real quiet and his eyes closed as his upper body began to shake then the first of five very large bursts of his cum landed in my hair, on my eyes and then I moved my mouth to his head and he shot three more large streams into my mouth then I heard him say, "Take it my sweet little girl!

Swallow it just like your mommy did so many times before you." I opened my mouth to show my father that I was a good girl and presented him with his jizz that he had just deposited in my mouth.

I then quickly swallowed his salty seed it slid down my throat with the quickest of ease. He then used his cock and fingers to gather the rest of his cum on my face. I sucked his white gob of juice from his fingers. I then went back to his shrinking manhood and licked it clean. Once again I had a fresh deposit in my mouth. Once again I swallowed everything in my mouth then smiled at my father and got up and kissed him with my wet cum soaked lips on his cheek and then whispered into his ear, "Mmm… You taste so good, Daddy!

This was so much fun. Thank you for bringing me up to the cabin this weekend." "No problem honey. Thank you it's been too long since I've had a woman touch me like you just did." "To be honest I liked the way you touched me.

I'm going upstairs to take a shower wanna join me daddy. I mean there is a lot of my cum starting to dry up on your thighs and those beautiful balls." I grabbed my father's hand and took him upstairs to his bathroom.

Once inside we had fun making out with each other as we washed all of our goody parts. My father after about thirty minutes or so of rubbing and jerking him off in the shower almost came to climax several times. When my father had enough he grabbed my hand and led me soaking wet to his bed. The very bed that he shared with my mother this was the same bed I would climb into because of thunderstorms when I was a little girl.

He pushed my legs open and I saw his thick cock ready to start pounding me again and he said, "You're not getting out of this so easily. Jerk me off in the shower the way you did and almost making me cum!!! Now I want the real thing." I put my hands to his face and kissed him on the lips and said, "Daddy, you tore my pussy up pretty good.

Nobody has ever made love to me like you did daddy! I just want to relax now. You wore me out but if you can catch me I'll let you fuck my ass!" My father is very ticklish. My hands quickly went to his sides of his belly and he quickly rolled off of me and I took off out of the bedroom with my father right on my heels. I knew he wanted to fuck me once again but my pussy was really sore the only thing that I had left to offer him was my ass and my father's vigor became quite pronounced as he sprinted after me.

I was just a little quicker and was able to stay out of his reach and daddy yelled, "I'm gonna gecha I hope you're up for this challenge honey because I'm going to fuck your asshole just like I fucked that tight little pussy hole of yours." It had been so many years since my father and I played like this where he would chase me around the house to tickle me or scare me.

Now, I wanted him to catch me so he could fill my asshole with his manhood amazing what happens when you grow up, you get to play grown up games. I slowed down because I only had one other man in my life attempt to fuck my asshole. It didn't go all that well but I knew that with my father he would be loving and caring and would never do anything to hurt me. I wanted to feel is cock stretch the walls of my ass open just like it stretched the walls of my pussy just an hour or so ago.

"C'mon old man… You need to speed it up if you wanna catch me!" My father to my surprise had been doggin' it and he found a higher gear and the few steps that I was in front of him he closed the gap rather quickly.

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He grabbed me up like I was a nine-year-old girl. I felt secure in his arms as my legs dangled over his one arm and his other cradling my back. I put my arms around my father's neck "You got me fair and square you can do anything you want to me daddy!" The smile on my father's face went from ear to ear as he leaned down and kissed me on my lips he then began to play with my asshole.

His thumb began to pop in and out of me.

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My pussy was so wet that my juices flowed out onto his hand. My father put his thumb inside of my pussy and with his pussy juice covered thumb he began to lube the outside of my asshole. It made his thumb glide in and out of me easier and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm once again. As we finally made it to the threshold of my father's bedroom where this all started he said, "I'm gonna get some of this sweet asshole now!" He tossed me on the bed like I was a little throw pillow.

I gathered myself and got to my hands and knees and as my father's penis inched closer and closer towards me I said, "You won, so you get my ass now daddy." My father chuckled like he was that really caught me but if I hadn't slowed down he would have never caught me.

He really thought that he was the winner but I felt like I was the winner. I was bringing my father out of the funk that he had been living with over the past couple of years and I was getting to see that special person inside of my father that only my mother got to see.

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Everyone has that stranger deep inside of them that only comes out with people they truly love or trust. "You look so damn good bent over like that honey. The view from back here is spectacular! Your ass is so tight I don't know if I can get my cock inside of you honey." "Why don't you lube it up for me so that I have a fighting chance daddy?" My father dropped to his knees on the floor and then took his big hands and spread my ass cheeks open exposing my asshole and my pussy.

I could feel the warm air flowing from the windows across the room and filling my holes with a warm sensation. "Instead of using K-Y or hand lotion, how about I toss your salad honey and get it nice and wet?" Daddy didn't wait for a response as the tip of his tongue penetrated my balloon knot.

His tongue felt so good the way it moved around the outer rim and then the way my dad's tongue spread open my asshole was turning me on, "Ohh, you are getting me so hot with the way you lick my ass." Several minutes of sheer pleasure of my father's tongue bathing my pussy and asshole my father climbed up onto his bed and positioned himself behind me. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and I felt him lining up the head of his cock with my asshole and he made his first attempt to penetrate my asshole.

"Relax your ass, baby I'm knocking on the door and I really want to come in." I encouraged my father not to stop as I pushed back on his head, "Oh yes, daddy slide it inside of my ass." Once his head finally slipped in I began to tense up it was a lot larger than I expected.

It's one thing when you're used to taking a cock in your pussy but it's a whole other thing when you never get your asshole fucked.

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My father as I expected was the lover that I had always wanted, "It's okay honey just relax baby. Trust me when I tell you that you can take all nine inches of me inside of you." Then he continued to very slowly and gingerly penetrate my ass. We both realized that this position was not working so well. He then pushed me down on my stomach and then flipped me over on my back. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs open.

My dad and I noticed my pussy was leaking pussy juice down the crack of my ass. I smiled at my father as he pushed back inside of my pussy. It felt incredible how hard and strong his strokes were inside of my red and raw pussy. He must have stroked inside of me at least fifty times as I squeezed my pussy walls around his shaft.

My father kissed me and his tongue passed my lips I felt the head of his cock once again pass through the outer rim of my asshole. "Look at me baby! Relax I promise it will feel awesome in just a little bit and you'll have the biggest orgasm of your life just trust me." I began to clench my ass and then relax it as my father was slowly pumping inside of my asshole and with every push forward he went deeper and deeper inside of me.

"Yes, daddy. That fells a lot better now. You are the best lover that I have ever had. We should have been doing this a long time ago." I wasn't sure how I did it but when my father's pelvic bone hit mine and he was finally balls deep. My father stopped pumping and let his arms collapse around me and the two of us became one and we began to kiss one another. Our kisses were long and passionate and now that daddy had stretched my asshole open I wanted to ride his cock. The idea of riding my father was taking a chance of hurting me but I wanted to pleasure my father.

Daddy sat on the edge of the bed and facing away from my father we maneuvered my ass over my cock and I let it pierce me once again. "This is wonderful daddy; let me take care of you." With my father's mouth close to my ear whispered, "Sit on me and ride it honey, show me how much you love me." The more I rode my father the closer I was to building up to a massive orgasm.

My father was right about his cock being in my ass. I loved the feeling the pain was exquisite and it began to dissipate as my fingers worked my clit and my father played with my breasts. There were small waves of my orgasm beginning to build up from my ass that made my whole body shake, "I'm going to cum with your cock in my asshole daddy!!!!" His hand moved over my pussy and his large hand cupped my pussy and the palm of his hand caressed my clit.

I was having multiple orgasms, "Cum baby! Cum all over my hand with my cock in your ass." I fell backwards with my father still inside of me. It took me several minutes for me to recover from what seemed like four or maybe five orgasms in a row.

My father was right my orgasm was the most intense feeling my body had ever experienced. "That felt so good daddy." "I know baby. Your ass feels so good right now. When you're ready honey I want to finish too." "Okay daddy let's try something a little different." I stood up from the bed and moved over to the wall.

I faced the wall exposing my ass for my father and to the right was a full length mirror for us to watch ourselves make love together. "Let's try this position over here daddy. I love the way your cock feels deep inside of my ass and I don't want you to stop until you are ready to finish. I want to watch it slip in from my opening and stuffing it deep inside of my bowels." Dad moved over to me and came up behind me and grabbed my hips.

It was unbelievable less than twenty minutes ago my father couldn't even get the head of his cock inside of my asshole. Now he walks up behind me and just pushes it right in and balls deep no less. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and enveloped my entire body. He became this blanket of love covering me from behind. "Ohh yeah, I like this honey can you see how sexy you look with daddy's cock inside of you?" It didn't take long watching ourselves writhe together in the mirror as my father's hands rotated from my breast to fingering my pussy.

"Oh baby!!!! I can feel my cum in my balls, I'm going to explode inside of you honey." "No Daddy!!!!! Don't cum inside of me.

I want to drink it all up. I want to suck your cock right from my ass to my mouth. I want to be a good whore for you daddy. I want to show you that I will do all kinda nasty things for you." I then went to my knees in front of my father he stroked his cock for me. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth.

"Fill up my mouth again daddy." "I will. Let me jerk off into your mouth. Baby take it all." There was no warning, no pre-cum to mention this time. Daddy just exploded several times in my mouth.

When he finally finished jerking off into my mouth I opened it to show him what a good whore looks like on her knees then swallowed every last drop of his cum. My father and I continued to take care of each for the rest of the weekend and then to my surprise he extended our stay and I found my new lover. Its funny when you go out and look for someone to fall in love with you always strike out. Then when you relax and you least expect it, that's when real love knocks on your door, then you have to open it.

When I opened the door to my sexual experience with my father is when I found the love of my life. Daddy!!! Daddy and me Re-cunt-nect The End