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Back in the McCullen mansion the party have been moved to the cellar where it too has been threw a transformation for this night. The walls were splattered with blood a statue of a owl and snake stood in the front of the room looking at the Clan. Small two inch candels were dipped in blood and lit then placed into six sided stars pattern where each member was to stand in the middle of the six sided star.

The candles were set in lines of two with a open area where the inductee was to stand in between both lines and a barrel was behind every six sided star pattern. The cellar was silent as all the members of the families entered and took their spots. Once every one was standing in place Francis Rothschild spoke up. "We call the gathering of the Clan to induct the newest family and enter the Clan to a new age." Francis Rothschild said in a old and wezzy voice as the rest bargain to chant in Latin, "Laus patri nostro, qui nobis vitam aeternam, et potestas, et infirma mundi universi habitatores orbis." Which loosely translates to Praise be to our forefather who gave us eternal life and control over the world and the weak inhabitants of the world.

"We ask that the demon child born of these two faithful children of Cain to be blessed and introduced in the highest regards to Lucifer the liar, the trickster, the pretender to watch over them as he has watched over us all these years. May he bless this land to a ever growing bounty that we may spend to glorifying the work of Satan our patron." Francis Rothschild said his voice growing hoarse with every word he speaks.

The group then stops chanting as they stare at Chastity who stands before them in the middle of them with a innocent smile and twirling her finger in her long black curry hair.

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The families turned and opened the barrels behind them and pulled out the slaves who been stuffed in there. "I grant this life to you the ever great Lucifer." Francis said as he bit down and sucked the human dry followed by his son who said the same then the Lafayettes next the O'Reilly family and finally the McCullens.

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As the last human was drained they took turns regurgitating the consumed blood on Chastity. "Yes!" Chastity yelled out in glee as she spun around as each one of the Clan members drenched her in regurgitated blood. The duo pair of Flinch and Bishop Flanders have rode up to the house where all was silent even the slave house was quiet. "These carriages weren't here when I last came by." Flinch said as he helped Bishop Flanders off his horse.

"My boy I feel a great evil approaching us ready to surround us." Bishop Flanders said his hands tightly grip around the ball and chain. "Evening gentleman this is a late hour for visitors." Gilbert said with a devilish grin across his face. "What brings you men of the cloth here?" Asked Gilbert, Flinch hoped not to start trouble until he met the vampires and this man was just that a man.

"Well I'm here to give back the donation box Mrs.McCullen gave to the church. I gave my word I'd bring it back as soon as possible." Flinch said reaching into his saddle. "Oh that's fine I'll pass it along to them." Gilbert said grabbing the box in Flinch hands. "No.

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That's ok I would like to pass it off to her myself it's a family heirloom I wouldn't want it to be damaged in anyway." Gilbert smile faded and he got a displeased look on his face. "Boy I am family I been on this plantation since before I was born and I'm to marry Miss Chastity the daughter of the McCullens so I'll take good care of this here box. Give it." "I would like to go in and see them myself." Bishop Flanders said walking up the porch as he knocked on the door once and Boe opened the door before bishop Flanders could knock a second time.

"I'd rather you not Bishop. You do have pneumonia and the Sir and his wife wouldn't like to be sick." Boe said stepping out and closing the door behind him. "I'll take the box Mr.Sanders and I'll make sure to tell the Sirs wife you took very well care of it." "Y'all be safe on your trip back into town it's dark tonight no telling what might jump out on the road tonight." Gilbert said with his devilish grin as Boe took the box and went back to the house locking the door behind him.

"Yes we will be safe you too Mister…?" Flinch asked Gilbert who shaked his head no. "Please call me Gilbert, Mr.Sanders." With a unsettling feeling surrounding the three men Gilberlt asked, "What's with the smoke Bishop?" "Ahh well see my boy I have a blessing to do on a very old problem you might be able to help me with." Bishop Flanders said stepping closer to Gilbert who took a step back and replied with his hands in front of his chest.

"Oh me? Sorry Bishop I'm not very God fearing or free to help you I have to watch over these slaves all night it's busy work keeping control over hundreds of people, but you religious types know all about that don't you?" Bishop Flanders coughed feeling uneasy about Gilbert views on the church.

"That's the thing my boy, I'm to bless a woman who's pregnant if I can't save the souls of our oppressed then I'm not of much use. You see I was called on in my last visit seems some women want to be blessed into the kingdom of God and I'd like to be escorted to their housing." Gilbert looked annoyed but kept his anger under control. "These things don't need God they pray to whatever they believe in as they work day in and day out, but if you insist Bishop." While Gilbert led the Bishop towards the slaves quarters Flinch followed towing along the horses by the bits tied to the reigns.

"Odd thing asking for a Catholic priest to bless them, they mostly pray to the Christian God of Jesus Christ if they pray to any God at all." Gilbert mentioned while they walked a dark path away from the house. "I too found it odd at first, but once they asked for salvation I must do my duty to save the souls of those who ask." Bishop Flanders said while lighting the incense on his ball and chain.

"That stuff stinks to high heaven Bishop careful with it.

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I don't need your smelly plants to spark a fire near the crops." Gilbert said turning back and seeing the Bishop close the lidon the ball letting the smoke puff out in a trail out a small opening on the top of the ball on chain. Just as they're about to reach the slave quarters Flinch grabbed his pistol and wacked Gilbert over the head with the butt of it sending him tumbling towards the ground. "Guess he wasn't a vampire but he sure was creepy." Flinch said as he went to grab some rope to tie up Gilbert.

"Yes, if he was a vampire he would've became nauseated and unconscious from the blessed herbs." Bishop Flanders said as he raised his ball and chain and said a prayer for Gilbert to let go of his deep hatred of his fellow man. The men made it back to the house but didn't want to alert the inhabitants of the house so they went to the back.

Nothing out of the ordinary a small garden some flower patches and some small traces of blood presumably from the animals that they kept for slaughter. "These vampires keep a good front doesn't seem like they turned anyone in town or around the plantation." Flinch said as he inspected the back area.

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"That's too keep the need for blood low and nearly untraceable. Remeber the Knights Templars only turned the highest of the brotherhood to vampires to keep the facade up and try to over throw the church." Bishop Flanders coughed softly in between words.

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"A shack Bishop lets check it out its not to far off from the house." Flinch said as they went down the dirt path to a flimsy brown shack. The closer they got the more pungent the smell of blood and death got around the shack and men. They tried to open the door but found a heavy lock on it. "This is a problem." Bishop Flanders said as he tugged on the lock.


"Not really I have this incase we became trapped." Flinch pulled out a small vial half filled with a sulfuric smelling acid from his bag, and poured two drops over the lock watching it sizzle then fall to the ground broken free from the door. The door swung open revealing the horrors behind it. Men all of strong build hanging from chains attached to the roof some dripping slow streams of blood onto the ground.

While others were left completely dry of blood swinging in the light breeze of the night. "My God they're harvesting humans." Bishop Flanders said a hand over his mouth as he stared at the humans strung up like carved up sides of cattle. "Evil beasts, lets help the ones left alive down." Flinch went to reach and free one man who's wrist had multiplecuts over them. He took the gag off his mouth and looked surprised.

"Fangs…" Flinch managed to say before stepping back away from the slaves.


"They've all turned, vampires draining vampires this is unheard of." Bishop Flanders said as he noticed a alchemical set on the far back of the shack. "Maybe we can learn why from these papers." Bishop Flanders took the papers layed around the table but couldn't make Sense of the feverishly written notes. "Fresh&hellip.strong…turning…vampiric agents?" Bishop Flanders tried to read the notes but most of it was written so sloppily it seemed to be illegible to him.

"Take them we will need to present these findings to the Vatican." As soon as Flich says that Boe is standing in the door way. "This is a very odd way of returning back into town." Boe says in a calm tone with one hand behind his back standing perfectly straight. "You didn't know about this?" Bishop Flanders asked while gathering the papers.

"The Sir and his wife don't inform me of every enterprise they take." Flinch is confused and asks, "Did he know about tonight?" Bishop Flanders coughed violently but after catching his breath he replied. "Yes, Boe was the one that informed me about his master's dealings and that the Clan would be possibly meeting tonight so I sent word to the Vatican and they in turn sent me you and assurance more hunters are on the way." "How are we sure he isn't involved deeper into this then he leads on?" Asked Flinch eyeing Boe suspiciously.

"Frankly I don't care what you think of me Mr.Sanders. I've gone my whole life being a second thought to anyone you honestly thinking I had anything to do with this elaborate plan is quite the complement." Boe said in his normal calm and collected voice.

"Where are they now?" Bishop Flanders asked as he turned past both men stuffing the notes carefully in his robe. "The Sir and his guest along with his family are in the cellar performing a ritual of sacrifice to a Cain." Boe says almost nonchalantly about the situation. "To Cain the forefather of all vampires we must act quickly." Flinch said his sword drawn out ready for battle.