Seduced straight college guys and blonde naked gay xxx Diesal decided

Seduced straight college guys and blonde naked gay xxx Diesal decided
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This story is fictional, but it is written for and about a real xnxx reader, Melinda. I previously wrote another story about Melinda, Melinda's Mountains. I would describe the sexual activity in the first story to be rape or close to it, depending on your point of view. In this story, the sexual activity will be more consensual, but the story will still have a male dominance theme. Melinda is turned on by male dominance, spanking, anal, oral and a few other things that turn me on.

While this story is written for all xnxx readers to enjoy, it is also written for one special xnxx member, Melinda. My name is Ray, I am a married man. My wife Ann and I have been married for twenty years. Ann is 5' 8" tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, small perky breasts and she has a great ass and legs. I am 6' tall, 165 lbs, light brown hair, blue eyes, athletic and have a 7" long thick dick.

Ann and I are in our mid forties. A little over two years ago, Ann and I got a new neighbor, Melinda. Melinda is 5'8" tall, 130 lbs., raven hair, dark brown eyes, and she has a great tan. The most noticeable physical feature is definitely her breasts; Melinda's breasts are huge.

Melinda also has a large ass, but not huge. If you only saw Melinda's breasts and ass, you would guess that she has a large midsection also, but her stomach is flat and firm. When Melinda first moved next door, my wife immediately commented on Melinda's huge boobs.

I think that Ann is truly jealous of them, and also fascinated by them. More than once, Ann has asked me if I thought that Melinda got silicone implants. I used to think that she had to have implants, but now, I'm positive that they are natural wonders. Let me explain. When Melinda moved next door to us, we soon became friends with her. Ann and Melinda spend a lot of time together chatting etc. I'm friends with Melinda too, but don't spend time alone with her like my wife does, that is, until something happened early last month.

Let me tell you what happened. I came home from work and parked my car in the garage.

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I went out to our paper-box to see if the evening edition was there. While checking for the paper, Melinda pulled up to the curb and shut her car off. Melinda popped out of her car and gave a friendly hello. Melinda had been shopping and she had on a pair of tight shorts and a pullover top that showed plenty of delicious cleavage.

I was enjoying the view, and, as usual, Melinda enjoyed putting on a teasing show. Melinda and I were chatting when I spotted smoke coming up from under her hood. I asked Melinda what was wrong with her car, and she said that she didn't know.

I had Melinda pop the hood on her car. I looked under Melinda's hood and spotted a pin hole sized stream of antifreeze coming out of Melinda's coolant recovery tank.

The antifreeze was spraying on the exhaust manifold and making a small cloud of steam. Melinda came over to look at the problem. She bent over to get a close look at the leak and I got a great look between Melinda's huge mounds.

My cock started to stiffen thinking about what I'd like to do if I ever got my hands on her mountains. Melinda mumbled something about another big repair bill from an auto mechanic. I told Melinda that the tank would probably be about $50, and that I could change it out for her. Melinda asked how long it would take to get her car fixed. I told her that I could change the tank in a few minutes, if any of the local auto parts stores had one. We talked a few more minutes about repairing her car and I agreed to start calling auto parts stores to see if any of them had a coolant tank for Melinda's car.

The third store that I called had one, and it was just under fifty dollars. I went to Melinda's house and rang her door bell.

I told Melinda about the coolant tank and she asked if she could go with me to pick it up. I was thrilled that Melinda wanted to go along, even though I didn't outwardly show it. Melinda and I hopped into my car and headed off to the auto parts store. The store was only a few miles away. It was hard keeping my eyes on the road, every few seconds I looked over at Melinda as we talked. I also checked out her bounteous cleavage every chance that I got.

Melinda's long tan legs were also a sight to see. I think that Melinda knew that I was checking her out, and I think she actually enjoyed it. We arrived at the parts store and I held the door for Melinda as we entered the store. I checked out Melinda's full round ass as she entered the store.

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Melinda's ass was beautiful, but I thought that it was swaying a little more than it normally did, but I wasn't complaining. I told the parts man that I had called about the coolant recovery tank and he got it for us. Melinda bought the recovery tank. On the way home, I was wishing that the store had been farther away from our homes, I was really enjoying the in car scenery. When we got back to our homes, Melinda offered to help me fix her car. I gladly accepted her offer.

I grabbed a hose clamp pliers out of one of my tool boxes and gave it to Melinda, while I grabbed a small socket set. I unbolted the old tank from Melinda's car. Then, I gave Melinda the hose clamp pliers. I picked up the tank and told Melinda to pinch the hose clamp and pull it towards her.

Melinda had to bend over to reach the clamp and I got a fantastic view of her huge breasts as they hung straight down. I almost began licking my lips. Melinda soon had the clamp backed off of the tank and I pulled the hose off of the old tank. I worked the hose onto the new tank and got Melinda to slip the clamp into position. I got one more view of Melinda's cleavage and my cock stood up a little more.

I think Melinda noticed my bulging cock. I'm not sure, but I also think she had a wry little smirk on her face. A few minutes later I had the tank bolted back in position. Melinda was really happy and upbeat that her car was fixed. As we walked back to my garage to put up the tools Melinda asked me what I wanted for fixing her car. I told Melinda that it wasn't a big deal, and that she didn't have to pay me anything. Melinda really wanted to do something for me and offered to make dinner for me sometime.

I didn't take Melinda up on her offer but told her, "well, maybe some other time." Melinda countered, "I really do want to make dinner for you sometime, I'm not going to forget." I agreed saying, "okay, I don't know when, but you can make dinner for me sometime." Two weeks ago, I came home from work on a Friday afternoon, and was going to my paper box as I normally do after work.

Melinda bounded out of her house and her large breasts were swaying as she approached me. I was so fixated on Melinda's breasts that I almost didn't hear what Melinda said to me. Melinda told me that she and Ann had been talking that afternoon. Ann told Melinda that she was going to go to her sisters house next Thursday and help prepare for her nieces wedding. Melinda also knew that I wouldn't go to my sister in-law's until the day of the wedding next Saturday.

Melinda was cheery and asked, "would you like to come over to my house for dinner next Friday night?" I thought to myself, "oh boy, this could be fun." I quickly agreed and thanked Melinda for asking me.

Melinda replied, "I'm glad your coming, it will be fun." When Melinda told me that the dinner would be fun, I thought that the tone of her voice was slightly seductive.

I thought about that for a whole week. I couldn't wait to have dinner with her, and constantly wondered if her idea of fun might be similar to what my idea of fun was. I told myself that Melinda's idea of fun would probably be teasing me with something revealing, and knowing that I couldn't do anything about it. Knowing that I'm a married man and can't risk getting too aggressive with her.

So, I eagerly awaited our dinner date, but was certain that it wouldn't turn out to be the wild sexual adventure that I'd been secretly dreaming about for over two years. The day finally arrived, I came home from work, grabbed my paper and the mail.

Melinda told me to come over at 6:00 pm. I had a couple of hours before dinner and thinking about Melinda was driving me crazy. I went out and mowed my lawn.

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Then, I went up, showered and shaved. It was hard not jacking off. I kept thinking about Melinda's hot body, and my cock wouldn't go down. I wanted to jack off, but had the silly idea, if Melinda really does want to make love, I'm going to save every drop of cum for her.

I finished showering and shaving at 5:30. The last thirty minutes seemed to linger forever. At the last minute I decided to see if we had any dinner wine. I remembered an old rhyme that I once heard, "candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." I was hoping that there was something to the silly rhyme. I didn't find any dinner wine, but found a four pack of wine coolers and thought to myself, "well, its better than nothing." I went to Melinda's house and rang the doorbell.

Melinda quickly answered the door. Melinda looked stunning. Her hair was curled to perfection and her makeup was expertly applied. Melinda was beautiful, but her outfit quickly stole my eyes. Melinda wore a dress that had a simple Hawaiian print on it, a yellow background, and big red flowers in the foreground. I liked the Hawaiian print, and thought that it contrasted Melinda's black hair, but what I really liked about the dress was the way it was cut. The hemline was high, really high.

Melinda's legs were long, smooth and tanned to perfection. I wanted to run my fingertips up and down her thighs. The neckline was low, not cut to the nipples, but still low enough to reveal lots of Melinda's upper breasts. I stared at Melinda dumbfoundedly, and she giggled and said, "don't just stand there, come on in." Melinda's giggle broke my trance and I stammered, "uh here, I brought something to go with dinner." Melinda took the wine coolers from me and started telling me that she loved wine coolers.

I followed Melinda to her kitchen and sat on a bar stool on the back side of Melinda's cupboards. Melinda said, "dinners almost ready, I just have to finish the dessert." Melinda told me that she found a recipe for a chocolate swirl bundt cake. Melinda complained that she had the cake batter made, but was having trouble finding the bundt cake pan. Melinda said, "oh, I think I might have put it over here." Melinda went to a base cupboard across from me and opened the door, then she bent over to look for the pan.

Melinda bent way over, and her short hemline crawled up her ass. I was looking at Melinda's beautiful ass that was covered with a pair of silky white panties.

The panties were halfway between a thong, and a full panty. Melinda's crack was fully covered, but still, you could see plenty of her full round and tan ass. I found myself licking my lips.


Melinda dug in the cupboard for a minute and then said, "ahh, its not there." Behind the counter, I straightened my cock out, it was getting hard and was positioned uncomfortably. Then Melinda chirped, "oh I remember where I put it." Melinda went to another base cupboard in her kitchen and bent over again. Once again, her dress rode up and I got another show. I wanted to go over and help Melinda.

Well, I didn't want to help her find the pan, but wanted to help her panties off of her hot ass. I wasn't brave enough to do it, instead I barked, "will you cut that out." Melinda kept bending over and started digging things out of the base cupboard, a small water cooler, some napkins, a toaster, etc.

At the same time Melinda replied innocently, "cut what out?" I barked again, "you know good and well what I'm talking about, whenever Ann puts on a show like that, I rip her clothes off!" Melinda replied, "aha, there it is", then she pulled out the cake pan.

Melinda popped up with the cake pan and then put on an innocent act, telling me that she didn't realize that I could see her panties. She acted like a young girl when she said, "oh, how embarrassing, I'll have to be more careful from now on." I sarcastically replied, " you knew exactly what you were doing Melinda G., you're a naughty teasing girl, if you aren't more careful, I'm going to have to spank your ass next time." In an equally sarcastic tone, Melinda replied, "yes sir, I'll be more careful from now on." Melinda soon had the cake in her oven and I helped her put dinner on the table.

I kept thinking about Melinda's ass, but the conversation soon drifted away from anything sexual. We ate dinner, had a couple of wine coolers each, and by the time we were finished eating, our conversation was about places that we've been too, or would like to go.

By this time, the wine coolers had relaxed both of us a little. I helped Melinda clear the table and offered to help her wash the dishes. I washed dishes while Melinda dried them and put them away. I was enjoying myself but kept looking at Melinda's hot body, and secretly hoping that tonight would be the night that Melinda's teasing would turn into some real sexual action. I just didn't know how, or have the courage to head that direction.

We were almost finished washing dishes, and Melinda removed the cake from the pan. The cake looked almost as delicious as Melinda's breasts or ass. I told Melinda that the cake looked delicious. Melinda handed me the cake pan and said, "that's the last dish, we'll have some cake after it cools a little more." I told Melinda that I was looking forward to dessert. I thought Melinda had forgotten something when she simply said, "oh, I'll be back in a second." Melinda quickly bounded out of the kitchen and I heard her scampering upstairs.

Melinda returned as quickly as she had left. The cake pan was Teflon coated, and it cleaned quickly. By the time Melinda returned, I had finished washing the pan. Melinda dried the pan and then went to put it away. Melinda bent way over and wiggled her ass suggestively as she put the pan away. Melinda's dress rode up her ass again, but this time, she had on a white thong, not the skimpy panties she had before.

The thong was wedged up the crack of her fully tanned ass. Then, Melinda lifted the hem of her dress and flapped it up and down a couple of times and wiggled her ass one more time. I growled, "I warned you Melinda." Melinda mocked me and teasingly said, "you have to catch me first old man, and I don't think you can do it." I replied, "I'll catch your ass, then I'm going to spank it." I lunged for Melinda, but she was too quick and was out of the kitchen in a flash.

I started chasing Melinda, and she ran around her dining room table. If it had been a straight line, I think I could have ran Melinda down, but she was really quick circling around her oval dining room table.

After a couple of minutes of chasing, I got close to Melinda, and she veered into the living room. Now I found myself chasing Melinda around her sofa. The sofa was not against any walls, and she raced around the sofa.

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I chased Melinda for several more minutes, her speed truly amazed me, and she was laughing and taunting me all the time, saying, what's the matter old man, can't you catch me?" I warned Melinda, "I'll catch you if it takes all night, and then I'm going to spank your naughty ass!" I had my fingertips inches from Melinda several times, but she always found an out. Once again, I chased Melinda into the living room and she started to race around her sofa.

I brushed the back of Melinda's dress as we raced around the dining room table, but she pulled a chair out and I lost my stride.

Melinda chided me again, "what's the matter old man." I replied, "I'll spank your ass soon!" Melinda chided me again, "what's the matter old man, can't you do anything besides spank my ass, what's the matter, can't you get it up any more?" I panted, "you're going to be surprised how far I get it up, how often I get it up, and where I put it?" Melinda giggled and ran, teasing me some more, "I'm not afraid of you old man, you can't catch me anyway!" Melinda raced into the living room and started circling her couch.

I got close to Melinda, and then when I was at the end of her sofa, I placed my hands on the armrest and shoved it up to the wall. This move surprised Melinda and I had her cornered. At the last second, Melinda tried to leap over the couch as I grabbed her. Melinda stumbled over the back of the sofa, and her breasts crashed into the sofa cushions.

I pinned Melinda's ass to the sofa back and pulled her dress up to the middle of her back. Melinda started pleading and promised to be a good girl if I let her go. I told Melinda it was too late for that, then I gave her ass a firm hard smack.

Melinda pleaded some more, but I told her to be quiet and smacked her ass several more times and told her that she was a nasty tease. I told Melinda that tonight was the night that the teasing was going to come to an end. I told Melinda that tonight I was going to take what I wanted, what she had been flaunting and teasing me with for over two years. I continued spanking Melinda's ass and she sobbed as she begged me to stop.

I told Melinda that I wanted her to admit that she was a nasty teasing slut, and Melinda sobbed, "yes, yes, I'm a nasty teasing slut." Melinda begged me to stop, her ass cheeks were reddish now, but I gave her a few more slow swats and commanded her, "tell me, tell me what you really want." Melinda replied, "I don't know what you're talking about." I swatted Melinda's ass a little bit harder, and in a firm voice I told her, "I know you want it, tell me what you want to do, beg for it YOU NASTY BITCH!" Melinda sobbed and started rambling, "okay, okay, I do want it, I want to suck your big hard cock, I've wanted to ever since I saw you, but especially since I saw it bulging when we went for my car part." I growled at Melinda and said, "that's better, and yes, I'd love to have you suck my cock." I let loose of Melinda, and she just stayed with her ass stretched over the couch.

I started ripping my clothes off and then growled at Melinda, get you clothes off. Melinda did not protest, instead she stood up and raised her dress above her head. By the time Melinda had her dress off, I was completely naked. I commanded Melinda to get her bra off and she did without protest. While Melinda was taking her bra off, I grabbed her thong and pulled it down, Melinda did not fight me.

A few seconds later I was staring at what had fascinated me for over two years.


Melinda's enormous breasts were capped with big firm nipples, her stomach was truly flat and her bulging vulva was smooth and bare. I didn't know where to begin. I grabbed Melinda and wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her, and she returned my eager kisses with passion. I bent my throbbing cock over and placed it between her legs and started stroking between her thighs, it was warm and silky smooth.

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I kissed Melinda's neck and nibbled on her ears, telling her how badly I've wanted her ever since I first laid eyes on her. My hands roamed over Melinda's full round ass. It was warm and so fun to squeeze. My hands traveled to her breasts.

There was more breast than my hands could handle, and they were definitely natural, definitely the most amazing breasts that I'd ever seen. I was getting lost in passion when I remembered how Melinda wanted to suck my cock. Oh yes, I'd been hoping for that, since that is one thing that my wife won't do.

I tackled Melinda and rolled with her onto the couch cushions, then commanded her, "suck me, suck me good you nasty little bitch." I sat on the couch and Melinda kneeled on the floor.

Melinda wrapped her full lips around my cock and started sucking eagerly. I grabbed the sides of Melinda's neck and massaged it while she eagerly sucked on my cock. I soon was groaning, "oh that's good Melinda, suck me, suck me hard." Melinda sucked eagerly and it didn't take long before I could feel myself spasm uncontrollably. I came hard and long, muttering to Melinda, "UHHH, UHHHHHHH, swallow it, swallow every drop you nasty little slut." Melinda sucked eagerly, and I had to stop her sucking when my pleasure turned to pain.

I got Melinda up and lead her to the back of the couch. I commanded her, "bend your nasty ass over the couch again, now it's my turn." Melinda bent over the couch and I quickly got on my knees and had a quick taste of her pussy.

It was already open and glistening. Her little man was standing at attention. I dipped my tongue in her silky slot, and then moaned with pleasure.

Melinda was sweet and fragrant. I soon had my nose buried in the crack of Melinda's ass as I ran my lips up and down her slippery slot. I eagerly lapped up her juices and kissed her labia. My lips pulled on Melinda's clit and my tongue danced over it. Melinda's clit stood at attention and I worked it over with my tongue. Melinda began to moan softly and I ground the tip of my nose into her tight little asshole.

Melinda pushed back and did some of her own grinding. I rolled my tongue into a u-shaped tunnel and wrapped it around Melinda's bulging clit. I began jacking her clit off with my rolled up tongue and soon Melinda whimpered, "OH MY, that's so good, OH YEAH, Ray, Ray, I'm cumming." Melinda panted and I stood up. I grabbed my cock, it was throbbing again, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I rubbed my cum covered cock head on Melinda's open pussy and she gasped. Melinda quickly protested, "Ray, I'm a virgin, I don't know if I can take one that big." I growled, "you should have thought of that before you changed your panties." With fear in her voice Melinda said, "I really don't know if I can do it." With a firm voice I replied, "there's only one way to find out." I rubbed my cock back and forth on Melinda's dripping slot and then lined my cock up and pushed it in.

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Melinda's pussy was tight, firm and oh so slippery. Melinda sounded surprised when she said, "OH RAY, its in." I snarled at Melinda and said, "do you want me to fuck you, or do you want your ass spanked for being a nasty girl." Melinda replied, "fuck me, fuck me hard Ray, OH YEAH, I've wanted this for so long, that's it, fuck me hard, that's so good." I grabbed Melinda's raven hair and called her a nasty bitch, as I hammered her silky tight tunnel. It was good, oh so good.

The night was just beginning and the list of things that I wanted to do to Melinda was so long. I just hoped that my cock could keep up with everything that my mind had planned. Melinda, I hope you enjoyed the story.

I'd love to continue it for you, I still want to fuck your virgin ass. Yes, I want to do that so bad. Ray