Sweet legal age teenager takes off garments to demonstrate her unused pussy

Sweet legal age teenager takes off garments to demonstrate her unused pussy
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sorry if its bad just wanted to right this and i may have no sex but its going to get there if people like it In all I'm that guy that is like a ghost going with life with never being too good or to bad never had high scores never played sports and never really got to no people in my class.

At sixteen I had two friends in my life and they had come and go when there friends are being dicks they try to get out there and make some friends and get a girlfriend they what on how when I came to this high school all the girl kept talking how hot I was and how kind I was and all the boys wanted me to join the sports team.

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But as time went on they sew I didn't what to make friend I had no interest in girl my age they were like kids with nothing but dick in their mind then it got around that I was gay and that mad all the boys stay away.

And then I had made two friends at but they too had found new friends and only came bake when they hand to vent and to bad today the first fucking day of school this year they had to talk me and not to vent but to get close to my twin sister. Ally was no to bed kind loving and smartest girl oh and if I had heard it once IV herd it again she was the hottest girl a man cooled lay his eyes on and for the first time I had class with her and that's when all the guys in my in my class became my best friend.

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I looked at Zac a skinny tall paled skin guy and rod a guy who never new how to stop eating fat and never herd of stop he had a stink about him but I never said a thing As we sat the back of the class room they were talking about my sister and how hot she was I was thinking of how this year was going to sake for me.

Ally had be in all the clubs and made friends with every one she meat and left everyone feeling as they were loved in fact she is a cold hearted bitch and would kill someone to get where she was going and I was her most hated person in the world to her I never fall for and never gave Into her that pissed her off.

She had brown hear that went down to the middle of her back and boobs that were a good d cup wood make a gay man turn to look and a but that was as firm as they came and this done nothing for me and I know every guy says they don't look at their sister and I say bull shit I look and don't like.

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"Mathew calls your sister over here?" side rob look at me like I was food. "Waiting she will came over soon just sit tight" she has to make every on like her if they didn't her world wold crumble around her.


"But the ball is going to ring man call her" Zac this time talking right in my fucking face. Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg As people started to sit down Zac and rob both had their eyes on me like I had been the one that had made them just sit there like I had to talk her talk to them funk them. As I sat there looking out the window I see something that had curt my eye.

A women this black hair a red vest that showed her tits were a but a b to c cup a skinny wast an a small tight ass and glasses the added to the brute and the green eyes that I was just able to see as she was walking.

"Six" I side thinking that there as just been six women that have made my dick jump.


As she walked in to the class I knew there was a god even if I had my sister in my class now I had something to look at it had been a long time since I had been happy to see someone. As she stood in front of the class her hair long and just going over tits small but nice and a smile that could malt ice.


"Hello my name is miss Hall and I'll be your homeroom and some of yours art teacher and I hope we all have a great year". She side looking out in the in the class. School was great we done that same as we used to get to know the people's names like I gave a fuck. I liked homeroom and art class she may have never side a world that day to me but fuck was she in my mind. I had gotten out of p.e at the end of the day.

What I heard two girls talking about me "Don't you think Mathew is hot?" one small girl say in to a girl with a fucking kids bag on.

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"Yes but he never talks and never goes out it's like he hates people and then there was that thing going around that he was gay". At that they both stated to laugh. Fine I am hot and just because of that I had to have friends that I had to fucking act like people don't piss me of fuck that.

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I look in the window I had spike black hear and a 6 pack form walking from home to school with a tan and I hated it but most people would kill for this body but even I knew my attitude was bad and I knew I had nothing to complain about but I did just what to no be seen by people. As I started to walk out the school I sew miss Hall just standing out there thank people for their day.

As I walked past I heard a think you came my way god she was nice not like me she seemed to like people I hate them fun. My walk home as a good hour walk my mum had asked me to talk the bus like my sister had today but I like to walk it's just a way to get out but today I had no piece all I had In my mind was miss Hall fuck I needed to jack off it had been 4 moths that's the thing when I do see a girl I like I think is hot I become like every fucking guy out there.

"Hello" I said as I came into the house.

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Nothing thank god I have time. I made my way into my room take my pans of and got a hold of my cock it was as hard as it could be I knew two tags and it would be over I had tried to watch porn but the girl never had that look I needed to jack off they all looked fake. In four pulls it came out the peins it was fucking bad it was thick and my breathing was heavy it take me a minutes to clear my mind but fuck that felt good.

I cleaned up the cum from the wooden floor.

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As I laid there on my bed thinking that this year was going to be fucking great it came to me I had 1 year with a girl that had made me horny as hall and she was kind and loving I wold be able to use that because every time I see that girl that gets my interested I see them for a second and then there gone but this time I'll see her every day Now I had the woman hot as fuck in my class maybe this year I'll get a girlfriend.