Hunky bisexuals in threesome with a hot blondie

Hunky bisexuals in threesome with a hot blondie
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I was a young teenager when I discovered sex. Of course, I had already known it existed and what it entailed, but I had always thought it was just something weird. At a certain point, though, I started to react differently when for example I saw a topless woman on television. In the past I would have thought that was dirty, probably because of my Catholic upbringing. Now, on the other hand, I began to find such a sight very interesting.

Also, I noticed that when I looked at a naked woman, my penis started to grow. Obviously, it didn't take me long to discover masturbation and that immediately became my favourite hobby.

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Late at night, when my parents thought I was fast asleep, I watched erotic shows on small black-and-white television set and jacked off like a maniac. It didn't take long before the soft sex shows on television weren't exciting enough for my anymore. I couldn't buy real porn, though, because I was too young for that.

As time passed, I started to get rather frustrated. One time, during the summer holiday, my parents left for the weekend to visit an aunt and uncle who lived on the other side of the country. Until then I usually had to come along on such visits, but I was always bored to death during such occasion and this time I had managed to convince my parents that I was really too old by now to come along.

Sadly, they didn't think I was old enough to be left home alone for an entire weekend, so another aunt, a recently divorced sister of my mother who lived in the same town we did, came to watch over me for the weekend.


I kind of like this aunt, aunt Ellen. She was always really nice and I also enjoyed visiting her, because she had two great-looking daughters, one sixteen and one seventeen years old, that I really had the hots for. Because they were older than me, though, they weren't interested in me at all. Quite the contrary, they were always really mean to me.

In spite of that, I often fantasized about them. On Friday night, after my parents had left, my aunt and I had dinner together. After dinner she went into the living room to watch her soap operas, while I went to my own room to jack off to family pictures of her daughters, my cousins.

At about eleven my aunt came to my room and told me, that it was time for me to go to bed by now. I half-heartedly protested, but ultimately did as she wished. After my aunt had seen to it that I brushed my teeth, I crawled into bed and my aunt turned off the lights. A few minutes later I crawled out of bed again, in the dark, and carefully walked out of my room, towards that stairs.

I noticed that downstairs, the lights were still on and I heard the television, so apparently aunt Allen hadn't gone to bed yet. I sneaked back to my room, turned my little television on and searched for a channel that had something interesting. After a while I found some kind of erotic thriller, that featured some hot chicks. Of course, in movies like these you really didn't see anything but a few tits and a bare ass every now and then, the sex in these films being utterly fake, I already knew that.

Nevertheless, at my age I was easily aroused and before long I took my penis out of my pants and began beating off. In between to 'sex scenes' the movie actually was kind of decent and before I knew, I got sucked into the story.

When the killer was caught, the lead character had another 'sex scene' and without thinking about it, I started to stroke my penis again. I was just about to come for the umpteenth time, when suddenly I heard aunt Ellen's voice behind me. "Boy, what do you think you are doing?" I abruptly stopped wanking and turned my head.

Aunt Ellen was standing behind me, dressed in a long white nightgown, giving me a questioning look. I, however, had no idea what to say. "I, er, I," I stammered, while clumsily trying to put my erection back into my underpants. "I had no idea," my aunt said, to my utter amazement with a broad smile on her face, "that you were already into this!" I couldn't say a word and just have her an astonished look.

"It's all right," she smiled, "but why are you watching movies like these? You don't really see anything in these?" I was still looking at aunt Ellen with my mouth open in amazement, not knowing what to say.

"Come on," she said, with a surprisingly horny look on her face, "I brought some movies where you actually do see something." My aunt walked away and without thinking I followed her. I was completely shaken by her reaction and had to pinch myself several times, before I was convinced that I really wasn't dreaming.

I walked into the living room, wearing nothing but my underpants, where I saw my aunt going through her bag. She pulled out a video and put it in the VCR. On the television screen I saw a rerun of the late-night news. Aunt Ellen sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote. "Come and sit next to me," she said. I sat down next to her and my aunt turned on the VCR.

The television screen went black and a lame warning about violating copyrights came on. I looked at my aunt and noticed, for the first time, that she was an attractive woman. I had always just looked at her daughters but now I saw that she really was hot herself as well. She was in her early forties and still in great physical shape. In spite of the wide, loose-fitting nightgown she wore, I could clearly see that.

She had beautiful long legs, a really nice ass and enormous breasts, that sagged just a bit, but were still rather firm nonetheless.

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Her face wasn't ugly either, its most noticeable features being her full red lips. She had long, straight black hairs that reached just over her shoulders. "Would you like a drink too?" my aunt asked, while she poured herself a glass of sherry. "I think you are old enough for that now." "Er, yes, why not," stammered. My aunt took a glass and poured it for me. "Cheers," she said. "Cheers," I said and took a sip.

I had never tasted alcohol before but I liked it. It tasted nice and warm. "Let's watch the movie," my aunt said. She put an arm around me and pulled me against her. The film had begun by now.


I saw a man and a woman lying on a bed. The woman unfastened the man's pants and took his penis out. Then she started to suck it enthusiastically. "Do you get excited when you look at this?" my aunt asked. "Er, yes, kind of," I stammered uncertainly. My penis that was standing straight up in my underpants seemed a lot less uncertain, though. "Would you like a woman to do that to you?" my aunt asked. "I think so," I said, blushing.

"Well," my aunt said, "why don't I then?" Without waiting for an answer my aunt took my penis out of my pants and pulled the foreskin back. She bent over me and, without hesitation, took my dick into her mouth. I had no idea what was happening to me! The feeling of her warm lips around the head of my cock was better than anything I had ever felt before!

She took my penis into her mouth in its entirety, all the way down to my balls and she flicked her tongue over the head. The feeling she gave me doing that was so amazing, that I came before I knew it. As soon as my aunt felt that I was about to ejaculate, she let my dick slide out of her mouth, so that my semen landed on her face in thick clots.

"Sorry," was all that I managed to say. "It doesn't matter," my aunt said, while she licked my sperm from her lips with her tongue, "you come quickly at your age. But you can still come quite a lot of times tonight." "Come," my aunt said and she dropped her nightgown on the floor, in doing so showing me her mature body in its full glory, "it's about time you got to know the female body." She sat back down on the couch, completely naked, and spread her legs.

In a sultry voice she said to me, "go on and explore, boy." Hesitantly I looked at her nude, incredibly hot body. Carefully I crouched down and pushed my head between her legs. My aunt put her hands on my head and pushed my face against her cunt. I felt that she smelled nice down there and carefully I pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers.

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Her cunt was really wet, something that aroused me no little. I put a finger in her hole and slowly gained some confidence. I started to move my finger a little and to lick her clit, as soon as I had localised it.

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Her wet pussy tasted very well to me and from her soft moaning I concluded that I wasn't doing too badly. After I had been eating out aunt Ellen for a while, she grabbed my arms and pulled me up.

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She gave me a rough kiss on the mouth. I liked that. Next, she put my face between her enormous tits. She reached for her sherry glass and poured some sherry over her breasts.

I started licking her giant boobs and began fanatically sucking on her huge nipples, that were hard as iron. "Put your cock between them," my aunt moaned. Now that was something she didn't have to say twice. Without hesitation I put my erect penis between my aunt's huge boobs and started thrusting. It didn't take long for me to come again and deposit my sperm on her tits.

I fell back on the couch, rather spent, but aunt Ellen wasn't done with me yet. She sat on me and pushed her tits, still covered in my semen, into my face. Almost instantly I had an erection again and my aunt skilfully guided my hard cock into her cunt. Enthusiastically she began riding me. I had no idea what was happening to me, the feeling was so amazing.

I realised that, for the first time in my life, I was actually fucking. After a while I came, discharging my sperm deep into my aunt's womb. She rolled off me and sank back onto the couch. "You do realise," she said, "that this should stay between us?" "Yes, er, of course," I said, somewhat dazed.

What had just happened, still didn't feel completely real to me. "Did you like it?" she asked. I didn't reply, but the blissful smile on my face must have been a clear answer to my aunt. She took hold of my dick and while she softly wanked my wood, she whispered in my ear, "your parents won't be back until Sunday.

Until then we can do whatever we want." "Like I didn't know," she smirked hornily, "and, oh well, who knows what the future will bring? But it is late, let's go to sleep." Aunt Ellen turned off the television and led me upstairs, to the guest room where she was staying.

She climbed into bed naked and said, "come and join me. This is a single bed, but when we cuddle up there will be plenty of room." I crawled into bed with her and curled up against her naked body, while my aunt reached for the light switch and turned it off.

Because of my contact with her nude body I had a huge hard-on again. "Young boys," aunt Ellen sighed in the dark, "you are simply insatiable." She grabbed my dick and started jacking me off, while she pushed my head between her boobs. While I was happily slobbering all over her tits, she continued to jack me off until I came for the umpteenth time that night and shot my semen into the blanket. She gave me another kiss on my mouth and said, "now let's finally go to sleep." That sounded fine to me and in my aunt Ellen's arms I fell asleep.