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Fiction, Romance, Masturbation, Consensual sex, Oral sex, Mind control, Male/female Disclaimer This my first story ever. I got the idea around Valentines day so it may be a bit more romantic and mushy than readers here prefer. As you may notice, I borrow ideas from stories like Camp but I hope I'm within acceptable boundaries when doing so. Please feel free to comment on grammar, spelling and whatever else you like to comment on.

I really would like to get some feedback, If not verbal then at least by using the sites rating system. J. Bailey ================================= The House - Part 3 4 days in December, Chapter 1 Day 1, December the 15th, 17:00 hours He had been driving for hours and was tired. Tired of the world, tired of himself, tired of being let down by other people.

He was worn out due to the fact that Claire had left him just a week before they were to leave on this trip. Which again was the cause for his driving all this way alone. When he started his trip the weather was quite fair but as he got further up north it started to rain and getting colder. He longed for a meal, a hot shower and a warm bed. As he drove on, his mind clouded and his spirit saddened by his bitter thoughts, he thought he saw some movement on the road up ahead.

He slowed down and saw what looked like a person standing on the shoulder of the road. It was starting to get dark as he stopped and unlocked the doors. The passenger door was opened and a barely audible female voice said: "Could you give me a lift, please." She trembled so hard he could hardly understand what she was saying.

"Hurry up and get in." he replied. He turned up the heat as she tried to climb into his jeep shivering and soaked to the bone. He jumped out, went to the other side and lifted her into the passenger seat.

"No luggage?" he asked her. She just shook her head, with a distant look in her eyes, her body shaking like a leaf in a heavy wind. He got back into his seat and pulled a blanket from the back seat. She just sat in her seat with her eyes closed, silent, shaking. As he touched her to take off her jacket she jolted as if she had been stung by a bee and tried to resist. "Come on now, we need to get you out of these wet clothes or you will get seriously ill." With that she gave in and allowed him to undress her.

He unbuttoned her pants and her shirt and removed them. He took off her socks and panties and ended with her white cotton top.


As he undressed her his hand brushed her left breast and he could feel her large, cherry like, hard nipple. Again she jolted. He took of his fleece jacket and made her put it on. After he had zipped up the jacket he wrapped the blanket around her and pulled out a thermos flask containing hot coffee.

He poured some coffee into a cup and added three spoons of sugar to it. He made her drink some of the coffee and although she almost choked on the first sip she took another sip and another until the cup was empty.

"How do you feel?" "Better" she said, managing a faint smile. "Well at least you are getting some color back into your cheeks. Where are you heading?" "I was going up north with my boyfriend.

We had an argument that ended with me leaving the car. And then it started to rain. And the bastard even took my back pack." Her eyes filled with tears and she looked at him sadly. "I think you saved my life. I was getting really cold and tired and I don't know how much longer I would have held up out there." He asked her again if she had any place to go to and she told him that she didn't care, since she was now completely alone in the world.

Being raised at an orphanage didn't leave her many options. She asked him where he was going. He told her that he was going to a place up north to work on a programming job he needed to finish and would stay there a while.

He also told her about Claire ditching him and that he felt miserable being alone. "Could I come with you? I could cook for you. I know how to cook, I've learned it." She looked at him pleadingly with baby blue eyes, a hint of desperation in her voice.

It was first now that he noticed how pretty she was. She had light brown hair, a petite frame but now that some color had returned to her cheeks he imagined she would be able to get quite feisty if she wanted to. As he undressed her he had noticed that the nipples on her B sized breasts were large and perky, pointing straight forward.

Her bush was light and sparsely haired, her tummy seemed firm, as well as her ass and although she was a bit on the slim side she seemed to have the right amount of fat in most if not all the right places to give her body a curvy, feminine look.

"I don't know," he said, dragging his reply. "How much fun I'll be while working on my project." "That is alright." she said. Now the desperation was clearly audible in her voice. "I need some time off, myself, to pull my own act together." He looked at her doubtful, hesitating a moment, but couldn't resist the pleading look in her eyes and said: "Ok, we'll give it a try and see where it leads us.

But you have to make sure to let me know if you get bored and want out. And you need to know I may not be able to pay you much until I finish my work." The relief in her voice was evident as she told him not to worry about payment since it was not financial gain she seeked. He contemplated her reply for a moment but then turned off the interior lights and drove on.

Suddenly he smiled and said: "You know, I forgot to introduce myself." He held out his hand. "Paul" She smiled in return and shook his hand. "Cassandra, you can call me Caz." To make her feel better he put a CD with Irish folk songs into the player and drove on.

After a while she fell asleep and he was again alone with his thoughts. He thought about Claire who had left him to spend time with a guy that had more money than he had. She had told him she found him boring and that she wanted something more for her self in life. Although she had pissed him off he missed sex with her.

Sex with her had always been good and her orgasms were something to remember. Especially when they had been out dancing and she was tipsy. He remembered one time when they had been out. She had gotten to much to drink, which again seemed to resonate with her pussy as she became extremely horny. They were sitting in a booth in the back, a bit out of sight. She started to kiss him deeply and fondle his dick through his jeans. He in return had started to fondle her nipples circling and pinching them lightly with his fingers.

Her nipples had grown and become large and perky pressing against the fabric of her halter less top. He pulled the top down and started sucking on her nipples until they became completely hard and the size of large blueberries. To tease her he pulled the top up again and resumed French-kissing her until she pulled back from the kiss.

"Please Paul. More, it felt so nice." He slid his hand up under her skirt and found her pussy to be naked. She was not wearing any panties. He moved his finger up and down her slit feeling the moistness that was seeping from her pussy. He pressed two fingers inside her, massaging her G-spot. Her eyes were glazed over and she was biting her lower lip. He now had three fingers moving slowly but steadily in and out of her.

Her breathing became ragged as she closed her eyes and lay her head on his shoulder, now holding his left arm with both hans.

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She started to shiver each time he thrust his fingers into her. He moved to running his fingers slowly over her clit starting at the bottom of her pussy moving to the top in such a way that each movement of his hand caused her clit to have contact with his hand for the full length of a finger while his hand moved upwards. Suddenly she went rigid like a board and came hard, gushing cum all over his hand. As she came he pressed his fingers together and rotated the tips harder and faster over her clit.

She convulsed hard in his arms and almost kicked the table over. As he felt her climax subside he slowed down and changed to a lighter touch massaging her clit slowly while she came down and started to relax again. He continued to massage her now very sensitive clit, very slowly and lightly using the tips of his fingers. As her orgasm had subsided he increased the pressure just a little bit until she started to shiver with each touch.

He then used the tip of one finger to tickle her clit very lightly increasing his speed gradually. He continued his light finger flickering until her body twitched each time his finger flicked over her clit.

She was now moaning in short bursts. At this point he suddenly pressed harder on her Clit pulling it up and down between two fingers causing her to come again even harder than the first time leaving her panting, completely out of breath. But those times were gone as she had not allowed for much intimacy those past weeks.

Until she had finally told him she was leaving him for another guy that was able to offer her more than he could. Suddenly he was pulled from his thoughts by a feeling of being watched. He looked to his right and saw that she was awake, watching him. "Hi, You are awake?" He smiled at her. She smiled back and looked down at the rather impressive bulge in his crotch. "Whatever were you thinking about?" He looked down and his face turned crimson red. Ouch, I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking of my ex girlfriend.

I must have gotten carried away." She laughed and lifted her hand shaking it with one finger pointing into the air. "Naughty little boys get punished." He looked at her with a smirk on his face. "So do naughty little girls" he replied. "Especially if they tease their elders too much." He looked back at the road and told her they would soon reach their place of destination.

Suddenly he slowed down, stopped the car and went outside. When he came back he held a large bundle in his hand. "Ever seen this before?" "My backpack." she replied, and her face lit up with a smile.

"Well now that you have this part of your life back I think we can go on." He refastened his seat belt and drove on. She looked through the front window and in the rain she could see a glow of light ahead.

He told her those were the lights from a village not far from the house. We'll be there in about ten minutes. They soon drove into the rather lazy looking village and he stopped for gas. As he got out of the car she stayed inside following him with her eyes.

"He seems like a nice enough guy" she thought. "A bit shy about his sex but very forthcoming and helpful in other matters." She felt herself starting to get a bit wet between her legs as she thought about the bulge in his pants and how embarrassed he was when she teased him about it. He came back holding a paper bag in his hand.

As he entered the car he gave her the bag with a wicked smile and said: "For you." She wondered what he was up to but opened the bag and looked into it. It contained a foam cup, a sandwich and a little paper flower. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"You know Paul, this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "You are welcome." he said with a smile. "Ok, let's get going to the house, it's getting late." She sat silently in the seat beside him, ate her sandwich and drank her hot cocoa. Tears were running down her cheeks. He let her be and concentrated on the road, looking for the off road he needed to take to get to the house.

It had started to snow after they left the village and he had to activate the four wheel drive and turn on the array of lights he had on the front of his jeep. After a while he found the road and made a right turn into it. He drove through a foot of snow in the direction of the house. Cassandra looked at him. "How am I gonna get to the house in this snow with no clothes on?" "Just wait and you'll see." He drove on for another five minutes until he came around a bend in the road.

There in front of them was a two story house with a porch in the front and a double garage. He pulled out a remote control and entered a key code. The lights on the front porch came on. He entered another code and the garage door opened. He turned the jeep, drove it backwards into the garage and turned the engine off. He then entered another code and the door closed.

"Voila" he said. "This is how you get through the snow without clothes." He walked over to her side of the car and helped her out. She got out of the car and walked on her bare feet over the floor. "The floor is warm." She looked at him with a surprised look on her face. "Don't mind that now. Welcome to my cabin, Cassandra. I'll show you your room and we'll discuss everything else tomorrow when we wake up. He picked up her backpack and told her to follow him to the second floor.

As they came to the second floor he walked to the end of the hallway and opened a door to the right. "This is your room and mine is on the opposite side. There is only one bathroom up here but it's big and if you just close your eyes, if I should happen to accidentally walk in on you, you'll be fine." He smiled at her mischievously and pushed her into the room. The room contained a King sized bed, a coffee table two lounge chairs and some closets.

There was a door that led into the bathroom and a window overlooking the front of the house. He pulled out a T-Shirt and a pair of boxers and gave them to her. "There is a drying closet in the bathroom to dry your things and your backpack.

Tooth brush and other such things are in a closet in the bathroom. Food and drink is in the fridge. If you want to look around the cabin please do. If there is anything else you need just let me know. I'm going to take a quick shower and then get some sleep. And by the way you don't have to worry about running out of hot water. There is an theoretically endless supply of it in this house." "Oh, I forgot one thing. Please be careful about the basement since I work down there and if you should try to clean up down there you could interfere quite severely with my work.

So please don't go down there unless I'm with you." He kissed her on the forehead and said: "Goodnight and sweet dreams." He went to his room and closed the door. He got undressed, took a shower, got into bed and after a short while he was fast asleep. His last thought was about her gorgeous nipples and what it would be like to suck them hard. Cassandra sat on her bed and looked around the room.

It was a nice bright room with both indirect and direct lighting. He had turned on the lights by the bed so there was a soft light illuminating the room.

To her he was a strange person. He had practically saved her life that evening, he had hired her, off the street, literally and he had not even hinted at making a pass at her. She was utterly confused. Here was a guy that had given without asking for anything in return.

He must be an under cover mass murderer at least. She smiled to her self at the thought. But yet, here she was in a warm and cosy room, with a job even. She felt as if her life had been turned upside down to the better in just one day.

She touched the bed sheets, they were soft and warm like the room itself. Yet she did not quite understand why, since there was not a single oven in the room. There was a very nice feeling forming in her stomach. One of security and happiness. She was almost giddy and since she had gotten some sleep in the car, while he was driving and needed to unwind from her ordeal she therefore decided to take a shower. She browsed through the closets in her room and found a bathrobe in one of them. It was one of those white, thick, fluffy things one could only dream about.

She changed into the bathrobe and went to the bathroom taking her backpack with her. She put all her wet things into the drying cabinet. Cassandra entered the shower and relished the warmth of the water on her skin. She closed her eyes and started to relax in the stream of hot water.

As she began to relax her mind wandered to Paul and how he had treated her. To him she had been a stranger to whom he had no obligations and yet he had taken her in as if nothing was more normal. She felt an itch between her legs and started to massage her pussy lips with her right hand, slowly moving to her clit. She used her left hand to slowly massage her nipples one after another.

She sank to the floor of the shower booth and thought about Paul, gradually increasing the speed with which she rubbed her clit.

She thought about the bulge in his pants and his reaction as she teased him about it and came. She continued to rub her clit slowing down while she came down from her climax lying fully relaxed in the bottom of the shower, the warm water running over her body.

She felt like a million. She had never felt as safe as she felt now. Never before had she gotten this much without someone fucking her, or worse, somewhere along the line. By now she was getting tired and she decided to get out of the shower and go to bed. She took one of the fluffy towels she had found and started to dry her body.

Her nipples were still standing proud.

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She had large nipples that looked like small strawberries when erect on her cup size B breasts. As she finished drying herself she looked at her body in the mirror and thought she could permit her self to be really proud of it. Her ass, tummy and tits were firm and her figure was quite satisfactory she thought, although a bit on the slim side. She hung up the towel and put her bathrobe on. On a whim she opened the door that led to Paul's bedroom, allowing some light from the bathroom to shine on the bed and looked at him sleeping.

His upper torso was naked and what she could see of it was muscular and looked rather appealing to her. She felt an urge and acting on instinct she stepped into Paul's bedroom, loosened the belt on her bathrobe and let it drop to the floor.

She walked to the bed and lay down in front of him with her ass pressed up against his flaccid cock. Suddenly he moved his left arm under her neck and cupped her right breast with his left hand, her nipple protruding between two of his fingers.

His right hand slowly slid from the side of her neck, down to her left breast, over her still hard nipple down her tummy and finally cupped her mound.

"I like you too." He whispered into her ear and nipped her earlobe with his lips.

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She trembled and felt an incredible warmth flow through her body as she pressed herself even closer into him and fell asleep, her heart almost bursting with happiness. ================== Little did they know of the dark and sinister events this house had seen in the past. The House - Part 3 4 days in December, Chapter 2 Day 2, December the 16th, 11:30 in the morning She woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. She stretched lazily like a cat, moaning out loud. She got out of bed and wondered again why it wasn't cold in the room since there were no ovens to be seen.

She got into her bathrobe and walked down the stairs towards the smell, suddenly realizing how hungry she was. Paul stood by the stove doing something with a pan of what looked like sliced potatoes. "Good morning sleepyhead. Breakfast is just about ready." She looked at the pan and wrinkled her nose.

"What on earth are you making?" she asked. "Do you really expect me to eat this, so early in the morning?" He looked at her. "You know Caz, it's almost twelve o'clock." She looked outside. "But it's still dark." "Well when you are this far up north at this time of the year it stays dark almost the whole day, especially when it rains or snows." She shook her head and sat down. He put food from the pan onto two plates, put one of the plates in front of her as he sat down and started to eat.

She took a fork and started stabbing at the food on the plate before her, before tasting a small bite. She then took another bite and another until the plate was empty. "Could I have some more please?" He smiled, filled her plate again and she continued eating. "What is this stuff." she asked him.

"Well basically these are sliced potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and onions." After she finished eating she sat there and looked at him. Her eyes started to fill with tears. "Why?" She asked. He looked into her deep blue eyes and opened his arms. She stood up walked to him and straddled his lap. He unzipped his jacket, loosened the knot on her bathrobe and put his arms around her naked body. She put her head on his shoulder and as he was naked under his jacket her naked breasts touched his bare chest.


"Why, what?" he asked her. "Why are you so nice to me? I could have died on that road and no one would have known about it or missed me." "Well, you know I feed the birds in the winter, when there is snow all over.

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Why should I not be nice to you? Come to think about it, you are not that different from the birds I feed, a joy to watch and not much trouble anyway." She kissed the side of his neck. "And since Claire left me I have been in a dark mood and simply needed to be nice to someone and perhaps have someone be nice to me. So probably my intentions are of an rather egocentric nature" He tickled her ass cheeks and the crack between them. She shuddered and bit his earlobe.

"That feels nice" she said. He looked at her, continued to tickle her slowly and smiled. "Ok, fact is I need someone to take care of me so that I don't forget to eat while I work. And I must admit, I like you. If you should happen to like me too, as you seem to do, then this could be a nice arrangement, at least until you have found yourself and want to leave. For the time of my stay here I will work some 8 to 12 hours a day and sometimes more." "I need you to make sure I eat regularly and sleep at least 6 hours each night.

When the job is finished I will be paid and I will pay you. At that point you are of course free to leave if you choose to do so." He kissed her on the side of her neck and nibbled her earlobe with his teeth.

She purred at him as he started to move his kisses down her neck, down to her shoulder and further down to her breasts. He gave her a small hickey on her left breast just above the aureola and then started licking and sucking her nibbles. "Mmmmmmm, suck them harder." He obliged, alternately taking her nipples into his mouth caressing them with the tip of his tongue and sucking them.

She ground her pussy into the bulge that was starting to form in his pants. He moved his plate away and lifted her up on the on the table. "You know Caz, I'm a crazy sex maniac and to prove it I'm going to lick your pussy until it explodes." He moved his face down to her crotch and started to first lick and then suck her outer labia. He moved his tongue to her inner labia and from there he moved to tickling her G-spot with the tip of his tongue. She moaned and pulled her legs back to allow him better access to her sex.

He pulled her labia apart revealing her clit and started to lick from the bottom of her pussy slit to the top in slow deliberate strokes alternately sucking on her outer labia. At first he moved his tongue in circles around her clit and then he started to flick his tongue over it. She was now in a state where her body twitched each time his tongue touched her clit.

He inserted two fingers into her pussy and massaged her G-spot causing her to come hard. As she came he inserted his pinky into her butt hole which again made her convulse heavily and scream her orgasm out into the kitchen. "Mmmmm Aaaaaaahahhahahahahaaaaa." "ah" "ah" "haaaaaa." She cramped violently around his fingers placing her feet behind his neck pulling him closer into her crotch.

He continued licking her slit while she came down from her climax, still flinching each time his tongue touched her clit "Wow. That was incredible" she said completely out of breath, sweat glistening on her upper body and her breasts. "Glad you enjoyed it." He said with a smile. "Enjoyed it?" she said, "Most men I've been with think mostly of their own pleasure and don't give a rat's ass about how I feel." He moved to massage the area around her clit very slowly with his thumb. He then started to kiss her inner thighs and trace the area with his tongue.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." She said relaxing completely. He inserted two fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out and using a crawling motion, he slowly massaged her G-spot. He continued to massage the area around her clit very softly with his thumb. She started to twitch lightly each time he touched her clit. He pulled her down from the table and onto his lap turning her in the process making her face away from him, her ass on his bulge.

His left hand around her, cupping her right breast massaging her large nipple between his fingers. His right hand moved down to her already well lubricated pussy moving the length of two fingers up and down her slit, first slowly and then as she started to moan and press into him, with each movement of his hand, he started to move faster and faster but only touching her clit very lightly as if to tickle her.

Suddenly she went stiff like a piece of wood in his hands as another orgasm washed over her. The change of position had made her clit and the surrounding tissue much more swollen and therefore more sensitive, which made her second orgasm even heftier than the first one.

As her orgasm subsided she went limp in his arms and started to laugh silently. "You know Paul, no one has ever done anything like this to me before.

It was incredible." "Ok, now you go upstairs and take a shower. Tomorrow we'll drive down to the village and get the things you may need. I think I'll take a nap, while you take a shower, I have been working since around five this morning." They walked upstairs hand in hand where he undressed and got into his bed. "Wake me up please when you are finished". He lay on the bed and watched her naked frame as she walked into the bathroom.

She turned to look back at him, smiled and wiggled her firm ass for his benefit, then bending forward exposing her wet pussy to him. He sent her a finger kiss in return and she smiled like a little child that had just received an ice cream cone. As she finished her shower she went to wake him up. She stood in the doorway and looked at him as he lay sleeping in his bed.

She felt an urge to do something for him in return for what he had just done for her. She crawled under the sheets and took his limp dick in her mouth. She sucked and licked as if it was a lipop until she could feel it starting to grow in her mouth.

As his dick grew in her mouth she felt a hand tickling her butt, then one finger tracing up and down the crack between her butt cheeks also moving down the back of her thighs, tickling her. She moved her lower body to straddle his chest, allowing him better access to her pussy and butt hole, keeping his, now erect, dick in her mouth while moving.

She was thrilled as he started to suck her pussy lips, tickling her crack and anus with his fingers. She started to pump his dick with her hand and lips moaning each time she went down on him tickling his head with the vibration of her voice. She heard him moan and felt his ball sack harden so she sucked harder. Suddenly he exploded violently into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying not to let any of his sperm escape.

After sucking him dry she suddenly felt him sucking her clit into his mouth, tickling it with the tip of his tongue and at the same time he pressed a well lubricated finger into her rosebud penetrating her less than an inch moving gently in and out of her ass This was to much for her and she came hard, collapsing on top of him. For a while they lay breathless entwined into each other while they came down from their emotional peeks. They lay there exhausted unable to move totally spent when suddenly he started laughing.

"Caz, I have never in my entire life experienced anything remotely like this. You have given me greater pleasure than any woman before you ever has." Hearing this made her heart jump and overflow with joy.

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She had finally met a man that actually spent thoughts on giving her the fulfillment and the feeling of security she had craved all those lonely years in the orphanage. And even later, with her now ex boyfriend, she had never found such passion and happiness. Until now passion was something she had experienced after drinking and dancing hardly remembering the next day what had happened, except for a vague feeling of fun and excitement. She turned around on top of him and kissed him.

"Thank you. You are so sweet to me Paul." He pulled her head down and kissed her passionately exploring her mouth with his tongue squeezing her ass with his free hand enjoying himself utterly and completely, especially now that his cock was growing again, pushing against her pussy lips.

She sat up and moved herself so that her pussy was directly on top of his hardening cock. She moved her hips back and forth slowly massaging his manhood with her pussy lips using her hands to massage her nipples making them grow again, much to his delight.

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As she did this she looked right into his eyes and the longing she saw there started to turn her on again making her pussy even wetter than it already had been. She lowered her upper body towards him offering her breasts to his lips. He placed another pillow under his head making it easier to reach her nipples. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it teasing it with his tongue. She moved off of his now hard dick and as it sprang up she moved slowly back impaling her self on it.

She lowered her body onto his cock until it was fully embedded in her. As she had him as far inside her as he would go she enjoyed his pubic hair tickling her clit. She gyrated her hips on his member pulling up and pushing down less then an inch each time, enjoying the intimacy of their intercourse as well as the sensuality of feeling his cock inside her stimulating her G-Spot, and the feeling of his lips and tongue paying softly attention to her hard nipples and the feeling of his hands firm grip on her ass cheeks pulling them slightly apart.

Cassandra imagined that this could go on for all eternity, such was the bliss she was in, such was the thrill she felt and then, suddenly it happened, her pussy walls started to contract around his dick. She raised herself up and threw back her head as she started to move faster milking his cock causing him to explode into her own orgasm, increasing her pleasure manyfold as she felt his hot sperm squirt against her cervix and beyond.

Panting, she collapsed down on top of his body and just lay still, her hard nipples poking him in the chest. He put his arms around her and waited for her to calm down. "I think I will skip doing any more work today." She said nothing, just nodded her head slightly, too tired to speak.

This was her fourth orgasm since she woke up. Never before had she experienced anything like this and she didn't believe anything like this could ever happen to her, ever again. With his semi hard cock still in her pussy she made a purring sound as he started to tickle her back and shoulders gently with his fingers. Shortly after, they fell asleep holding each other tightly. The House - Part 3 4 days in December, Chapter 2b Day 2, December the 16th, 6:00 in the evening When he woke up, what little light had been outside the window was gone.

The outside was completely dark. He reached for the switch and turned on the lamp by the bed, illuminating the room with soft light. She moaned in protest as the light hit her eyes and woke her up. He pinched her in the ass. "Auuu" she protested lazily. "You know my dear, it's time you start earning your keep. Would you please go and run us a bath." he said with the finest imitation he had in store of an English upper class accent.

She gave him a swift kick in the ribs with her elbow causing him to squirm. "Aaaauuu" He turned to her with a menacing look in his eyes. She looked at him and squealed, loudly laughing as he grabbed her hands and pinned her down to the bed making robotic like movements with his jaws, closing them on her shoulder, on the root of her right breast, on the breast midway's between the base and the nipple, on.

"Don't you dare bite my nipple, you, you, you monster." She tried to wriggle her self free from his grip. He pinned her arms down with his strong hands opened his mouth wide and prepared for the kill. She started to squeal in a loud laughing protest, wildly kicking her feet and shaking her head to escape his mouth.

He growled and descended his mouth onto her breast clacking his teeth rapidly, only to engulf her nipple with his soft lips and teasing it with his tongue, causing her to press her breast harder into his mouth, close her eyes and bite her lower lip in anticipation of what would come next. He licked her nipple for a while sucking it lightly while he was at it. As he had wetted her nipple properly he removed his mouth from her breast and started to blow on her nipple while he watched her aureola cringe until it became hard and the nipple stood proud and firm, straight into the air.

"You are making me horny again you scoundrel." she said with a sigh as she relaxed in his grip. He stopped blowing on her nipple and took a deep breath as if to prepare his lungs for some more blowing action. But instead of blowing on her nipple he plunged down on her bellybutton and blew his load of air creating a farting sound as one does when making a little baby laugh. She jolted, squealing and laughing in protest as he surprised her with his action.

"You bastard" she said laughing. Never before had she been so happy. Never did she imagine that she would ever even come close to this kind of happiness.

And it was only 24 hours or so since she had met him. "Come Caz let's run a bath." He got up from the bed, walked into the bathroom and started to fill the gigantic bathtub, adding salts and foam lotion to the water. He then returned to the bedroom and looked at her as she still lay on the bed, her beautiful breasts fully exposed. He stood at the lower end of the bed and began to slowly pull the bed sheet to expose her entire body.

She looked at him, noticing that his manhood was beginning to stir again. He bent down and started to kiss his way from her feet upwards. When he got to her bush he put a little hickey dead center on her mound.

She had risen to her elbows and watched as he moved his kisses from her bush up her tummy, around her breasts onto her nipples where he sucked on them ever so lightly until he finally kissed her lips before stopping to simply look lovingly into her eyes.

He got up from the bed, stretched out his hand and pulled her up to him and into the bathroom. He turned the running water off and they got into the tub. She snug up to him. "I love you Paul, I never want to leave you again." He looked into her deep blue eyes and replied slowly "You don't even know me yet." I could be an ax murderer for all you know." "I'm quite sure you are not an ax murderer." "Ok, you got me" he said laughing and kissed her, "I'm just a horny little software programmer trying to impress a girl on their first date." "You know Paul, you have already impressed me more in one day than other men managed to do in all the time they had." "Seriously Caz, I'm little more than a boring workaholic, as you will see in the next days and perhaps weeks.

There is nothing exciting about me." She looked at him, a serious expression on her face, moved her hand to his cock and said: "You know, your cock and your sexual sensitivity has given me all the excitement I can muster for now." ========================= They lay in the bath for a couple of hours warming it up when needed and talked about themselves and their background.

It turned out he was twenty eight and she was twenty three. He was a software programmer working on a secret project he could not discuss with her and she had pretty much drifted from one place to another for the last five or so years. He told her about the house, how he had inherited it from a colleague at a firm he had worked for earlier.

The poor guy had snapped and then committed suicide. Actually to this day he did not have a clue why he was named as the beneficiary of the estate.

But anyway, for him it was a fresh start into life and made life easier for him since it allowed him to quit work and work as a freelance contractor taking on jobs for wealthy clients that preferred a certain degree of secrecy. He did not tell her that he had inherited quite a sum of money as well. He wanted to keep that part to himself to see if she would stay for what he was rather than for what money he had.

As far as she knew he owned little but his car and this house. He told her how he had been bullied in school and she told him of the time she had spent in orphanages.

The more they talked, the closer they became. He told her how the house was a little special in a way that it was self contained regarding water, heat and electricity. The reason why there were no ovens in the house was that there were heat pipes laid out in the floors. Heat and electricity came from a mechanism where cold water from the lake was pumped into deep holes that had been drilled into the ground, not far from the house, where it then got super heated and turned into steam, that was then used to create electricity with a small steam turbine.

Actually the house had been built as a bomb shelter just before the Cuban missile crisis by an eccentric millionaire. He had just inherited the house some months back and had actually not the slightest idea as to why. Since the whole house was built of concrete with basement that was actually intended as a bomb shelter it was the ideal place for him to work. In addition it had all the computer connections he needed to communicate with the outside world.

He also had a sophisticated computer system. Actually he had two systems. One closed system with no access to the outside world. It included a server bank and two workstations. He then had a third workstation he used to communicate with the outside world. When life is fun, time flies. They got out of the tub, drying each other off, tickling and pinching, kissing and flirting. In short, they behaved like giddy teenagers.

Somehow it seemed they were braking all the chains that society had put on them for so long and finally experiencing the freedom they had never been able to live before. After they finished fooling around in the bathroom they put on their bathrobes and went down into the kitchen for a bite to eat. He lit a fire in the fireplace and put on some romantic music while she got some food out of the fridge and put it on the table. He went down to the basement and got a bottle of chilled white. Once they had eaten they lowered the lights, planted them selves in front of the fireplace and continued a mental and physical exploration of each other.

At one point they lay on their sides facing each other without touching. The wine bottle had been emptied and the effect of it's contents manifested itself in her reddened face and her slightly floating eyes. They looked each other in the eyes occasionally smiling at each other.

Slowly he stretched out his right hand and moved her bathrobe to the side revealing her left shoulder and her breasts. He then touched her shoulder and used his fingers to trace a line down to her left nipple. She squirmed, a smile on her beautiful face. "You are tickling me." Looking into her eyes he continued tracing her aureola watching the expression in her face as he felt her aureola shrink and harden.

The expression in her face changed from smiling to serious and wanting. As her aureola and nipple had become hard he untied the belt on her bathrobe and moved further down her body until he came to her belly button. He slowly circled her belly button a few times, still looking into her eyes, and then pressed his finger lightly into it causing her to smile and look at him with a tantalizing expression on her face.

He now moved further down, slowly tracing the front of her thighs from her mound down to her knees. Then slowly moving back to her mound. As he reached her mound he began to crawl her pubic hair with his fingers but she pushed him onto his back.

"Enough already. You are teasing me, I don't like that. I want you to fuck me, now." She pushed him onto his back, went down on him and started to suck his cock until she was satisfied with its stiffness. She then moved to straddle him and using her hand she guided his rod into her already wet and wanting love canal. As his head vanished into her opening she fixated her eyes on his and slowly moved her body down to engulf him fully.

As her pussy had encased his entire length her eyes turned up until he saw only the white in them and her entire body shuddered as she bit her lower lip and a low moan escaped her mouth.

He looked at her and admired her slender, firm body. In the light from the fireplace her skin looked golden, her hair resembled a halo around her head, her breasts looked like large golden grapefruit halves with her nipples looking like chocolate covered strawberries that he longed to suck into his mouth to make them even harder and larger then they already were.

Life was beautiful. Cassandra started to slowly move her body up again pulling his cock out of her cavity. "Ooooooooh" she moaned quietly, as she impaled her self again on his mast until his head touched her cervix and she found, that by moving back and forth, she could again tickle her clit on his pubic hair and mound. Again her body shivered and she grunted, but this time her overall sensation had changed to something unimaginable. As she pressed down she had the sensation of a thousand tongues and mouths licking and kissing her entire body.

There were mouths and tongues everywhere. She lifted herself up again and as she started to push down she experienced an overwhelming sensation. There were mouths sucking her nipples making them bone hard, standing proud and perky, There was a tongue invading her little rosebud and there was a mouth on her clit licking and sucking. She was unable to control herself and she came.

As she came she screamed out loud and started to ride his cock faster and faster. As she rode him faster the speed with which the tongue licked her clit increased causing her to come again in the midst of her first orgasm.

She continued to ride his cock until her double orgasm subsided and she went limp and collapsed on top of him. "I love you Paul" she whispered through her panting as she started to recover from her climax.

She kissed him and he kissed her back. They lay in front of the fireplace and kept kissing like two teenagers on their first date. As she had recovered she began to tickle and suck his cock but every time he was about to come, she backed off and let him cool off. When the point came that she could see nothing but raw, wanting lust in his eyes she stood up and told him to come to bed. They moved upstairs, to the bedroom, where she sucked him to a full mounty and then fucked him, until he came and squirted his sperm deep into her womb causing her to shake and shiver all over again.

Being utterly and completely fulfilled, they fell asleep. Had the house had a mouth they would have seen it smile.

The House - Part 3 4 days in December, Chapter 3 Day 3, December the 17th, 8:30 in the morning The next morning she woke up and as usual it was still dark. She looked at the clock on the night stand and it showed 8:30. Again he was gone but there was a note: "I'm in the basement." Under the text he had drawn a heart and a smiley.

She put on her bathrobe and decided to check on here clothes in the drying cabinet. All her things were dry and she got dressed for the first time since she came here some 36 hours ago. She smiled to her self as she realized that she had actually been naked since she arrived to this strange house that had brought her so much happiness. She put on some white cotton panties, white cotton socks a pair of jeans and a yellow T-shirt that showed off her cute little bellybutton and was tight enough to show of her breasts and her nipples pressing through the material.

Over that she put on a fleece jacket he had laid out for her. As she had finished dressing her self, she walked down into the living room and started looking for the basement door and found it next to the Kitchen. She opened the door and went down the stairs. "Paul, are you there?" "Good morning Caz, come on down here and give us a kiss." He sat at his desk partially hidden behind an array of computer monitors.

She walked over to him, sat in his lap, slung her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He zipped her jacket all the way down and smiled as he saw what she was wearing underneath. "My, we are beautiful today." He bent down and bit one of her nipples lightly through the fabric.

She moaned a playful "Aaauuuu, you scoundrel. Taking advantage of my sweet, innocent nipples this early in the morning. By the way, when did you get up this morning?" "Oooh, around five, I usually do my best work early in the morning." He kissed her on the lips and followed up on his kiss by pushing his tongue into her mouth.

"Mmm" she hummed and responded to his probing tongue with passion. Her eyes glazed over and she pouted as he broke the kiss and just looked into her eyes for a while. "Ok you sexy little thing. Could you please go upstairs and prepare breakfast. I'm really getting hungry down here." She looked at him lovingly, sighed and kissed him on the tip of his nose. "Will do." she said as she stood up and started walking towards the stairs.

As she was about a quarter up she turned and said "Paul!" "Mmm" he replied and looked up from his keyboard. She lifted up her T-shirt revealing her tits with her perky nipples erect and pointing straight at him. "You sexy little tease." he said shaking his head and returned to his monitors as she turned and ran up the stairs laughing.

After they finished eating breakfast he told her to get dressed so they could drive into town to shop. "Go shop?" she asked, "Have you looked outside at all?" He shook his head.

"Why?" "Just go ahead and take a look outside." He walked to the window and looked out. There were at least three feet of snow covering the ground as far as the eye could see. "So what. Get dressed and I'll show you something. Try to find some warm clothes though." After a while she returned. "Will this do?" He looked at her and smiled. She actually resembled a teddy bear due to the many layer of clothes she had put on. "Yes this will do for now." He put his arms around her and kissed her.

She closed her eyes and kissed him back. They stood like that for a while until he took her hand and pulled her with him into the garage. "What do you think?" he asked her. She couldn't believe her eyes, she just stood and stared. The jeep was a bit changed. It stood on 42 inch high, wide tires with snow chains and there was a small snow plow mounted at the front of the car.

"What did you do to the jeep?" "You asked if I had looked outside. Actually I haven't looked outside today, but I did yesterday. And as I knew we would need to get to town one of these days I prepared the car for an outing. He helped her climb into the car and then got into the driver seat. "Well, are you ready?" She nodded so he opened the garage door with his remote and started the car. He drove on into the snow and started down the driveway in the direction of the main road, closing the garage door behind them.

They slowly made their way down to the main road and from there, on to the village. As they came to the village they parked outside the mall. It wasn't big but there were a few nice little shops and it was all under one roof so they didn't have to walk between shops in the snow and cold. He started by sending her to a lingerie shop to buy her some new underwear. Meanwhile he went to another store to buy her a small surprise for Christmas.

She got some plain, very nice things made of cotton. And then she got a few, a bit more enticing, things she hid under the plain things to prevent him from seeing them. As he returned he asked her if she had bought anything nice.

"You'll have to wait until tonight and then I'll show you." she said with a wicked little grin as she walked past him out of the boutique. They went on to the next store where she got her self a couple of pants and T-shirts. He then sent her into a shop that sold cosmetics and told her to get some "basic stuff" as he called it.

She obliged and as she came out of the store she said. "Well Paul, I think I have everything I need." "Oh no. You're not getting off that easy." he said and dragged her into a shop that sold outdoors gear. He bought her some hiking shoes, a pair of thick pants to use in the snow, a skiing suite, a heavy jacket, some fleece underwear, a fleece jacket, ski goggles, ski gloves, in short he bought her everything she needed to go outside during the wintertime.

They had their fun while doing this. She tried on different versions of clothes and he told her to take what she liked. She had extreme fun selecting everything he told her, she needed to buy and they were once again like little kids, giggling and teasing each other.

They ended at the grocery store where they bought enough provisions to last them for at least two or three weeks. After they finished their shopping they went into a small restaurant to get something to eat.

They sat down in one of the free booths, held hands and looked deep into each others eyes. Her eyes became watery and she asked him why he was buying her all those things since he didn't even know how long she would stay with him. "Because I love you." came his simple, straightforward reply. "And it doesn't matter if you stay with me or not. You'll need those things while you stay and that is reason enough." "How will I ever be able to repay you?" she asked him.

"You don't have to. just think of it as work clothes provided by the company you work for." She looked at him, unsure what to say but finally gave up trying to reason with him as the waitress came to take their order. After the waitress left, he again took her hands and as he touched her again a wave of happiness flushed through her entire body. While they ate their meal they continued to flirt with each other making a spectacle of them selves causing other customers around them to smile and shake their heads.

After finishing their meal they got into the jeep and started their journey back to the house. On their return to the house he parked the jeep inside the garage as before and they started to unload the car. After they finished unloading the car and store everything away she told him to go into the living room and have himself a whiskey. He told her in return that there was a "little something" on her bed and she hurried upstairs to take a look.

As she came into her room she saw her bags and two things she hadn't seen before. A shoe box and another box quite a bit larger. She opened the larger box and the first thing she saw was a red rose, a note saying "I love you" and some silk paper. She folded back the paper and saw black fabric. She lifted it up and unfolded the most beautiful black evening dress she had ever seen.

Her eyes filled with tears and she ran downstairs to thank him. He was enjoying his whiskey and listening to some slow romantic music when she came running down the stairs, tears in her eyes, the dress in her hands, and plunged herself into his lap kissing him all over his face and lips, saying "Thank you" over and over again. After a while he stopped her. "Why don't you go upstairs and try it on, to see if it fits." She looked at him and nodded her head. "I love you so much" she said and kissed him again.

He smiled at her and shooed her off in the direction of the stairs. About half an hour later she came back down. He could hardly recognize her, she looked so different. This was the first time he saw her with makeup on. She had put her hair up in a knot and was wearing stockings and high heels.

She slowly walked down the stairs, swaying her hips with a seductive look on her face. He sat on the couch and just looked. He said nothing until she was almost all the way down. "Caz, you look beautiful." Her face broke up in a happy, shy, "little girls" smile, not knowing how to respond to his praise.

She turned a full circle for him to view her dress. "You know Paul. It's a perfect fit, both the dress and the shoes. How did you manage that?" "Just lucky, I guess" he said without elaborating any further.

Caz was on an emotional peak and didn't think of it any further. Paul stood up and took her into his arms.

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"May I have this dance my dear?" She beamed and they slow danced until the song had ended. As the song was over he swished her away from him, holding her hand and looked her over from top to bottom. "God, you are beautiful Caz." he said and turned her a full circle After the turn finished the seductive look was suddenly back on her face. "Will you unzip me Paul?" He looked into her eyes and saw only raw lust and sexual heat.

He unzipped her dress and she pushed him down onto the couch. She stood over him slowly swaying her hips and started to pull her dress down at first revealing her shoulders and as the dress moved further down her breasts started to come into view and further down the dress went revealing fully her breasts covered by a black lace bra.

And slowly the dress went further revealing her flat tummy, black lace panties, matching her bra, a matching suspender belt, black stockings and her high heels.

She stepped out of her dress and stood in front of him her long slim legs now wide spread her hands on her thighs. Cassandra now moved her hands stroking her inner thighs, tickling her lace clad pussy, then moving up her tummy, cupping her breasts, then emitting a soft moan as she pinched her nipples through the fabric of the bra, massaging them, making them hard pointing directly at him.

She could see the bulge that was forming in his pants and continued to sway her body in front of him. She turned her back to him and pulled her panties down, first a bit, then further down to her knees, she then bent over and pulled her panties down to her ankles, revealing her rosebud and outer pussy lips to his staring eyes. She stepped backwards out of her panties, spread her legs wide and bend over again, allowing him a clear view of her ass and sex. He placed three fingers at the top of her ass and traced softly down her crack.

As he touched her butt ring her body shivered and as he came to her slit he first tickled her outer labia then pressed a finger into her love canal and found it to be soaking.

He pressed in and out of her massaging her G-spot until he felt it begin to swell and she moaned out loud. "Fuck me Paul, I need you now." He stood up and dropped his pants and underwear and pulled her into him letting his cock slide into her pussy.

He pushed her onto her knees on the floor and continued to thrust into her until she started to grunt with each thrust as her climax neared. When her climax hit he grabbed her chest and pulled her up pinching her nipples and pulling them out. The sensation caused her to scream her orgasm out into the living room.

While she spasmed she thrust back and forth on his shaft contracting the muscles in her pussy walls, causing him to come with her. As his warm juices squirted into her and onto her cervix she pressed back and milked him until he stopped cumming and nearly collapsed on top of her. After they recovered from their encounter they dragged them selves to bed and fell asleep holding each other tightly. The House - Part 3 4 days in December, Chapter 4 Day 4, December the 18th, 8:00 in the morning The morning after their shopping spree she woke up around eight and this time there was a note by the bed filled with little hearts and on top of the note there was a red silk rose.

With watery eyes she got dressed and hurried down to the basement. She plunged her self into his lap and kissed him. He kissed her back but somehow it was not with the enthusiasm she was used to. She stood up to return to the kitchen and as she walked up the stairs she flashed her breasts at him but he was somewhere else and hardly noticed what she was doing.

She tried not to show her disappointment and continued upstairs. She finished preparing breakfast and called him. He came up from the basement and sat down at the table. She tried to get his attention but his mind was somewhere else. They ate silently and after he finished he thanked her for breakfast with a kiss on the cheek and started to walk towards the basement door. Half way there he suddenly stopped, turned to her and opened his arms.

She ran to him with tears in her eyes and to her surprise his eyes were also filled with tears.


"What is it Paul?" she asked him as they held each other tight. He loosened his grip on her and looked into her eyes. "Look at me now, this is what happens when I start to work. I promise you that each day, once I finish work in the afternoon, you will have my full attention. But don't expect much during the daytime while I'm working." He kissed her and this time with a passion that surprised her.

As she called him for lunch the same thing happened, his mind was in another universe. She brought him some coffee in the afternoon and he kissed her but otherwise said next to nothing.

Around six in the afternoon he came up, as she was standing by the stove doing some cooking, and put his arms around her from the behind, cupped her breasts and kissed her on the neck. She turned and as she kissed him she saw in his eyes that his mind was back in the here and now.

"Nice music you are listening to Caz.

Lets light some candles while we eat." He started to light candles and lit a fire in the fireplace as well. He put plates and knifes and forks and wineglasses on the table. As he finished he turned down the lights in the living room and over the dining table.

"I think we should celebrate." He went into the storage room, came back with a bottle of chilled claret and poured two glasses. She looked at him a bit surprised. He had moved around performing the tasks like a waiter in a restaurant. He had even polished the cutlery before laying it down on the table. He seemed full of surprises. "What?" Suddenly he noticed that she was looking at him. "How the heck did you think of that, to polish the cutlery before putting in on the table?" "I've been around you know." He said with a smile, again imitating the accent of the english upper class.

She looked at him and just shook her head with a mocked look of amazement on her face. "Let's eat" she said and started to carry the food trays to the table. He went to the kitchen and helped her to bring the food to the dining room. They sat down and started to eat. Suddenly he smiled at her. "You know Caz, this food is excellent. And since I'm so good at polishing things, perhaps we should open an restaurant." "Ok that does it.

You are nuts." she said with a grin. He looked at her. "Yeah, perhaps but I'm probably not the only one here. Who was it that was taking a shower in the middle of the road?" "You are a monster." she said and threw a napkin at him. He ducked and said with a smile: "So what. I think the objective here is that you feel better than you did when I picked you up on the road.

Even if it means that I need to behave like a nut now and then." She looked at him and tears started to form in her eyes. Since they had finished eating she started to clear the table and he stood up to help her. They rinsed everything and put it into the dishwasher before going into the living room.

He turned the lights way down and put some romantic music on. He then sat down on the couch beside her. She put her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her. They sat there silently holding each other listening to the music. After a while she moved into his lap, tears running from her eyes. He looked at her with a smile on his face. "You are going to be dehydrated if you keep this up Caz." He started to kiss the tears from her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, it's just my feelings are running off with me." She huddled into him and they sat like that for a while enjoying the music. After enjoying their togetherness for a while the warmth from the fireplace made her drowsy and she lay down on the couch with her head in his lap. This caused her T-Shirt to slide up, exposing her tummy to his touch. He started tracing forms on her tummy with the tips of his fingers, tickling her gently, pushing her T-Shirt even further up.

He tucked at her T-Shirt and as she lifted her upper body up he pulled it over her head exposing her breasts. He looked into her eyes. "Your eyes are beautiful. I have never seen any even remotely as beautiful as yours." She smiled back at him purring quietly as he continued to trace figures on her tummy going around her breasts, around her aureolas, touching only their edges watching them as they started to crinkle.

He took her hands and moved them up over her head. He held her hands with his left hand and started to trace her arms with the fingers of his right hand. He used his thumb and index finger to tickle her from her palm down to her arm pit, then moving to her left nipple, massaging it lightly between his fingers watching it harden and grow until it looked like a small strawberry.

He put his left hand under her back between her shoulders and his right down between her legs, past her pussy, gripping her ass cheeks tightly. He then lifted her up so he could reach her breasts with his mouth and began to lick and suck lightly on her nipples.

Her breathing got faster and more labored as she started to grind her pussy into his arm. He replied by flexing the muscles in his arm adding to her arousal. "Mmmmmmm. Please suck a bit harder Paul." He obliged and she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, pressing her breasts into his mouth while he sucked on them, enlarging the nipples even further until they stood proud from her chest pointing straight at him.

How he loved it when she bit her lower lip. He let go of her and got up to undress himself before pulling her pants and panties off. He looked at her pussy and went down on her, sucking her pussy lips and massaging them with his tongue, then licking her slit until she started to twitch lightly each time his tongue made contact with her clit.

While he administered to her pussy she played with her breasts, cupping them, massaging them and pulling her nipples, shivering as she let go of them. He increased the speed of his tongue until suddenly slowing down, switching to long deliberate strokes over her clit before making his tongue hard and flicking it fast over the tip of her clit making her come hard.

As the orgasm hit her she locked her feet behind his neck and he continued licking her. With each spasm that washed over her she grunted as if her life was being sucked out of her body. While she came he grabbed her nibbles and massaged them gently between his fingers. As she came down from her climax he turned her around in such a way that she knelt, with her arms on the back of the couch.

He spread her buttocks and inserted his rod into her well lubricated pussy from behind causing her to moan as he pressed past her G-spot and against her cervix. He started with slow deliberate strokes, using one hand to massage and tickle her anus while the other hand found her clit that was still swollen from her climax.

He slowly increased his speed as he pressed harder and harder into her from behind massaging both her clit and anus. Suddenly he sensed that her pussy was starting to contract so he increased the speed with which he massaged her clit causing her pussy to explode. As she came he pressed his well lubricated finger into her anus causing her to spasm violently as she came for a second time, milking his cock with her contracting pussy causing him to come as well, squirting his warm fluids into her.

Epilogue Such went the days and the weeks at the house. During the daytime he worked and in the evening they spent time together manifesting the love they felt for each other.

Then came one evening where they sat on the porch overlooking the lake and the mountains on the other side of the lake. It was a mild spring evening, the trees were starting to show green colors and he had finally finished his project. The sun was going down behind the mountains and the clouds turned crimson red. She snuggled into him, holding his right arm with both hands and sighed.

"You know Paul the last four months have been different from anything I have ever experienced before. Despite the fact that there have been no restaurants, no bars, no discos. Absolutely none, of all the things I thought I would never be able to be without. How is it possible that a person can have so little but the bare necessities and still be happy. It was then that he asked her to marry him and she said yes. With tears in her eyes she told him, today was her birthday and that she was pregnant.

=========================== "Grandpa" a tiny voice said beside him. It was his oldest granddaughter Cassandra. She was six and had the same baby blue eyes and the same light brown hair as her grandmother.

"Everyone is waiting for you to cut the cake." He stood up and walked with her, holding her hand, into the living room where a group of people started to sing the birthday song, since it was his 60th birthday today. He looked at Caz with tears in his eyes as he waited for their children and grandchildren to finish the song. Caz was beaming with happiness as she sat in a chair surrounded by her family with little Cassandra on her lap. Little did she know that he was a psionic and that, while she was sleeping in the car some 32 years ago, he had modified her mind, giving her the ability to feel happy over little things as well as an increased sensibility to his touch causing her to be more easily aroused when stimulated by him.

Also, often when they had sex, he had stimulated her brain directly to increase her pleasure causing many of her climaxes to be right of the chart. In all the years they had been married he had often thought if he had done right by her. But looking at her now, surrounded by all this love and happiness, he new he had done right and that he did not need to have any regrets about the decision he had made so many years ago. =========================== The house sighed but it was a happy sigh.

After all the events it had witnessed since it was built this was one of the happiest. The End