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Yuika Akimoto perfect Asian porn play on cam
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The names have all been changed, including mine, to protect the not so innocent. If you want to read more about my history, read the prologue. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with meeting Molly and how our relationship evolved.

Read Chapters 3 and 4 for more about Sanrda. Chapter Five I awoke to strange surroundings. I was in an unfamiliar bed in a room that clearly belonged to a woman. Glancing down, I noticed the long dark hair draped across my stomach.

My mind was still fuzzy so I thought it was Cindy and somehow the entire eight years since her passing were a bad dream.

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But then reality shattered that delightful thought and I remembered Sandra falling asleep while studying my cock. Thoughts of Cindy flooded my mind and I felt my eyes moisten. My next realization was how badly I needed to pee. I debated holding it and waiting for her to awaken but my bladder felt as if it would burst.

So I started figuring out how I could extricate myself without disturbing her. Seeing that was impossible, I slowly slipped my hand under her head as I eased myself away from her. Sandra groaned softly, but continued to sleep. I gently eased a pillow under her head. Now all I had to do was slip her hand from my dick.

It would have been an easier task had I not been as hard as a rock but I finally managed. My legs burned when I stood and I regretted the intense workout from the day before. I forced myself to my feet and stole quietly from the room. I pattered to the bathroom and sat down, as there was no way I could hit the toilet unless I stood on my head. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the relief flowed over me.

When I was finished in the restroom, I realized I was extremely sore all over and there was no chance of me falling back asleep. I hobbled into the living room, eased myself down on the rug and slowly began kneading my achy muscles.

It would have been a much easier task if I had my Tiger Tail. As I worked in long, deep strokes guilt began to bloom inside me. Sandra was sixteen years my junior. I knew very little about her and yet had fucked her silly. True, I had been hurt by seeing Molly with the dancer but that was no excuse.

Sandra was young and had a crush on me and I had used her to make myself feel better. Fuck. This was quite a mess I had gotten myself into. The pain in my body eased as my hands worked their magic. I lay there ruminating when my stomach growled. Not knowing what else to do, I stood up and began exploring the house. The kitchen was nice but I felt a sense of pride that mine was better.

I perused the cupboards, in search of something to snack on. I grabbed a granola bar and quickly devoured it. I realized that I had not eaten since lunch the day before.

I decided to kame a cup of coffee, but could only find decaf. Who in their right mind drinks decaf?!?!? I tossed it back on the shelf and continued to rummage through the rest of the cabinets.

I found a tin of instant coffee mix but everyone knows that crap isn't real coffee. I settled for mixing up a glass of chocolate milk. I was a bit grumpy and wandered back into the living room. I gathered up my clothes and set them on the coffee table, than picked up Sandra's clothing and carried it to her room.

She was still out cold. I stroked her hair gently and pulled the covers up tighter around her. I noticed that it was only 5:30, so I decided to let her sleep. Since I was wide awake, I slipped from the room.

I debated heading home, but that felt wrong. So I wandered into the den and flipped on the television but nothing captured my interest. So I opened the curtains to the back yard so I could watch the night retreat as dawn arrived. I have always enjoyed watching the shift from gloomy to gray to seeing light erupt, highlighting all the colors of the world around us.

I would have preferred looking out at the woods behind my house, or staring out the flap of my tent at my favorite camp site, but it was a relaxing sight nonetheless and helped empty my chaotic brain.

It was in this position that Sandra found me a few hours later. She slowly stumbled into the room, rubbing at her eyes. She stood there staring at me as my eyes roamed over her lithe body.

In my rush last night I had caught glimpses of her as I rutted into her but was finally able to absorb her form. She was truly striking, tall, athletic with two marvelously formed breasts that as yet defied gravity. Her high cheekbones and angular chin gave her an elfin look. My eyes drifted down her flat stomach to the sparse landing strip pointing to her cleft. Her legs were long and shapely, and I knew from last night quite strong. It was a wonder that the guys weren't beating down the door.

She interrupted my thoughts when she softly said, "I thought you left." Her left foot shifted nervously and her eyes dropped to the ground. "No, I usually get up early. I didn't want to wake you with my tossing and turning so I settled down here." I held my hand out to her and she walked over to me.

I pulled her down into my lap, where she snaked her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. I stroked her hair and held her as the sun brightened the room. I was glad that they had a nice tall privacy fence or the neighbors would have seen us in our naked embrace.

We leisurely kissed and explored each other's body, content to just hold the other and enjoy the tender caress. To keep things from getting worked up, I avoided her erogenous areas for the most part. We would have stayed snuggled there all morning, but my hunger was not satiated by the one small granola bar.

Sandra giggled when it grumbled loudly. She stood and pulled me up. We walked into the kitchen with her still holding my hand. I decided to make omelets and Sandra demanded to be allowed to help.

So I pulled out some tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and spinach and had her chop them while I whipped the eggs with some spices. I opted against using the bacon, as only a madman fries bacon naked.

I sautéed the onions and mushrooms then set about making our feast. As we cooked, our naked bodies would rub against each other. I was surprised at how comfortable she seemed being nude with me, so I commented on it as she bent over to get some biscuits out of the fridge.

Holy shit! What an amazing view. She glanced at me over her shoulder and blushed, "Don't you like it?" "Of course I do!" She stood and I watched her blush deepen. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me so I could kiss her nose, "I was just a bit shocked. I've had women who I dated for years that would have insisted on wearing a robe." She giggled, "I just have always been comfortable being naked." She shrugged, "Plus after spending a week in a dorm with four girls during cheer camp I lost any sense of modesty I had left." My cock swelled at the thought of four naked cheerleaders, which caused her to giggle again.

She stroked it softly, "I see that someone likes that idea." She kissed me tenderly, "But I'm famished," she wagged her finger under my nose, "so hands off until you feed me!" She laughed and scampered away toward the oven. I shook my head and set about finishing our breakfast.

When I sat down to eat, Sandra slid into my lap, "This seat looks comfy." I chuckled, "I'm sure it is. But I need you to sit on the other side." She pouted and stood.

When she started walking to the chair opposite me, I grabbed her hand, "No baby. I meant I needed my left arm so I could eat." She squealed and jumped back into my lap kissing my cheek and neck. I laughed as she wiggled on my growing erection, "I thought you said I had to feed you first." Sandra began taking big bites, obviously trying to finish her breakfast as quickly as possible. I laughed and dug in myself.

After gorging ourselves, I leaned back in the chair. I softly stroked her stomach. Sandra groaned and pushed my hand away, "Unless you want to see that gigantic omelet again, you'll have to wait." I laughed, "Sorry. With all the running and working out, I eat a lot.


You didn't have to eat it all, ya know?" "But it was so yummy!" her voice dropped to a whisper, "And it was the first time a guy cooked for me." She wiggled against me, getting comfortable. I started stroking her stomach again, "I am not trying to start something baby. It feels good to touch you." Sandra turned her head and kissed me softly, "You are an amazing guy." She laid her head on my shoulder and sighed contentedly as she nuzzled my neck. Shit. I had to say something, "Sandra, we need to talk." "Why?

I know what you are going to say." "Look, you are an incredibly attractive young woman and last night was out of this world. But we barely know each other." The silence stretched out between us uncomfortably, so I added, "Plus I am old enough to be your father." Sandra bolted upright, "Oh my GAWD! You are totally not! You would have been, what?

12? 13?" I chuckled, "No hun, I am 16 years older than you." "UGH! Still, you are way too young to be my father!" She punched my shoulder, "I can't believe you even said that." She huffed loudly and turned her back to me with her arms crossed.

Over her shoulder I could see that pushed her ample bosom together, causing my dick to stiffen under her. Because I am a genius when it comes to women, I continued, "Well, it would have been technically possible." She whirled and punched me again.

I could tell by the glint in her eye that it would be best to drop this topic, "Okay, okay! I give! But we are at two totally different life stages." Sandra's scowl faded and laughed as she turned back to face me. She kissed my nose, "You are so cute!" Okay, I don't get women. "I know all this. By the way, my grades are good so Daddy is paying for me to go to Tech in the fall." That would mean she would soon be living hundreds of miles away.

My jaw dropped at the news and she tittered, "But it is very admirable that you are trying to spare my feelings." She stroked my cheek softly. I totally didn't see this chat going this way. Sandra turned and straddled me. Her look was one of pure lust, "Ya know, August is several months away, so if you want to keep having sex it would TOTALLY be okay with me." I laughed then leaned in and kissed her.

She was an amazing young woman. Our kiss started out tender, but quickly grew heated as she rocked back and forth against my thickening shaft.

My hands were drawn to her fantastic ass. I squeezed and mauled it as she frantically ground her wet pussy against my hardness. Our tongues danced together as our passions soared. Her hands clutched my arms and shoulders as we passionately embraced.

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My left hand dropped under her writhing body. I delved two fingers into her tight, clutching slit. She moaned lustfully into my mouth as my fingers thrust in and out of her. I could barely hear the squelch of my knuckles banging against her sodden groin over her mewls and whimpers as I fingered her roughly.

She threw her head back and let out a long, low guttural groan of pleasure. Her head snapped back to face me. Her eyes burned with passion. She growled, "I want to taste you. I need you in my mouth." I slipped my fingers from her and brought them to my lips, but Sandra caught my hand and slowly sucked my middle finger into her mouth.

My cock lurched against her stomach as she swirled her tongue around it ensuring that she cleaned every drop of her nectar before grinning wickedly and proffering me my index finger.

As I tasted her sweet juices she sensuously slid down my body, kissing and nipping as she went. Her knees hit the floor as she trailed her way across my stomach.

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She pushed my knees further apart and slid her hands up and down my thighs. I could feel the pre-cum sliding down my shaft as she teased me. Sandra flicked her hair over her shoulders and gazed up at me as she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked my entire length, from my heavy balls to the slit.

I heard her moan a second before her lips closed around the head. Her tongue attacked it, trying to get all my slick pre-cum. I groaned softly and placed my hands on hers.

Her gaze never left mine as she suddenly plunged all of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. Sandra jerked as the shrill ring of the phone shattered the quiet morning. We laughed and she began bobbing up and down on my hard dick. The phone rang a few more times, but there was no way in hell I was going to suggest she stop and answer it. When her cell phone rang from the other room a minute later Sandra groaned in frustration, but didn't stop.

But it continued to ring. Growling in frustration she stood slowly, "Don't go anywhere. I am not done with you mister." I smiled and enjoyed watching her scamper to her room. Her ass was amazing. I couldn't hear the conversation, but I did notice Sandra's voice getting louder and more agitated as she talked. She looked dejected when she came back into the living room, "That was Christie.

Alyssa's brother has been perving on them and they want to come over here to escape the twerp." She screamed out her anger as she slumped on the sofa, "They'll be here in fifteen, so you are going to need to leave. I know you don't want the entire school to hear about us hooking up." I was moving before she finished speaking and started gathering up my clothing.

Sandra was still pouting on the couch, so I pulled her up and kissed her tenderly.


"I know this wrecks our plans, but as you said August is a ways off. We will have more time together." That perked her up. She threw her arms around my neck and plastered her body to mine as she tried to devour my mouth with hers.

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I chuckled into her and managed to pry away enough to say, "Unless you want to give the two of them a sex ed demonstration, I need to leave." "We have a few minutes. Think you can fill my hungry pussy with more of that delicious cum in the next ten minutes?" Wow!

I had never heard her talk dirty like this before. I grinned and lifted her off the ground. She squealed and wrapped her legs around my waist. It took a bit of persuading to get her to loosen her death grip on my hips but I finally managed to lift her up enough that my cock slipped between her legs. Unfortunately, the angle was wrong and I couldn't simply slip into her.

Sandra solved the problem by reaching under her and aiming my hard cock at her entrance. Once the head slipped inside, I dropped her down until she was impaled. Sandra screamed in pleasure as I used her hips to guide her up and down on my cock. I would clench my ass when I dropped her down, forcing myself as deep into her cunt as I could.

I quickly built up a nice rhythm and was pounding her cunt down on my cock. I rammed in and out of her as hard as I could. Sandra squealed and moaned as I pistoned my dick into her. It was pure animal lust. I fucked her hard, driving myself into her as fast as I could. We were grunting and panting, neither able to speak as we raced to our climax. I wanted to make her cum as well, so ran my finger through the juices flowing between her legs. Sandra bit my shoulder when I started rubbing it against her tight ass.

I slipped it in causing her to scream and bite down harder. I could feel a thin trail of blood flowing over my chest, but it only fueled my passion. The angle of our position caused my finger to rub against my cock as I worked them in and out of her. My dick began to twitch and swell inside her molten depths. My thrusts became more wild and erratic.

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I howled as my cum erupted inside Sandra. A second later, I felt her clamp down tightly then her pussy clamped and rippled around my shaft milking me. Her climax made mine even more intense and more ropes of my hot seed flowed into her.

I checked the clock and was shocked to see it had only taken six minutes. Part of me was proud that we had made it, and another part was abashed that I couldn't hold out longer. Sandra was limp in my arms and were it not for my semi-hard cock and hands she would have fallen to the floor.

I carried her to her room and felt my dick slip from her. I gently laid her on the bed then went back into the other room for my clothes. She was able to stir a little when I kissed her softly. She promised to call me later and urged me to leave before the girls arrived. I kissed her again and left, locking the door behind me. When I got home, Sandra texted me to say she had just pulled on some sweats when Christie and Alyssa came bounding in.

She said she felt so wicked sitting there talking to them while my cum slowly leaked out of her. I was shocked that I didn't feel guilty about our arrangement. I knew Molly wouldn't like it, but then I didn't like seeing her fuck another guy.

I took a long hot shower and then sat down on my couch trying to figure out how to keep myself from going crazy this week.