Milfs Offering A Unique Cock Milking Experience

Milfs Offering A Unique Cock Milking Experience
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Michael lay on his bed listening to the sound of the running shower coming from the bathroom and closed his eyes. He tried to imagine how the falling water flowing over her breasts, and cascading down her tanned and perfectly toned body, would look and began to slide his hand inside his underwear. He ran his other hand over his bare stomach and chest, wishing it was her hand on him, and let out a slight groan as he slowly started to wank his hardening dick.

The most he'd ever seen of her body was during the summer when she spent most days laying out in the garden in her bikini. She always looked absolutely perfect and his desire to have sex with her was enormous. He considered her massaging shower gel into her slick, naked body and running her hand down between her legs.

He wondered if she masturbated, and specifically if she did so when she showered, and it made his thick cock throb. He pulled down his underwear and threw it across the room, leaving himself completely naked and hard on the bed. The last time he'd seen her in a bikini was just over a week ago. He'd seen her laying outside from an upstairs window and was watching her for a while. He decided he'd go downstairs and try to get a better view from the kitchen.

When he got down there, he looked from the window and saw she was getting up to come inside. He forced himself to stay and smiled at her as she walked in. She'd smiled back and said, "Hi". He wasn't entirely sure, but he thought he'd noticed her glancing down at the bulge in his boxers as she walked past him.

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Her bare shoulder had definitely brushed against him as she left to go upstairs. He remembered turning to catch a glimpse of her stunningly peachy bum as she went and now he imagined the water rolling off it.

He wished he could just walk into the bathroom and slide the head of his huge cock along the soapy valley of her cheeks. He wanted to get down on his knees and let his tongue loose on her wet arsehole.

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He lay sprawled on his bed wanking his big shaft hard as he thought of pushing his tongue deep inside her and fingering her drenched pussy. He was so engrossed in the idea of performing such acts that he didn't notice the shower had stopped and that someone was standing in his bedroom doorway.

She coughed. "Jessica!", he exclaimed, as he opened his eyes and jumped up to grab his boxers. He realised they were too far away, so stood with his hands covering his dick as much as he could manage.

He was still completely hard, so it was obvious by the positioning of his hands that he was attempting to conceal a massive cock. He looked at her. She was incredibly beautiful. Her dark brown eyes stared back at him. "Do you have a pen?", she asked. "Sure. Just a sec.", he replied as he turned to his desk to get one. "I can see your arse, Michael", she said mockingly. Michael didn't respond and grabbed the pen from the drawer.

He realised he wouldn't be able to turn back around if he could only use one hand to cover his cock, so he put the pen on top of the desk, covered himself again and told Jessica to get it. "No. Pass it to me.", she ordered. "I can't. I'm naked, Jessica.", he replied. "I know, but I need it", she said as she looked down at his hands acting as a barricade, "Seriously, just pass it to me".

Jessica looked into his wardrobe as he felt himself bulging inside his hands. He looked her up and down for the first time and noticed she was only wearing knickers with her top. He could see the obvious outline of her pussy through them and quickly looked back at her face just as she turned back to him.

He decided to hand her the pen. He turned and grabbed it with one hand and held it out to her. He noticed a certain glance at his slightly exposed dick and said nothing.

Still holding out the pen he smiled at her.

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"Hand it to me using both hands.", she said. "What.?" "Use both hands to pass it to me.", she repeated. Michael was stunned. "Are you serious.?", he asked, "I'm completely naked." "I've seen you looking at me when I'm in the garden and I've just caught you playing with yourself while you knew I was in the shower, so do what I say or I'll be telling on you", she said without compromise. Michael was completely shocked and knew he had no option but to do as she said, so he lifted his other hand to the pen and stood holding it out to her.

His dick had softened slightly, but was still long and thick. Jessica stepped towards him and he assumed she was just going to take the pen, but instead she fell to her knees in front of him without saying a word and began to suck his cock. It started to harden in her mouth as she smothered it with saliva. She forced it right to the back of her throat as it got completely hard and made her gag. She reached up and took the pen, dropped it to the ground and put Michael's hands on her head.

"Fuck my throat hard", she stopped sucking him to say. Michael obliged and pushed himself deep into her. He felt her forehead impact his stomach with every thrust as he filled her whole mouth. She gagged hard soaked his shaft.

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She slurped and drooled as he pounded her just as she wanted it. He reminded himself of how long he'd been wanting to do so many hot and horny things to her and decided he was going to take his chance.

He pulled out from her mouth and lifted her to her feet. "Turn around and bend over." "I'm not going to let you fuck me, Michael", she responded, "I just wanted to suck you." Michael quickly grabbed her and pinned her down on the bed.


He momentarily climbed off her to turn her over onto her front and then got back on top of her. He lifted her top over her head and threw it. She didn't have a bra underneath it. He ran his hands all over her bare back and shoulders and then down to her perfect little bubblebutt. He gently hit her knickers with his rigid cock and then pulled them down and completely off.

"Michael, please don't fuck me. I'm sorry for messing around with you", she begged, "I don't want my first time to be like this". "Relax, you'll love it", Michael said as he ran his finger between her legs. She whimpered as he leant down to kiss her lower back and said sorry again as he began to lick between her cheeks. He parted them with both hands and buried his tongue deep inside her arsehole as she whined almost silently.

He licked harder and pushed 2 fingers inside her pussy as he did so. He was really going to make her take everything he wanted to do to her. He alternated between licking, tongue fucking and fingering her arse and pussy until she was dripping wet with his spit. He suspected some of the wetness was hers since she sometimes seemed to be moaning with pleasure.

"I'm going to pound the fuck out of your sweet pussy now.", he said calmly.

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"Please don't". "Enjoy it" She groaned loudly as his thick powerful cock penetrated her. She tried to push against him, but that only caused his dick to go further inside her. He eventually had his complete length in her and then started to pull out to begin fucking her. He thrusted strongly and made sure she was getting his whole shaft with each insertion. He got into a steady fast rhythm and started to enjoy the sound of her arse being hit by his stomach as he slammed into her.

She moaned and groaned loudly as her virginity was powerfully fucked out of her. "Having fun now?", he asked. She didn't reply, but began to grind her arse against Michael as he relentlessly screwed her drowned pussy.

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Michael had often had fantasies of fucking her in that flawless arse of hers, especially when she was wandering around the house wearing things that made it look completely irresistable, but he reckoned that she was starting to enjoy what he'd be doing to her and would let him to do some other time. He instead decided that he was going to end her first time by filling her pussy to brim with his cum.

"I'm going to cum in you." "Oh no, don't!" "It's ok, you'll like it. It'll feel great, I promise." She began to cry quietly as he continued to fuck her and he gradually built up the speed until the amount of time between the sounds of his body crashing into hers was almost unnoticeable. He started to moan and call out her name as his juicy cock started to explode with thick ropes of hot spunk that flung themselves against the drenched walls of Jessica's well-fucked cunt.

He kept pushing during his massive ejaculation until he'd emptied himself within her and then he slowly pulled out and allowed the cum to ooze out of her.


He quickly leant towards her pussy and began to lick her deeply, spreading the cum around and using it as a lubricant to tongue her arsehole again. He smiled at her and then washed the cum from her body with his piss. He turned her onto her back and lay over her, looking into her eyes. She stared back at him and waited for him to say something.

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"That was great. I can't wait for next time.", he eventually said before kissing her lips passionately. She kissed him back with enthusiasm and when they stopped she said, "I can't either.". "I told you you'd enjoy it", Michael reminded her.