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This is part 2 of this story. I am pretty much writing it all at once. Just breaking it up to make it easier to read. I am hoping that I did a good job of feigning surprise the next day when my wife got a call from her sister telling her that Jackie had been sleepwalking again. My wife mentioned that to me and I immediately suggested that it may have been because of the change in home routine.

That since her parents had not gone out together before this may have brought it back up. That suggestion drove my wife to the phone to call her sister, while they were talking I said that since it looked like she was getting over it, that maybe they should continue to go out so that Jackie doesn't grow up dependant on them being at home all the time. It might take longer for her to grow out of sleepwalking but then when she does it might be gone forever.

God I felt devious as my wife relayed those ideas as if they were her own. We talked afterwards, my wife had seemed really concerned.


She mentioned that all that had happened was Jackie had gone to the bathroom and not flushed it. I laughed asking if that was the first time that somebodies kid forgot to flush. My wife grinned and agreed with me saying that she felt her sister was over reacting too. I dove in a little more and told her about her sisters admonishment to Jackie about not wearing her night clothes around the house.

Margie just laughed, did I mention? Margarie is my wife.


Anyway, Marge told me that when they were growing up she and her sister Ellen used to run around the house in their nightshirts just before bed pretty much every night. I laughed saying well that's not what she's like now.

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I couldn't figure out a way to mention that her daughter told me that there's no hugging or kissing either. Well next weekend I was again asked to sit, apparently that incident of sleep walking was the only one so they were asking for our help to "help Jackie grow out of it" Oh the things you do for family.

John and Ellen appeared ready to go as soon as I got there, the moment they were out the door Jackie was starting to jump up and down. I knew she was gonna be too loud so I held my finger to my lips for quiet. She stopped jumping just in time, the door opened back up and Ellen stalked back in. Her eyes were locked on Jackie and she went into her admonishment again about being a lady, no sleepwalking and to not wear her night clothes around the house. Wow, she was actually so excited about going out tonight that she almost forgot to be a bitch to her kid, almost.

Well then she left, now Jackie was quiet, till we heard the car drive away. Back to jumping up and down and now yelling "I did it I did it I did it!!" I didn't want to burst her bubble and tell her that I knew she had left her undies in the bathroom while pretending to sleep walk so I just let her tell her story which bubbled out fast. She triumphantly held up one finger, first night, I did like you said. And it worked perfectly, at the pause I started to interject that I knew because her mom called but I was cut off by her second finger.

Second night. Mom was mad, she made me pee in the toilet before going to bed. She even stood in the bathroom to watch me like I'm some sort of little kid!!

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Then mom went to bed and Daddy went to the computer room. I waited like half an hour! I know that daddy will stay up for maybe an hour or less after mom goes to bed so I had to get out there while he was still there. So, I took off my panties while sitting on the toilet, left the door open and when I walked into the living room I could see that the door was open to the office. I shuffled past the door and Daddy looked up and shut the computer. I went into the chair like we practiced and spread my legs and pretended to be asleep.

Daddy walked out to the living room, he said my name really softly so I just pretended to still be asleep. Then I heard Daddy walk away, I was thinking Oh no!!

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But he came right back. Now she developed a devilish grin and started to whisper. Daddy brought his cell phone, I know, I peeked, she paused then looked around the room like she was conspiring then said, he opened it up and used the light to shine down right on my pussy! Daddy just stood there for almost 2 minutes looking at my pussy! Then he went back in his office for just a few minutes. I heard him grunt I think, then he did it with his penis. Then he came out and picked me up, he carried me to my bed without ever covering up my privates!.

Then after he tucked me in he left but came right back and put something in my drawer. After he left I got up and looked in my drawer, she finished with. It was my panties!! I started to speak but she held up her hand with another finger up. Now she was whispering again. Next night, I did the same thing. Only this time daddy had left his office door open, AND, he had moved a chair from the office to the living room, it was facing his open door so that the light was shining down on it.

So I sat in that chair with my legs spread. She paused, now I was the one whispering, all I said was "and?" she smiled again and said. Daddy came out again, only this time I think he knelt down to get a better look at my pussy! Plus he was there for a lot longer. Like 3 or 4 minutes I think, it seemed like forever! And I know he was looking at my pussy!. I leaned back and she continued by holding up another finger. I skipped the next night because I didn't want to take too many chances.

I noticed daddy looking at me more during the day time too.

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But on the next night I was up again, the chair was out of the office again facing the light. I sat like I did before and this time I know for sure that daddy was staring really close at my pussy. I could feel his breath. This was about it for me, I was ready to shoot off in my pants. I stood up and told her "show me" show me what your daddy did.

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I went to the office and said which chair? She pointed out one that is normally right by the door where you enter. I picked it up and she showed me where he put it. Right out in the open by the door, certainly not where you would normally put a chair. Then Jackie sprinted out of the room only to come back a short time later wearing her night shirt, barefoot, she seated herself and slumped her head over while spreading her legs.

I knelt between her open legs and moved towards her little slit. She was flowering open and I could smell her musky scent before I got to her knees. I moved in closer and whispered "tell me when you can feel my breath" when I was only inches away she said "there" she looked up and saw my mouth about 2 ½ inches from her little slit. She suddenly pleaded "oh please lick me" and I dove in licking and suckling on her flowering lips while she tilted and turned her hips.

After I had finally gotten her off in my mouth she recovered and started pleading with me to find a way to get her daddy to do that with her. I had to laugh and I told her that she was closer to that than she realized.

She kept insisting that I had to help her do more so I relented. I told her that this might be going too far but I knew what she could do, and of course I would help her practice.

I said that once she sits in the chair that daddy puts out, that she should sit down with one hand partially covering her slit. That when Daddy is in position that she should shift like she's sleeping and pull her hand away, slowly and in the process, open her slit up before moving her hand to the side.

That she could only do this once but that I was pretty sure that her daddy was just about ready to start licking her. Now I told her that once her daddy started licking her slit that she needed to shift her legs open a little more, then put her hands on the back of his head to pull him in there.

That once he knew that she was awake and that this is what she wanted, that there would probably be no turning back.

Then we practiced this while leaving the chair right where it was so that we wouldn't put it back in the wrong spot. After she had 3 practice runs where she walked into the study and gently pulled open her little slit, each ending with a little more licking and sucking I stood up showing my tented slacks.

Jackie became quiet and just looked, I told her your daddy has one of these too, and at some point he is going to want you to play with his too. She quietly nodded her head.

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Then I explained that I would show her what to expect so that she could do it well with her daddy and she more eagerly nodded her head. First my shoes and socks, then I undid my slacks and pulled them down while she stared intently at me. All that was left were my boxers which were tented out in anticipation. I moved in front of her and asked if she wanted to pull them down. She got a shy look and nodded no. I grabbed my waist band and as soon as the purple head showed she gasped and opened her eyes wider in wonderment.

Jackie leaned forward to get a better look at my screaming hard cock. I told her that her daddy might want her to lick and suck on it like he had done with her pussy. She nodded her head to the affirmative and leaned in giving the underside of my shaft a lick. Instinctively she grasped my shaft and tilted it downward more so that she could take the head into her mouth. I was way beyond being able to control my voice so with a few strangled words I was able to get her to try to pump my shaft with one hand and as soon as her other hand started to grasp my ball sack I unloaded into her mouth.

Well that's where it started, she pulled back I painted her face, she pointed it down away from her face and I hit her throat and t shirt. I thrusted forward and she tucked my cock between her chin and neck and I pumped her throat for my last few dribbles which clung to her neck and started slowly sliding down in little globs.


Now my darling little Jackie looked up at me with some desperate confusion in her eyes, she obviously still had my load in her mouth.

I told her hands up, which she did, I pulled up and off her sperm soaked t shirt and told her that she would either have to swallow it or spit it into her shirt which was already covered in sperm.

She spit it into the shirt and I wiped off her face and neck. Now she was sitting naked in her daddies chair. I told her that we were going to have to clean and dry her shirt before mom got home, she nodded.

I told her that she could stay naked if she wanted because I loved looking at her. She blushed and looked down, then pointed at my deflated cock and said "you too". I dropped her shirt, stripped naked and together we went in the bathroom and hand washed her t shirt. I rolled it in a towel then threw both into the dryer. With the dryer running we went to the living room where she sat on my lap, her naked smooth pussy sitting right on top of my hairy crotch.

The contact of her little pussy sparking some life back into me. I asked her if she had ever had anything up inside of her lightly stroking her slit. She shook her head no. I told her that I needed to check something but that I wasn't going to be doing anything "big" she nodded and I placed her in the seat alone.

I began to finger her little slit, she grabbed the arms of the chair and held her legs open. I found what I was looking for, her hymen was still intact. I pulled back out and went down on her until she again came in my mouth. I told her that she was still intact, a virgin and asked her if she wanted her daddy to be her first. She very enthusiastically began nodding her head to the affirmative. I told her ok, we can save you for daddy, but I need to go off again. I told her that there is another way that we could play like this and that her daddy would probably like it too.

She nodded and led her to the couch, she shied from the couch and started looking towards the bedroom. I smiled and said yes, that is a good idea.

We walked hand in hand to her bedroom and I laid down on the bed, at my direction she clambered on top and sandwiched my now raging hard on between my belly and her now open little pussy lips. I had her positioned facing away from me telling her that it would be harder for me to accidentally get my cock up inside of her this way. I watched as she thrust her hips back and forth, she was obviously enjoying the sensation of having a penis rub against her open slit.

I was beginning to hear some squishing noises as she drew her little pussy lips back and forth. Then she began pulling closer towards my face.

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I realized that she was trying to get a full look at my cock before sliding it back down to where she could only see my ball sack. I told her that when a man gets ready to come his ball sack will pull up tight and she may feel his penis get even harder.

I got no verbal reaction but she appeared to be hunching down as if she was trying to get a closer look. I also noticed that as she pulled my cock into full view she was deliberately and slowly drawing the head of my cock along her gaping open slit which I was visually soaking up from this position as she rocked back and forth. I groaned as I got ready, I heard her softly say "oh" as maybe she saw my ball sack pull up tight. Then I was grunting and squirting, as soon as she realized that I was firing my load she pulled back once again lining her slit up with the head of my cock and my next three squirts were directed aimed at her little opening.

When I finished she got up and turned around only to sit right back down placing her sperm splattered slit on my now deflating cock. She reached down and started to massage her sperm soaked pussy but looked up at me saying "I wanted to know what it feels like" I responded by scooping up some of my load from my chest and I started massaging it into her now open slit. She grabbed a hold of her knees and held open for me to rub and work my load up into her open slit. After my 3rd scoop of load, pretty much the last of it she grunted "just rub" so I focused on bringing her off with my sperm coated fingers.

After that we cleaned up and pretty much lounged around naked, I cooked popcorn to cover the smell of sex which I knew had to be permeating the whole house. Once her clothing was dry we dressed and she was sound asleep when her parents got home. I noticed the same eager look in Johns eye when they came in the house but once they were in the home I detected a more cool approach from his wife, hey not my problem.