Lambendo a bucetinha da namora

Lambendo a bucetinha da namora
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I was 31 at the time. I loved girls. There was nothing more I wanted than to have my tongue buried in a hot girls wet pussy, only to be followed up by stuffing her love hole full of my 8 inch throbbing cock. When I wasn't with a girl, I enjoyed frequent masturbation sessions. I loved to stick a large rubber dildo up my ass and cum in my own mouth as well. Then, as the natural course of curiosity goes, I found myself wondering what it would be like if that rubber dildo were and actual cock sliding in and out of my ass.

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And if I could handle my own cum, what would it be like for another guy to shoot his load in my mouth? My curiosity got the best of me.

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I found myself online checking out the bi-sexual chatrooms. I began chatting with a fellow named Aaron, who I discovered was 38. I lived in the Dallas area, and he lived about 90 miles away. He informed me that he was coming to Dallas in two weeks on business.

So we continued to chat and get to know one another. After quite a bit of talking, which eventually steered into a sexual conversation, we both had a burning desire to be with another guy, but neither of us had ever succumed to the temptaion. Well, we both decided that needed to change. I had given Aaron my phone number and told him to call me when he was in town and we'd hook up. The day arrived, the phone rang, and I told him where to meet me and how to get there.

We met in a grocery store parking lot about 5 minutes away from my house. He pulled up and we rolled down our windows, said hi, engaged in a bit of small talk, and in no time he was following me back to my place.

We arrived at my house and went in. I got us each a beer, and we stood in the front room for about 10 minutes just talking, and "feeling each other out" (no pun intended).

Aaron was about 5'10" with a medium build. He was very clean cut and wore round-type glasses. At first glance he looked like an accountant. I, on the other hand, was towering over him at 6'4" with an athletic build.

I must have been a bit of an intimidating site to him knowing what was about to happen. So after a bit of chatting, Aaron says "Well, I guess we should get busy!" I don't know about him, but I became very nervous.

I was about to cross that line from wondering about another guys dick, to actually seeing, touching and tasting it all in one big hurrah! I was trembling.


Aaron began to take his clothes off, and I, in my sudden somewhat bewildered state, followed suit and began to take my clothes off as well. He got his underwear off first. As he slid them down, despite my nervousness, when his semi-hard cock plopped out a wave of excitement ran through my body.

My cock began to get hard very quickly. As my underwear came off, my dick was about half hard as well. Aaron looked at my dick with wide eyes and said "Oh my god, look at that thing". It was well on its way to it's 8+ inch maximum.much larger than his.

He knew I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable, so we sat down on the floor, and he immediately releived my nervousness by leaning forward, burying his face in my lap and began to stroke, lick and suck my now fully hard cock. My nervousness was gone, and pleasure had arrived. He didn't suck cock better than most girls I had been with, but the reality that another man was sucking my dick was about to send me into orbit.

As he quickly realized my satisfaction with the goings-on by the noises I was making, he promptly spun around on top of me, threw one of his legs over my head, and without a word got us into the 69 position.

There I was, for the first time with another man's cock standing at attention right over my face. Without thinking about it, and just acting on the lust of the moment, and the desires that had been building in me for some time, I grabbed his dick and stuck it in my mouth. Even though his mouth was full of my man tool, that did not prevent him from letting out a very satisfactory moan. Since he was on top, his head could bob freely up and down on my cock. He could lick, suck, kiss my meat.whatever he wanted.

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I, on the other hand, did not have that luxury. My head was against the floor, and I couldn't move. Aaron, being caught up in the moment and the feeling, just reacted natural, and began moving his hips up and down, and consequently, fucking my mouth. I was at his mercy. The better it felt to him, the harder and deeper he plunged.

In my euphoria, I really didn't care. It was an awesome feeling to be sucking another man's dick. So, I didn't panic when his cock was ramming the back of my throat and I wanted to gag. I simply swallowed, opened up my throat and let his stiff man tool freely slide down in my throat.

I managed to not gag, but just enjoy the feeling. Aaron was going to town on my dick which I knew felt good for me, but I was much more interested in how I was being throat fucked. Despite my ecstacy, I was aware that he would probably be cumming very soon and decided since I had come this far, let's not spoil the moment.


Aaron stroked my cock with his hand while his mouth bobbed up and down my throbbing cock. At the same time he continued to slide his dick in and out of my throat.

I locked my lips around his rod, and sucked in rhythm with his motion. When his cock would exit my throat before entering it again, and my tongue was able to touch his head, I began to taste his precum. This REALLY excited me, and I knew that I wanted his entire load in my mouth. My sucking and stroking intensified, and he noticed as he began to moan louder. He began to move his hips back and forth faster as he began to say "oh my god, oh yes, OH YES!" The next thing I know my mouth is being flooded with cum.

As he exited my throat, he shot a very powerful load that I could feel hit the back of my throat. My tongue dashed for the pool of cum that was in my mouth, I wanted to taste it all before I swallowed it. Then, I realized I couldn't swallow it if I wanted to. Aaron, while still it the throws of a powerful orgasm, had slid his cock back down my throat as I was attempting to swallow his load.

Then as I was savoring the taste of his man juice in my mouth, I realized that he was continuing to cum down my throat, totally past my taste buds.

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His cum was going straight to my stomach. This sent me into another round of euphoria for some reason, and I manuvered him so his dick wasn't in my throat anymore.

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I had my mouth full of his cum and his dick. I was sucking on him for all I was worth, and he was gently moving is cock back and forth in my mouth. With every small thrust he made in my mouth, I swallowed a little bit of his cum. Finally, my mouth was empty, his cock was empty and we were both very happy. He said, "Let me finish making you cum now." I told him to wait, I wanted to do something different.

He agreed.whatever I wanted. I told him to lay on his back, I wanted to ride his cock and let him fuck me. He agreed with a smile. He was still hard, so I slid I rubber over his shaft.

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I put some lubrication on it, and straddled is belly. My dick was still pointing straight up and I really needed to cum.and I had a plan. As I began to sit down on him, I grabbed his covered cock, and put the tip right on my asshole. I gradually let myself down on him, and his tool slid in with ease. I moaned in ecstacy. Aaron noticed that a large stream of precum had run down my dick and said so.

I told him that he could lean up on his elbows and keep sucking my dick, I was close to cumming. He gladly obeyed. I was grinding on his dick, enjoying a real flesh and blood cock up my ass, and Aaron was moving his hips around as much as he could.

I was also enjoying his mouth and hands back on my throbbing, rock hard, tool. Aaron had apparently made up his mind that it was time for me to cum. He began to suck very hard on my dick and stroke it at the same time. His tongue was touching the head of my cock just right in the whole mix, and that sent me over the edge. I began to moan very loud, and Aaron knew he had done good. He removed my dick from his mouth and began to jerk me off hard, making sure he was stroking the head, and sending me insane.

I was bouncing up and down on his dick, and I was shooting my cum all over his face, and while his mouth was open, shot some in there. When my massive orgasm subsided, I did something that I never had planned to do. My eyes caught the cum that was on his face and lips. While his stiff rod was still filling my ass, much to my pleasure, I leaned forward and licked my cum off of his cheek, chin and lips. It caught him by surprise, and by reaction, he opened his mouth a bit, and I decided to go for the cum in his mouth as well.

So there we were, he was fucking me in the ass, and we ended up in an unintentional passionate kiss swapping my cum between each others tongues. This,of course, caused Aaron to swallow some of my cum, which he did not intend to do. But, in the moments of sheer excitement and ecstacy, he really didn't care. The feeling of my tongue in his mouth obviously excited him as I felt his cock grow in my ass, and I responed by resuming my riding of his stiff tool.

Aaron laid back, and enjoyed the possiblity of cumming again. I was up on the balls of my feet, with my hands on his chest, bouncing up and down on his cock. He was thrusting up as I was coming down. We had a rhythm going and we weren't going to stop. I knew he wantd to cum again, and I wanted the satisfaction of knowing I made him cum by riding his engorged dick.

We continued to fuck for 5-6 minutes. I was moaning and kept saying "oh yeah, fuck me Aaron, fuck me", and Aaron would respond with a moan and say "oh my god you are such a good fuck". Aaron was really getting into it and was really ramming his cock in my ass.

Our flesh was making a loud noise as my ass cheeks were slapping against his thighs.

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In and out, he continued to bury his cock in my ass, and I continued to come down hard on his shaft, trying to get him as deep as I could. Aaron finally began to breath heavy and moan very loudly. He was saying "OH YEAH I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING" I had no mercy on his super sensitive cock. When I felt his dick convulsing in my ass, and he quit thrusting back and forth, I began to resume my bouncing up and down on his cock. This actually caused him to scream. The intense pleasure I was giving him by continuing to stimulate his head while he was cumming in my ass almost made him pass out.

He was screaming "oh fuck oh fuck oh my god!!!", and I was basking in the satisfaction that I had a real cock shoot a load in my ass. When he was done cumming, I got off of him, and quickly removed the rubber from his still semi-hard cock. The cum in the rubber had coated his dick and I wasn't going to let it go to waste. I went down and took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked on it.

I could taste his cum once again, and I think I even sucked out a few drops that hadn't found their way to the surface yet.

After we relaxed for a few minutes, we got cleaned up and got dressed. We had another beer and discussed the amazing events that just took place.

He soon had to leave, but made it clear that he was going to be in town for 2 more days. And I made it clear that my schedule was not the only thing that was wide open.