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Cute lesbian teens get covered with piss and ejaculate wet cunts
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Note to reader: This story has a slow build so if you're looking for a quickie you may want to move on to something else and come back later. Thanks. ENGLISH COMPOSITION Milo was nineteen years old and just starting his second semester at the university.

The first semester had gone pretty well, three A's and two B's, so by his standards the freshman was off to a good start. He'd been a very average, bored and unmotivated student in high school, but the college experience had so far been challenging and enlightening, maybe even intimidating, but had evoked from him an ability to study and focus on schoolwork that he'd never known before.

It was the first day of classes and this was Milo's last class of the day. He was in Whitman Hall looking for room 222. This is where he would be taking English Composition…ENGL 101 in the course catalog…for the next three and a half months. This was a required course--every student, regardless of their curriculum had to pass it-- and since writing was one of his strengths he hoped to earn an A. He found the classroom and took a seat near the back. The room had five rows of six student desks and by the time class was supposed to begin all but four or five were taken.

Right on time at three p.m. the instructor strode through the door and plopped her satchel on the teacher's desk at the front of the room. Their teacher was an attractive woman of medium height. She had blond shoulder-length hair, layered and parted in the middle. Her body was slim and tapered and well-shaped from top to bottom. She wore a snug, short-sleeved black top that showed off her toned arms and firm breasts, and a cream skirt that did the same favor for her legs.

'Alright!', Milo thought, some eye candy. No matter how boring or tedious this class would turn out to be, at least he'd have something nice to look at. The teacher introduced herself and gave them a little background.

Her name was Teresa; she had a M.F.A. When she was in grad school she'd married and had a child and took time off. When her daughter was old enough to go to school she had re-enrolled at the university, acquired her masters degree and was now working on her doctorate. She taught two classes: this one, English Composition, and another intermediate writing course.

"I know you are all here because you have to be," Teresa said. "It's a course required of all students. Some of you may like to write, some of you may not, some of you may even despise it. But our goal this semester will be to make everyone in this class a better writer, and hopefully we will have some fun along the way." Teresa then passed out the syllabuses and reviewed the course requirements with the class.

There would be six writing assignments, a final and a student/teacher conference about two-thirds of the way through the semester. Attendance would be taken and is mandatory and blah, blah, blah. Milo was only half-listening because he was using his eyes more than his ears. He was staring at his teacher, and taking her in. He loved her pretty face, the soft cadence of her voice with its hint of a Southern drawl, and she had the look that he had always been attracted to: slim, blond hair, blue eyes.

Milo was good-looking but was no Casanova by any means, in fact he was usually kind of shy, but he knew if she'd been a student he would find a way to get close. This was his teacher but he found himself staring at her glossy lips as she spoke, and at her breasts sticking straight out, at her legs, at her butt when she'd pivot every now and then as she walked back and forth. And at the wedding ring on her left hand, he couldn't ignore that.

As he was leaving the classroom that first day Milo was enthused about the course and its instructor, and it didn't hurt when he caught Teresa's eye and she gave him a little smile on his way out. He already knew he was going to ace the course and his attendance would be 100%. ---- The semester moved along quickly and the composition class was by far Milo's favorite.

He found the assignments very easy, and of course he was motivated to please his teacher. The papers were short, two or three double-spaced pages, and were very basic: a narrative essay, a descriptive essay, review a short story, a persuasive paper on a debate topic. He received A's on every one and when the class would read and critique some of the papers…after grading each assignment Teresa would photocopy four or five anonymous student papers and pass them out…his work was usually one of the papers chosen.

One time the class were discussing one of his papers and the students were saying, 'I think she meant this, or she meant that', and Teresa finally asked them why they thought a female had written it. Someone interpreted a passage that was especially sympathetic to women. Teresa then looked straight at Milo and asked what he had meant. Milo said nothing and just stared at the wall until she moved on.

It was obvious that Teresa appreciated Milo's work, but he liked coming to class just to be around her. He was always anxious to see how she dressed. Sometimes she would wear a casual dress and he'd be checking out her legs for fifty minutes. On Fridays she wore jeans, wrapped tight around her sweet ass and crotch, and he tried not to stare or think about what it would be like to peel them off.

About halfway through the semester she showed up to class with a new perm, her blond hair in a wild, frizzy mess. A sexy, irresistible wild frizzy mess.

Milo would reach down below his desktop and touch himself sometimes; that was one of those times. After a couple months it was time for the class members to have their one-on-one conferences with the teacher.

Teresa had a sign-up sheet for the students to choose a time that suited their schedule. Milo picked a time at the very end of one of the days.

He thought if he met her at the end of the day he might get a little more than the allotted time. Milo roamed around the building where the English Department was located until he found Teresa's office. It was on the second floor at the end of the long hallway.

Her name was one of two on the door along with a note saying a meeting was in session and to please have a seat. He was a couple minutes early so he sat on a blue metal folding chair beside the door. Soon the door opened and out came Ginger, one of the students who had thought his paper had been written by a girl. She said hello and walked toward the stairs. Teresa poked her head out of the door.

"Hello, Milo," she said, "Come on in." He followed her into what was a tiny cubbyhole of an office, barely large enough for two desks and a couple chairs. He watched her as she walked around to the other side of the desk. She wore a pair of satiny black slacks and he could see a slight trace of her butt crack before she turned around and took her seat behind the desk. Her blond curls rested haphazardly on the shoulders of her red blouse.

He noticed that she was wearing a thin gold chain around her neck and the top two buttons of her blouse were unhooked and he stole a look. He fantasized that they were unbuttoned for him. He could smell her slight lemony scent, it made him want to take a bite. He sat down across from her and waited with butterflies in his stomach. Teresa rummaged through her satchel and put Milo's file on the desk and opened it. "So Milo," she said. "What do you think of the course so far?" "I like it," he said.

"You like it. Is that all? Would you care to expound on that statement?" "I like your hair, too, since you kinked it up." He gave her his innocent smile. Teresa's lips curled into a wide grin. "Thank you," she said. "But I meant to expound on what you think about the course." "I know, sorry.

The class is about what I expected it to be. It's a basic writing course so I expected I would like it. I've always liked to read and write and even though I'm not that good of a student I've always done well in classes where I had to write papers." "You're doing very well in my class, as you know.

Why do you think you are not a good student?" "Well, I should say that I never was a very good student through high school. I was just never that interested, I guess.

But college is so diverse and has been much more challenging so far and I'm more motivated. Your class has definitely been a plus in that department." "I'm glad to hear that, Milo. Because you are a very talented writer and you should be motivated. I've taught this course for several years and I can tell you that it can be a difficult chore getting through all the papers I have to read. But it is a joy when I get to read one of yours.

You definitely have a style of your own and a way with words." "Thank you," Milo said. He was suddenly nervous and it was all he could think of to say. For the next few minutes they went over his work and discussed each paper and Teresa told him what he could expect for the rest of the semester and the final. "I noticed that you have not declared a major," Teresa said as they were wrapping things up.

"No, I haven't, I've been getting a lot the requirements out of the way, but I'll need to decide soon. I'm leaning toward English." "That's good.

There are many great courses once you get into the curriculum. And if you like reading and writing, you'll get plenty of that! There are seminars and writing groups and we all help each other. Who knows, maybe you'll be teaching this course someday!" Milo was walking on air when he left the meeting.

Teresa's face and her pool-blue eyes, framed by her foxy blond frizz, were etched in his mind. Her subtle scent intoxicated him. He knew he would go to the administration building the next day and declare his major. He was smitten. ---- The next few times Milo saw Teresa in class he could sense a new level of awareness between them. She would give him little smiles here and there and their eye contact was more frequent and would sometimes linger. Then he went to class one Wednesday afternoon and Teresa was missing.

There was a substitute teacher, an Einstein-looking dude with wild hair and a wrinkled white shirt and tie. He explained that Teresa would be out for a while and he would be filling in. After class Milo approached the teacher and asked him if he knew how long Teresa would be out. The teacher told him he didn't know but that she had had an appendicitis attack the day before and was in the University Hospital.

Milo went to a store and bought a generic get-well card, wrote a brief note and signed it. He drove to the hospital and parked his car far away in the visitor lot. He checked with the information desk and then found her room; her name was displayed on the wall. He tapped on the door and looked in. It was a double room but there was no bed in the space closest to the door.

The bed by the window was occupied. He tentatively walked into the room. The TV on the wall was showing cable news but the sound was muted. Teresa was propped up in the bed reading a book. He stood there for a moment before she realized he was there and looked up.

A smile came to her face and she put down her book. "Milo! What a surprise!" she said. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by," he said with a shy grin. "Just happened to be in the neighborhood, huh? Do you make a habit of hanging around hospitals and dropping in on patients?" She gave him a wink. "I'm kidding. I came to see you. The substitute teacher told me what happened. I hope you don't mind my coming to see you." "No, not at all, Milo.

I'm flattered that you came. It's unexpected and unnecessary but very thoughtful." "I brought you a get-well card," he said, and handed it to her. She thanked him and opened it. The card was a basic Hallmark, but then she read aloud what Milo had written: 'To a great Teacher. Get well soon and hurry back.

This English major needs all the help he can get!

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Milo'. "Oh, this is so sweet, Milo," she said. "And I'm glad to hear you've decided to major in English. I think it's the right place for you." "So do I," he said. After a pause he asked how long she would be in the hospital. "A couple more days anyway, they want to make sure there are no complications.

But I won't be coming back to teach right away, I'm afraid. Semester is almost over and with being out for a few days I need to concentrate on finishing my own studies.

But I'll help you any way I can." "Will you still be teaching?" "Yes, next semester I'll be back at it. I will teach another section of English Comp and one intermediate writing class." "I'll have to sign up for your intermediate class," he said. "That would be good. It's much more challenging but I think you'll like it." They were interrupted when an attractive woman with short brown hair entered the room.

"How you feelin' Darlin'?" she said. "Hi Mel," Teresa said. "Thanks for coming again. Mel, meet Milo; Milo, this is my older sister Melanie." They said hello and shook hands. "Well, I better be going," Milo said.

"Hope you feel a lot better soon and they let you out of here. Nice to meet you, Melanie." "Thank you so much for coming, Milo. It was very thoughtful of you," Teresa said. After a quick goodbye Milo was gone. "Who was that?" Melanie asked as soon as he was out the door. "One of my students." Teresa handed her the card he'd given her. "My God, he's an Adonis!" Melanie read the card. "Huh. And it looks like he's hot for teacher." She handed the card back. "You two got something going?" "Of course not.

He's only nineteen." "Nineteen with a crush on his teacher." "He's a very talented writer. And he just became an English Major." "Well, sometimes students get involved with their teachers, you know." "Yes, I know." "Uh huh." ---- Milo finished out the semester and he got his A in English Comp.

He stayed at his apartment near campus over the summer rather than going home to his parents' because he'd gotten a summer job at a busy warehouse in a nearby industrial park. He worked the night shift, 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, because it paid more than days and he needed to save his money. His work week started at 11 p.m. Sunday night and ended at 7:00 Friday morning. It always tickled him when he'd be leaving work on Friday morning, looking for beer and ready for happy hour, and he'd pass other drivers swerving down the road, barely awake and sipping 7-Eleven coffee.

Over the summer he dabbled with several of his female co-workers, some fraternization, some partying, some sex, but Teresa was never far from his mind. He thought of her often and even went to campus and hung around the English Department a few times hoping to bump into her.

It didn't happen. As summer neared its end he looked forward to going back to school. As a new English major he met with an adviser to help him map out his plan. He checked the course catalog and looked for the intermediate writing class first; he was going to schedule everything else around that. There were several sections and he found out that Teresa's class would be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at one p.m.

and registered for it. The first class was on a Friday and Milo took a seat in the back. There were about twenty students in the class. Teresa entered the room and placed her familiar satchel on the desk. She wrote her name on the board, introduced herself and started describing the course.

Milo thought she looked like a model. Her long, lean body was dressed in black. Black jeans wrapped around her legs and butt, a thin black top accentuated her horizontal tits and work-out arms, and her charcoal sandals sported polished toenails. Her blond hair was still in a frizz but longer, several inches down her back and a gold chain hung from her neck and sparkled in front of her black shirt.

And that damn ring on her left hand. Teresa gave the class the lowdown on the course requirements and described the goals and assignments and Milo stared at her the whole time. As she spoke she made an effort to look around the room and make eye contact with all of the pupils, and several times when she glanced at Milo he was looking into her eyes and smiling at her.

Milo detected subtle smiles from Teresa too a couple times before she looked away. Milo wanted to talk to Teresa after the class just to say hello but she was immediately surrounded by three other students so he didn't hang around. He headed to the bookstore to buy his texts. ---- The first assignment was an essay describing something that you had witnessed in person--an event or special occasion that had left a lasting impression on you.

Teresa said to be vivid and descriptive and to convince the reader what it was like to be there and how it affected you personally. The idea didn't excite Milo all that much but it was simple enough that he could plow through. And he did. He wrote about an episode he'd watched when he was nine years old. He and his mother and sister were at the community swimming pool. He saw a kid of five or six gradually drift into the deep end.

The little boy started flailing around, his arms and legs slapping up and down in the water, kicking, splashing, struggling to stay afloat. At first people paid no mind, figuring the child was goofing off, but suddenly when his cries were half-muted by pool water a teen-aged girl realized that he was drowning and dove in and brought the little boy to safety. Milo wrote about it in detail and it was graded a B. Teresa's critique noted that it was 'well-written but didn't quite convey the profound effect it had had on you.

Passion!' The second assignment didn't turn him on much either, at least not at first. It was to be a biographical essay; write a biography of a real person whom you admire. Milo kicked the idea around in his head for a day or so. He figured most students would pick a well-known figure from history or politics or sports or whatever and then dig up the information and paraphrase whatever they found on-line or in Encyclopedia Britannica.

But he had a better idea. He would dig around and find out all he could about Teresa. And he would write about her. She wanted passion and she would get it. ---- Finding background on Teresa was easier than expected. Milo was amazed at how much he was able to find out if he looked in the right places. He started with the English Department website which had bios of all faculty members. Social media sites were a treasure trove of information, where he got the names of her friends and family and high school, which then opened more doors to more juicy stuff.

He had the names of old boyfriends, teammates on the volleyball team and clubs to which she'd belonged. He found her birth records and knew her size and weight. She was now thirty-two years old. He learned about a hidden well-placed tattoo. He searched through the university's newspaper archives and found a few things she'd written, articles and letters to the editor. And one other sexy tidbit: In her sophomore year she'd won second runner-up in a wet t-shirt contest on campus.

The girl who won was not nearly as attractive but she had big tits and had taken her top off and thrown it into the crowd, and then proceeded to get felt-up by eighty or ninety frat boys. Milo was glad to discover that Teresa evidently had a wild side. Teresa's husband was a few years older than she and was a professor at a small college about thirty miles away. His name was Henry and he used to be an instructor at the university, and Teresa had been one of his students.

Milo put all of the pieces together. Teresa had had an affair with him and had become pregnant and later married him. That ring on her finger was from a teacher who had fucked his student. Or students. Milo had a couple of friends who attended the college where Henry was now professor.

He called them and asked about Good Old Henry. 'Oh yes,', they both agreed, 'Rumors are Henry has had improper relationships with his students. And not always with girls, either'. Milo wrote the paper and had to edit the hell out of it.

He had way too much information. He put it together in chronological order as best he could and dropped as many names as he could to blow Teresa's mind. The first half of the paper was innocent and wholesome but he slowly built it up to the good stuff: boyfriends, wet t-shirts and her affair with her teacher and their marriage.

He suddenly felt encouraged and closer to Teresa than he'd felt before.


They had something special in common. Years before she had felt an attraction to her teacher and had acted upon it, the same kind of feelings he now had for her. She had to relate, right?

And does she know that at his college thirty miles away, her husband is still at it? Milo stopped thinking of Teresa as being just his foxy teacher.

Now she was his Inamorata-to-be. ---- Milo was proud of his biographical essay. He worked hours on it, honing it, double-checking all the facts. He wrapped a slick folder around it.

When he handed it in to Teresa he told her how hard he had worked on it and he thought she would like it. 'I look forward to reading it', she'd said.

Milo wished he could be a fly on the wall when she did. The thought made him semi-hard. The following night Teresa sat down to read and grade the papers. She decided to read Milo's first and was shocked as soon as she opened the cover and saw the title: 'The Good Life of Teresa, English Teacher'. Her jaw hung open in awe as she read on. She must have said 'Oh My God' to herself twenty times as she read.

It was right on the money, accurate as hell, she thought. But how did he do it? Old friends, lovers, good and bad. Quotes from her high school yearbook. Her senior prom. Things she'd had published.

The tattoo on her ass. And things she'd tried to forget, among them her wet t-shirt adventure, her affair with Henry and her out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

She was softly crying as she finished reading it, angry and miffed and flattered and impressed all at the same time. She felt violated somehow, like Milo had driven a microscope into her soul. She read it again and realized she was sweating. She read no more papers that night.

---- In class the next week Teresa gave Milo a stern look and a shake of her head when she handed his paper back to him. He felt a brief chill before he opened the folder. There was a big A written at the top of page one. Just below it her comments read: Well-written and accurate (too accurate!). But you could have found a better subject.

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Teresa hardly looked his way throughout the whole period as the class read through and discussed several of the students' papers. His was not chosen for review. Milo stared at her crotch and played with himself for fifty minutes.

His dick was half-turgid at the end of class. He hoped she didn't notice when he stopped to speak to her on his way out of the classroom. "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked timidly. Teresa's lips coiled into a smile. "No, I'm not mad at you, Milo. But I was surprised. I gave you an A because of the accuracy and the good writing. But I didn't find it very interesting.

I felt like I was being psychoanalyzed." "I'm sorry to hear that. You said you wanted passion so I chose a subject I'm passionate about. I'll try to do better on the next one." He turned to walk away. "I gave you an A, Milo. You can't do better than that. I'm just a little embarrassed, can you understand that?" "Yes, I guess so. But you shouldn't be. It's a hell of a story.

I found it mesmerizing." Teresa laughed. "Well, I'm happy for you. But please don't pass it around, okay? It could make things a bit awkward, you know?" "I wouldn't do that.

It's between us. You motivate me, what can I say?" "Milo, do you remember my sister Melanie? You met her at the hospital." "Of course." "After you left my room that day she said she thought you had a crush on me. You don't have a crush on me do you, Milo?" "A crush? Hell, I'm way past crush." He smiled at her and gave a slight, helpless shrug.

He left her with a muddled look on her face. ---- Milo was pleased when he went to the next class. He saw forced smiles instead of stern looks.

And when he learned of the next assignment he got a tingle in his crotch and couldn't wait to get started. The assignment was to write an essay defining an abstract word or term; a word or term that could be used and interpreted in multiple ways. Milo was excited and knew instantly what abstract term he would write about: The word LOVE. That night he sat down and began to write and the words flowed out of him and through his fingers.

It was stream-of-consciousness, automatic, effortless. Another A, he knew it. ---- Teresa had plodded through a few essays covering the terms beauty, integrity (2), stupidity, blackness, contentment and courage before she came to Milo's. It was titled simply, 'Love'. She thought it was perfect, so simple, a word we all use everyday in so many ways. She was half-excited and half-afraid as she began reading.

It was well-written as usual. She was impressed by the number of interpretations and examples of usage Milo had come up with. The essay flowed easily from the very first paragraph and related how casually the word is used in daily life.

People say I love your sweater, or I love your hair. A child says he loves macaroni and cheese. His sister says she loves her teen idol. The high school quarterback says he loves the hot cheerleader as he undresses her and lowers her onto the back seat of his car. And of course in the game of tennis the word love means nothing; a big Zero. Then the writing segued into a more serious tone. Love in one's family and how it can differ: Loving parents, children, siblings.

The love in marriage and the love of God. It was all poignant and thought-provoking and had Teresa engrossed and on the edge of her chair. But it was the conclusion that left her again moved by this young man's writing and trembling at the same time. Milo had summarized that love was what anybody wanted it to be, after all, it was just a word.

Love is different for everyone. Then he described what love could be. As Teresa read the conclusion sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lip and goose pimples rose on her arms. She read: Love could be this college student sitting in the back of the classroom, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, admiring and listening to his instructor, his mentor, a beautiful, sexy woman a few years older, fondling his cock, hard between his legs beneath the desktop.

And love could be the sick, sour ache he feels in his gut because he knows that even though they would make magic together he can't be with her because he is her student and she belongs to somebody else. Teresa put the paper down and took a deep breath.

Milo had written another strong paper worthy of an A. But was he getting dangerously close to going over the line? She knew that what she had just read was not only a very good essay nailing the assignment.

It was a love letter. She had to admit she was flattered. And Milo was attractive. There was the age difference of course but she couldn't help but wonder how she would respond if she wasn't married. And did he really get hard in her class? She'd have to watch closely the next time class was over and he got up to leave.

---- It was Thursday afternoon and Milo was hanging around the English Department building because he knew Teresa held office hours and he thought he might drop in, though he didn't. But he caught a glimpse of her as she left the building and decided to follow her. At a safe distance he watched as she walked to the bookstore and went in, so he waited a moment or two before he entered.

He found her browsing in the Philosophy section. He kept an eye on her from True Crime. After a while she made a purchase and then walked over to the cafe next door. It was a cozy place that sold coffees and teas and beer and wine and sandwiches, and was popular with the campus intelligentsia. Milo watched as Teresa went to the counter and bought a glass of white wine and took it to a small table in the corner. She sat alone, sipped her drink and opened her new book. Milo watched her for a few minutes as she read her book and he tried to summon the nerve to approach her table.

She received a phone call and had an animated conversation for a few minutes and put a huge dent in her drink as she conversed. He bought a bottle of ale and a glass of white wine and waited until she ended her call. He took a gulp for courage and walked over to her table. Teresa was reopening her book when Milo placed the fresh glass of wine in front of her. She was jolted at first but as soon as she looked up she smiled. She'd been thinking about him. His writing was alluring. And she couldn't help but appreciate his slim, athletic build, his broad shoulders, his handsome face, and his subtle ways.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Milo asked, voice cracking. "Not at all, please do." He sat across from her and took a nervous sip of his ale. "So Milo, what brings you in here? Just a coincidence? Or are you following me?" "Uh, maybe a planned coincidence." "I see. No ulterior motives?" "Just trying to open your mind," he said. "Did you read my essay?" "I did." "What did you think?" "I see another A.

It was well-written and well-thought-out. Very observant. I thought the ending was a bit risque, maybe even over-the-line, but I didn't penalize you for it." "You always say to write with passion and write the truth. That's what I did." "I know you did, but there are limits, Milo," she said, and took the first sip of her second glass of wine.

She smiled again and said, "You should have left that last part out. Now I might have to have a mini-camera installed under your desktop." "It better have a wide-angle lens," he said with a shit-eating grin. Teresa burst out laughing and almost knocked her wineglass over. She shook with funny quivers for thirty seconds as she tried to stop laughing. Milo just grinned at her. "Well, it's nice to see you're modest," she said when she finally recomposed herself. "Nah, I just like to hear you laugh.

I "love" the sound of your laugh…although that's one I didn't include in my essay." Teresa sighed and her shoulders sagged the slightest bit.

Her eyes were looking directly into his. Milo put his hand on hers. He suddenly realized that this was the first time they'd touched. "Come to my apartment," he said. "It's not far from here." Teresa pulled her hand away. "I can't go to your apartment, Milo. It's inappropriate. I'm your teacher and you're my student." "But you did it!" "It was wrong." "So I'll quit school." "You will not!

Besides, I'm married." Milo sat back in his chair. "Yeah, you're married to a rat who cheats on you with his students. If he can do it why can't you?" he said, and took a mammoth swig of beer.

Teresa's pissed-off eyes burned into his. "What?" "I'm sorry, Teresa, I shouldn't have said that. That was not cool." "What do you know?

Are you snooping around in my private life?" "No. It's just… When I was researching for my biographical essay about you I found out some things. I'm sorry I told you." Teresa was suddenly miles away, Milo could see it in her face. This meeting was over.

"No, I'm glad you did," she said. "But I hope you're wrong." She gathered up her things and rose from the table. "I have to go." He watched her strut out of the place with a fiery bounce in her step.

---- Milo felt bad about what he had said to Teresa so he bought a blank 'Sorry' greeting card and wrote her a short note.

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At the next class Teresa seemed to be all business. They spent most of the time reviewing student essays about abstract terms, including his, although Teresa had cut out the ending. When the class discussed his paper they again were saying, 'I think she meant this, or I think she meant that' and Teresa glanced at him a couple times. Milo figured it must have been the part about the quarterback saying he loved the cheerleader while he was trying to screw her that gave them the idea.

The last few minutes of class Teresa devoted to explaining the next assignment: A How-to essay. The purpose of the paper was to explain in detail how to do something that you enjoy or are very good at.

It can be playing a sport or a musical instrument, or building a deck or tuning up your car. Be specific. Convince the reader that you are confident and know what you are doing. When class ended Milo didn't linger.

He handed the apology card to Teresa and smiled but she had a sad look in her eyes. Neither said anything and he went on his way. As Milo walked across campus he thought about the assignment and was already excited and raring to go. He knew what he was going to write, and he knew it was risky.

But he would write it anyway. Even if it got him kicked out of school. ---- Milo wrote it all that same night, sitting up in bed with his laptop on a pillow on his lap. He worked on it very late into the night. By the time he nodded off at a little after three a.m. he had been writing for eight hours and his only breaks had been to get a beer, take a piss or jerk off.

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He felt good when he went back to the class two days later. When he turned in his paper to Teresa he dropped it on the desk in front of her. "My masterpiece," he said, and gave her a shy smirk. ---- Teresa had become quite distracted after her encounter with Milo at the cafe, partly because he had come on to her--that didn't really bother her as much as flatter her, even though it was inappropriate--but mostly because of what he'd told her about her husband.

Was Henry cheating on her? She had become suspicious and had been watching for signs. He certainly had the opportunity if he so desired.


She was sitting at her desk reading papers and it was early evening but Henry wasn't home yet. It was with this feeling of trepidation that she opened Milo's folder. Simply reading the title put a lump in her throat and a brick in her stomach: ZEN AND THE ART OF MAKING LOVE TO MY ENGLISH TEACHER. "Fuck," she said to herself. She broke into a light sweat, anxious to read it and dreading it at the same time. She took a deep breath, turned the page and started reading. Her name is Teresa. She liked me, I could tell, but there were problems.

She was my teacher, was older, and was married with a child. But she got over that. I had made love to her in my mind a hundred times by the time we first kissed.

So when it finally happened it was beautiful, natural, without hesitation. Two lovers making up for lost time. Teresa read, and absorbed it all as if in a trance: what her breast felt like in his hand and what her tongue felt like in his mouth. And how hard he was as he helped her out of her blue and white sundress and let it fall to the floor and then all she was wearing was a red thong. She'd worn that dress to class! And the red thong! How did he know?

Then she was sitting on the bed unzipping his jeans as he yanked his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside. He wore no underwear and as she pushed down his pants she saw his cock for the first time.

Long and hard, cut and shaven. She closed her eyes and pictured it. She lay back on the bed and I again kissed her mouth and her lips parted for me and sucked in my tongue. I fingered and thumbed her nipples which were already enlarged and hard as nuggets. Then I kissed her all over: her face, her hair, her ears, her shoulders. She wore her favorite gold chain and I traced my tongue along the length of it around the sides of her neck. 'Jesus', she thought to herself as she fondled the chain, 'This kid doesn't miss a trick'.

The skin on her neck felt clammy to her touch. She got up to get a glass of water and stood at the kitchen sink for a moment staring out the window at nothing. Then she sat down and resumed reading. He licked and kissed his way down her body, sucked her tits, licked her navel, kissed her legs and feet and started working his way back up. Then he described how her body responded when he slipped his tongue inside her. Teresa's spit sizzled through her teeth like a hot griddle and her groin bucked from side to side when I jabbed my tongue into her tasty, open twat.

Her clit was swollen like a stuffed pepper, begging me to suck it. So I took it into my mouth and she sighed with delight as I tightened my jaw around it, and her fingers were in my hair pulling my head assertively into her hungry crotch.

Teresa realized she was touching herself down there and she was wet. She kept reading about how she came in his face, and then he mounted her and she grabbed his cock and fed it into her pussy herself, and he fucked her, dumping a massive load of his semen inside of her.

And how they held each other for a long time, kissing, touching. He spooned her from behind with one hand on her breast and one hand on her cooch. He kissed the back of her neck and then kissed his way down her back to her ass where he ran his tongue along her crack and kissed the butterfly tattoo on her right butt.

He worked his way back up her back into the spoon position and she could feel his cock hard against her ass. She turned toward him and they kissed some more and then she moved down. The paper ended when she took Milo's cock into her mouth. With that image in her mind, Teresa closed the folder and sat back in her chair, and her body shivered. She came, and her cum flowed out of her, soaking her panties and jeans. ---- As she was changing clothes and cleaning herself up, Teresa couldn't help but feel like she had cheated on her husband.

Even though it was all a product of Milo's imagination, and no matter where the kid was tonight or what he was doing, he had given her an orgasm.

Or at least his words had. She called her sister and asked her if they could meet the next day for a little while. She needed to talk. Melanie could tell by the tone of Teresa's voice that it was important, so she said of course they could. They arranged it for the following afternoon. Just as they ended the call her husband came in through the front door. They said their Hellos and Henry gave Teresa a cursory peck on the lips. "Work late again?" she asked.

"Yeah, doing more research," he said tiredly. Research, Teresa thought. He's always doing research for some article he's writing. Even though precious few of them ever seemed to get published. "Ah," she said, watching him closely. "You wouldn't be having an affair with one of your students, would you?" She noticed a slight hitch in his movement, and then he tried to laugh it off. He said no way, of course not, that's crazy, who's got time, I'm too old for that, who needs the aggravation?, and went into their bedroom to change.

But Teresa knew he was lying. She knew Henry well, and if her question had been outlandish he would have been defensive and offended and adamant and would have lashed back at her, saying how dare you ask me that. But instead he blew her off with a lazy denial. She knew in her heart that Milo had been right. ---- Late the next afternoon Teresa and Melanie met for a drink at a neighborhood bistro.

The place was practically empty since lunch was long over and dinner was still an hour or so away. They found a table in the back for maximum privacy. They started off with small talk. "How's my favorite niece doing?" Melanie asked. Teresa said her daughter was doing fine. She was getting good grades in school and was at dance class and wouldn't be home till later.

She asked how Melanie's daughter was doing. "Oh, Lisa is doing well. She's not-quite-sixteen going on thirty. She's already bugging me about a car. Has boys climbing all over her." A waitress brought a carafe of wine to their table and poured two glasses. Then they got down to business. "Okay, Sis, let's have it. What's on your mind?" Melanie asked. Teresa took a deep breath.

"Oh God, where to start?" she said, and took a sip of wine. "A couple of things." "Spit it out, girlfriend." "Henry's cheating on me." "Oh no, is he screwing co-eds again?" Melanie blurted. Teresa nodded.

"I think so." "You think so? Do you have proof?" "No. But I'm pretty sure." "How did you find out?" "That's the other problem." "What's the other problem?" "Do you remember my student Milo? You met him when I was in the hospital." "Sure," Melanie said.

"The Adonis who wants to get in your pants." "You were right. He's the one who told me." "Oh God, are you screwing Milo?" "No. Not really." "Not really? What the hell does that mean?" "I don't know. Not yet, anyway." "Teresa, are you going to tell me what's going on?" They each took a mouthful of wine. Teresa took a deep breath and told Melanie the whole story. All about how good of a writer he is and how she encouraged him and he decided to major in English because of her and how this semester with each assignment his writing had become bolder and racier and more improper.

There was the biography of her where he knew so much about her, even the tattoo on her ass, and then the paper about 'Love' when he wrote about having an erection and fondling himself during her class. He came on to her in the cafe. And then there was this last paper, his 'masterpiece' he called it, that really went over the line where he described in detail what he would do to her in bed. "I came in my pants when I finished reading it," Teresa said. "Holy shit, are you kidding me?" Melanie said.

"Are you sure you're not fucking him?" Teresa shook her head. "I'm not." She reached down to her bag on the floor, pulled out Milo's masterpiece and handed it to Melanie. "Check this out," Teresa said.

"I have to go to the bathroom." ---- She came back from the bathroom and Melanie was thoroughly engrossed. Teresa sipped her wine and waited while Melanie continued reading, listening to her sister say 'Holy Shit' or 'Oh My God' under her breath a half a dozen times.

When she finished she put down the folder and took a slug of her wine. "Phew," she said, fanning her brow with her hand. "I need some air. This kid is not only gorgeous, but he can write! This is hot stuff." "I know. See my dilemma?" "I think so. You know he's a real talent so you don't want to report him and mess up his life. And because you're thinking about fucking him." With a tired smile Teresa shook her head."Leave it to you to just lay it all out there." "That's why you called me isn't it?" "I guess so.

Thanks." "So what are you going to do?" Melanie said. "I'm not sure," she shrugged. "I don't know whether I should turn him in or suck his cock." Melanie grinned.

"I'd put my money on the latter." ---- The next time Milo went to her class he could tell that Teresa was not herself. She seemed nervous and distracted.

She stammered here and there, cleared her throat a lot and lost her train of thought a couple times. When the class ended the students got up to leave and when he approached the front of the room she called to him. "Milo, may I speak to you for a moment?" Oh shit, here it comes, he thought. He walked up to her desk. He whiffed her luscious scent. "Could you come to my office tomorrow afternoon? We need to talk." "Uh, okay, sure. Am going to get kicked out of school?

Because if I am I'll make it easy on you and just quit. I don't want to put you in a bad position." Teresa smiled softly.

"Let's talk tomorrow, okay?" They would meet in her office at two o'clock. ---- When Teresa got to her house after picking up her daughter Henry was already home. This was very unusual. He never came home early. To her this was just more evidence that he was fooling around on her. Dinner was uneventful and the conversation was stilted and almost nonexistent. After cleaning up the kitchen they sat and watched TV for a while until it was time for her daughter to go to bed.

Soon thereafter Henry tried to seduce her but Teresa blew him off. She had papers to grade. Later when she climbed into bed Henry was snoring to beat the band.

Teresa lay there for some time unable to sleep. Her mind was racing. She was thinking about her cheating husband. She was thinking about Milo's paper and its graphic descriptions and the orgasm it had given her. And she was thinking about Milo. ---- Milo had no idea what to expect from his meeting with Teresa. The smile she gave him when he mentioned getting kicked out seemed tired, like maybe she was in a tough spot and wrestling with a tough decision.

He knew he'd been pushing his writing to the edge in his papers but he felt Teresa would appreciate his fearlessness. He also knew the last one was probably going too far as he was writing it, but he didn't care. It all had flowed through him effortlessly and with such intensity he couldn't stop. When he arrived at her office the door was open and Teresa was standing at the window looking out at the bright, sunny afternoon. Milo knocked on the door jamb, 'shave-and-a-haircut, two-bits'.

She turned to face him. Her blond hair was tied back and she was wearing her blue and white sundress and gold chain, which he thought was a good omen. She was bra-less too, he noticed. The thin cotton was hung-up on her right nipple. "Hello Milo, please come in. And shut the door, please." Milo stepped into her office and closed the door behind him. He took a step closer. She made no effort to sit down so neither did he. "You look great. I like what you're wearing," he said. "Thank you. I thought you would," she said, and smiled.

"Milo, I need you to do me a favor." "Okay," he said. "You are a very talented writer, but you've put me in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. From now on when you write your papers, play it straight, okay? No more pushing the envelope. No more innuendo or erotica. Will you promise me that?" "Sure I can do that. I can try, anyway. But you are my muse, and please know I didn't set out to write things to upset you or to go over the line.

It just seemed to come from somewhere else, through me and onto the paper." "Well, please try to control yourself.

Because it's a fine line and you've probably crossed it. I don't want to get into trouble. And I don't want you to get into trouble. Understand?" "Yes." "Good, because this has not been easy for me. Reading your last paper, I didn't know whether I was obligated to call administration and turn you in, or…" She paused for a moment.

"Turn me on?" Milo said nervously. Their eyes were glued. "Yeah," Teresa sighed. "Something like that." Milo inched closer. He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly traced them down both of her arms until he was holding her hands. Their fingers enmeshed and she squeezed his hands tight. "God, it feels so good to touch you," he said.

"I want to kiss you." She didn't say anything, she just peered into his eyes and waited. She nodded ever-so-slightly. Their mouths were melded in a nanosecond.

Lips apart, tongues flying, saliva oozing from the corners of their mouths. Hands wandered over heads and hair and necks and backs and asses. They kissed and groped for a couple minutes. Milo was hard and Teresa was wet. "Where is your apartment?" she asked, breathing hard. "Half a block from the campus gate," he replied. "A five minute walk." "Is it clean?" "Yes," he said. "I've had it ready for you for some time." "Is it private? Will we be alone?" "Yes," he guessed.

"My roommate is a cook at some frat. He's almost never there." "Okay. Let's go." They detached and she picked up her bag. Her nipples looked like Brazil Nuts poking through the thin fabric of her dress.

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Milo grabbed her hand and started to pull her along. Teresa wiggled out of his grip. "No," she said. "You go on. I'll follow." And so they did. ---- The door of Milo's apartment clicked shut behind them. They stood facing each other and both broke into smiles. Teresa put her bag on the floor next to a chair. "So," she said. "Here we are." "Yep," he replied.

"Here we are." "This is our secret, right?" "Right." "Good," Teresa said, and stepped into his arms. They kissed, gently at first, but it soon escalated into an aggressive mouth-fuck. Their tongues resumed what they'd started in Teresa's office and their bodies soon were plastered together and their hands roamed over hot fresh flesh. Milo felt her hands on the nape of his neck and lower back and slipping under his shirt.

He had one hand on the back of her head and eased the other up under the hem of her dress and gripped her bare ass for the first time. His cock hardened and he pulled her tight against his body so she'd feel it. "You kiss very well for a nineteen-year-old," Teresa said, when at last their faces parted. "I'll be twenty the end of next month." "Are you going to show me your bedroom?" "Oh yes, sorry. Come on, it's over here." Milo took her hand and led the way.

She didn't pull her hand away this time. The room was small, but big enough for a dresser, a small desk and chair and a frameless double bed, the box spring and mattress sitting right on the wood floor.

Good enough for what we're about to do, Teresa thought. She started unbuttoning Milo's shirt from the top down, then took it off and draped it over the back of the chair. She traced her fingers over the bare skin of his shoulders and chest and nipples.

"So, Milo," she said softly. "Are we going to follow the script the way you wrote it? Or can we improvise?" "Let's improvise." "Okay good," she said. "Because I would like to pick it up right where you left off." She pulled the chair out from under the desk and sat on it in front of him. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He wore no underwear. She pulled his pants down and his cock jumped out. It was beautiful, she thought. Long and thick, like a fresh cucumber ready to eat, and it stuck out like a sturdy tree branch from his trunk.

He was shaved, not a nub of pubic hair. She licked her lips, then the tip if it. She took the big boy into her mouth. Milo was standing with his pants bunched on the floor at his feet, and Teresa was seated before him sucking his cock. The thought of it blew his mind. Here I am, he thought, standing here, and this beautiful older woman has my dick in her mouth.

He had one hand on her shoulder and fondled her pony tail with the other. Then Teresa reached behind her head and removed her scrunchy, her wild, frizzy tresses fell loose, and his cock never came out of her mouth.

When her hair fell loose, Teresa cut loose. She put her hands on his ass and clenched it with a rabid force and pulled it to her and sucked his cock with the strength of a leech on steroids.

Milo meshed his fingers into her foxy locks and he held her head and swung his cock into her. Little by little more and more found its way into her mouth and soon she had just about all of it deep into her throat. Teresa gagged slightly but didn't stop, in fact she stepped it up a notch. Milo was amazed as he looked down at her head bobbing to and fro, the whole length of his cock disappearing into her mouth and reemerging, again and again, increasing speed as they went.

He held her head and fucked her face and he tried not to wince when her teeth scraped the sensitive skin of his cock, but he knew that was his fault not hers, because he was slinging it pretty good. Teresa half-hummed, half-moaned as she sucked and it sent a buzz through Milo's pecker.

It must have awakened a whole school of his spermatozoa because his balls knotted into little fists and squeezed and he felt his cum roil and start to rise. Two semesters and a summer's worth of his bottled-up love was about to spill out of him. Teresa heard it coming before she tasted it. Milo groaned deeply and dug his fingertips into her scalp. She backed off and let half his cock out of her mouth a split second before his lower body did a half-buckle and she felt the first stream fly into her throat.

Three, four, five more ropes of his cum followed, each slightly less explosive than the last. When Milo's body finally stopped vibrating Teresa removed his cock from her mouth.

She casually stood up and put the chair back under the desk. "Holy hell, Teresa, that was incredible. I've never come like that!" She smiled. Most of his sperm was now in her stomach but there were remnants left behind. She wiped a wad off of her chin and put it into her mouth. "Hmm, that's a lot of cum," she said. She kissed him and slid her tongue all over his so he could taste himself. She walked around the bed and kicked off her sandals. Then she effortlessly and without timidity unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, and hung it on a hanger from the top of the closet door.

Milo feasted his eyes on her body, naked except for a thin gold chain around her neck and a gold stud in her navel. And a skimpy red thong. "I'll let you take this off for me," she said softly, slipping her fingers under the fabric, touching her sex. She lay down on the bed and looked up at him. Milo pulled off his shoes, socks and pants. His dick still stood on end. "Now I want you to do everything you wrote about plus any other creative things that pop into your head," she said coyly.

He got onto the bed beside her and their bodies were instantly enwrapped. As they kissed Milo held her ass in his hands and ground his cock up against the red thong which was by now a limp, soaked sheath plastered onto her drippy lips.

They kissed long and slow and Milo's slippery fingers found their way into Teresa's crotch. He pushed the thong aside and two of his long fingers entered her; she oohed and ground her mound into his hand, forcing his fingers deeper inside her. Milo took his time, going south slowly, kissing her lips, then licking her neck, then sucking her nipples, savoring every second as if with every touch of his lips on her skin he was getting another hit of a habit-forming, time-released drug.

He must have sucked her tits for twenty minutes while his fingers did the walking down below. Teresa's body was a squirming, mumbling, titillated pile of pudding by the time Milo started trying to suck the gold stud out of her belly button. She had only a small triangular patch of pubic hair above her snatch. Milo didn't want it to feel left out so he kissed it and licked it and chewed on it for a couple minutes as Teresa's groin snaked around with his fingers lost inside her and his arm sticking out of her like a monstrous umbilical cord.

Milo maneuvered himself into position so he was on his knees between her spread legs. He slowly pulled his hand out of her pulsing pussy. His hand was soaked and greasy up to his wrist. He put his hands under her and grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand. He pulled her toward him until their thighs were flush and then lifted her bottom up until her crotch was almost touching his chin. Then he lowered his face into her and his tongue entered her and his mouth sucked on her and Teresa shrieked and looked up in amazement at his head buried between her legs like he was drinking from a giant goblet.

It was an awkward position but Teresa didn't mind as it did provide her with a pretty good view of the proceedings. This young man certainly knew how to use his mouth, and she could hardly lie still as her shivering, twitching torso attested to. But Milo hung on, his mouth clinging to her clit like a seasoned cowboy on a wild bull, and she twisted the bedspread between her clenched fists. Teresa felt her swollen hammer being sucked in and out of Milo's mouth and she squeaked when his fingertips slipped into the crack of her ass and pulled her buttocks apart.

That parked her right on the edge, and she now knew she would be falling over the edge at any moment. She wrenched her back and pushed her cunt harder against his open mouth. "That's it! Harder!" she moaned. Milo sucked her tool even harder and gave her three love bites in quick succession right before the flood. Teresa's hips did The Twist as she came but her gyrations couldn't shake Milo's lips loose. He hung on for dear life, his hands digging her ass and his lips chomping on her red hot chili pepper, and rode out the storm.

He sucked in her savory cum for the first time but it was a much bigger batch than he'd bargained for, so some of it he swallowed, some he held in his mouth and some of it backflowed out of his nose. His face and her crotch stayed locked in place until her body stopped twisting and rested. By now Milo's cock was rock. It was stretched to its max and ached for release. He moved atop her and didn't ask permission. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at Teresa's soaked gash.

She nodded. It was nice and wet and slippery but looser than he expected. Milo's cock was on the large side so he was used to tight cunts. That's the difference between girls and women, he guessed. He didn't waste any time; he put that out of his mind real quick and started fucking Teresa as hard as he could.

After about two strokes they were in perfect sync. He knew he wouldn't last long but he didn't care. He was finally fucking her! It wasn't more than two minutes of concussive banging before Milo planted his seeds.

He growled like a bull gator and out it came. It wasn't as big as the first one, but it was still a mighty load. It flew out of him and he felt Teresa's loose vagina squeezing him, coaxing out every drop. When he was emptied he let his body fall down next to hers, and with his cock relaxing inside her he held her tightly and they kissed. ---- "Can I ask you a question?" Teresa asked a few minutes later.

They were lying together in each others arms recovering from their workout. "Sure," Milo replied. "What?" "The red thong," she said. "You wrote about it in your paper. How did you know about that? Or was it just a guess?" "An educated guess," he said. "What do you mean?" "One time after class you bent down to pick up your bag and the bottom of your sweater rode up your back a couple inches above the top of your pants.

I was walking by your desk. I briefly saw a horizontal red strap that must have looped around your waist and a vertical red string I knew must have been threaded through the crack of your butt and connected to a red thong." "Ah, clever boy," she said.

Then added, "What about my tattoo? How did you come by that bit of information?" "I saw it on some old social media site, can't remember which one. It was sort of mentioned in passing.

Which reminds me, let me see that sucker!" He spun her body over in one quick motion so she was on her left side facing away. He scooched down behind her so his face was even with her ass. He kissed it.

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He licked it. He sucked it. He gave it a hickey. It was a multi-colored butterfly. On his teacher's ass. His new lover's ass. He did that for quite a while before his tongue found its way to her asshole. He licked her crack, her rim.

He stuck his tongue into her, jabbing, fucking. He did that for quite a while too. Teresa had never had a man's tongue in her asshole before but she was digging it. It felt weird at first but soon she was amazed at how erotic it was. And the longer Milo was back there tongue-fucking her the more turned-on she became. "God, that feels good," Teresa said. "You're going to make me come again." Milo moved his hand between her legs and slipped two fingers into her pussy. It was hot and soggy.

Teresa glanced at her watch. It was four-thirty already. "Oh shit," she said, "It's getting late. I'm going to have to get going…" She might as well have said 'Please fuck me in ten seconds or less'. Milo grabbed her right thigh and lifted it and wiggled his groin up between her legs. His cock was hard and ready to say a quick, hard goodbye to her juicy cunt.

He forced it through her legs and it found her wet, open lips and that quick he was fucking her from behind. Milo grunted with each powerful poke, stuffing it as far into Teresa as he could despite the awkward position. They were lying on their sides, the front of his body adhered with sweat to the back of hers, his dick in her cunt, his hand on her tits and his tongue in her ear.

As Milo speared her hard and quick Teresa stroked her clit like she was molding clay. It was a fast fuck. In less than a minute Teresa hissed and slithered like a snake and climaxed onto the bed cover. Milo's dick slipped out of her in the process so he rolled her onto her back and got on top and re-entered her.

She started to complain about the time so Milo covered her mouth with his and rammed his tongue into her mouth.

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He kissed her like that until he came. It only took about eight or nine good thrusts and then his cum was on the rise and he shot ropes of it deep inside her.

Their bodies were slick with perspiration when he rolled off of her. Teresa was up and out of bed instantly. "Sorry, Milo, but I have to go. I didn't know how late it was…" She went into the bathroom for a minute to try to clean up a little.

She washed her face and hands and did the best she could down below. She put her dress back on. They walked to the door. "Milo, I'm sorry I have to run off, but I need to be home when my daughter gets home." "I understand." "But this…" she said, and hesitated. "It was wonderful." Milo stepped close and kissed her. "When can I…" "Thursday, same time?" "It's a date." "Good. But Milo remember, this is our secret. And in class tomorrow…act like a stranger, okay.

No signs of affection." "Got it," he said. Teresa picked her bag up off the floor and put her clammy thong inside it. She looked at him, smiled and shook her head. "Today was nice, Milo. But you better wash your bed linens," she said. "I know," he laughed.

"They'll be all nice and clean for you. And then we can funk them up again." Milo opened the door and they kissed. "Do you have any lube?" Teresa said softly.

"No," he said. "Get some," she said with a wink. She turned and walked hurriedly away. ---- About an hour later Teresa was standing at her kitchen counter chopping celery for vegetable stew. She had rushed home from Milo's apartment, tossed her thong in the hamper and without changing clothes had gone into the kitchen to start dinner. As she chopped and sliced vegetables she could feel traces of Milo's cum trickling out of her and down her leg and would dab at them with a paper towel.

She had to be careful with the knife because her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking about him. About the care he took when he kissed her, when he sucked her breasts, when he went down on her, when he kissed her tattoo and licked her ass. He took his sweet time with all of it and worked her slowly to a frenzy. And her orgasms. God, such orgasms. But he didn't take his time when he fucked her.

She stopped slicing for a moment and closed her eyes, remembering, Milo on top of her, Milo behind her, ramming his cock into her like a possessed madman. She shivered and another drop of his cum dribbled out of her. It's official, she thought. I'm having an affair. I'm cheating. With a much-younger student. I'm just as bad as Henry. But God it felt good. And she already knew it would become a habit. At least the semester is almost over, that's a relief; in three and a half weeks he won't be my student anymore.

As soon as she got the pot on the stove she went to take a shower, colder than usual. ---- The next day in class Teresa tried not to look at Milo but she couldn't help herself and stole glances here and there.

And whenever she did Milo was smiling at her. In fact he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her face, her tits, her crotch. He stroked his cock while he thought about what they'd done the day before and what they would do tomorrow. ---- The next day, right at two o'clock, there was a knock on Milo's apartment door. He'd been peeking through the curtain and had seen Teresa approaching.

"Come in," he called. The door opened and Teresa walked in. She looked great as usual. Her hair was long and wild and loose and she wore a sleeveless fuck-me denim jumpsuit with a zipper in the front. She looked at Milo and burst out laughing. He was standing there naked except for a red thong wrapped around his bulge. "Like it?" he asked. "Marvelous!" she said, and walked over and kissed him and took his bulge in her hand.

"Nice package." "You look hot," he said. "Good enough to eat." "That's the idea." They went into the bedroom and into each others' arms. Milo kissed her neck as he unzipped her to her crotch. She wiggled her shoulders free and the jumpsuit fell to the floor in a heap. She wore nothing else except her jewelry. "Two hours," she said. "Huh?" "Two hours tops. Then I have to go. I can't get home late again." "Oh, okay," he said. He pulled her onto the bed and pressed his cock, already a stiff arrow pointing north out of the skimpy thong, against her.

"This time we're going by the book." And that's what he did. Step by step…slowly…just as he'd written it. He kissed her, his tongue doing a deep dive in her mouth while her breast was in his hand and her nipples enlarged and hardened with his touch. He licked her necklace all the way around and kissed and sucked his way down the entire length of her body: her tits, her navel, her legs, her feet, and did the same when he slowly worked his way back up. He ate her and sucked on her clit like it was cough drop until she came in his face.

He moved up beside her and with his face slick with her cum watched as her left hand, the diamond on her ring finger sparkling in the afternoon light, held his cock and fed it into her pussy.

He pounded her into the mattress until his swollen member launched his semen into her. They rested arms in arms for a short time but before long kissing resumed and friskiness returned.

Teresa felt Milo's cock, hard again against her, and went down. She rammed her finger up his ass while she sucked him. He squawked loudly but it felt good. His asshole was getting a hot workout and his cum exploded out of him into her mouth. As soon as he came and with Teresa's finger up his ass, he was thinking about putting his dick up hers.

But the two hours were up. Teresa glanced at her watch. "Time to go," she said. Milo said, 'Oh Shit', and pointed to the tube of lube on the table next to the bed. "Oh well," she said. "Next time." ---- Every Tuesday and Thursday they would meet for a couple hours of afternoon delight. And after every episode Teresa would go home tired and raw and exhilarated, after taking in loads of Milo's cum, in her pussy and her mouth and her ass. The first time Milo buttfucked her she was a little bit afraid.

His fingers and tongue felt great up there, but Milo's cock would be the largest thing by far to ever go up her ass. But he lubed her asshole up until it was dripping, and his cock too.

She howled as he forced it in, and it burned as it stretched her to unseen widths, but she gradually adapted. But now she looked forward to his fingers up there when they fucked, and treasured when he'd lick her and tongue her back there, taking his good, sweet time, because she knew once he put his cock up there he was going to fuck it like he was trying to pound her into the next room. She loved the feeling afterward too: the squishiness of his cum in her asshole, the outward ooze of it, and her achy sphincter as it shriveled back to size.

She would play with her asshole and stick things up there when she was alone. Teresa found herself thinking about Milo all the time. She craved his cock and the way he made love to her. Slowly, always taking his time, tasting every inch of her body until she came, and her orgasms were intense. Then he'd fuck her brains out. When Henry would fuck her on the weekends it was always bland by comparison, man-on-top-get-it-overwith style, but she'd pretend it was Milo on top of her ramming his big dick into her and then reach her climax.

Once she knew it was turning into an ongoing thing, Teresa told her sister that she and Milo were having sex. "No surprise," Melanie said. "How is it?" "Well, let me say this: He not only looks incredible. He IS incredible." "Ooh, do tell!" "I don't know what to say. He's an animal. He does anything and everything in any position. He's wildly passionate but very efficient." "Wildly passionate but efficient," Melanie said.

"Hmm, what does that mean?" "I don't know. There's not an inch of me, inside or out, where he hasn't been. With his fingers, his tongue, his…" "Okay, Sis, I get the idea. You're making me jealous." "Fucking him is all I think about.

It's like I'm on drugs or something." ---- In a few weeks the semester ended and once grades were issued Teresa relaxed because Milo was no longer her student. She gave him an A of course, but he'd earned that fair enough even without the extra credit. They added many Saturdays onto their libidinal calendar. They'd have lunch and then go fuck off the calories. The first time Milo persuaded her to fuck in her office.

She didn't really want to but she went along with it. He did her in her chair and she sucked him on her desk. He fucked her from behind as she looked out the window. She was a nervous wreck the whole time and the small room smelled pretty funky by the time they were through. They laughed about it later, but the next time went back to the safety of Milo's apartment.

Milo became very motivated toward his schoolwork. It seemed the more he fucked Teresa the more driven he became, like one fed off the other. He took a class over the winter session, and added an extra class the next semester. Then two classes in each summer session.

He made a goal to graduate in another year and a half and he mapped it out on the wall of his bedroom. The closer Teresa got to her doctorate the more dedicated he became and the harder he worked, like he was trying to catch up with her or else she'd get away. His life became class, study and fucking her. And lunch on Saturdays. Over the next year their lovemaking was as regular as clockwork.Teresa studied and took care of her daughter and had Milo three afternoons a week.

It took her mind off of her gimpy marriage. One time they were lying in bed after another massive afternoon of sweaty sex. Teresa harrumphed. "You know something?" she said. "What?" "All we do is eat and fuck." "Huh? What do you mean?" "All this time, that's all we do.

We fuck. Sometimes we eat first." "Are you complaining, are you unhappy? I'd love to wine you, and dine you and show you off to the world. But your situation is kind of complicated…" "I know, I know. And I look forward to our time together, believe me.

Just making an observation." "What would happen if I told you I loved you?" Milo said, frog firmly in throat. "I almost have a hundred times." Teresa looked at him with a sad smile and brushed his cheek lightly with her fingers. "Let's just fuck, okay?" she said. "Love would be much too complicated." ---- Teresa was three weeks away from receiving her doctorate when the shit hit the fan. What she knew had been true for quite some time blew up in her face and would change her life, as well of the lives of her daughter, her husband and Milo.

Henry got his cheating ass in trouble at his college and was given a choice of resigning or being fired. He chose to resign. It seems the old boy found himself in the middle of a love triangle. The young gal he was boinking had a jealous ex-boyfriend and he turned him in. Teresa's life was turned into instant chaos.

She was wrapping up her classes and studying for finals. She had an active daughter to take care of and had a lot of explaining to do. She was separating from her philandering husband. And a sad byproduct of it all was that she went from a thrice-weekly bronco ride with Milo and a routine weekend romp with Humping Henry to zilch. ---- Milo was crushed. He was now a summer session away from entering graduate school and he was a slam dunk for acceptance and position as a TA.

He'd lost his inspiration, his mentor, his lover almost instantly. They met only one time after the news of Henry, and it was to say Goodbye. They were in the cafe by the bookstore and both had tears in their eyes. He tried to get her back to his apartment one last time but it didn't happen. It was over. She said it had to be. She was leaving, she said. Taking her daughter and leaving.

Henry was begging her to stay, he said he would change. But she was just as bad as he, she just hadn't been caught. She'd applied for a teaching position at a small college a few hours away and had been told she could expect an offer of employment. Maybe we can keep in touch, Milo said. Maybe, maybe not. In other words, not. ---- Milo limped his way through the summer.

He had an ache in his stomach. It was the same kind of ache he'd described in his essay about Love only a hundred times worse. He believed he had a whole new meaning for the word. In the fall he received a greeting card from Teresa. It was a simple congratulations for getting into grad school. There was no return address. Not long after that he got a phone call from a number he didn't recognize.

He picked up anyway. "Hello, Milo, this is Melanie. Do you remember me?" "Teresa's sister. Sure, I remember." "I know we don't really know each other. I got your number from Teresa. I wanted to say congratulations. She told me you graduated in three years and are now a graduate student. That's very impressive." "Thank you. Teresa was a lot of help; she was a big influence on me." "I know." "Oh?" "She told me about you, how talented you are…and your relationship.

And I know it's been hard…on both of you. And I know she really cares for you. But…it all became too much, I guess. I'm sorry." "She sent me a card, that was nice. But it's pretty obvious she doesn't want to stay in contact. But, who knows what the future might bring." "She went back with Henry, you know," Melanie said with a slight rasp. "They're back together." "Oh," he said.

After a pause he added, "He'll do it again, you know. Guys like that always do." "I know," she sighed. "Maybe she will too." ---- Milo became integrated seamlessly into grad school life. He was an excellent student and well-liked by the faculty and staff. There were plenty of ladies he found himself attracted to, but he felt it best to restrain himself from that for the time being. He was hurting. Plus, most everyone around the department found out what had gone on between him and Teresa, despite their efforts at discretion.

Their secret was out. In fact it almost gave him an elevated status because they had managed to pull it off for so long. Milo was hired as a TA and taught his first section of English Composition during the spring semester.

It went very well. He maintained an A average in his studies and received good reviews for teaching. In the fall he would be assigned two sections to teach. He attended a writer's workshop over the summer and he got to know a woman he'd seen around the English Department. She was several years older and obviously attracted to him. They hit it off, spent time together and ended up in bed. But after a couple of torrid weeks it died a sudden death when she told him her boyfriend was coming to town.

'Oh great, now I have a reputation as a guy you can have on the side', Milo thought to himself. But it felt good to get laid again. Since Teresa dumped him he'd been largely uninterested in the opposite sex but it was about time he got back in the saddle.

---- It was the first day of the fall semester and Milo had just wrapped up teaching his introductory class of one of his English Composition sections. Twenty-four first-semester freshmen waiting to be tortured and enlightened.

He was packing his materials into his briefcase as the classroom emptied. He noticed there was one student lagging behind, a girl who was seated in the back. He looked up as she approached him. She was a knockout, with a pretty face, seductive brown eyes with long lashes and a killer body dressed completely in black. She wore a tight, black sleeveless shirt with firm titties sticking straight out. Black jeans, skin-tight with an outline of her cameltoe in her crotch, tucked into black leather heeled boots.

Long brunette hair down to her ass. "Hi, I wanted to introduce myself," she said, shaking his hand. "My name is Lisa." "Hello, Lisa," he said. "Welcome to English Composition.

It's a pleasure to meet you." "Nice to meet you as well. I think you know my Mom." "I do?" he asked with puzzlement. "Yes. Her name is Melanie. You were a student of her sister, my Aunt Teresa." "Ah, yes, I remember. A very nice person, your mother." "That's what she said about you." "I'm glad to hear that." "And that's not all she said." 'Oh great, here it comes', Milo thought.

'Even this kid knows the story!'. "Oh really," he said, as he latched his case shut. "And what else did she say?" "She said you are good-looking, you are a good writer, so you are probably a good teacher." "Well, that's flattering, Lisa. I hope I can live up to the hype," he said with a chuckle. "She also told me you are very charming and to not let you seduce me." "Your mother said that?" Milo said incredulously. "Yep. But don't worry," Lisa said. "I never listen to her." Milo just stared at her.

He felt a tingling sensation on the flesh of his arms and neck. "Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself," Lisa said as she turned to leave.

"And let you know that I'm looking forward to this semester." Milo shook his head and he watched Lisa's hair brushing the top of her tight little ass as she walked out of the classroom.

"So am I," he said softly to himself. ******