Brunette teen minx in stockings rub pussy

Brunette teen minx in stockings rub pussy
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Introduction to Bondage part 1 It had been two long years since Tony went to prison and Riley had been getting lonely. She'd been waiting for so long; and self satisfaction could only get you so far. It wasn't only two years that she'd been waiting though, it had been four years since she had been dominated properly.

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The last Master she'd had hadn't even been permanent, he was just a teacher. Someone to show her the ropes,literally. It had all started when she was at Grad school at Yale Law and took a sex health and decision making class to meet her human resources requirement.


Her final project was worth 25% of her grade and she would not accept anything less than her best from herself. So she decided to put her all into something way of of her comfort zone, BDSM, she was so used to being in control in her normal day to day life that she knew letting go would be hard. But she spent so many days in a room with her master being trained, beat, punished, pleasured, whipped, and worshipped. She did her presentation for the class and was pleasantly surprised when she walked in the room wearing a mid-thigh length black trench coat, thigh hate black stockings with black lace garters and 5 inch stilettos, with glossy red bottoms.

"They think this is hot, just wait until I take off the trench coat." Riley thought. So while doing her oral presentation she was playing with the tie on the coat. When her teacher asked her where her video was for the demonstration, she took a slow deep breath and said, "There is no video I'm going to do a live demonstration, I just need a volunteer." Nobody rose their hand so she slowly undid the tie and slid the sleeves down her arms, and it pooled around her heels on the floor.

There she stood wearing a black lace corset,lace boy-shorts, a matte red lipstick, black lace garters, black stockings and 5 inch red bottoms. Slowly she started to see hands rise, 7 of the males in the class were looking at her with unbridled lust and for the first time she felt noticed,sexy, and powerful. She knew that she could have them eating out of the palm of her hand if she wanted too. Hell she could have them eating out her pussy if she wanted too.

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So slowly she started walking around the classroom, the only sound being heard was the click clack of her heals. She paused in front of her first and only choice,he had dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes.

Ever since the first day of class when she'd laid eyes on him she'd wanted him, and now she felt like she finally had him within her grasp. So she took his hand and lead him to the front of the class and sat him in a chair. As he looked up at her she noticed the slight darkening of his already chocolate brown eyes, he was getting hornier and hornier by the second. So she met his eyes and told him firmly to "Stay." He blinked at her and straightened a little and said with with a smirk,"Yes ma'am." A few of the guys in the room chuckled and gave each other high-fives.

She walked over and grabbed the rope out of her black bag of goodies. She walked back over to him and motioned for him to put his arms behind his back. She started by binding his upper arms together and then his elbows and then his wrists. She tied them the way she'd been taught, tight enough to leave marks and with enough pressure that if left on long enough they would cut off the circulation and turn the arms a nice blue.

She looked in his eyes and said,"Tight enough for you?" She gave a sensuous smile, and slowly walked back to her bag and grabbed her blindfold, a flail,a flog, a feather, and a cane. As she laid the objects on the table she told the class what each one was. She picked up the blindfold and slowly strolled back to the chair, looked into the chocolate eyes and said," Are you okay with this?" He nodded and she slipped the blindfold over his hair and covered those chocolate eyes.

She waved a hand in front of his face to make sure he couldn't see, once she was satisfied he couldn't she walked over to the table again and grabbed the cane. She smacked the table with the cane and he flinched at the sound.She put the cane back on the table with a little smile,"Maybe not the first time." She grabbed the flog and walked over to the chair and said,"Stick out your hands, palms up." He put his hands out and she tenderly smacked his palms slowly one hand at a time.

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Left then right, left then right, harder and harder each time. He started flinching in preparation for each strike and by then a little sheen of sweat had found its way to her top lip.

He was still flinching waiting for her to strike when she stopped. He was breathing hard and his hands were a very bright red. She started to blow on his hands lightly and kissed them softly.

She dropped his hands and walked back to her table the clacking of her heels the only audible sound in the room. You could almost hear everyone's breath as if they were all anticipating what she was going to do next. She grabbed the feather and slowly played with it, she drug it across her breasts and her arms and her neck enjoying the tickling sensation as she made her way back to him.

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He heard her heels and her sighs of pleasure but that was it. He waited for her to start touching him, his hands clenching and unclenching almost as if he was dreading what was going to happen. She slowly raised her hand and brushed the side of his face lightly with her fingertips. He moaned and tilted his face towards her hand. Ever so slowly she replaced her fingertips with the feather and slid it around his face, tracing his eyes, and hi ears, sweeping down the bridge of his nose, and slowly outlining his lips.

He chuckled and tried to turn his face.

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She grabbed it roughly and applied a delicious pressure to his cheek bones and said,"Stay," harshly,and she slapped his face briskly. She continued trailing the feather down his body, down his chin, sweeping over his Adam's apple and stopping where the sweat was pooling in his collar-bone. She looked down to where his hands were still waiting, palms still up, as if in offering.

She trailed the feather across his palms, first one then the other, up each finger and back down. Then she stopped, and the absence of sensation was almost as potent as the presence of it. She turned to the class and said in a husky voice,"that is domination, while it ca. Be harsh at times between consenting partners it can also be sensuous and sweet." She turned to the man in the chair and took off his blindfold.

His eyes were wild and his skin was covered in a glistening sheen of sweat.

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"You forgot one", he said. She tilted her hair and said,"I forgot one what?" "You forgot to use the flail," he said. "That's a little too brutal to demonstrate for the class.

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Besides you couldn't handle it the way I dish it out. I only go as hard as I can take it and I can take it very hard," she said with a wink. He sighed but accepted her decision, then looked at her with a little grin and said, "So can you untie me now?" She walked over to him and took off the ropes, a lot easier than they went on. Turned around to the room and asked, "Any questions?" She fielded questions from the class.

Some were inappropriate and others were openly curious. Some people wanted to know where she went to learn this and others just wanted to offer themselves as study partners. Finally the bell rang as people were packing up and getting ready to leave, a piece of paper with a number was out in front of her. She looked up and there he stood, the man with the dark hair and chocolate eyes, eyes that were staring into her soul and seeing something they liked.

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"So if you'd ever like to get together and show me the things you can't while in front of a classroom give me a call," he said and walked away. She gazed after him longingly and said," I may take you up on that." She got her stuff together and walked out the door, she couldn't be late Master would want all the details.