Ich möchte cum verkettete Hündin mit Vibe fickt sich selbst camg8

Ich möchte cum  verkettete Hündin mit Vibe fickt sich selbst camg8
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It had been an absolutely crap day at work, but I was finally off with a long weekend on the horizon. Rather than go straight home, I decided I'd head over to a local park to enjoy a cold beer and the cool night air. I pulled in and, as expected, there was nobody around. I drove to the back of the park to one of two covered shelters, each with a long, concrete picnic table down the center. In addition to being a nice, quiet place to chill for a while, this park — and this shelter in particular — was a well-known cruising area.

Guys, girls and couples would come from several surrounding communities to play or hook up. I'd been sitting on top of the picnic table and was starting on my second brew when I heard a commotion coming up the long asphalt drive. I looked out and, in the half-light from the streetlight down the road, saw a petite form stomping up the tarmac.

I could half hear the person mumbling in what sounded like a female voice. "Bastard!" I heard clearly, followed by other, similar expletives. Definitely a female voice, I thought. Sounded young, too. Apparently the girl — for that's who it was — obviously didn't see my dark colored truck parked under an adjacent tree. She stomped right into the shelter and looked to be about to kick the table when she saw me sitting there.

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"Shit!" she exclaimed. "Where the hell did you come from?" "I've been here all along," I replied, calmly. "You just didn't see me." "That beer?" the girl asked, relaxing some and pointing to the bag sitting on the table. "Yeah," I said, reaching inside and pulling out a can. "Want one?" "I'm not supposed to drink," she said.

"I'm too young. Of course I want one." I looked at the girl again. My initial estimation of her age was way off. Petite didn't even begin to describe this girl.

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She was tiny. A blond, she was wearing a pair of flip-flops with no socks, her thin, coltish legs leading upwards to a very small, tight pair of denim shorts that hugged her slender thighs leaving a delicious-looking gap of about 1-inch in the crotch. On top, she wore a tight, white ribbed tank top that was at least one size too small for her, accenting the begging swell of conical, developing breasts. "So, what brings you out here so late at night?" I asked.

"I'm George, by the way. What's your name?" "I'm Amanda," she said between sips of beer. "I had to get out of the house. My boyfriend cheated on me tonight. And I was going to give him my cherry, too! The bastard!" Hmm, I thought. "That sucks," I said. "How'd you find out?" The story began to unfold. Turns out her boyfriend, all of 17-years-old, told her he'd pick her up after he got off work and they'd go somewhere to "hang out." Instead, about 30 minutes after the appointed time, Amanda received several text messages, which included several photos and even a video of another girl, first sucking his cock then getting fucked.

"See!" she said. Amanda pulled out her phone and sat up close to me on the table, flipping through the images.

"Watch this." She pushed a few more buttons and, sure enough, there was another, young-looking blond, happily spread out on a table somewhere, getting pounded. She kept moaning, "Fuck me with your big cock! You like my virgin pussy? Yeah, fuck me." I stifled a laugh as I looked at the video. Arousing as it was watching some teenage boyo fucking away, the blood on his cock testifying to the fact he'd just deflowered this young bimbo, his cock was nothing to write home about.

It looked to be maybe 5-inches tops with a decent girth, but it must have been satisfying to a young virgin. The video went on for about a minute, with this girl getting banged for all she was worth. Her tiny tits, not much bigger than Amanda's, were bouncing around like crazy on her chest with each thrust. About halfway through the video, the boy pulled out of her pussy, flipped her over and drove back inside. The girl's ass, though slender, was perfectly rounded and firm as only a young girl's ass can be.

He only managed about 10 strokes in this position.

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The show ended with him pulling out and shooting a decent sized load up her back and on her little bubble butt. My cock, by this time, was hard as a rock. I tried to adjust myself for more comfort without being noticed, but I wasn't successful.

"That little bitch is turning you on, isn't she?" Amanda accused. "Not her so much as what's going on," I said. "Admit it. If it wasn't your boyfriend cheating on you, wouldn't watching some girl get rogered turn you on, too?" "Yeah, I guess," she said.

"Watching people fuck is kinda a turn on. I've watched people fuck here before, you know." "Really?" I said, placing my hand on her knee in a conspiratorial manner. "Tell me about it." Her leg trembled slightly at the touch of my hand, but she didn't pull away.

Amanda lived in one of the trailers adjacent to park. One night about a year ago, she'd heard noises in the woods outside her open window. When she looked, she couldn't see anything, so decided to investigate. Wearing just her nightclothes — a tank top and panties, she said — and flip-flops, she sneaked out of the trailer and into the woods.

After looking around for a few minutes, she heard the rustling again, accompanied by a very distinct moan. Peaking around a tree, she saw three guys, one standing and two kneeling on the ground in front, sharing his cock back and forth.

The guy getting his cock sucked was holding a small flashlight, illuminating the faces of the two kneeling men as they took turns swallowing his wood. To her surprise, the standing man suddenly ripped his cock from the mouth of the man on the left, grabbed it and fisted his load across both upturned faces. The sight left her confused, but turned on, as she crept back into her house and rubbed out her first self-induced orgasm in her bed.

"I've been coming out here three or four times a month, watching people fuck," Amanda said, reaching into the bag for another beer. "It's sooo hot! The other night, I watched some white guy blowing a black guy right here on the table. It looked like the black guy shot this like humungous load all over the white guy's face!

I played with myself for hours over that." I again had to stifle a laugh. Unknown to me at the time, Amanda had in fact been a witness to my last adventure at the park. And she was right. The guy, a college kid I'd just happened upon after work last week, had shot a massive load, filling my mouth and covering my face and chest in his thick, hot, delicious cum.

"That's why I'm out here tonight," Amanda said, a bit quieter now. "I'd decided I wanted to get fucked today. So I'm here to fuck! You wanna fuck me?" I was taken aback for a second. Sure, I was fondling her leg. But I never thought a girl her age would want to fuck with a guy my age. Much less would offer it so openly.

"You're a virgin, right?" I asked, growing serious. "Do you still have your cherry?" "Yeah," Amanda replied, just as seriously. "I've never had anything in my coochie before. But I really want to not be a virgin any more. Please, fuck me!" "Amanda, you know it will probably hurt the first time, right?" I asked. "My cock is somewhat, um, larger than your boyfriend's is." "EX-boyfriend," she said, emphatically.

"I don't care. I can take it." I looked at her for a second. She was staring right back at me, an almost frightening look of determination on her face. I told her to stand up and she slid down from the table to stand between my legs.


My eyes had adjusted to the low light level and I could clearly see her nipples, poking through the fabric of her shirt. They were about the size of pencil erasers and appeared to be just as hard. I reached out and ran my hand gently up her side, starting at her hip, and up to her left breast bud. I flicked my thumb over the tiny, rubbery protrusion, eliciting a light moan from her young throat.

"Oooh," she moaned.

"That makes my coochie tingle." I grabbed the hem of her shirt in both hands, drawing it slowly up and over her head. Amanda raised her arms to help me and soon stood before me, topless.

I couldn't tell for sure in the dark, but her nipples looked to be a shade or two darker than the flesh of her young breasts, which stood high and perfectly round on her thin torso. "God," I breathed. "You're beautiful. It would be my honor to deflower you." Amanda grinned at me. With the enthusiasm of youth, she attempted to climb into my lap, fumbling with the zip on my trousers. "Whoa," I said. "Slow down. Let's do this right." The youngster squealed as I picked her up bodily with my hands around her waist, spun around on the seat, and deposited her on the table in front of me.

Running my hands up her back, I leaned in, pulled her face to mine and locked my lips on hers. Her eyes flew open as my tongue probed at her mouth, which tasted of cherry lip-gloss. Fitting, I thought. Amanda quickly got with the program, out tongues battling inside our clenched mouths, swapping spit back and forth as I unbuttoned my shirt and shed it to the ground behind me.

I kissed my way around and down, nibbling on her earlobe as she locked her hands around my neck. I gently bit her neck, eliciting another squeal and moan, as I cupped her tiny ass in my hands. She groaned as I nibbled and sucked on her throat, marking her as mine. I continued my journey downward, across her collarbone to her tiny, lemon-drop tits, sucking a nipple hard into my mouth, scraping my teeth across her delicate flesh.

My mouth, teeth and tongue were constantly in motion as I drove this young girl to heights she'd never experienced before.

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She moaned and pawed at my head. Amanda pulled my hair, pressed me tighter against her young breast. Her back arched as she groaned deep in her throat. "Oh, my God!" she moaned. "God, don't stop! Suck my boobies! God, that feels good!" But I had other ideas. I pressed her back on the table.

I trailed my lips down her abdomen to the waistband of her denim shorts. I tickled and licked around her navel, and then I lifted her legs up and into the air. I bypassed her crotch completely. Instead, I bit the back of her thighs, left and right, then trailed my tongue up to the sensitive spot behind her knees. Amanda at this point almost came unglued. Her hips thrust at the air, a heavenly odor of her arousal flowed from her denim-covered crotch.

I ran my fingers down her legs and to her hidden pussy. The crotch of her shorts was soaked as if she'd pissed herself. But the smell clearly said hot, wet pussy and aroused teenager. "What have you done, sexually?" I asked her.

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"Have you ever seen or touched a guy's cock?" "Umm, yeah," she said. "Of course. I've even sucked a couple guys off before." "Show me," I said.

I stood up and Amanda started to rise from her prone position.

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I stopped her with my hand on her bare chest. "No," I said. "My way." Taking her by the shoulders, I slid Amanda to the end of the table until her head hung down. She looked up and me, not quite understanding, until I stepped around to her head and let my jeans drop to the ground.

I was commando and my hard cock popped upwards to slap against my gut. Her eyes got wide as she got her first look at my cock. I don't know if it was the biggest one she'd ever seen, but it had to be impressive and a little threatening to a girl her age.

Overall, I'm 6-foot-6, 300 pounds of solid muscle. Hard, I'm a little over 7-inches. But it's the girth that gives most people male and female pause. It's more than two fingers my fingers across at the widest point. "Um, I don't know," Amanda said, real fear in her eyes now. "I don…mmmph." "Too late now, little girl," I said as I muffled her protest by pushing the head of my cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched tight around the head. She made a gurgling sound as I pressed gently but firmly forward.

"Relax, baby," I said, stroking her face and throat. "Breathe." I ran my hands slowly down her body, teasing her nipples with my fingertips, tickling her sides as I slowly stroked the first couple inches of cock in and out of her mouth. Amanda moaned as I tweaked her tiny breasts, which had all but disappeared into her girlish chest in her prone position.

She really seemed to like it when I pinched and pulled on her nubbins, which elicited excited moans from deep in her throat, vibrating the head of my cock. I continued slowly stroking her mouth as I resumed my journey down her body. She twitched as I popped the snap on her jeans, slid the zipper down and parted the heavy denim.

As I'd expected, Amanda wore a pair of plain white, little girl cotton panties. I played around the elastic stretched around her hips before dipping my fingers inside. She moaned again as my fingertips brushed through her sparse, downy soft public hair. Her hips rotated upwards as she tried to increase the pressure of my fingers in her crotch. I went with her, though, teasing her in my own time.

I pressed more of my cock into her mouth until I felt the tip hit the top of her throat. Amanda gagged slightly at the first contact and I repeated the admonition to relax. "When you feel like you're going to gag, swallow around the head," I told her. "Take a deep breath and try again." I pressed forward again, feeling her throat constrict again before she could swallow.

I now had more than half my cock in her mouth and I wasn't confident I could get the rest in. It didn't matter, though.

Her hot, teen mouth felt amazing as it gripped the head and shaft of my rod. Meanwhile, I continued teasing around her tiny snatch, pulling the tiny hairs on her mons, teasing her clit with my fingertips.

Her pussy and the crotch of her panties were soaked, coating my fingers with her little girl juices. My cock throbbed as it stretched her lips. "Please!" she moaned as I pulled my cock from her mouth.

"Please, fuck me! I don't care if it hurts! Just, please fuck me!!" But I had to taste that virgin pussy first. I sat back down at the table, spun her around and stripped her shorts and panties up and off her legs.

In the dim light, I could see her pale, naturally blond pubic curls. I leaned in and inhaled her essence, a mixture of sweet and sour, so clean. The scent of her was one thing. But the taste, as I extended my tongue and licked slowly from bottom to top, was sheer ambrosia. Overcome, I literally attacked her pussy. I latched onto her mound with my lips and drove my tongue as far inside her tight vaginal tunnel as I could. Just inside the petite inner lips I encountered that delicate bit of flesh closing off the gates of Heaven from the outside world.


Running the tip of my tongue around the tiny opening in her hymen caused her hips to buck hard against my face. "Argh!" she cried. "What are you doing?


God, what are you doing to me!!!" Amanda launched into immediate orgasm. Her thighs clamped tightly around my head. She humped like a girl possessed at my face, bruising her labia against my lips.

Her fingers curled into my hair for leverage as she rode my tongue. As quick as it started, her cum subsided. Amanda collapsed back onto the cold stone of the table, her body limp as a rag doll. But I wasn't done yet. I continued orally stimulating her pussy, drinking up her copious juices. I extended my reach, tickling her tiny rosebud asshole with just the tip of my tongue.

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This ramped her reaction up to another level. Amanda almost immediately went from post-orgasmic stupor to clenching, clutching, humping arousal. "Oh, shit!" she cried. "That's my ass! Your tongue's in my ass!" I stood and pressed her thin legs back until her knees were touching the table either side of her head. This opened her pussy and ass to my oral assault and I truly went to town.

I reached around her folded body and gripped her nipples, adding one more layer of sensation to her over-stimulated body. "No more!" she moaned. "Stop! I can't take any more! Please, stop!" I ignored her pleas, driving my tongue further into her pussy and asshole.

The tiny girl was cumming almost constantly now as I carried her higher and higher, a slight feather borne away on the winds of ecstasy.

I started working my way around to the end of the table, taking Amanda with me as I went, until her ass was hanging off the end in perfect position for entry. I continued licking and probing her pussy and ass as I positioned her. As her body convulsed again in orgasm, really a never-ending continuation of the same release, I lifted my juice soaked face from her center, fisted my cock into position and drove forward. Amanda's eyes flew open as I broke through her virgin barrier.

Her lips pulled back and her jaw dropped in a silent scream as I pressed forward into her previously unplumbed depths. Slowly but with steady pressure, I buried my cock balls deep in her thin, waif-like body. She was, for the time being, unable to speak. All she could do was make guttural, animal like noises as I started slowly extracting my cock. Even in the dim illumination of the far-off streetlights, I could see her virgin blood black as the sky above us coating my cock I pulled out until just the head remained inside then, without pause, reversed direction.

I set up a slow, steady rhythm, in and out of her oh-so-tight pussy. It felt more like a hand gripping my cock than any other vagina I'd ever felt before. Even the few virgins I'd initiated into the joys of intercourse growing up hadn't been as tight as this girl-child. With each thrust, Amanda would emit an "Umph" sound from deep in her throat.

As the grip of her vaginal muscles relaxed ever so slightly around the shaft of my cock I started increasing the speed and intensity of our fucking. The only sounds on the still night air were crickets, accompanying the wet slapping of my cock and balls on her ass and her consequent groans and moans of pleasure. Finally, after a couple of minutes of steady stroking, Amanda began to thrust against me. Almost imperceptibly at first, but rapidly increasing, she met me thrust for thrust until she was slamming up onto my cock as hard as I was fucking downward into her.

"Fuck," she moaned. "Oh, yeah, fuck me, fuck me Fuck Meee FUCK MEEEE!" Her pussy convulsed, almost pinching the blood off to my cock, as she came one last time. That was all I could take as, her pussy muscles rippling along the shaft of my cock, I felt my balls draw up and belch forth a massive load of cum. It tore through the shaft to rocket out, deep into her immature womb in stream after stream of liquid heat.

"I feel you cumming!" Amanda cried. "Oh, fuck! It's so hot! I'm cumming, too!" "Yeah, baby," I groaned to her. "I feel you. Feel you cumming around my hard cock." Amanda humped up at me one last time, then collapsed back onto the cold stone of the table, warmed now by our heated humping.

Spent, I slumped forward, coming to rest on my forearms to keep from squishing her tiny body, my cock twitching as it deflated slowly within her snatch. We were still, together, for an unknown period of time before I could muster the energy to lift myself off her prone, unresponsive body. She groaned as I stood up, my still semi-hard cock pressing deep into her pussy before I slowly slid from her core.

My cock fell from the mouth of her vagina with an audible "plop," followed by a steady stream of cum mixed and tinged with her virgin blood. Even in the half-light, I could see the pink tint of the combined juices, which dripped from her gaping, well-fucked vagina.

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I left her lie there for a moment. I walked, naked, back to my truck and grabbed my camera. Returning to the table, I documented an unconscious Amanda's delicate, teenaged form, including several amazing close-ups of her still open pussy with our combined juices leaking onto the concrete tabletop.

Gently, lovingly, I redressed her. I moved her still-unresponsive form off the tabletop to the far bench, where she couldn't be seen from the road.

I didn't want her exposed, helpless to be ravaged by anyone who happened along. In addition to my regular cellular phone, I owned a "burn phone" and e-mail address which had no connection to my real life. The last thing I did before heading home for a night of much-needed rest was write that contact information down and slip it into her pocket.

I awoke the next morning and turned on the news. I listened as I made a pot of coffee. Nothing about a young teen found unconscious and dripping cum in the park.

As I poured my first cup, my computer signaled an incoming e-mail. Moments later, my cell phone rang.