Two blonde hoes have great fun

Two blonde hoes have great fun
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Mina and I are in San Francisco on business for a week. I'm at my office when my secretary shows a courier into my office. The courier comes to my desk and asks if you are the recipient on his delivery list, to which you affirm that you are.

He hands me an envelope, made of very fine parchment paper of a soft peach color.

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I sign for it and he leaves. I sit back down and pick up the envelope. A gentle scent wafts up from it and I hold it to my nose. I think I recognize the scent, but can't really place it. Picking up a letter opener, I slide it under the flap and open the envelope. Removing the note, a folded paper made of matching parchment, you notice a beautifully written gold character on the outside of the paper.

Underneath it, in fine writing is the English translation. " Pleasure of Heart".I'm curious as to what this means to me and open the note gently. A fine sprinkling of gold powder falls gracefully to my desk, again with the same scent emerging from it. I draw my finger through the dust and smell it. Immediately, a warm feeling comes over me and a tingling emanates from deep within.

Closing my eyes, I enjoy the sensation, not quite sure if it was real or imagined. I return my thoughts to the note in my hands. Looking down, I see a beautiful script written in English.

You are requested to come to the Coral Gardens Tea House This evening at 9:00 Please come by yourself A limousine will pick you up at 8:40 P.M. Of course, this puzzles me, not knowing who could possibly have sent this note. But the idea of going to a private tea house draws an enticing picture within me and I decide that this is an adventure I'm certainly going to attend. After I return the note to the envelope, I notice more gold dust on my fingers, and smell once more.

The headiness hits my senses again, warming me within. " Yes," I think to myself, " I definitely will have to check this out." The rest of the day my work goes quickly as I look forward to the evening's pleasures. Leaving the office building, the creamy white limo is waiting for me. As I come up to it, a young man opens the door for me and reveals the luxuriousness of its interior. I sit down on a soft leather seat; fragrant fresh blossoms are in the small vases clipped on the inside.

They are the perfect color of coral with a hint of red in their throats. They smell like the gold dust that was so intoxicating to me earlier. I sit back and let the ride take me where it may. As I ride through the city, thoughts begin to enter my mind as to what was going to happen this night, and why I was invited to the private tea house in the first place.

I begin to get concerned about the safety of this venture just as the car pulls up to an exquisite garden with a very old house sitting to the back of it. The limo pulls into a hidden drive that wanders through the blossoms and trees of the garden; you can almost smell the verdant coolness of the garden.

As the limo stops in front of the door to the house, I see its antiquated structure, a traditional style that intrigues me with its simple but elegant beauty. An older woman greets me at the door and motions for me to enter. Stopping just inside, I remove my shoes and a young woman I didn't notice before stoops down and places slippers at my feet. She quietly disappears and the older woman beckons me to follow her down a hallway, hung with silken tapestries that must be hundreds of years old.

Looking around, I'm in awe of the incredible scenes depicted on the tapestries. Birds, rivers, pagodas, fish, everything you could possibly imagine. I reach a room towards the end of the hallway and enter into it. The woman motions for me to sit down, and in perfect English, she welcomes me to her tea house. Noting to myself that this must be something quite special, for the head of the house to be seating me, I respond with sincere courtesy at her invitation to be here.

She replies that it was not her who issued the invitation, but rather one of her most lovely guest that sent the note. That a very special patron wanted to be sure I had a most relaxing and pleasurable evening at the patron's expense. Bao sat cross legged on the floor of the private tea room, her long black hair untied and flowing down to below her shoulders.

She is a beautiful forty year old Vietnamese singer, with her pale skin, subtle Asian features, long hair and slender pettie body. She smiles, " You know you don't have to fear me?" I said looking at her a smile on my lips. I sat down on the floor. Bao looked at me slightly, then got up leaving the room. She left the door open and the vision I saw, nearly caused me to blow my load. She took her robe off. She had on a white lacy strapless bra, which covered just under her nipples and very sheer white panties.

She sprayed some perfume behind her ears, between the top of her panties, her navel and her boobs. I didn't wait for an answer, and I stood up then reached down grabbing her arm pulling her up. I forced her into the bedroom, pushing her on to the bed on her stomach, she laid there motionless, I guessed she was trying to figure out her next move. All I could do was continue to examine her hot sexy body.

Her hands were resting on her lovely ass, I see the curves of the sides of her breasts trying to peek out beneath the bed. I watch as her body rose and fell just a little from her accelerated breathing due to all of her struggling. She starts rocking her body, in an attempt to flip back over on the bed. I was okay with this option. I wanted a better look at that sexy body anyway. I moved my hand to her shoulder and knee and in one quick motion flipped her body face-up on the bed.

Her eyes were burning up at me as I took in the wonderful vision of her body. I reach out ripping her shear gown and panties offshe had no bra on, her tits were proud and perky as they projected up from her chest. Both nipples were hard and erect, boasted by the tight wrinkled areola surrounding them. I was always a breast man. Something about the sight of a woman's swollen nipples always creates a stirring in my pants…today was no exception.

.My eyes continues to drink in every curve and ridge of her body. Her pussy was waxed smooth except for a small " landing strip" of hair that seems to be an arrow pointing to the prize. I see her lips glistening from the nectar she had drawn out with her orgasm earlier, when I walked into the room Bao was finger fucking herself.

I stood watching, wanting to taste her immediately. I wasn't going to be satisfied until I had a dose of that sweet nectar for myself. I grab her legs, once again sliding her around on the bed to place her legs on both sides of my hips. She starts to struggle and kick again, I grab her ankles and push her legs up until her knees are tight against her chest. I lean forward, allowing my chest to hold her legs tight against her torso as I use my hands to quickly undo the zipper of my fly.

She continues to struggle beneath me, I notice her eyes seem to glance back and forth at my hands on my jeans, anxious to see my cock as it exits my pants. ." If I didn't know better, I'd guess that you are wanting to see my cock." I said, giving her a coy grin of confidence. ." You wish." she shouts, quickly averting her eyes away from my hands.

" I'm going to gouge out your eyes if I get the chance." I've always loved a feisty woman. Sex just isn't the same without a little biting, slapping, and clawing. Bao does not realize that her fighting makes me more motivated to take what I want. I unzipped my zipper, and push my pants down to my knees; from here I was able to wiggle my legs out of them without pulling my weight off of Bao. Her eyes are now fixed on my 9" thick cock as it pops out of it's restraint.

It is standing at full attention, and Bao notices. I glance up at one point, and thought I seen her involuntarily lick her bottom lip as she took in the sight. Though watching those sweet luscious lips as they pucker slightly, and thinking about how good it is going to feel to slide my cock between them.

I couldn't get her pussy out of my mind. I have masturbated to the thought of feasting on delicious asian slit just like this one. " If you don't fight me, well, you might enjoy getting fucked with a monster cock." I said, pushing her body back a little on the bed so that I can lean over her. I find a comfortable position that allows me to push back on her legs and bring my face directly in front of her soft pink pussy lips.

I had a perfect view of everything now. Not only were her lips swollen and puffy, her clit was swollen and slightly bulging out at me as well. Her tight little asshole looking up at me begging to be fucked, helping me to remember that she has a third hole, I could not wait to shove my cock in. " Bao, you like to have your ass fucked?" I asked. She shook her head no. I wasn't waiting for permission, opening my mouth a little, and slowly tracing the tip of my tongue up the entire length of Bao's delicious pussy.

She is sweeter then I imagined. My tongue reaches her tender clit, I run a couple slow circles around it. " OMG!!!" Bao moans. ." I told you that you would enjoy this meeting." I said, only briefly breaking my tongue from her slit. She didn't answer me. I glanced up at her eyes, and they were closed tight.

She was biting her bottom lip again as my tongue began slowly tracing its way up her slit again. I made sure not to penetrate her pussy lips yet; right now I just wanted to see how she responded. Well…she was not fighting any more…I can say that much. I reached her clit again, this time I sucked the swollen nub in between my lips and then sucked it inside my mouth.

I feel her shivering beneath me as I begin to tease and stimulate the tender spot with my tongue. Her hips starting to move up against my face, encouraging me not to stop.

" Oh you, bastard, bastard!!" she exclaims, hating that her body was betraying her. She wants to tell me to get the fuck off of her, her body just wouldn't let her do it.

The electrical vibrations that were shooting through her body now, leading her up to the orgasm she had needed and not experienced for so long, was in control of her body. I move one of my hands down between her legs, and then across her tender little ass cheek. My thumb finds her tight asshole, and begin gently rubbing and teasing it as I continue to feast on her clit.

The more my tongue works, she starts to surrender to me. Her moaning is harder and faster now, and I know a little longer and I will finally have the treat I have been waiting for.

." Oh.Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh.".mmmmmmmm&hellip.fuck, fuck, fuck&hellip." She moans as her orgasm grows closer.

I move my mouth slowly against her pussy, and give her clit a small bite with my teeth. That is all it took. Bao begins bucking up beneath me as her orgasm is ripping through her body. I thrust my mouth back down to her slit, hrusting my tongue inside her pussy as her sweet nectar explodes. I move my other hand down to rub at her super tender clit while I feast hungrily on her throbbing pussy.

The more I devoure her cunt, the more violently Bao thrashs beneath me on the bed. I hungerly attack like a wolf attacking his prey. I couldn't get enough of her. I continue thrusting my tongue in and out of her while using my nose and finger to grind at her clit. Bao's orgasms continue ripping through her body, stronger than the first. I feel her pussy lips clamping down tightly around my tongue each time it probes deeper inside her.

." Ohhhhhh… Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" fuu…fuuu…Oh fuck&hellip.please John&hellip.ohhhh…mmmmm…OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO&hellip.please stop John&hellip.oh." She is mumbling through her gasping. " I can't &hellip.fuck fuck fuck&hellip.I can't take it any more…Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM! pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssee…" she begs.

I know what it is like to cum so hard it hurts, after three orgasms, I decide I to let her body relax. I know what a long evening her sweet body is going to endure. " Okay, I'll stop…it will cost you." I move my mouth from her pussy, moving up onto my knees between her legs. Bao is gasping for air, her eyes locking tight on to my cock. For the second time, I see her involuntarily lick her lips at the sight of it.

." That's right…take it in. You're gonna suck my cock and you're going to suck it good. If you bite me, I will send pictures to your fiance's family." Do you understand me? Bao's eyes never left my cock as she nods in understanding. Bao has never seen or sucked a big thick cock. She has fantasized about sucking a big cock. Bao is excited to feel her mouth being spread open by my thick throbbing cock.

She wanted to feel it as it pulses inside her throat as she is forced in and out.

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She wanted to taste cum as it explodes into her mouth. She has lost her will to fight. Her lustful desire to feel my big cock in her pussy fucking her hard.fucking her throat was stronger then refusing. " Take me now. John. Take me.fuck me hard.I promise to be a good girl." I see the lust oozing from her eyes. She hardly blinks as she starts devouring my cock in her mind. I want her feasting on me in the same manner that I had feasted on her. I move off of the bed, and easily flip her over.

My eyes are fixed on her ass again, I couldn't get the urge to thrust my tongue in it out of my head. I suddenly grab her ankles and pulling them off the bed. Her legs fell to the floor as her body stays draped over the top of the mattress.

I bend over, and without warning, I move my face tight between Bao's ass cheeks. She squirms beneath me a little as she feels my tongue thrust tightly against her tight little asshole. I push my tongue inside, surprised how fresh and sweet she smells. She moans beneath me as I got lost in the moment, eagerly beginning to tongue fuck this little asian fox.

I'm lost in the lust of the moment, grinding my face tight against her ass cheeks, anxious to see how deep I can get my tongue. She shifts her body to the side, just enough to get one of her own hands beneath her to start playing with her pussy. After a few minutes, she explodes into orgasm for the fourth time of the evening. I spread her legs further apart, and eagerly lap up the juices that are again flowing from her. I manage to suck two of her fingers into my mouth and clean the nectar off of them.

" You are one sexy little fox." I said, standing back up behind her body. She finishs sliding off to the floor, and quickly turns her body around into a kneeling position before me. " Suck cock now." She said, as her hand reachs up and grabs my throbbing cock. Her fingers small and long. There was a slight coolness about them as they slide up and down my throbbing hard shaft. She pulls my cock closer to her face, I watch as she sticks out her tongue and runs it in circles around the head before licking the drop of precum from the small slit at the top.

Her lips pucker around the tip of the head and she gently begins sucking on it, teasing the slit with her tongue. One of her hands slids down to my balls and begins massaging and pulling at them.

My eyes are fixed on her face as she slowly begins working more of my cock inside her mouth. Her tongue is eagerly working circles around my entire cock as she begins pumping her head up and down; forcing more and more of it into her mouth. My hands move to the back of her head and grabs two thick wads of her hair.

I squeeze the hair into my fists and pull her head closer to my body. I begin moving my hips back and forth, helping to guide more of my cock into her mouth. The sensations shooting through my cock is incredible as she starts working it down her tight throat. She gags a little each time she manages to push it deeper down her warm tunnel. I start pulling tighter at the back of her head as I thrust my hips toward her face.

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I start fucking her face…not gently. I force my cock deeper than she was prepared for. She tries to pull away a little to catch her breath, I didn't want to wait. I pull her head tight against my pelvis in one quick motion while at the same time thrusting my hips hard and fast against her face.

I feel my balls slap against her chin as I impale my cock inside her throat as deep as I can get it. She is squirming beneath me as I hold her tight against me and begin grinding my crotch against her face. She tries to fight a little longer, then manages to start breathing through her nose. The panic in her stops, and she starts to focus on the task again.

I feel her hands slid up behind me to my ass. I feel her fingers sliding up and down my crack, teasing my tender asshole with her fingernails. That was all the encouragement I needed to continue. .I start pulling my hips back and forth, eagerly pulling my cock almost completely from her mouth before forcing it hard and fast back down her throat.

She was accommodating my thrusts eagerly. Within a minute, I was fucking in and out of her throat as hard and fast as I would fuck her pussy. The mascara over her eyes is running in black streams down her cheeks&hellip.she never relented. It has been a long time since my cock was sucked so eagerly.

She devoures me like it was her last supper. I feel my sperm boiling up in my balls, and I begin to fuck her face harder and faster than before. My hands are locked around the back of her head as I slam my body back and forth against her face. It got to the point that Bao was just working to get ready for each time my cock penetrates her throat. I feel my cum burning its way up my shaft, and I draw my cock almost completely out of her mouth, leaving only the thick bulbous head inside.

Bao knew I was about to explode, and she feverishly begins sucking the head. The feel of her tongue flicking at the sensitive tip was all it took for me to fire my hot steamy cum into her mouth. Bao took every drop. She just keeps sucking and sucking at the end of my shaft, eager to drain every drop from it. My legs are getting weak from her assault, as she manages to fill her mouth with my hot thick seed. She looks up into my eyes, allowing me to see the wad of cum still in her mouth. She gives me a little grin and then swallows the entire load down.

She licks her lips in order to get any drops that may of have escaped, and then quickly moves her mouth back to my cock to continue feasting on it. " You were right," she said, breaking her mouth away for only a moment, " I am your little slut tonight?" Immediately her mouth went back to work on my shaft, continuing to force it in and out of her throat.

My cock softens a little, that only made her suck on it even harder. I feel one of her fingers probing my ass in the same manner as I had done to her.

As it forced its way inside, my body shivers from head to toe. She had never done that before. I liked it. She knew I liked it. She continues to kneel before me probing my ass and deep-throating my cock for at least 10 more minutes. My cock was as hard as a rock again, and ready for more. .Reluctantly, I pull her up to her feet, and then pull her tight against my body. I lean over her slender frame and pressing my mouth tight against hers.

She eagerly returns my kiss and thrusts her tongue deep in my mouth. I could still taste the salty taste of my own cum on her breath, as I was sure she could still taste the sweet nectar of her pussy on mine. My hands move down her body, finding her tits first. I tease her swollen nipples, twisting and pulling at them with my fingers. She moanes "OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMMmmmmm " into my mouth as I twist them a little harder than she expects.

I broke my mouth from hers and begin kissing my way down her body. One of my hands moves back to her ass and squeezes tight against it as the other hand guides her luscious tit into my mouth. Again she moans " OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" As I begin sucking and teasing her luscious nipple in my mouth. Bao moves her hand over to my cock and begins pumping it slowly up and down in her fist. .One of my fingers finds her asshole, and eagerly presses its way inside.

The deeper I push it in, the tighter her fist locks around my cock; and the tighter my mouth sucks on her sensitive nipple.


I move my other hand back to her ass, keeping my finger deep inside her asshole. I cup both of her ass cheeks in my hands and then hoisted her small slender body up into my arms.

She was light and fragile feeling against my body. I lower her down a little, and Bao feels the wide mushroom head of my cock pressing against the slit of her wet pussy lips. " Oh fuck&hellip.fuck me with that big hard cock.

I want it to split me open." I always did love a woman talking dirty. I quickly drop her down onto my throbbing cock.

I didn't wait for her tight pussy to adjust to it. I ram the entire 9" as deep inside her as I could. Her whole body tenses as she screams, " OMG!

FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK," the intrusion into her tight pussy, causes her body to jerk. Her head thrusts forward onto my shoulder and I feel her teeth biting into my flesh. I spin around and slam her hard up against the wall of the bedroom, and begin ramming hard and rough up into her pussy. She is so tight locked around my dick. Bao digs her nails into my back breaking the skin.

I feel the raw burn in my flesh as she begins clawing and scraping at my back. I slid my hands tighter beneath her ass, and use a finger from the other hand to force inside her tight ass, joining the finger that was already there, she screams " OOOWW, that hurts." We both start grinding and fucking our bodies as hard and fast against each other as possible.

My hips slamming hard against her slender body, impaling her onto my cock. Bao using my neck and shoulders to pull up and down against me, working anxiously to fill her tight cunt with my cock. Within a few minutes Bao was exploding in orgasms, screaming " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH!

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UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Her pussy clamping down like the jaws of a vice, refusing to let go. It was the tightest fuck I had in a while. I was glad I had cum so hard earlier, I was able to fuck this sweet babe hard.

As her orgasms continue ripping through her body, Bao bites into my chest hard. I feel the pain transfer into pleasure. She throws her head back to the wall, I return the favor; my mouth locks tight to one of her engorged tits, and I bite her engorged nipple. She flails around on my cock grunting a variety of obscenities, " FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!

OMG! YOU FFFUUUCCCKKKING BASTARD!" as her orgasms take over. Her pussy is getting tighter and tighter on my cock with each spasm, and I know I can't take much more.

I spin away from the wall, and toss her off my cock and onto the bed. She is shocked as she immediately misses the fullness feeling of my cock inside her. She quickly moves to the edge of the bed, and I grab her head and pull her mouth back onto my throbbing cock. She does not hesitate to force it as deep inside her throat. I fucked that delicious tunnel for a few more minutes, loving the feel of her tongue on my tender cock; finally though I pulled backward, freeing my cock from her mouth.

She looked up at me almost disappointed. ."Don't worry sexy…we aren't done yet." I said, quickly flipping her over on to her belly once again. My hands grabbed her hips and I pulled her ass up toward my cock.

Her tight little asshole was red from the probing I had already done. I slapped her ass hard a couple times on each cheek before pressing the head of my shaft at her tight hole. ."OH FUCK! NO &hellip.PLEASE NOOOO &hellip.UUUUUGGGHHH ". Before she finishs her sentence I pull tight on her hips and thrust my hips forward. The head of my shaft forces its way past the tight grip of her asshole and drives inside her.


Bao grabs two fist fulls of the blanket and buries her face into the mattress as I continue to pull her asshole onto my thick throbbing cock. It didn't hurt like she thought it would since my two fingers had managed to stretch her open some; and the saliva from my tongue was still coating her, it was still filling her up in a way she had never felt before.

Inch after inch of my cock disappearing inside her sexy small tight virgin ass. She was up on her knees now, but knew there was no way I was going to let her get away. As I feel my balls slap, WAP! WAP! WAP!

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WAP! against her wet hot pussy lips, I feel every inch of my cock imbedding deep inside her. I hold still for a few moments, allowing her to get use to the feel of it inside her.

She is breathing hard and after about a minute, I see her hands release the death grip they had on the blanket. It was time, I begin to pull out just a little, and then ram my cock back in all the way. Slowly I work it back and forth, getting longer and longer with each stroke.

It took me a few minutes to finally get her tight ass wet and loose enough to allow my cock to move in and out somewhat freely, but by the time I did, Bao was moaning in pleasure beneath me. ."OH fuck baby&hellip.mmmmm&hellip.i love &hellip.mmmmm&hellip.fuck…your cock in my tight&hellip.oh fuck fuck…ass. Oh baby…fuck me deep&hellip.mmmmm. I was so fucking turned on.

I push my body up onto the bed with her, and eagerly begin fucking my way in and out of her tight ass as hard and fast as I could. Our bodies were soaked with sweat as I humped her like a dog on the bed. Bao explodes in a whole new set of mini orgasms, causing her ass to lock down around my cock tighter than her pussy. That was all it took to finally push me over the edge to my second explosion of the evening. I thrust my hips down hard against her ass as I pump load after load of orgasmic cum into her tight young ass.

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The more she shook beneath me, the more I pounded her from behind. Her ass was locked so tight around my cock; the blood could not escape to let it soften. After 10 great minutes of fucking, I slid a hand under her waist, and rolled over onto my back with her still impaled on top of me.

Bao quickly grabs onto my knees and continues to feverishly fuck her ass up and down on my cock. She was bouncing that sexy little ass up and down on my shaft, while also moving a hand to her pussy to finger herself. I clawed my nails down her back and feel her cum again as the long red claw marks appear down her silky flesh.

Finally we were both spent. Bao fell back on top of me, never pulling my dick from her ass. We lay there panting against each other as our bodies finally started to relax. Her ass was still super tight and keeping a firm grasp of my cock.

One of my hands reached around her and found her wet pussy lips and I gently teased and massaged at them while my other hand reached around and found one of her hard erect nipples. Somewhere in the comfort of the bed I dozed off to sleep exhausted.

I wasn't sure what time it was. Bao was no longer lying on top of me. " I will see you in Montreal in a month." I replied. " I just realized how much I want to see you again." She said.