Getblowjob my dick my love mature

Getblowjob my dick my love mature
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THE NIGHT I SOLD MY WIFE It was one winter's night about ten years ago, let me just say before I go any further me and my wife are absolutely fantastic together we have been married for seventeen year's and never done any thing like this before or since, we have always had a very active sex life and we used to like roll play, one night I would be the boss and the next time she would be the boss and we would play out are every fantasy on each other and believe me we had some fun I thought I had a dirty mind but when my wife had her turn I didn't half get a surprise.

Some times when having sex one of us would talk about what we called safe fantasies, they were the ones that included one or more people in them, these were the fantasies that would never happen or so we thought, Some times we would go for a drink, we would pick a different pub each time, my wife would go out some times with no knickers on and when we'd get in the pub she would lean over and whisper things in my ear like "hey babe guess what, I have got no knickers on" right away I would get so turned on I would say "come on then duck are we drinking up" I would park up on some country road in the middle of know were lift her skirt up and rub her running wet pussy she would undo her top and bra and let those lovely big breasts out to play.

My wife is a lovely long haired brunet with big beautiful eyes she is about five foot nine with a 36" 26"36" body and believe me she looked perfect naked. On this particular night in question me and my wife were going out for a drink, we decided to go out in the country to a little pub in the middle of know were, when I think back to it on the way to the pub we were setting the scene without even realising it we were talking about fantasies and what we would do with each other when we got back home by the time we got there we were both feeling very horny.

We pulled up on the car park at the side of the pub I leaned over and gave her a long kiss we got out of the car and went in, as we walked up to the bar there were six big men right in front of us so we just stood in line waiting for are turn when one of then turned to me and said "here you go mate were not waiting get you're self in" cheers I said got my self a lager and rum and coke for my wife.

As I looked around the pub it was a quaint little place to the left of the bar was a little room quite long but not very wide at one end of the room was a pool table and the doors to the men's and ladies toilets just before that there were some tables and chairs, on the wall at the side was a juke box I took my drink and went to sit down as we sat there and looked around some more I could see that there was another door," I wonder what's in there then Jan," ho by the way my wife's name is Jan and mine is Bill.

Jan said to me " I don't know have a look I got up and looked in "wow" look at this duck you wont believe it, there was a big room with a stage at on end a dance floor in the middle and tables all around the sides of the room you couldn't see to much moor as the lights were turned of "it must be a function room or something, we sat there talking about every thing and nothing we had a couple more drinks by now I am drinking alcohol free with driving but my wife was getting quite tipsy and by the sounds of it very horny I noticed that a couple of the men by the bar kept looking through the corner of there eyes at Jan so I told her, we had a bit of a laugh about it then she got up, wont be a minuet just going toilet as she was in the toilet I got a couple more drinks in.

she came out, and as sat down she pulled her skirt up a bit I said to her what are you doing ha I thought I would give them some thing to look at you don't mined do you "no, no what ever" you want be careful though they might get all horny on you. I might even be tempted to sell you to them what do you think about that then. Not much, she said I know you wouldn't," ho is that what you think" what makes you so sure, you just wouldn't go through with some thing like that, by the way she was saying things it really sounded like she actually wanted to go for it.


By the way she was right, I normally wouldn't dream of going through with something like that, but every time I changed the subject she got back on to it, she got up to go to the toilet and I got the glasses and went to the bar, as I was been served I got talking to the men by the bar when one of them remarked on my wife showing her leg and how good she looked, (so I thought ok then this is it) I said jokingly I tell you what mate for ten quid each she's yours for the next five hours, your on one of them said ten quid five hours the six men put the money on the bar then even the bar man covered it and said there you go seventy quid, you had better make that a double rum and coke mate I said.

I get the feeling she will need it When I get up a go to the toilet one of you come in then she's yours on one condition I get to watch every thing to make sure you do don't hurt her, do worry mate we will be the perfect gentle men I promise, but if that's what you want ok, I went to sit down just in time for my wife to come out of the toilet as she sat down she said "what's this a double" yes I said you are going to need it you see the men by the bar, the ones you have been teasing they have just bought you for the next five hours, "what " what do you mean, bought me.

"You know" I have just sold you so get this down you and relax when I go to the toilet that's when there time starts, so you see you don't know me do you sweetheart anyway best not to keep them waiting and with that I got up and went in the toilet the door had no sooner shut when one of the men walked in behind me well are we good to go, remember don't hurt her, no problem, and with that he walked out.

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I remember standing in the toilet all my insides were shaking I thought ho my god what have I done, I really couldn't believe I had gone through with it I actually sold my wife. I walked out of the toilet and they were just carrying my wife on to the pool table I had never seen another mans hand on my wife's breast or between her legs. Before I new it her tits were out and they were taking goes and turns sucking and rubbing them they'd ripped her knickers of and spread her legs wide open pulled her skirt up" ho my " one of them shouted " look at this very neat trimmed pussy" I never new she could take so many fingers it looked like they all had some in there, before I new it all her clothes were on the floor and she was stark naked, they stood her up bent her over the corner of the table when the bar man said "out of the way I'm first " he dropped his pants and I thought ho my god, he's hung like a fucking horse, he slapped Jan's bum not to hard right bitch lets see you take this, and with that he pushed his throbbing cock in her, she let out a moan as you could see her tight pussy stretch around his cock "ho my god he said its fucking tight in here" and with that slapped her bum again, hold on bitch don't moan one of them said use that mouth to suck this instead, and with that he stuck his very hard cock in her mouth, I couldn't believe how turned on I was there's my wife bent over a pool table with one bloke stuck up her twat another with is dick in her mouth plus she's got a dick in each hand giving them a had job and the other two men were playing with her tits.

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The bar man put one of his fingers in his mouth wet it and pushed it right up her ass "my my a virgin he said" he turned to one of the others " go to the kitchen and get me some oil for this bitch " the bloke came back with a bottle of sun flower oil here you are this is all I could find that will do just fine bring it here.

He pulled his dick out of her and spread her ass cheeks so wide I thought he was going to rip her ass open, tip it in here he said, with that the bloke poured some of the oil in her ass.

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I swear to god it must of run in her hole then come out over the top and down her wide spread cheeks. I could here her moan low "Ho she likes that don't she" he said with a bit of a laugh then he began to push his fingers in first one then two three every time he pushed a finger in more oil pumped out My look at this bitch spread he said and with that he got his prick and pushed it in her ass Ho that's tight he said "how do you like this then" my wife just let out a moan, Ho I think she likes that just fine one of them said.

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Let see if she can take it all the way to my balls he said, and with that pushed it all the way in her, all you could here of my wife was a muffled moaning sound as she had got a mouth full of some ones dick. I really couldn't believe what I was watching all my emotions were running wild, I didn't want to watch but I had to. I remember watching has he pushed his dick in her ass at least three hands came between her legs from underneath I don't know how many fingers went in her but she wasn't half moaning, it seemed to of turned into a fuck frenzy this wasn't sex it was full blown rape they were trying to push two even three cocks in her mouth they were pulling and twisting her nipples pulling her pussy lips and stretching them to there limits I was about to say something to them but my wife monad so much with pleasure what could I say.

One guy said come on lads lets have some fun he got her over his shoulder and carried her into the other room, there she stood in the middle of the floor while six men were pushing there fingers in her rubbing her tits putting there dicks in her hands and kissing her all over her body the bar man seemed to disappear.

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I couldn't help but get turned on especially since my wife seemed to be having so much fun, one of them lay down on a table and shouted bring her here and sit her on this lads, and with that they picked her up carried her over to the table spread her legs and sat her ass on his cock, " wow that's tight " he said, just then the bar man came down the stairs with a camcorder any one want a video then, they lay her down and again there were that many hands over her cunt you couldn't tell how many fingers were in her they were pulling her tits and nipples hard but she just seemed to enjoy it, she was just like someone I didn't know she seemed to turn into some kind of whore, I didn't mind as I knew this was just a one of and we didn't know any one here and the chance of running into them again was slim and none, they spread her legs so wide and the bar man shouted out come on lads lets see you shave that cunt on film another shouted yes and her ass, and with that one of the blokes fetched a raiser and soap from the bath room while they shaved her pussy there were three or four of them wanking of over her face, when they finished shaving her the bar man said fuck that looks nice, then one of the men said her we go lads lets see her take this and with that he got a beer bottle and pushed it up her twat while she got a dick up her ass, ho she moaned hey up lads I think she likes it before the night was through they all had goes and turns at fucking her, I remember looking at her cunt and thinking how red it was, god I thought she's not going to sit down for at least a month, before the night was over the girl had taken dick bottles fruit and veg one of the guys pushed potatoes and apples bananas carrots pears and even parsnips up her wet cunt you name it she took it, there was one moment when they got her on the bar and lowered her down on one of the big beer pump handles she took the fucking thing all the way in, they got her on the table pulled her legs wide open stuck corn up her ass and one up her twat, they put cream jam custard barbeque sauce daddies sauce allsorts even mustard was rubbed over her pussy, they licked her rubbed her and even slapped her pussy and all she did was make sounds of enjoyment.

The night was awesome I had never seen my wife like that before they got her kneeling on the floor over a stool come was dripping down her legs they were fingering her ass and pussy pushing there dicks in her mouth, the bar man said to one of the men take over filming a minuet will you mate, he came over to me and said here is another twenty quid for my two lads ok mate, "yeh ok" I said.

I thought two more cocks wouldn't make any difference. With that he disappeared up stairs, about ten minuets later he came down with two bloody big dogs (" Great Danes ") to be exact They didn't waist any time in getting their big tongs around her ass and pussy the men lay her on her back on the floor put cream all over her pussy and tits the dogs were all over her fuck they must of thought it was there fucking birthday.

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My wife gasped and moaned as the dogs went to work on her, "hey come on one of the men said you must return the favour" and with that he took my wife's right hand and put it on one of the dog's dicks I expected her to pull away and was quite shocked when she didn't. She took the dogs cock and began to wank him of, then without any encouragement from any one else she took the other dogs cock and began wanking him of as well, "she likes her dogs don't she " one of them shouts ", Go on bitch wank them" another one shouts, some one shouts up come on lads lets see her fuck them yes that's a good idea one of them said, then they got her on all fours over a stool and give her pussy a good rubbing "go on then " one of them shouted "lets see him fuck her" ok here we go.


They got one of the dogs to mount her his cock was that big and red I had never seen nothing like it, they put the dogs cock inside her wet cunt, she let out a little moan, I couldn't believe what I was watching my wife being taken by a dog, such a big fucking dog at that.

I watched as the dog grabbed her hips with his big paws and pulled her on to his cock They were all stroking her saying things like there's a good little bitch we should have some nice little pups of this one lad's.

I don't know haw many times my wife had come that night but by the sound of her she was about to come again.

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"Ho my god" she said as the dog began to pull away, his knot was that big I could see my wife's pussy stretch as it came out, the dog moved to the side and began liking his dick while the men got the other dog to mount her, this one went at her pussy like it was the end of the world they were laughing at her as they pushed there cocks in her mouth slapped her bum rubbed her tits and pulled at her nipples.

After the dog had shot is load in her he pulled away I could see my wife's cunt still open wide with come running down her legs. One of the men got five stools together lay back on them and shouted come on lads lets see her take one of us up the ass while taking a dog in the pussy, with that they got my wife picked her up and sat her on his cock, it went strait up her ass the bloke laying pulled her back by her tits then one of the others got one of the dogs and let it mount her right up her pussy I had never seen anything like it before or since, when the dog got of her the men had her lying on the stools while they all wanked of over her face when they had all come and finished they all walked of in the other room.


They just left my wife lying on the stools she was covered in come all over her face head and tits. It was running out of her pussy "my, my" I said "you look a bit full dear" and that pussy of yours looks a bit red.

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She just looked at me smiled and said yes doesn't it as she began to rub the cum in it, I went into the other room and got her clothes and are drinks, her you go babe thanks she replied, with that she got her clothes went to the toilet when she came out we drank up are drinks and went as we went through the other room to get to the door the men were watching the video of the whole thing on wide screen one of them shouted "hey babe your looking good" we got in the car I turned to Jan and asked if she was alright fine she said I just cant believe what's happened, I know I cant ether.

Well like I said at the beginning that was about ten year ago until the other night we were down loading some porn of the net and what do you know, a recording of the whole night was there for the whole world to see. We got it of the net and put it on DVD it is now one of are favourite films we watch.