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Wild vixen licks biggest strapon pornstar hardcore
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He held her soft round rump between his hands and continued ramming his thickness deep into her. She kept screaming, "deeper. get it deeper. yeah deeper." He was tired of her continuous chorus of instructions.

He wanted her to just shut up and let him do his thing. It was monstrous for a women to instruct him at his art form. That's what sex was an art form. A practiced exercise that only the best excel at. with a line of dames waiting for his stealthness. his hardness. his man ness. Sex was a man thing. The women is a simple vessel waiting to be filled.

A warm hot, sometime wet and ready, hole made for pleasurable penetration. If only she would shut up. All a women needed to do was lay there and move when told to. She would enjoy herself as long as she did what she was told.

Not visa versa.

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He was not the one that was suppose to get instructions. Not him. not the master of masters!

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She moved under him and started to complain. He lost his concentration and started to swear.

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"Man oh man. why did you do that? I was just about to cum!" "It started to hurt! You understand hurt?" she replied. She was tired of this man. She had dated him for almost 3 months. The first month they concentrated on getting to know each other. At first she wasn't that interested in him. and definitely not sexually. But not having sex for several months had made her HORNY!

Yep she was human and had needs. Being a single women, it was sometimes hard to fill those needs. If you gave out too much or too early you were considered a whore! A cheap tramp that didn't know when to close her legs.

She hated how society viewed sex. Men could have sex with as many women as they could handle. They were suppose to smell and spread their nectar. A women though was considered cheap, a whore, a slut and whatever other words anyone could come up with, if she followed her needs!


So she decided after a month some sex even with him was better than no sex. But when it was boring or it started to hurt.

well no sex was better! She rolled off the bed and headed for the shower. She needed to get his scent off her flesh. Perhaps he would leave. Usually that was not the case.


He stayed around and watched TV, hoping that they would do it again. He had sex on his mind.

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She felt like a tree with a whole. She was simply a whole not he wanted to fill. He very seldom touched her ample breasts or nestled her toes.

When a man sucked on her toes she could easily ride into a fast and furious orgasm! No problem. But this guy.

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well all he wanted was to get his hardness inside her and ride. That became boring real fast. A never ending street of probing and penetration. Yuk! Not for her. She moved into the bathroom and started the shower. She enjoyed hot showers especially after having sex with him. Stepping under the water was a release. She felt all her tension drain from her shoulders. She picked up the soap and started lathering her breasts. She dropped the soap and started playing with the soft mounds.

She leaned back against the wall enjoying the sensations that were flowing through her and into her. Her fingers felts so light and soft. They moved around the nipple causing them to stand up and take notice. Her own hands did so much more than he did. and only in a matter of moments! It was really stupid that she stayed with him for three months.

But there was something about being alone. She wanted. needed that male companionship, even if it was on a limited basis. She needed the balance though too. Someone she could snuggle up to. Someone that knew the difference between quality sex and just doing it! He heard her turn on the shower. It was time to leave.

He usually stuck around trying to see if he could pop her again. But today he just was not in the mood. He wished he never dumped Georgia.

Now there was a good lay. She knew how to follow instructions. He told her to move. she moved.

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She seemed to enjoy herself and she made all the right noises. He was too old to train another bitch! He was tired and there just was more to life. Yeah. sex was important. But this type of sex was just too hard. She was a babe though. She had a nice round rump that was perfect for tunneling.

She had a nice trimmed bush of red between her long slender thighs. Her breasts where just heavy sacks. He was not into the chest part. Never was. and he never would be. They were a big waste of time.

God should of just put another hole there. Something new for him to dig himself into. He tried her ear, but she just wouldn't stand for that. Now Georgia on the other hand. wow she had these nice ears and he would snuggle himself into them and squirt his juice. The juice would run down her side of the face. She would always run her fingers in and feed herself some of his jisim.

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As she climbed out of the shower she heard the door slam. Damn. she would have to go down and check if it locked. But she was happy that her wish had come true. he was gone. This time it would be permanently. She really had to call this affair off. It just was not working. She walked down the stairs to the door. She heard a soft knocking and groaned.

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"Oh no. he probably forgot something. Shit!" She opened the door without re-wrapping her towel. Her ample breasts were peeking out of the folds of terry.

She was a little surprised by what was standing at her door. He definitely was not her soon to be ex! He looked a little nervous and was smiling. She didn't realize he was smiling at her sneaky breast. He shifted his weight and was clearing his throat. He was inquiring as to whether or not his friend lived there. She had bought the home a year ago. She explained that she was the new owner and didn't know how to contact the old.

He looked thirsty and tired. She asked if he wanted a cool drink. He excepted saying it was a long plane ride. She moved across the room. She headed to the kitchen with the good looking stranger in tow. He swallowed the first cold bottle of beer a just a few gulps. The second was going down much slower. They were talking about where he came from and why he traveled so far for someone he didn't even know still lived there.

He explained that the women who had lived there previously was a special friend. She caught his meaning right off the bat.

Usually he visited several times a year, and so did quite a few of his clients. It was the first time she realized she was only in a towel. She excused herself explaining that she was going to change out of her towel. He reached out and stopped her.

He looked into her face and said, "if you don't mind. you will be perfect. We can talk about arrangements later." His eyes never left hers as he unwrapped her towel. It fell down to her feet. She was standing in the middle of her kitchen in front of a stranger, butt naked! It somehow felt right. It was strange, but she knew that he was going to be someone special. Like those chance meetings, two people falling in love instantly. That was how it was, but more intense.

He looked over her body and then brought his hands up to her face and cupped her chin. "And what should I call you?" "Helena is my name! And what is yours.?" "Sterling the fourth, but please call me by my middle name. Bruce!" "Anything you want Bruce", was her muffled reply.

His mouth touched her lips. Her lips parted accepting his warmth. his sweetness. He must have just finished sucking on a mint because her mouth tasted peppermint. He slowly moved his hands from her chin and started caressing her breasts. "Beautiful!" he mumbled. "Simply beautiful and so soft." She started feeling the first tingles.

She knew that she was close. What she had started in the shower this gorgeous man, named Sterling Bruce, was finishing with his hands and his lips! She held on to the edge for as long as she could. Then she allowed her body to relax and the orgasm swam around her and through her.

It became part of her. it filled her. She actually saw fireworks as she closed her eyes. When she opened them she was a little embarrassed. She started apologizing for not waiting for him. Bruce laughed, "There will be plenty of time for that. this was for you. You seemed to have needed it!" Helena was amazed just how right he was. She definitely needed that just as much as her body needed water, food, and shelter.

They moved up stairs into her bedroom. The sheets were still stained with the juices of her soon to be ex. Together they changed the sheets. Her ex had never offered. He was too manly to do something so basic. The domestication of the moment made Helena need him all the more.


She wanted to please him unlike she had previously pleased a man. She wanted to explore him and fill him completely. She wanted him to look forward to making trips to her. She had not realized it, but was ready and oh so willing to accept his proposition. Laying down on the clean sheets he held her in his arms.

He told her of his proposition and all that it may hold for her. The new promise of exciting sex and. maybe a relationship. He confirmed there would be just that. a relationship. A wonderful profitable relationship that would be hers to enjoy. Finally the freedom of sex. without the social hassles. What would her mother say?