Mojadito para mis amigas de xvideos

Mojadito para mis amigas de xvideos
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I looked at myself in the mirror gazing at the reflection not believing it was me. I looked at my blue dress that clung onto my body, highlighting my curvy hips. The two straps hung onto my shoulders to hold the dress up as it tried to contain my breasts.

The dress with a v neck low cut showing the lace from my bra as well as my breasts trying to be contained. The dress stopped just above my knee showing my smooth long legs with my feet having the matching blue high heels on. My black hair draped over my back with some over one shoulder. My red lipstick making my lips look irresistible along with black eyeliner highlighting my eyes. I couldn't believe that I was looking at myself nor going through with this.

I heard the door bell ring that brought the whole of the situation into play as I walked downstairs to be greeted to my date for the night. I smiled as I opened the door to his face glowing. His black shirt hung out with his top button undone showing some of his abs with his black trousers looking rather tight around his ass. His black hair straightened into place making you able to see his hazel eyes that glowed with his face.

'Ready to go?' they asked me with their voice very relax and warming. I smiled nodding as I stepped out closing the door behind me as I followed him down to his car at the end of my pathway. He held the car door open for me as I climbed in then closed it behind me before getting into the car himself and driving towards the restaurant he had booked. 'You look very beautiful tonight' he complimented. I blushed looking away. I heard him chuckle. 'Don't be so nervous.

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Like I have said, we won't do anything you don't want to do' he ensured me. I smiled nodding as we pulled up to the restaurant. Again he opened the car door for me as I climbed back out then closed it after me.

I followed him into the restaurant where we were led to our table in the far corner of the restaurant just as he said when we arranged this. We both sat down on the seat that went around the corner where we both sat on our own side of the table. I noticed that a few people were looking over at us with looks on their faces knowing we were up to something. We gave our orders in and started having our conversations about what we do and what we enjoy.

I had noticed that a few people were still looking round at us which made my stomach ache. My attention returned to Jack as I felt his hand gently lay on my soft thigh. I looked at him to see him smiling as his fingertips gently rubbed my inner thigh sending shocks through my body.

I could start feel myself starting to get wet on my thighs as he moved closer to me allowing him to move his hand more easily. I bit my lip as I felt his hand slowly slide up my thigh disappearing under my dress that had hunched up as I sat down. His hand kept leading its way up my thigh till I felt his fingertips trace over my clit making me wetter.

His hand suddenly left from my lap as the waitress came over with our dinner giving us a strange look.

Jack only smiled as if he wasn't doing anything. We ate our dinner with a few sentences of our previous conversation before Jacks hand was exploring. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in Jacks trousers which I noticed seemed to grow when Jack noticed I was watching. After finishing our dinner and the waitress took our plates away, Jack moved closer to me again so he sat next to me.

His head gently moved closer towards mine till I felt his breath on my ear. 'You followed my instructions well. Would you like to come to mine for desert?' he whispered into my ear. I couldn't help but grin knowing what he meant. I answered his question by placing my hand onto his bulge as I felt it throb against my hand and gently moved my finger tips in a circle just like Jack had done to me.

I grinned more as he gently moaned into my ear which made me feel me get wetter. After a few minutes, I removed my hand where Jack yelled the waitress to bring him the bill. After paying the bill, I followed jack out to his car which he held the door open for me and ran over to his door where he got in quickly.

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I watched him climb in before he held my face in his hands as he pressed his lips onto mine hard as if he needed it and couldn't wait. With my hands free, I reached over again placing my hand on his throbbing bulge where I cupped it and moved my hand against his bulge.

Jack's response was a moan into my mouth as he pulled away quickly starting up the car and driving towards his house. I kept my hand where it was watching Jacks face as he tried to concentrate on the road as well as not moaning. As soon as we pulled up into Jack's driveway of his house, he quickly got out the car opening the door for me which I climbed out.

When he closed the door after me, he gently pushed me against the car pressing his lips hard against mine with his tongue gliding its way along my bottom lip. His hands slid down from my back down to my waist where he breathed heavily in my mouth before his hands slid onto my ass pressing his throbbing bulge against my crotch causing me to become wetter. So wet as I was now, I could feel my juices sliding down my thighs. I opened my mouth slightly to let out a heavy breath which Jack took advantage of sliding his tongue into my mouth gliding his tongue against my teeth.

He pulled his hips away from mine as he pushed me off the car by holding onto my hips moving me towards his front door where he struggled to unlock the door as we continued to kiss, my tongue now gliding along his making him breathe more heavy. When he finally got the door open, he pushed me inside as he kicked the door shut before pushing me against the wall in the hallway.

My back felt the coldness of the wall as Jack's hands pulled my dress up so it was scrunched up at my waist, allowing the cool air to cool down my wet vagina as I had instructions to wear no underwear. Jack's hand moved down from my waist onto my thigh where his hand slid down to my knee where he held onto it pulling it up over his waist opening my legs more.

Our kiss broke as we both breathed heavy before Jack's hand slide back down my thigh, sliding up to my exposed self where his fingertips gently rubbed over my clit causing me to moan before he slid one of his fingers into my wet vagina. His fingers rubbed along the inside of my vagina causing me to moan louder while his free hand was undoing his trousers. His fingers continued to move faster pressing harder making me become wetter over Jacks fingers where he removed them putting his fingers to his nose as he closed his eyes breathing in the sweet smell of my juices.

While he was distracted by the smell of my juices sending thrills down his body, I pushed him back against the wall behind him where my hand cupped his throbbing penis that throbbed against my hand through his boxers.

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I grinned at him as he grinned back at me before I slid down on him so my head was level with his penis. I gently kissed above his boxers where his penis was trying to escape. I heard a moan escape from Jack's lips as I pulled down his boxers slowly with my kisses following before I heard his head hit the wall behind him. I pulled down the rest of his boxers allowing his thick, long and very hard penis to escape.

I looked up to Jack's face to see his eyes closed with his head back. I watched his face as my tongue gently pressed against the top of his throbbing penis. His moan explained how he felt as he moaned gently wanting more. I looked down to his hard penis as my tongue glided up and down his penis going harder as he continued to moan a bit louder.

I parted my lips as I started to take his penis in my mouth with my tongue licking the top of his penis as my lips slid down.


He started to moan louder as his hips started to gently move making my lips slide up and down his penis with his hips going faster.

I continued to suck on his penis getting harder along with licking the top of his penis his moaning getting louder. My hand reached up cupping hold of one of his balls as I gently rubbed my fingertips against them as he moaned louder wanting release. As my tongue worked the top of his penis, I felt his first burst of cum hit me allowing me to move my tongue allowing him to fill my mouth with his warm cum.

I gladly swallowed the mouth filled load of cum as I licked the rest of his semi hard penis clean before I stood back up to see Jack with his eyes still closed. As he opened his eyes to see me grinning at him, I slowly walked towards the stairs with my dress starting to slip down. He stared in amazement before he ran after me into the bedroom which I had entered as we both ran up. I turned around to see Jack close the door quickly then run over to me where he kissed my lips hard tasting some of his cum which didn't seem to bother him.

His hand slid down to the bottom of my dress where he pulled it over my head and threw it before looking at my body carefully. His hands gently and slowly moved up my sides from my hips up to my bra where he unhooked my bra throwing it also leaving me stood there naked as he stared at every inch of my body. As he stared, he quickly undone the remaining buttons on his shirt throwing it off and dropping his trousers and boxers leaving him stood there naked.

His penis had gone back to throbbing hard as he stared. He took a step closer to me as his hands gently took hold of my breasts where he gasped in pleasure squeezing them before bending down slightly to kiss both of my breasts and licking around my nipples. I flung my head back closing my eyes by the pleasure as he started to suck onto my nipples. He suddenly stopped and looked up to me as I looked back at him before he suddenly kissed me hard again as he pushed me down onto the bed. His hands holding onto my hips as mine rested onto his back.

We continued to kiss as he moved his hips close to mine as I felt his hard throbbing penis against my clit causing me to grip onto his back. He pulled away from my lips breathing heavily before his hands moved down my thighs to my knees where he pushed them apart as he slid between them.

We both looked at each other breathing heavily waiting till I felt the tip of his penis pressing against my vagina opening, spreading it apart as his penis slid into my vagina causing us both to moan loudly.

I gripped harder onto his back, bringing him closer as my breasts pressed up hard against his chest while his hands had moved back onto my hips where he gripped hard as he started to move his hips hard. I felt his penis slide in and out of my vagina as it filled me making me moan louder with Jack as his hips moved faster and harder as he slid in deeper.

We both moaned together, moaning loudly each time he would thrust hard inside of me. His hands moved down from my hips grabbing hold of one of my legs as he lifted it over one of his shoulders allowing him to go in deeper. I started to scream in pleasure before he took hold of my other leg placing it on his other shoulder as he went in even deeper.


I screamed in pleasure as Jack started to moan loudly into my ear as his hips went faster as I felt his penis move in and out of my vagina more and more. I could tell Jack was as close as I was to cumming as both our bodies shook getting ready to orgasm.

With one last hard thrust, Jack let out a long loud moan as he held himself inside of me as I felt his cum fill my vagina with his warm cum as I let a moan like Jack's as I orgasmed adding to Jacks cum that was flowing out of my vagina and down Jacks penis. Our screams and moans in pleasure started to stop echoing round the house as we both stayed still, catching our breath. After a few minutes of finally breathing steadily, Jack slowly pulled out of me letting the rest of your mixed juices to be able to escape as he lay down next to me.

I looked over at him smiling next to me taking one of my breasts in his hand as he gently massaged it. I watched him massaging it carefully as I noticed that he was starting to become hard again. 'You're my slave now. You know that right?' he asked me. I nodded once.

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'Which means I'm your master and allowed to do anything I want to' I nodded. 'Good…' he muttered as a grin appeared on his face. A grin that I knew meant that he had more things planned.

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'But for another time. Since you are now my slave, every day you must come here at 8:00 pm wearing a short skirt and no underwear is ever allowed unless I give you different orders'