Latin TS Hottie Fernanda De Castro Gets Fucked

Latin TS Hottie Fernanda De Castro Gets Fucked
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"God is in his kingdom and all is well in the world." - Evangelion lemon by MISTER BIG T. done for "Author of the Month" contest. I decided to make an Evangelion lemon instead of Digimon lemon, because my style of writing better suits the psychotic atmosphere of Eva. Besides, I love the series. Oh yeah, this mixes the final episodes and End of Evangelion, with me approaching the story's conclusion in a rather different way than in the series while still trying to remain close to the original.

Due to the rules however, I had to water some things up, which I'm really sorry about. Prologue: Shinji has sunk to a new low At the sterile hospital section of NERV lied Asuka. She stared directly to the ceiling in her comatose state. Just then the door opened and Shinji walked in "Asuka… Asuka, I need you&hellip. Come and help me… Tell me I'm an idiot…" Asuka couldn't respond, even if she had wanted to.

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Shinji reached his hands and started to shake Asuka "Asuka! Asuka! Help me! Help me!! Asuka!!" However while shaking Asuka, Shinji accidentally tore her clothes and revealed her naked breasts.

Shinji blinked and breathed hard. He did not know how to react. He was seeing something Asuka would probably never show to him. He realized he had a huge erection. Shinji moaned while he unzipped his pants as he watched the comatose girl's body. He started to move his hand back and forth along his penis while he held on to the torn bra in his other arm. He felt like this girl possessed him. Even in at a state where she couldn't even react to his presence, she still had a total control over him.

He wanted to be with this girl so much, wanted things to return back to normal. He began jerking off faster, while he secretly was thinking back all those times where Asuka had scolded him. Secretly he enjoyed the attention she gave to him, even if it was just a negative one. He wanted Asuka. He needed Asuka. He moaned as he ejaculated all over his hands and some over to her naked body. "I am so fucked up," Shinji whimpered silently while watching his sperm covered hand.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wake up Shinji.


Wake up. Shinji opened his eyes, only to realize that he was naked and inside the sea of LCL. Everything around him was completely orange and he felt himself floating endlessly in a total bliss and freedom. He remembered all the happy moments he had in his life and he felt safe. He remembered his father calling him by his name and how the people encouraged him to live on… He was happy and did not want this moment to ever end.

Misato… Shinji saw his guardian, Misato Katsuragi form from the sea of LCL before his very eyes.

Her beautiful naked body approached him, as she smiled at him and gently hugged the young boy. She whispered into his ear words so beautiful that they made Shinji's eyes moist from the happiness. But suddenly he could no longer remember what she had said… Misato… Just as mysteriously as she had appeared, Misato was soon gone.

It was getting cold and dark. Shinji felt the warmth of his body, his happiness, and his life being sucked out from him.

He felt no more happiness. Only despair and coldness. Where am I… Misato? It hurt when Shinji tried to think. He wanted to cry and he was sad. He remembered all the horrible moments. Is it wrong that I don't want to suffer?

WHY CAN'T I JUST BE HAPPY?!?!!? Just then Shinji gasped and woke up from his trance, covered in his own sweat. He took few heavy breaths as he tried to calm himself down. He realized he was in Eva 01.


"Strange…" he thought to himself while closing his eyes. "I don't recall climbing in here… Why did I get in? Why did I climb in even after what I had done to Kaworu…? Why did I climb in… Even though all this thing ever causes is sadness to me?

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What do I have to do anymore?" Just then Shinji could have sworn that he heard a familiar voice in his head "Because… Because only you can truly help us…" A… Asuka? Is that you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1: Shinji's torment As Shinji opened his eyes again, he found himself back at Misato's apartment again.

He was near the doors that lead to the living room. Opposite end of the room from him was Asuka, sitting with her back turned to him. "Asuka… Help me… You need to help me; I don't know whom I am or what to do anymore… I am weak; I'm pathetic… Please help me…" he murmured as he approached her and gently placed his hand on her right shoulder. Asuka remained still and did not say a word. Shinji shook the shoulder he was holding as he continued, "Please Asuka, you're the only one who can save me… You're the only one who can truly help me…" Asuka slowly turned her face towards him "Liar," she mumbled underneath her breath before suddenly standing up.

"You are too scared to face your father, too scared to face yourself, too scared to face Misato. You're too scared to face even the first child, so I'm the only option left for you to hang on to and to make you feel better," she shouted while she pushed Shinji away from herself.

Shinji lost his balance and fell, while accidentally dragging the coffee pot that was on the table and pouring the hot coffee over him during the progress. "You're pathetic," was the only response that came from Asuka's mouth. Shinji cried and held his head down "Please Asuka, you have got to help me… Please…" Just then something in Shinji's head snapped as he grabbed hold of the table and tossed it over.

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"Please!!!!!" he screamed while he grabbed a chair and tossed it against a wall. Asuka stood completely still while Shinji threw another chair that barely flew past her head. Shinji placed both of his hands on Asuka's shoulders and bowed his head down, as he mumbled silently "Please&hellip." "No," she replied near immediately. Shinji was silent with the only sound coming was his weeping. Just then he looked into the eyes of Asuka and moved both of his hands to strangle her.

Shinji looked into her glassy eyes that begged him to stop, as she tried her hardest to stop him. But Shinji did not stop. He kept strangling Asuka, while tears came from his eyes. He kept strangling while her struggles grew weaker and weaker, as her eyes rolled back towards the sockets.

I only wanted you… To help me… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A mere blink and Shinji found himself in a bedroom.

What he saw before his eyes were Misato and Kaji at the age of his, both lying next to each other naked. "Ritsuko keeps asking me when I'll be coming back to school… I can't believe we've already been doing it for four days," Misato giggled. Kaji smiled and caressed her hair "Does she know about us yet?" "I don't think so… But that doesn't matter, let's do it again…" Misato cooed while she moved her right hand to gently caress the soft cock of Kaji.

Is this what Misato does? Is this what makes her happy? As Kaji started to get hard from Misato's hand movements, she crawled towards the growing erection of Kaji and began to lick on the tip while caressing his balls.


She wriggled her behind for him and sat on his face, while she put the penis into her mouth as she drooled on the length. She pulled her mouth away from the penis and gave a kiss to the length before taking one of his balls into her mouth. She licked and sucked on the sack while she pumped her hand up and down the erection.

She then pulled her head away from the testicle and moved her attention back to the member itself, starting to lick and suck on it harder and faster than before. At the same time, Kaji was licking the entrance of her vagina before probing the tongue in.

Misato obviously liked it, judging from the moan of a pleasure she let out. Kaji started to hungrily lick inside her pussy, enjoying the taste. He moved his tongue out of the pussy and licked on the clitoris. While he was doing that, he moved his hand closer to Misato's pussy and inserted two fingers inside. They went in easily and he started to move them in and out, while he went to lick and out the pussy again.

"Ohh Kaji… Mmm… I want you&hellip.

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I want you inside of me…" Misato cooed while she moved away from Kaji's mouth and over towards his erection. She smiled as she looked at Kaji and lowered herself down, making the cock enter into her wet pussy. They both moaned from pleasure as Misato started to move up and down the cock of her lover, while licking her lips in a state of ecstasy.

While moving his hips in a rhythmic fashion, he reached his hands to caress the beautiful D cups of Misato. She already had big tits and from the looks of it; she was still growing. He pinched on the nipples gently, while Misato continued to rock her hip back and forth. "Oh God, I'm close…" Misato murmured. Kaji groaned as he leaned closer and buried his face between her tits "Me too… I want to come inside of you…" "Yes… Fill me with your hot sticky cum… Do it for me…" she moaned.

The dirty talk was the last straw, as Kaji gave a groan and shot his load deep into the womb of Misato. Misato moaned as she felt the huge amount of sperm enter her. "You're incredible… Even after all the times we've done it, you can still come so much…" she cooed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 2: Death welcomes you all Just then Shinji felt the presence of Asuka next to him who again spoke "Did you want to do that with me Shinji?

I know how you had always masturbated on me while I was in a coma… So why didn't you save me when you had the chance…?" Shinji turned to look at Asuka's mutilated remains. He nearly threw up as he saw how Eva series had totally destroyed her. "Do you still find me beautiful? Do you still want to masturbate on me?" Asuka spoke while she positioned her sickening 'hand' on top of Shinji's shoulder.

As Shinji was about to answer, he suddenly saw Rei appear before him. "What do you want Shinji? What do you want from the world?" she questioned him. No one ever cared of me… So they can all just die… "What about your friends? And your family?" Rei kept questioning him.

I don't have either anymore… So they can all just die… "Do you wish the destruction? And utter death and demise of all of the people you hardly even knew?" Rei asked while keeping her emotionless face. If I had known these people they'd still not care of me… So they can all just die… So be it.

Suicide. Betrayal. It all returns to nothing and keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down………… Death. Mayhem. It all returns to nothing and keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down………… And that's how the world as we knew it came to an end.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unfortunately, we cannot ever tell each individual's fate of what happened during the Human Industry project. So we shall focus our story to Misato Katsuragi, the Major of NERV. "When I was a child, I hated my father. I hated and loathed him because he never cared for me or my mother," Misato spoke while she floated in absolute darkness.

"I laughed at him and taunted him while he cried, as my mother divorced him. I wanted nothing good for him, I just was glad to get him out of my life…" Misato fell silent and bowed her head down. Finally she was able to continue "And yet, he was the man who saved my life at the cost of his own&hellip. And at that moment, I was unsure of what to feel about him… My confusion only continued when I fell in love with Kaji… Who reminded me of my father…" And so, you killed him.

"I… Killed Kaji when I was told to… And only afterwards did I realize how much I loved him… But then it was already too late…" she confessed to her own personal demons.

And so, you killed him. Tears started to fall down Misato's cheeks "Yes!! And I'll regret it forever!!!" And so, you killed him. "I already regret it, and for as long as I live!! What more do you want from me??! I already will suffer from the guilt every day for the rest of my life!!" she screamed to herself.

Murderer… Misato covered her face as she lost total self-control "I am not any better than Shinji… I can't really tell him not to run away from his fears… Because I was so afraid to realize I loved a man like my father that instead of facing my fear&hellip. I killed the only man I've ever truly loved&hellip.

I'm a sick bitch who has tried to flirt with a boy half my age… I only joke around to hide my fear… I'm worse than Shinji&hellip. He at least doesn't pretend that nothing is wrong&hellip.

I just hide everything behind a fake smile and then cry myself to sleep&hellip. I am a filthy whore and I deserve to die!!" Just then, Misato saw a kid version of herself staring directly into her eyes. The kid didn't say anything. She just stared, long and hard into the very soul of Misato. And she could recognize and remember the time when she did refuse to even speak from behind all the torment that darkened her very soul with the lust for revenge. While on her quest of retribution she had turned into a woman who could kill anyone in cold blood.

And that fact frightened her.

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"Noooooo! Stay away from my head!!!" she screamed while she punched towards the image of herself, only to have her fist go through her imagination that shattered into tiny clouds.

She fell on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. She was weak and tired&hellip. Of everything&hellip. She reached for her gun. "Kaji… I'll soon see you again…" she murmured, while she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The gun didn't work. "No! No! NO!!!!" Misato screamed while starting to rapidly pulling the trigger.

"Don't let me down now!!

I need this!!!!" "You're like a little kid Misato… Crying when their toy is broken… Why do you want to seek the coward's escape with suicide? Do you think you have no place in this world?" Shinji spoke to her. Misato glanced at him with a look that could kill as she hissed, "What do you mean that I've got a place in this world?

I had nothing but&hellip. Destroying the angels… And being yours and Asuka's guardian… But I failed… I couldn't save either of you from the despair and horror… NERV is destroyed.

And I'm… Dead?" and just then her eyes widened "That's it, isn't it? I'm dead and this is how I'll pay for my sins? I'll be alone in the darkness forever with my guilt as the only company?" "Misato you're both right and wrong. You did die but you also didn't.

You, as well as anyone who wants to, can resume their lives&hellip. If they wish, they do not have to return amongst the realm of living," Shinji spoke while suddenly Misato could swear that Shinji started to resemble more and more fifth child, Kaworu. "Are you saying&hellip. That the end of the world already came and this is some sort of a stage of rebirth?" she asked, while not able to hide her surprised expression.

Kaworu smiled "All Lilim have the power to return to face the challenges of the new life in the old world. You have a choice to choose the old world, or the new world with no AT Fields, a world devoid of individualism. A world where you exist nowhere, yet everywhere all at once. The beginning and the end are all one in the same." She then realized they were suddenly in an ocean made of LCL.

Even though she was miserable, she felt herself smiling. She was starting to get happy and all her troubles seemed to disappear. She saw how her medallion was floating in the sea near her, so she reached for it and took hold of it in her hands. Misato was silent as she looked at her own blood slowly floating off from the cross, but finally said, "Which world did Shinji choose?" "He chose the old world, the world of Lilim. He wants to feel pain, so he can appreciate the times when he's not hurt more.

He wants to feel sad, so he can appreciate happiness more," Kaworu spoke. Misato looked at her gun in her hand "So… I can choose to either live in my misery and guilt or I can be in utter bliss forever and ever?" she inquired before falling silent. "In that case, I choose the original world. Even if my guilt and torment would tear me apart, I'd rather feel the sadness than false forced happiness when I'm truly miserable inside." "You Lilims are a weird species.

It's truly sad that our encounter was so short Miss Misato as I'm sure I too would learn much from it; but I must meet the others who have to make their choice and then live with it." Kaworu spoke while Misato suddenly realized she was underneath water. She gagged and swam to the surface. She could see that at the beach nearby, Shinji was strangling Asuka and crying over her body.

"How disgusting…" she thought while making her way to the shore. Fin