Good fingering of my mom in toilet caught by hidden cam

Good fingering of my mom in toilet caught by hidden cam
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Watching My Daughter, the next night This is part two of how a grown man in the darkness of night watches his daughter's dealings. In the first episode he mistakenly stumbles upon her with two boys as they take full advantage of her naive age and intact pussy. I lay in bed that night after going over each and every facet, nauseating, I began to get another erection. The next morning at breakfast the wife wanted to know what possessed me, not complaining, but unquestionably thrilled with the performance I delivered, like I was twenty years younger she said.

If she only knew.

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When Betty came through I inquired how the sleep-out went the previous evening. Immediately she blushed and began stuttering grasping for words before she hesitated for a moment then went into detail about how she and Janet had a fantastic time. What a big time liar she was. I made a few queries not pressing the matter very far. It never had been a practice up to this point to spy on my daughter but after the shenanigans of the previous evening I had decided to make it a priority.

Only to protect her from the evil that takes place against innocent teenage girls in our society from teen male counterparts. When Janet and Betty disappeared into the basement I headed for the side window where I could barely hear them. "You let him put it inside you? "Yeah, actually they both did, not at the same time of course, first Billy did and then Rob." Did it hurt?" "Like a mother at first, but it stopped almost immediately, it got better as it went along" "I still don't believe it, how could you let them do it, are you crazy girl?" The two girls continued their dialogue with Betty going into detail how she let those two ass-wipes fuck her.

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"You know how they talk about that stuff, cum, well boys really do squirt it out of there dicks and a lot of it too. It's slimy, messy and it leaves a very distinct aroma in the air. I didn't get a look at them doing it but there sure was a lot of it when they got through." "How so Betty, I'm getting hot just listening to you." "Janet, I have no idea how it happened, Billy had his thing between my legs, he was the first, it just went inside me while Rob held me still from the front, about a minute later he got all funny like making these queer noises then he pulled it out and a big squirt of it went onto Robs stomach and he got all mad and stuff while Billy squirted the rest into my cunny" I couldn't feel much when Billy did it but when Rob took his turn it was much more intimate, he was going in and out of me real slow like when his thingy began this twitching motion and I felt awfully full of something.

They left right after and I could feel this stuff leaking out of me. I had to keep running my finger through my cunt lips trying to wipe the stuff off me but it kept oozing out until I finally gave up and went to sleep. I have to find out more, I just have to. How about we get them back tonight and you help me?" There was a long silence before Janet mumbled: "You think it would be OK?

Who?" "How about your brother?" "Are you crazy my brother? Why him." It was decided on Janet's brother, Tim, a few years younger then they, he would be the guest of honor. They went on and on about it, but it was quite clear neither of them had any idea what sex was about except now Betty was hooked on it, I could tell she wanted more, once a teenager is hooked on fucking there is no turning back.

My wife soundly asleep I postponed my departure to bed waiting and waiting hoping to see some any kind of movement around the tent. About to give up hope the tent light snapped on about midnight.

Without hesitation I crept into the back yard staying close to the yards edge where I could blend in with the bushes making headway to the tents rear where I had crouched twenty-fours hours earlier. I had taken no chances, earlier in the day tightly tying the windows strings in the open position. Now I could see my daughter, her best friend and her brother. There was a lot of babbling between them until it was jointly decided that all three would eradicate clothing simultaneously, and they did.

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There in front of me were two of the finest sets of breasts I had ever seen, smallish but round and quite firm protruding outwards. Betty had a full bush where as Janet's was still materializing, thin red hairs rimmed the v of her crotch.

The two girls must have planned out the scenario beforehand with Tim's knowledge; they sat there cross legged with Betty facing me presenting her spoiled cunt for my view while poor Tim stood in front for their examination. It was very apparent that Tim was nervous, his dick at full staff jutting uphill, his knees rickety his head revolving in circles unsure of what his next move should be, when Betty made it for him.

Snatching his enlarged dick into her hand her fingers clumsily fondled it not sure how to proceed. Clearly his dick was not as mature as the two boys the night before. "Make it squirt for us Tim, we want to see it happen" Betty was insistent.


"I can't do it on demand; if you rub it for me it'll take a few minutes." Tim took Betty's hand wrapping it around his by cock. Grabbing her by the wrist he educated her in the fine art of a hand job. Delicately her hand stimulated the span of his dick, sliding upwards before descending the short length of it while meager little Timmy thought he was about to pass out.

Snarling out of desire: "Loosen your grip a little Betty, yes like that, just like that. Now when you get to the head slow down a little before going back again. Ohhh&hellip.ohhh." Not wanting to be left out Janet snaked her fingers around her brother's scrotum forcing his balls from side to side, working the testicles while his dick was being dominated it was too much for the youngster.

Tim worked his dick through her hand as his hips jolted repeatedly frontward, his eyes tightly clenched closed, his head progressing backward after only a measly two minutes at most it was over for him but just commencing for the girls. The first shot exited in a long stringy rope airborne until landing on the forehead of my poor daughter, recoiling to the side his aim shifted to his sister pelting her with the second barrage with the remnants dribbling out of his pee hole onto the Betty's hand before trickling onto the sleeping bag beneath his feet.

I almost ran in, he was so agitated he started to hyperventilate, laboring to breath he fell backwards to the tents floor, his dick continued pulsating although his cum bag was depleted. The sight before me was tempting, three naked teenagers, two naked females gawking at the other as he lay there spent, a stream of cum rolling down over my daughter's nose heading for her gapped mouth as her friend wiped a gallop from her chin, damn I wished I had a camera.

Betty not recognizing that a globule of pale cum was about to ooze into her mouth, even after she smacked her lips swirling her tongue before she shook her head, not sure if it was in disgust or satisfaction.

Later that night I would discover just what she thought about the taste of spunk. Regaining his composure Timmy grabbed his clothes, shoving a leg into each leg as he stumbled for the tents door flap with shirt and underwear under an arm as the girls sat disoriented covered in boy cum. He was gone in a matter of seconds. "Did you see that? Unbelievable the way it shot out of his pecker, look at me, I'm covered, it's all over my boobies and face." As Betty chimed in "Totally awesome&hellip.


But where did he go? Probably scared shitless. I told you this stuff is slimy, go ahead and feel it." There in the tent sat two naked teenage sluts, at least in my opinion as they each wiped globules up rolling them between their fingers giggling like the little schoolgirls they were.

I was downright shocked at the conduct but nothing prepared me for what was to take place.

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As the laughter subsided they became serious, even in the dimly lit tent I saw their eyes meet, then Betty reposition her body slightly and their eyes were now clenched as the girls lips converged into an embrace as arms surrounded the others body. It was no gentle hen peck of a kiss but a full blown make-out session as their mouths opened accepting each others tongues lasting a full five minutes before coming up for air.

Cuddling tightly Janet kissed Betty's face from the forehead down pausing long enough to swipe a glob of cum off Betty's face. I almost fell over backward when she shared it with my daughter. The two sluts didn't stop, cleaning each of there bodies of all signs of Timmy's cum.

Pressing her backward Janet worked her way further sucking Betty's nipples briefly then she was forcing her legs apart. Betty momentarily objected before surrendering to her wishes. A minute later they were in a sixty-nine position sucking, lapping and devouring each others cunts. Two lesbians, that's what they were, two lesbians.

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Crouched in that kneeling position all I could hear was the moans and groans. I saw my little girl stiffen and a long sigh of relief escape her mouth, I think she had her first orgasm, and it was by another girl, not a boy as it should have been. Then I heard it. The bushes seemed to come alive about twenty feet from me.

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A fiqure appeared in the darkness, terrified I was caught, not moving a muscle, I watched someone pass by. Fumbling with the zipper the two girls instantly parted as Rob's head passed into the tents flaps. In a not surprising tone; "Oh hi Rob, glad you made it after all" "Would not have missed the opportunity!" as his eyes focused on two naked teens; "Ahh&hellip.

what do we have here? What were you doing? You both look awfully flushed! Billy is right behind me somewhere. Hope you're ready to party tonight girls!"

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