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DSL tip sucking head slurper Best cum in mouth ever)
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Six Five in One Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mmf, mf, mf, mmf, mmf, x-mast, anal, cream pie, grope, magic, oral, spank, unif As the month of June rolled around, things at Hogwarts had started to become extremely hectic. Harry and the rest of the Triwizard Champions were hard at work practicing for the final task, exams were fast approaching and the negative attention Hogwarts was now receiving for the amount of teenage pregnancies occurring during the school year was causing trouble all around.

Dumbledore, Snape, and even Hagrid were all under investigation from the Ministry of Magic under suspicion of having sexual relations with underage witches.

Little did the Ministry investigators know however, that it was Hermione who was involved in all three cases. It was the Weasley twins that had the most hectic schedule for the final few weeks of the school year however.

Although the twins had been hard at work on their fantastic calendar of Hogwarts sexiest school girls, they still had eight more months of pictures to take before its completion. Padma and Parvarti's pictures had been taken for the month of January while February and March had been filled with two seventh year girls from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff House.

Knowing that time was quickly running out to complete the valuable calendar, Fred and George knew they had to kick it into high gear. On Sunday morning, they sent letters to five separate girls to meet them in the out-of-the-way classroom they had taken their first pictures in.

One at a time, they would meet each girl, take a few photos of them undressing, fuck them silly and finish each session off with a sticky photo finish. It wasn't hard to get the girls they had selected to meet them in the room.

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They simply had to offer the girls a nice sum of gold for the meeting and then bribe them with a little more to take part in their photo session once they arrived.

'Got the letters ready, George?' Fred asked his brother as they started to walk up to the Owlery in the early morning. They had decided on sending the letters by Owl Post so that each girl would receive their letter during their morning breakfast.

'Just finished them this morning brother' George replied, tucking five letters into his pocket before opening the door to the Owlery and attaching each letter to the leg of five different owls. 'Are you sure about the last one though Fred? I mean I don't think she'll come' 'Oh she'll come; even that bitch can't turn down the kind of gold were offering her!' he replied before he and his brother left the Owlery to set up shop down in their little photo gallery.

As the twins left for the classroom, Lee Jordan was hard at work back up in their bed room concocting potion after potion of the designer line the twins had come up with for their adult selection of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

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Lee of course knew what the products were for, but didn't ask too many questions on the matter. The amount of money he was getting paid easily dissuaded him from being to nosy. Fred and George had even given him a new potion to replicate and mass produce. The potion's description read: Reserves running low… Need an a little extra for a special gal. Look no further than this simple to make potion, which increases the drinker's stamina and potential orgasm. No longer will any drinker be limited to one orgasm; after drinking this pink potion, you'll have more than enough to have several rounds with whomever you want.

Upon drinking this potion, its effects will last up to 24 hours, no matter how many orgasms you go through! Warning! There is a substantial increase in semen quantities when cumming! Fred and George had acquired the pink potion from Harry after seeing a nearly empty vial in his bedroom. They had asked him what it was and after learning about its effects, the twins offered to buy the recipe for a considerable amount of coin. Harry had agreed to the rather generous terms, knowing full well that the potion had no chance of being used against him personally.

'Down the hatch!' George said to his brother as both of them uncorked their vial of the pink potion and drank it down without a second thought. The pink potion would be their only hope of making it through five calendar photo shoots in the single day. While the twins drank their potion and prepared the classroom for their photo sessions, the letters they had sent through the Owlery were finding their way into the hands of the five lucky girls they were addressed to. 'A hundred Galleons for a meeting!' Luna said after opening the letter addressed to her.

Cho Chang, Lavender Brown, Angelina Johnson and even Pansy Parkinson all had similar surprised reactions to the letters. Pansy nearly threw away her letter after seeing that it was the Weasley Twins who had sent the letter, but realizing a hundred Galleons would be too good to pass up, she decided to at least go to the meeting later that afternoon.

Luna walked into the refashioned classroom ten minutes after receiving her letter from Fred and George and was astonished to see what the twins had done to the room. 'Hey Luna, glad you could come!' Fred said, after the blond, extremely hot and somewhat dazed teenage witch entered the room looking confused.

'Wow… This place is really different!' Luna replied, not interested in the least with Fred and George and what they had to say.


'Luna… Hello…" George said, waving his hand in front of her face and snapping his fingers. 'Oh… I didn't see you there!' Luna said, snapping out of her reverie and finally noticing the twins. Fred proceeded to go through their offer of one hundred Galleons for an hour of work. All she had to do was put on some pre-selected clothing, take a few pictures, do a few other small insignificant things and then she get the entire sum of gold agreed upon.

The na? Luna obviously agreed to the simple terms and proceeded to get undressed behind a curtained off area and redress into what Fred and George had chosen for her photo shoot. 'So everyone will see these pictures in your calendar' Luna said, pulling on the last of her outfit.

'Yep… We'll pick the best ones and you'll have an entire month of the calendar all to yourself' Fred replied, smirking to his brother, knowing full well that her best pictures would be the ones with a cock slamming into her or a load of hot sticky seed being fired onto her pretty face. 'Wow… I've never been so popular!' Luna responded, stepping out from behind the curtain to reveal her sexy little outfit. As gullible as Luna was, she should have realized what kind of photo shoot she was in for after looking at the clothes she had to put on.

But just like Luna, her demeanor and reaction to the clothing was a mystery. Luna's outfit consisted of a lacy red thong, bra and small red lacy teddy, all of which was clearly see through. 'Where do you want me?' Fred looked over at George and nearly laughed; the Patil twins had said something similar at their photo shoot and like before, Fred and George could think of only one suitable position for such a smoking hot blond. 'Why don't we start on that bed over there' George said, pointing to a plush bed they had set up in the classroom.

'Just lie sideways at the end of the bed and we'll take a few pics' 'Like this' Luna said, lying down on the end of the bed so Fred and George could get a good look at her entire body in a sexy pose. Fred and George nodded their heads and started taking picture after picture of her in sexier and sexier poses until finally they asked her a pivotal question.

'Now if you want to be really popular, you need to take off your clothes for us… You do want to be popular, don't you?' Fred asked the blond beauty, playing on Luna's desire to fit in to get what he wanted out of the gorgeous teenager. 'Well I guess it wouldn't hurt, if it'll make be popular' Luna said nervously, stripping off her lacy lingerie until she was completely naked on the end of the bed.

'Yeah, that's it baby, show us the goods!' George said, getting turned on, getting a good look Luna's nubile little body and perky little breasts.

The twins were both pleased to see that Luna had in fact trimmed her pubic hair into a small little triangle above her twat. Her juicy little pussy looked so delectable to the twins; they could barely hide their excitement and anticipation to taste it. Luna provided the twins with a plethora of sultry poses for the next ten minutes; making her spread her legs, lick her rosy hard nipples and bury her slender fingers into her juicy cunt.

Just as Luna was beginning to get into it a little, Fred stopped taking pictures and both he and his brother dropped their pants to reveal identical seven inch hard cocks. 'What???' Luna replied, looking both shocked and a little appalled at their aggressive behavior.

'You knew where this was heading after you took off your clothes baby!' George replied, stepping forward to shove his cock into her face. 'No one will ever forget you after this… You'll be a star!' 'Really…?' Luna replied, licking her lips and looking at George's hard shaft with a smile on her face.

'I guess I could give it a try' Luna relented, getting onto her hands and knees in front of the twins to start sucking them off. 'Ahh Yeah… Suck it bitch!' Fred moaned, as Luna switched back and forth between the twins while the camera continued to click away, getting great picture after great picture of Luna enjoying the taste of two seven inch Weasley cocks.

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'Mmmmm… These taste good!' Luna moaned into Fred's dick, picking up her pace and switching between the twins with increasing frequency. For the next few minutes, both Fred and George took turns getting down below Luna and tasting her juicy pussy while she sucked off the other twin. 'Ohhh Fuck!!! Here comes the money shot!' Fred shouted, with George looking just as close to his end. 'Money shot??? What's tha--?' Luna started, just as both Fred and George panted one last time, pointed their cocks right at Luna's pretty face and unloaded an inhuman adult size load of cum onto it.

Luna was caught off guard and was nearly completely covered before she could duck out of the way of the last few shots. Instead of getting another face full, the last streams struck her blond hair and began to drip onto the floor.


'Oooohh… This actually tastes good! I better not waste a drop… Father always says, the seed of a virulent man should not be wasted' Luna recited from memory before licking her fingers and smiling up at the twins.

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The twins paid Luna her hundred Galleons, slapped her ass and sent her on her way. 'Luna's father must be just as whacked as her! Who's next?' Fred laughed moments Luna had left. Cho Chang, Lavender Brown and Angelina Johnson followed suit shortly after and unlike the blond beauty Luna Lovegood, they all had the privilege of experiencing the full Weasley treatment.

Cho had the pleasure of having her tight Asian twat pounded by George repeatedly until after fifteen minutes of hard fucking and several amazing pictures, he unloaded an amazingly large and potent load of cum onto her perfect teenage tits.

Cho took it like a real champ, smiling for the camera as George groaned in satisfaction. The twins paid the Asian a cool two hundred Galleons for the show and soon after welcomed their third guest of the day, Lavender Brown. Lavender wasn't as keen as either Luna or Cho to agree to the pervasive act of selling her body for the calendar shoot. It wasn't until Fred offered the teenage Gryffindor an astounding two hundred and fifty Galleons that she finally agreed.

As George took his turn behind the camera, Fred stepped up to the plate and disrobed for the second time that day. Lavender's eyes traveled up and down his massive shaft and smiled. It took nearly twenty minutes of hard pussy fucking for Lavender to scream in ecstasy and for Fred to pull out of her quivering pussy and splash his massive load of warm cream all over her tight stomach.

Lavender moaned in satisfaction as Fred's hot cum splashed against her stomach. Before leaving, Fred gave her tight ass a quick smack and sent her on her way like a good little slut. Minutes later, an extremely hot looking Angelina Johnson, wearing a tattered looking Quidditch uniform entered the room looking both exhausted and a little haggard. Although the Quidditch season had been cancelled in order to accommodate the Triwizard Tournament, Angelina still found the time to get some practice in on the weekends.

The look she brought to photo shoot suited her and the twins well. It didn't take long or much in the way of negotiations for Angelina to agree to the photo shoot. It was almost as if she had expected that the meeting was leading to her taking her clothes off and having two Weasley shafts buried in her ass and pussy. With the camera magically endowed; the twins basically jumped on top of the horny slut and pounded her pussy and ass in unison for nearly half an hour.

Angelina had no problem with handling the two Weasley's at once; she had done it on multiple occasions, one of which had resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. She hadn't in fact told the twins that one of the two brothers had impregnated her, but she highly doubted the twins would be very receptive to the idea of being responsible for taking care of the child now growing inside of her.

In almost perfect unison, both twins pulled out of Angelina at nearly the same time and grunted out in satisfaction as they began spewing two massive loads of sticky cum all over her gorgeous dark body, face and sleek black hair.

She took it in stride, smiling to the camera and stroking off the two cocks with a twinkle in her eye. Angelina cleaned herself off and left the pair looking both satisfied and confident that she had yet again, exceeded their expectations. 'Only one more to go brother!' Fred said to his brother exhaustedly. The pink potion they had taken to improve their sexual vitality was still working amazingly, but the effort expended in the actual action of fucking the four girls was quickly ebbing away whatever energy he had left.

'Good, I can barely stand up' George replied, feeling just as tired physically as his brother. 'Luckily we won't need to stand up to finish the job, right George!' Fred laughed, just as Pansy Parkinson stumbled through the door looking both confused and disgusted at what she saw. Fred and George hadn't even robed themselves following their photo shoot with Angelina and both of their slightly softening cocks were completely visible. 'What the fuck is this perverts?' Pansy screamed, looking down at their rather large shafts, with both mild amusement and curiosity.

'What kind of meeting is this? Do you think you're going to take advantage of me and fuck my brains out against my will?' Fred and George slowly started walking towards her with smiles on their faces, 'Of course not, Pansy. We wouldn't take advantage of you just because you're Malfoy's little fuck toy or the fact that you're a Slytherin whore' George replied, looking smug. Pansy couldn't really argue with either of George's two points.

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It was true she'd let Malfoy fuck her whenever he liked and it was also true that she had become quite the little teenage slut within the Slytherin House. If any Slytherin student wanted to get their rocks off, all they had to do was slip Pansy a few Galleons and she'd fuck them wherever and whenever they wanted.

So it wasn't a huge intuitive leap for Pansy to think that Fred and George had sexual plans for her. 'Oh don't worry Pansy… We wouldn't need to take advantage of you to have sex with you; all we need to do his offer you a little coin' Fred replied to Pansy's confused look.

Pansy let slip a small smile before regaining her composure and looking staunch in her refusal to be bought with simple coin. 'Even if I was for sale, I don't think the two of you could afford me!' Pansy replied smartly, both trying to sound as if she was above selling herself for sex and also trying to ramp up the amount of gold it would take to pay for her services.

'The way I hear it, anyone can buy you for a couple of Galleons, but we're willing to pay a grand total of a hundred Galleons!' Pansy's jaw nearly dropped to the floor after hearing that their initial offer of a hundred Galleons was actually legitimate.

Quickly regaining her composure, Pansy tried to hold out for more coin, 'That's it… Not nearly enough for me!' 'Fine bitch… Get the fuck out of here… We'll just find another Slytherin whore to take your place for half of what we're offering you!' George replied with a smirk, before pointing his finger towards the door as if to shoo the resistant slut away. 'Okay… Okay… I'll do whatever you want' Pansy relented, not wanting to squander the chance at a hundred Galleons.

'Just what we like to hear' Fred and George replied together, pointing to the plush bed. 'Slowly take off that Slytherin uniform… We want to take some pictures of you stripping' Pansy assented like a dutiful whore before slowly walking over to the bed and taking off her clothes like the twins had asked.

After ten minutes of stripping, posing and showing off her sweet ass, tight bald pussy and lush teenage tits, Pansy could tell that both twins were as hard as rocks and ready for the second part of the photo shoot. Pansy took the initiative, wanting to get it over as soon as possible and get her money; she got back onto the bed, spread her legs wide open to reveal her dripping wet snatch, and beckoned for the twins to take her.

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As the camera magically floated taking pictures of the action in front of it, the twins, like they had done four times previously that day, went to work on Pansy Parkinson together. But unlike the other four girls, they made sure they embarrassed the Slytherin slut as much as possible while they fucked her. Whether forcing her to deep throat their cocks together until she nearly passed out from lack of oxygen or fucking her tight ass as deeply as possible, the twins took pleasure in the fact that they were again degrading a Slytherin student and more importantly, Pansy Parkinson.

To cap the entire unforgettable day off, the twins filled both her pussy and ass with their respective cocks and pounded her two holes raw in unison for ten minutes before finally succumbing to the intense pressure surrounding their pulsing shafts. 'Fuck Pansy… Ready for a double creaming?' Fred groaned out in exasperation, ready to blow a massive load. 'Ooooohhh… Just hurry up!' Pansy screamed in pain. Her two tight holes were stretched to the max and even though she had experienced multiple orgasms during their fuck session, the pain from her severe ass and pussy pounding was too intense to handle any longer.

All she wanted was for them to cum on her and get the whole awful experience over with. To her surprise however, the ending she had envisioned, came about a little differently than she had planned. 'Let's fill this slut up!' grunted George, panting loudly along with his brother who was already as deep into her ass as possible. Fred hit his climax first and with a guttural moan, he emptied his final hot sticky load of cum as deeply in her ass as possible.

Pansy's eyes opened in shock as she felt the hot sticky ropes of Fred's seed coat her burning rectum. Instead of being furious with the Weasley twin for cumming in her ass without permission, Pansy was glad of the soothing effect it had on her enflamed ass.

She wasn't quite as thankful for what came next however; George let out a similarly loud grunt moments after Fred and like his brother, fired off several potent streams of his sperm directly into her vulnerable womb.

'FUCK YOU!' Pansy screamed in protest as she was helpless to stop George's unwanted insemination of her. She knew she could just get a pregnancy potion from the hospital wing later, but the thought of having Weasley cum deep inside her womb was frankly disgusting to her. The twins both proceeded to pull out of the Slytherin whore seconds later and before Pansy could get up from the bed and storm off cursing the pair, they forced her to sit on the bed with her legs spread wide open and let the cum from her pussy and ass drip out onto the sheets while the camera clicked away at the beautiful sight.

After some harsh words from Pansy and some failed attempts to curse the twins with her wand, she was paid her hundred Galleons and sent on her way with a firm slap on the ass. 'What about my clothes?' Pansy shouted back at them as she was guided by the twins out into the hallway completely naked. 'They're our clothes now, bitch… Have a nice walk back to the dungeons!' Fred and George replied before slamming the door in her face.