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Große Beute Mädchen schwarz
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Tales of the eKids: E-man Loves Emmy © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Part 4 Eamon Turner woke from a restless, dream-filled sleep. As his eyes opened slowly he realized he had his hand wrapped around a raging hard-on.

'This is ridiculous', he thought. 'I'm going to go crazy at this place. This girl is driving me nuts!' He pulled his fist off of his pecker with disgust. How long had it been since he had to resort to that kind of relief?

Girls were a dime a dozen. Why was he so fixated on just one? Hell, he knew the answer before he even asked it. There's only one Emmy. A bell sounded on his desktop indicating he had received email. Who had his new address already, [email protected]?

He popped over to his desk and touched the envelope icon. All right! It was Emma, of course. She wanted him to meet her at the Admissions Office at 9AM. Eamon showered and dressed himself in the semi-official student uniform of jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers. But he wore tailored designer jeans, sneakers that ghetto kids would kill for, and a lightweight sweatshirt that hugged his sleekly muscular chest in the finest cotton.

He was a Turner, after all. Eamon was quite satisfied with his dormitory room. It wasn't the huge ostentatious bedroom he was used to, but it was functional and filled his immediate needs. Sometimes he wondered if he should tone down his lifestyle a bit.

He had found the controls for his plasma walls in his desktop. It was a simple matter to choose a style from a list of options, or download one's own to personalize the room even more.

Eamon found it very odd that when he clicked on the option labeled 'AEN' the face of Alfred E. Newman covered an entire wall of his room. For the time being, that was the style he chose. Eamon heard a demanding ring coming from his desktop.

Two icons were flashing. He clicked the one with both voice and picture. He was glad he had when the beautiful face of Emma Adkins appeared on the virtual monitor, seemingly suspended in thin air above his desk. "Hello, E-man. You're looking rich today.

Could we make our appointment a little earlier? There is someone else who needs to be there and her schedule is a bit tight." Eamon wasn't doing anything but waiting anyway. He saw Emma was wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and a sideways Cleveland Indians baseball cap. She looked like a child; an extremely sexy child. "Uh, sure, Emma. When do you want me to come over?" "Come over now if you can. Have you had breakfast yet?" "No, I was just about to hunt up the cafeteria when you called." Eamon hadn't even thought about breakfast.

When he spoke to Emma, it wasn't food he was hungry for. "Well come on over. We'll have a little breakfast with our meeting." Eamon walked out of his dorm room, down a corridor and into the quad again.

He hadn't noticed yesterday that at the far end of the quad was a statue. He altered his course to swing by the statue. When he got close enough he saw it was Alfred E. Newman. 'Damn', he thought. 'Someone around here is in to bad puns.' He knocked once and then entered Emma Adkins' office.

There was no one in the outer office but he noticed a door was open in a back wall. He remembered that yesterday the entire wall was some scene from a forest. He hadn't seen a door. Peeking through the door he called, "Hello, is anyone there?" A beautiful baseball-capped head appeared and again he felt a rush of adrenalin.

It said, "Oh, hello. You must be Eamon Turner." Eamon walked into the room and once again was entranced by the vision of beauty before him. He said, "Well, yeah. I'm the same guy who was in here yesterday. I haven't changed since then." The beautiful face laughed: a soft tinkling bell-like sound.

"Well I have. I'm afraid you are mistaking me for someone else." Eamon felt a soft tapping on his back. He turned around and was startled to see the exact double of the girl standing in front of him.

The new girl said, "Don't freak out, E-man. It's only me. That person over there is obviously my sister. Here name is Elle. Close your mouth and say hello to Elle, E-man." "Hello, Elle. I'm sorry for the mistaken identity. I don't suppose it's anything new in your life, though." Eamon was stunned.

Stunned by the double dose of loveliness before him, stunned that he could speak in coherent sentences. His first thought was: 'And I thought there was only one Emmy!' His second thought was: 'Someone is going to have the harem of a lifetime.' The Turner men leaned towards unofficial harems.

The one he thought was Elle said, "Come in and sit down at the conference table. We have fruits and some whole-grain cereal for breakfast.

If you are a meat eater, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer this morning." Eamon sat on one side of the table, the two girls sat on the other side. He was enchanted. Emma had overwhelmed him yesterday, but this! He placed some fruit on his plate and pretended to nibble at it.

All he wanted to do was look at them. As he watched them he realized there were subtle differences. He couldn't even identify what the differences were, but he knew which girl was which. He said to the one on the right, "Emma, what do we need to talk about?" Emma smiled and her eyes lit like fire. Eamon felt himself sinking even deeper into them.

"Actually, E-man, you've just passed the first test. You've pretty much proven you are New Man." He was confused. "I did? How did I do that?" The other twin spoke. Her voice was identical to Emma's.

It even had that lilting touch of laughter. "Why you can tell us apart, of course. Daddy is the only H. sapien that can tell us apart.


Well, our Mommas can too, but they are a special case. We had to teach them how to do it." He realized that they were correct in the fact that he really could tell them apart. But he didn't have the foggiest notion why. They were spitting images of each other.

He couldn't see one difference from their flawless skin to their perfect shapes to their lovely faces to their expressive eyes.

They were even dressed the same. Then how the hell could he tell them apart? Speaking to Emma he said, "By telling you apart that makes me New Man?" Emma shook her head. "Yes, E-man.

We aren't into heavy testing here. This is a kind of binary test, on or off, yes or no. You can tell us apart or you can't. You can, therefore you are: New Man that is. And it didn't take nine months, either." Elle turned to her sister. "Nine months? What is that about?" Emma lifted a finger toward Eamon.

"Studly here offered to attempt to impregnate me in order to establish his credentials, species-wise. Daddy wasn't too thrilled." Elle looked enthusiastically toward Eamon. "That was awfully generous of you, Eamon.

Was the offer just to Emmy, or did you include all the Adkins girls." Eamon knew they were just playing with him. He figured he might as well play along. "All the Adkins girls. How many of you are there?" Elle laughed. "There are four of us. But we aren't quads. We are two sets of twins. Edie and Eddie are the strange ones. Emma and I are the normal ones, relatively speaking.

That will make us easy to tell apart." "Strange? How are they strange? And do they look like you?" Emma said, "Some people think they are stupid because they hardly ever talk. Well stupid is as stupid does. They invented the Newman AE operating system when they were four years old. When they were seven they invented Virtual Video.

They also invented the heads-up display in your car and a bunch of other stuff. They just don't like to talk about it." Elle said, "We aren't quadruplets, but we are two sets of twins with a whole lot of DNA in common. We share the same father and our mothers are identical twins.

You do the math." Eamon thought he saw a pattern developing. "The other twins are scientists, right? What do you do, Elle?" She smiled sweetly. "I make money." "What, you're an economist? A financier? What does that mean?" "It means that I make money. That's what I do. That's what I've always done. God knows someone has to do it around here or we'd be in deep trouble." Emmy said, "E-man, it's like my sister has a printing press out back.

Daddy tells her how much and Elle makes it. That's the way it's been around here forever. Elle made her first million when she was three. By the time she was seven she had made over a hundred million dollars.

Where do you think all of this comes from: the university that kids attend for free; the financial backing for New Man Inc.; Daddy's energy-efficient car; all the charities?" Eamon responded, "Uh, I guess we had kind of wondered what your source of income was." Elle said, "'We'? 'We wondered'? That brings us to the second reason for this meeting, Eamon. What are you doing here? You are eighteen years old. Our median student age is twelve. You are rich.

You undoubtedly have been educated in some way. Tutors, I'd bet. Why did you come to New Man U? Do you have a particular curriculum in mind? "Is it science? Sorry Eamon but you don't look like the scientific type to me. Economics, maybe?

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Your family has billions. It's been our experience that every family that has that much is somehow desperate to have twice as much.

So do you plan to be a financier, Eamon?" Eamon shook his head. "We have plenty of businesspeople in our family already. My half-brother Jake 3rd is going to eventually take over the family businesses. There is room for all my siblings somewhere near the top, but that doesn't really interest me. I have other interests." Emmy jumped in.

"Politics!" Eamon's eyes widened. "You guessed that on surprisingly little information." Elle answered for her. "Emmy is the politician in our family. She's perfect. She's a bigger dick than Dick Nixon or Dick Cheney and she doesn't even have a dick!" "Very funny, little sister.

Yes, E-man, I have been somewhat involved in the political process over the years. I might even have the same motives as you do. I want to try to save H. sapiens from themselves. "So you came her to learn politics, is that right? Or was there some ulterior motive. 'We wondered' you said. Who is 'we'?" Eamon hesitated. He had already made up his mind to tell the truth. He detected no evil here. The Progenitor, Andrew Adkins, seemed to him to be a well-meaning bumbler.

These girls, the eTwins, were just plain hot. They could tell him anything and he would believe them. He wanted to believe them. He needed to believe them. But could he trust them? He had to take the chance. "'We' refers to my family. My grandparents are interested in this whole New Man phenomenon. They want to know if you are for real. They want to know if you are honest. They want to know what your plans are.

My Granddaddy worked most of his life to make things right in this country. Still there are a lot of things wrong. We wanted to know where you fit into the equation." The twins looked in each other's eyes.

Eamon could see that they were reaching some sort of decision about him, but doing so silently. He had heard that twins were like that. They could communicate almost psychically. What came next was a shock. Emmy and Elle each reached a hand across the conference table towards Eamon. Emmy said, "You want to know the truth about us, E-man? If you really, really do, take our hands. But I'm warning you. Only do so if your heart is pure.

If you are lying to us, back off. Because if you are, we'll know." Eamon hardly hesitated. He hastened to take the opportunity to touch the two most beautiful creatures he had ever been near. He captured Elle's hand with his left, Emmy's hand with his right. It was at that moment he knew his life was transformed. It was if an electric current ran from Elle, through him and directly to Emma. It wasn't a physical event. He could feel his emotions being stirred. He could feel the twins coming into his soul.

It was so weird; so wild; so astounding! The passion he had been feeling seemed to grow exponentially. These presences seemed to join his own presence. It was frightening.

It was startling. It was arousing. He felt himself sprout an enormous, almost painful erection. He was panting as his blood raced through his system. He had never felt so alive. Eamon stood, still holding the twins' hands tightly. He pulled them both toward him, trying to increase the amount of contact, even though the table was between them.

He tried to be logical. He tried to regain his self-control. He released both hands and moved away from the twins. "What the fuck did you do to me", he hissed?

"Why do I feel like this? Was the breakfast drugged?" Emmy's eyes were afire! She leaned closer across the table. Her lips barely grazed his lips. Eamon moaned when for the briefest moment there was more skin-to-skin contact. "What's the matter, E-man? Can't take the heat? We haven't done anything to you except open our souls. Do you feel it? Of course you do. We wondered that's all. We wondered what it would be like to touch you." He said, "But you touched me yesterday!

We shook hands, I remember. Nothing spectacular happened then!" Emmy replied, "We can keep this under lock and key if we want. We couldn't go around feeling like this every time we shake hands with someone now, could we?

But today we just let it happen. We needed to know, E-man. We are even willing to have a spy in our midst. But we had to touch you." Eamon felt he was sinking deeply into some emotional quicksand from which he could never extricate himself. Right now all he wanted to do was continue to sink.

He was thunderstruck. Emma turned to her sister. "Elle, don't you have someplace to be?" Elle said, "Yes, but…" Emma shooed her towards the door. "I'll talk to you later. Right now I've got to talk to the E-man here.

Be gone." Elle stood and walked around the table. She put her arms around Eamon's neck and whispered in his ear, "Thank you Eamon. You're the first man who has ever touched me." She gave him a soft, sexy, kiss on the cheek and walked from the room. When the two were alone, Emma sat back down and looked into Eamon's eyes. She seemed fidgety; uncomfortable. Her previously smiling eyes grew dark; as if they were about to burst into tears.

"Eamon, you came here to find out about us. Am I right? You wanted to know our darkest secrets." "Well, yeah, Emma. I'm supposed to find out if you are good or evil, from our point of view. We wanted to know what you might be hiding." "That's it, E-man.

That's what we are hiding. Everything else about us is out front. Do an audit. Investigate till the cows come in. All you will find out is what you already know; except for this." Eamon still didn't really understand. "What is this?" "My Daddy calls it telempathy.

We can feel the emotions of others, especially other eKids. And let's be honest. We can read minds, too; again especially with other eKids. Most of us had experiences when we were young reading our parents' minds." Emma saw a light of recognition come onto Eamon's face. "You too, I'll bet. But mostly with H. sapiens, it only goes one way.

They can't feel you, they can't read you. A lot of the eKids in that situation stopped exercising that functionality when they didn't receive any response from their parents.

Of course, the majority of the first generation of eKids was girl twins. They were able to use telempathy with each other. God, wait till you meet my sisters! They carry telempathy to the nth degree!" Eamon had been nodding his head. He remembered thinking he could read his parents' thoughts when he was very small. But the response he got from them was so negative that he stopped. "Well damn, Emmy! That's a pretty big secret to be hiding!

But I understand why you keep it quiet. People would go nuts if they thought you could read their minds." "If H. sapiens find out about this, we could be in big trouble. The Religious Right hates us, E-man.

Do you realize that we are a living refutation of creationism? We are evolution in action. "The followers of the Religious Right are so docile, so eager to be led, that they'll believe any damn fool thing that they are told to believe; even that the existence of evolution is just a difference of opinion between scientists. The fact that there are no reputable geologists or anthropologists who believe in creationism never gets mentioned.

"E-man, the Right is this far from mobilizing against us. If they found out about telempathy, we would be facing violence. Daddy doesn't want to deal with that until the eKids get older and can take care of themselves." Eamon nodded again.

"I get it. Is it okay with you if I break this information to my family? We're just a bunch of Irish Catholics. We don't have any agenda for you to harm.

Besides, I think that some of the men in my family have a touch of the same talent, or something like it." "Tell it to the top, E-man. But they have to keep it quiet.


If even a rumor of this gets out, trouble will start." Eamon savored the memory of that touch with Emma and Elle. It was so intense. Somehow it felt like he wasn't getting the entire story from Emma. "Is that it, Emma? You can feel the emotions of other eKids? Or is there more?" He reached his hand across the table to try to take hold of Emma's hand, but she recoiled. "Don't touch me, Eamon. You've got to learn the whole story right now!" Her eyes had begun to tear up. Eamon could feel her pain but couldn't figure out its cause.

"We bond! If you touch us and we open up to you, we could bond permanently. You wouldn't have a chance. You wouldn't have a choice. That's why I sent Elle away! "You aren't stupid, E-man. You must recognize that Elle and I and our other sisters don't have much in the way of options, sexually.

Edie and Eddie have chosen to satisfy each other. But Elle and I would prefer the old fashioned way. "We like you, E-man. You know perfectly well that you are gorgeous. You're funny, you're smart, you're talented. Also, you're arrogant, you're spoiled rotten, you're promiscuous. Those last three things count against you, by the way. "And you are very, very rich.

Elle and I don't care about that last attribute, but to a lot of H. sapien women that counts for a lot. "But there is something you've got to know, E-man.

You can't mate successfully with them. Oh, I know that you fit together fine. But forget about children. Maybe, almost surely, you can propagate with H. sapien women.

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But it is equally certain that the offspring will be sterile. No more little Turners on the horizon from your little branch of the family." Eamon got it.

"So I can't have a family with a H. sapien wife. But let me guess. I can have a family with you." "Not just with me, Eamon, but with any female eKid. We are the same species. How could I make something like this up?" "No, no, I believe you. I believe you.

Which gets us back to the touching. Why did you stop touching me?" Emma started to cry. "I had to stop. I won't force you to love me. It would be emotional rape!

You don't know us from Adam. You don't know what we need. Elle and I are a package, E-man. You don't get one without the other. We're like our mothers in that. "And E-man, you must know by now that I'm very assertive. You are used to getting what you want. So am I. Could we work as a couple? I don't know.

Are you even interested in us?" Emma had her face in her hands, trying to stop the tears. She didn't even notice the slight smile on Eamon's face. He said, "Emmy, what did Elle mean? She said that I was the first man that ever touched her. What did she mean by that?" Emma was crying again. "Don't you get it, E-man? We're virgins! In every way we are virgins!

We've never been kissed. We've never been on a date. We've never even been touched! "This is stupid! I'm sorry we even brought this up, Eamon. Let's forget this part of the conversation and just go on with our lives, okay? Tell your grandmother or whoever what you know and maybe our families can do business." Emma didn't notice Eamon stand and move around the table to her. She felt herself being swept up into her arms. His lips met hers and her embarrassed, painful tears became tears of joy.

And still she pulled away. "Stop, Eamon! You don't know what you are doing! I told you, this could be permanent. We could bond forever. Don't do this just because you are horny. You have to love me before I'll let you do this." "Emmy, I've loved you from the moment I saw you. How couldn't I love you?

You are fabulous, beautiful, funny, smart, wonderful. I love you. I thought you were supposed to be this confident New Woman. Why are you so gun-shy?" "Because you hardly know me. How can you love me? Don't do this Eamon, if you have any doubts at all.

Please don't. I couldn't stand to see regret in your eyes later." Eamon pulled Emma close and kissed her tenderly. He felt her resistance fade into enthusiasm as finally she kissed him back. As they held their lips together, Eamon felt the energy flowing between.

He felt the swelling of his heart. He felt the swelling of his dick. It occurred to him that Emmy felt that herself. She felt so childlike in his embrace. Eamon was well over six feet tall while Emmy was barely over five. His arms engulfed her tiny frame. He hugged her but again she pulled her face away. "But what about Elle? You know her even less than you know me. What are you, crazy or something?" "Emmy, Elle is almost as delightful as you.

Honey, if you want to go slow, I'll go slowly. But don't hold back on my account." Emmy reached up with both hands and cradled Eamon's cheeks, slowly pulling him to her in a soft sensual kiss.

Again she pulled back. "E-man, this is crazy. But if you like it crazy, I can out-crazy anybody." This time when she kissed him, he felt her small tongue shyly pushing its way into his mouth.

It circled his lips then plunged into his mouth. This time he pulled back. "Never been kissed? That's hard to believe!" For a beginner she was kissing like an expert.

She was quickly lifting his arousal to a fever pitch. She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I won't be able to say that after today.

E-man, there are a bunch of things I won't be able to say about myself after today, if you know what I mean." Eamon looked at her intently. "Hold on here, Emmy. We're just doing some innocent little necking here.

What are you saying?" "E-man, do I have to spell it out? I'm an eighteen-year-old virgin! I'm the oldest living virgin, at least in my species. That's a title I'll gladly pass on to my sisters, at least for the time being.

Just because I'm a virgin, doesn't mean I'm virginal. I've been offering myself to Daddy for quite a while, just because I didn't seem to have an option 'B'. Sweetie, you are definitely option 'B'. But I hope you don't mind, E-man, but when I dream of being deflowered, it is never in a conference room." Emma seemed to flick her fingers in a certain way and the back wall turned into a back wall with a door. Eamon's jaw dropped open. "How the hell did you do that?" Emmy smiled slyly.

"No one ever said that you couldn't make a plasma wall look like a wall. Most people who are in my office don't know there is a conference room behind it. None of the people who make it to my conference room know that I have a bedroom behind that.

Eamon, I have a long-standing policy of never telling anyone more than they absolutely need to know." "Does that include me?" "Sweetie, from now on I'll always answer every question you ask me. I'll never lie to you, ever." "Emmy, that didn't answer my question; which means that as you made the promise to answer my question, you didn't answer my question. You may be the most devious person in the world." Emmy laughed.

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"Now that's just silly. Do you know every person in the world? What you really mean is I'm the smartest devious person in the world; which is true.

And it might also mean that when I try to be devious, I might be the most successful devious person in the world. But then again, you caught me on my first attempt to be devious with you, which proves I'm not the most successful devious person in the world, assuming I was being devious and not just yanking your chain." Emmy grew serious.

"Eamon, I'll never lie to you. I'll never hold anything back. You are on the top of my need-to-know list. I don't even tell Daddy how I do the things I do. But if you want me to, I'll tell you. "As a first offering, I'll admit something that only my family knows. I'm the greatest computer hacker in the world. See, I'll tell you anything, even if you don't ask me." The woman was a never-ending source of wonder and amusement to Eamon.

"You are the greatest hacker in the world? What's a hacker? I seem to remember hearing about that. Didn't kids used to be able to sneak into other people's computers? That was hacking, wasn't it? But geez, that hasn't been a problem for a long time, has it?" Emma looked at Eamon blandly. Her face showed the innocent look that her father had grown to fear. "You bitch! Your sisters wrote the operating system!

They locked everyone else out and then gave you a way in! Son of a bitch what a trick! What power! You can do anything you fucking please! "Can you hack into my grandmother's computer in Palmdale? This could be cool." Emmy held up a hand. "E-man, slow down. I thought we were going into my bedroom to deflower a virgin. Now if you'd rather play 'hack the grandma' I guess we can do that but it doesn't sound nearly as exciting." Eamon stood up quickly and held out his hand to assist Emma to rise.

"You're right of course. We can play with computers anytime. But one only gets to deflower the most beautiful girl in the world once in a lifetime, if that." Emma smiled that eye-lighting smile that thrilled Eamon to his core. "But E-man, maybe you can deflower my identical twin tomorrow." And then she laughed. Part 5 Emmy skipped into the bedroom, laughing and tossing her clothes as she went.

Eamon followed her in, his eyes wide with the wonder of her fabulous body. He finally pulled his eyes away from Emma and he was confronted by a dark landscape lit by a million stars in a panorama of intense beauty. Emma said, "Did you ever make love under the stars, E-man?" "How do you do this?" The floor, the walls, the ceiling were a continuous and unending rendition of a summer scene at midnight.

The bed seemed to float in the middle of a field of flowers. "Eamon, I talk a pretty good game, but you should know that I really am a virgin. I'm eager, but take it slowly at first, okay? I'm not some sex goddess, no matter what your hormones might be telling you.

I'm just a scared little girl who is tired of being alone. Take care of me please. I'll try my hardest to take care of you." He agreed she looked like a little girl. Sure, she looked like a little girl with tits and an ass. Her small, round breasts were the most beautiful body part that Eamon had ever seen. Emmy smiled as she realized he was drinking from her beauty. She twirled around and then coyly looked back at him over her shoulder.

Eamon was mesmerized by Emma's ass. It was the most beautiful body part he had ever seen. Eamon began to remove his own clothing. His was dazzled by the beauty of his surroundings. Emma stood in front of him with one arm extended, wearing a shy smile and nothing more. Where her bush should be there was nothing but soft, sexy skin.

Her puffy pussy lips seemed to be gleaming with her juices. She was a walking incitement to riot. Eamon tried to pull down his pants and his boxers in one swift motion. He groaned in pain as the head of his impossibly hard member caught on the waste band of his boxers and was almost ripped out by the roots.

"S'matter, Eamon? Are you in a hurry?" Eamon closed the distance to Emma, then lifted her up and held her like a child, his left arm around her shoulders with his right arm under her knees. He gently kissed her. His intentions were somewhat honorable.

He wanted to make gentle, passionate love to her. He wished to slowly fill her, bring her the pleasure she longed for. Only later would he fuck her senseless. He knew he had to do both. Eamon laid her on the bed with her head on a downy pillow.

She watched him with hooded eyes. "Eamon, I've never said it to you. But I want you to know before we go any farther. I love you. It's true.

I've been studying you for weeks, ever since we knew who you were. So I know you. I really know you. And yes, you are beautiful. "But I've seen inside you, too.

I know that your real beauty is there. I would have given you my virginity anyway, E-man. I'm just a horny teenager, after all. But today in addition to my virginity, I'm giving you my heart. Please take it and keep it forever. I never want it back." Eamon was in love with loving this amazing girl. Each time she spoke she revealed another equally wonderful side to herself. Now he knew that the wisecracking, joking, cynical Emma Adkins was also the sweet, romantic, loving Emmy.

He sat next to her on the bed, and slid the back of his hand along her soft cheek. She said, "I know that sometimes I'm a controlling bitch, E-man. But today, please do whatever you want with me. I trust you. I'm yours." Eamon felt like a kid in a candy store with carte blanche. He leaned over and gave her another soft and sweet kiss.

He felt the little girl shudder with the emotion. His hand finally made its way to her small soft breasts. He felt as if he were desecrating a work of art so he moved slowly, gently; too gently from Emma's point of view.

She rubbed her hand against Eamon's cheek and whispered, "I won't break, E-man." Eamon pinched that soft pink nipple, and Emmy emitted her first moan. Eamon brought his head down to Emma's chest and captured the other nipple between his lips, alternately sucking and licking it. Emma's eyes were almost fully closed. They were open just enough to watch her gentle assailant begin the ravishment of her heretofore virgin flesh. This was the moment she had dreamed of since learning of the existence of the undocumented New Man, Eamon Turner.

Eamon's fingers made their way down Emma's taut belly. In another circumstance she would have found them ticklish. But now they felt like fire. Her stomach muscles involuntarily pulled away from the burning fingers as her hips rose, searching for stimulation. His hand wandered further south, over her soft naked mound, finally reaching the holy land.

One finger slid along the swollen outer passage of her pussy, evoking another moan from Emma. 'Damn, she's wet already!' thought Eamon. 'This girl is made to fuck!' His finger barely parted her lips as he made a pass in the opposite direction. Emma's hips were beginning to rotate along the axis of his movement, trying to force his finger deeper. His finger stroked her gently, never insinuating itself into Emma's pussy. "Eamon, please!

I promise in the future you can abuse me, torture me, do whatever you want to me. Anything! But please, Eamon, don't make me wait today! Don't torture me now. Please, honey, please!" Her arms had reached around Eamon's chest in a ridiculous attempt to pull his large frame on top of her tiny body. Finally he relented and moved of his own accord until he was on top of her, laying his well-muscled body atop her small soft frame. Like most virgins, Emmy's emotions were equal parts fear and eagerness.

In a little girl's voice she said, "You are so big and I'm so tiny. I'm not even sure that monster can fit in me.

Maybe I should start small and work up to you." Eamon laughed. At her hour of truth, Emmy still saw the humor of the situation. But he didn't intend to hurt her. He thought he could make her passage into womanhood relatively pain-free, as long as he could control his own lust.

Eamon took hold of his manhood and rubbed the large helmet of his cock-head along Emmy's puffy pussy lips. Almost automatically, Emmy's legs, which had been flat on the bed, rose up; her knees spread wide and drew themselves closer to her chest.

Her legs were splayed as wide as her little body would allow, her tiny feet pointed straight up in the air as her body surrendered itself to Eamon's dick. Emma's pussy was dripping with her arousal and fear. Eamon's dick moved easily along its fringes, and still he failed to enter her. Very slowly the head of his dick insinuated itself into Emma's pussy.

Eamon saw the look of concentration, pain, and fear on her face, all subordinate to her passion. Instead of driving forward, Eamon used just the head of his dick to slowly saw back and forth.

He made sure that Emma's already prominent clit was receiving the attention it deserved as he pulled only marginally in and out. Emmy's breath came in gasps. Her hips were moving with the motion of Eamon's dick, pushing onto him each time the head threatened to enter her. Her movements became more and more sporadic. She began to moan, to mumble, then to spew almost meaningless words. "Oh yeah! Yes, Eamon you feel so good!

Harder, do it harder! Please, do it! Oh God!

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Don't stop! God, oh God!" Emma's words grew louder as she approached her first non-self induced orgasm. Suddenly she froze. Her toes curled and her entire body started clenching like a fist. A soft scream grew louder as her climax overtook her. Suddenly she was screaming at the top of her lungs. It was what Eamon was waiting for. He shoved his dick-head past her threshold, easily tearing through her maidenhead, and coming to rest fully enveloped in Emma's tightly spasming pussy.

Then he realized that she was no longer screaming. Looking into her eyes he saw that she had passed out. 'Christ', he thought.

'The poor thing couldn't handle the pain.' He kissed her cheek, her neck, her forehead. He tried to bring her around, whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

"Emmy. Emmy darling. Wake up baby. Are you all right? Please wake up, honey. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry." Emma's eyes slowly opened.

She seemed to be recovering as her eyes suddenly focused on his face. When she heard him apologize a lazy, satisfied smile lit her face. "Wow, E-man. You must have your Ph.D. in devirginization. I was waiting for all that pain, but all I felt was pleasure." He was still worried. "Emmy, I thought the pain caused you to pass out! Are you okay? I didn't hurt you?" "You didn't hurt me but you damn near killed me. It's what my momma calls 'Death by Fucking'.

She told me about it and now I believe it. How did you break my hymen without hurting me?" "I saw a movie once. It suggested pinching a virgin's earlobes just before trying to break through.

The pain of the pinch would distract from the pain of the breakage, so to speak. I thought it might be better to do it while you were having an orgasm. Did it work?" She smiled softly. Her eyes were aflame, her checks were flushed. She was absolutely beautiful. Her arms rose off of the bed and circled his neck. She kissed him passionately. Finally she released him from her grasp. Still Eamon was buried to the hilt in Emmy. She said brightly, "Okay, E-man.

Now it's your turn. If feel like I'm impaled on a baseball bat. God it feels good! Fuck me, E-man! I bet you can't knock me out again. That was just a lucky first try. Come on, honey. I want to feel you cum inside me. That's all I need right now." Eamon needed no additional prodding. He had softened a bit when trying to revive her.

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But her encouragement had him hard and ready again. He started slowly, withdrawing about half way, then sliding back into her. He said to her, "I can't believe you took the whole thing!" He felt like he was encased in a wet, warm, pulsating glove. Damn it felt good. He increased the length of his strokes imperceptibly with every thrust. Before long he was pulling out until just the head remained inside, then plunging the entire length of his dick deeply into her.

She was so wet and warm. It was as if her pussy had been molded to fit his dick. "Eamon, baby. Do it like that! Yes, honey, I like it that way. Harder. Maybe you can do it a little harder. Yes!

I want to suck the cum right out of you. I want you to mark me with your seed! Make me yours, Eamon ! Yes, sweetie! Do it! Fuck me!" Eamon realized that Emmy was on a hair trigger. She was arching up into another massive orgasm. He loved her vocalizations. He had been with many women, but the ones he liked the most were the talkers. Emmy wasn't so much telling him what to do as she was giving him encouragement; letting him know what she liked.

And turning him the hell on! His strokes increased from loving and tender to hard and passionate. Each time he bottomed out in her pussy, Eamon ground himself against Emmy's clit. She seemed to have a minor orgasm each time he did that. But the mini-orgasms weren't slaking her passion, they were augmenting it. She became more vocal, more delirious, her head shaking from side to side; her fingernails clawing his back; her little feet crossed around his waste. Eamon knew that he couldn't last much longer.

His own passion was growing as Emmy urged him on, harder and deeper, harder and deeper. "Emmy, it's going to be soon for me." She whispered in his ear, "Cum for me, baby. Fill me up with your juice!" Then she was shouting. "Cum in me! Make me cum with you! Oh, God, I'm cumming! Fuck me, E-man." For Eamon, that was all it took. He felt his orgasm overtake him and he was flooding her with his semen.

Her climax joined his and suddenly he was overtaken with a blast of emotion. He felt her! He felt her climax deep within him. Hers spurred on his. They were sharing their orgasm and it overwhelmed them both. Emmy was screeching, her eyes closed, her arms pulling Eamon deeply into her. Eamon saw white hot light exploding in his brain, flashes of red and green coming with each of Emmy's screams.

Both were squeezing and pulling and clenching, awed by the enormity of their emotions. And finally it was over. Eamon collapsed beside Emmy, his emotional gamut running from elation to shock and back again. The sheer power of it all was almost too much to bear. They had had a shared orgasm! Emmy began to laugh. So did Eamon. Finally Eamon asked, "What are we laughing at?" Emmy continued to laugh. Finally she calmed enough to say, "In a few weeks we are going to look back at this moment and say, 'that sure was a lame first time.' Don't you realize it, Eamon?

It's all up hill from here. Each time we do it is going to be better than this one. It all comes from practice." Eamon was smiling.

But then he realized he was still hard. Damn, this girl was like his own personal aphrodisiac! Emma also noticed that Eamon's erection was proud and tall. She rubbed her whole lovely body against his and in a little girl's voice whispered, "Time for practice, Mr. E-man."