Tranny pounding busty shemales ass

Tranny pounding busty shemales ass
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The best night EVER Introduction: Hi My name is Liza and I have a best friend named Kathy but she goes by Katelyn. This is the story of one of the best night of our lives. I and Katelyn had been best friends since the 8th grade we attended Anthony Jake middle school I wasn't all that popular in middle school I preferred to be by myself.


That changed the day I met Katelyn. She had moved from Arizona to Ohio were she would live with her dad and stepmom.

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It was November 4th when she came to school. She was in most of my classes. A couple of weeks passed and I didn't really talk to her until one day it had down poured and she was walking in the rain.

Katelyn walk home everyday but then I asked her if she needed a ride home and I asked my mom and she said fine so Katelyn got in the car and we drove her home. Later that night I had finished home work and took a shower and cleaned up from dinner. Every night I would masturbate with my clit and then fall asleep. So that it was the end of the school year and Katelyn and I had become best friends. Summer came and went we txt quite a bit but never really went over to her house.

School started up again we were now in high school no one looked happy to be back in school. The halls were filled with voices talking about summer fun!

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Katelyn's birthday was just around the corner and she had invited me to stay the weekend. It was September 17th and I packed an over night bag and had my mom drive me over there.


We did the normal birthday thing walk around the mall get ice-cream and rent a couple of chick flicks for the night. It was around 9 O'clock when we got back to her place and her stepmom and dad had gone upstairs to give us run of the house. We stayed in the basement most of the night except for the occasional snack food run up to the kitchen.

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Around 10 O'clock we started playing strip truth or dare. I went first and Katelyn picked dare I had dared her to prank call her crush Matthew. She said NO took off her night shirt reveling her pink and white bra. I could see her nipple poking threw as she was chilled by air conditioner turning on I was next I picked dare I was dared to go up stairs naked and use the upstairs bathroom and not wanting to be a chicken and by the time I came back down Katelyn was naked to.

I asked her why she got naked and she said I just got really hot. I could notice her staring at my trimmed pussy. We went on playing truth or dare for the next 30 minutes. Then we heard her mother coming down stair so we down got under the cover to hide so she wouldn't see us naked. The next thing I new Katelyn had started sucking on my nipple and as I pushed her away I started feeling the best sensation in the world.

So I looked her in the eyes and told her I was still a virgin and I wasn't sure if I was ready quite yet but I didn't want to mention that I masturbated every night.

Katelyn told me to shhh and follow her lead she started coming at me mouth open and I followed along. We started to make out for about five minutes and I started to get really wet and I guess so was she cause she started to move down my body she started to nibble on my nipple again and worked her way down to my pussy as she got down there she started just going slow on my clit then when I moaned softly she took my legs and spread them as far as they would go and started to flick her tongue rapidly over my clit and then she started to suck all the juices out of me I could feel my orgasm coming closer and closer my hips were bucking up and down as she went faster and faster over my clit and in and out of me and another min or two I had cum everywhere and Katelyn was just lapping it up lick a some kind of animal.

After that I laid there recovering the most powerful orgasm every. We switch positions she lay there on her and I got on top of her and her started making out once again I could taste my juices in her mouth and I asked her if I could taste her juices too. She hesitated for a second but then agreed I started by nibbling, pinching and rubbing her tits and nipples'.

I worked my way down to her soaking wet and throbbing pussy it only took her a few minutes to reach her orgasm. After we both had our orgasms we talking and decided to watch some lesbian on a porn site and try some of the different things my personal favorite was the scissoring after that we went and found some of her step-mom's toys in her parent's bathroom.

I told her I nervous to pop my cherry but she said not to worry it only hurts for a minute or two. After sneaking back down stairs she told me to lie down on my back. As I lay down on my back we heard footsteps coming down the stair we were petrified and froze almost instantly it turned out to be her father.


He asked what all the ruckus was we answered with nothing but I guess he didn't believe us and flipped on the light to the basement and instantly was in shock that we were sitting their naked. Instantly we saw the bulge grow in his pants and his cheeks turned bright red in embarrassment he asked us what in the he!!

Were we doing? Katelyn said having some fun as she winked to him Mr. Daniel liked that answer and took his daughter aside the next thing I knew he and Katelyn came back and sat down by me Mr.

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Daniel took his penis out of his boxers and I just kind of sprung there was already a ton of pre-cum coming out Katelyn whispered to me (is it ok if my dad has a little fun with Liza) I nodded in agreement she told me to start by taking his cock and just moving my hands up and down then he told me to put my mouth around his cock and do the exact same that I was doing with my hands as I was doing with my mouth. I did then he started Cumming load after load down my throat that was the most amazing rush I had ever felt.

He went back upstairs and grabbed a condom. He came back down stairs and asked me to put it on so I did he asked me if I had ever had sex before I said no.

He took me and told me the exact same thing Katelyn did I nodded in agreement he took me and sat me on his lap and gently started pushing his 7 and half inch cock in to me and then I felt this horrible pain and squealed in pain and her took me and asked me if he could keep going if shook my head yes he called over Katelyn and had her start pinching my nipples after a few moments the pain stopped and it felt so good finally he got his whole cock up in my and started pumping me up and down in his lap and you could hear the sound of his ball sack clapping as it me.

The next thing I new I was moaning in pure ecstasy and bam my orgasm had hit me like a ton of bricks after my orgasm hit he took off the condom and started pumping his cock in my mouth and for the second time tonight I had swallowed his cum Mr.

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Daniel went back up stairs and me and Katelyn went and washed up in the downstairs bathroom and put our night clothing back and we hit the bed after a long kiss goodnight. The next morning we didn't get up till noon or so. The end Comments, rate feedback my first story so don't be to harsh