Cornudo busca macho para su esposa

Cornudo busca macho para su esposa
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Jenna rolled out of bed just plain out groggy. It had been almost a month since she has been laid. Her body was tingling. She was horny from head to toe. She slowly took her top off exposing her beautiful perky tits.

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Her nipples stood erect. They wanted to be tugged on. As she undressed and jumped in the shower she started to form a plan in her head. In some way shape or form her pussy was going to get licked. Jenna walked into the gym.

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For being a Saturday it was pretty empty. Scanning the room she saw a brunette with a tight ass running. In the back weight area she noticed a man chugging a jug full of water… Typical gym rat. Jenna geared up for the stair stepper so she could stare at the brunette. She was now stopped and bent over, what a nice round tight ass she had. Jenna's pussy started to get real wet. She turned around and said "What the fuck are you looking at?" Jenna was startled.

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She walked over exposing the tops of her beautiful round titties. You could tell they were more than a mouthful "Are you going to stand there and just stare bitch?" Jenna jumped off of her machine and walked over and grabbed the brunette by the hair and began massaging her beautiful round tits.

Whispering in her ear she began to tell her that she was beautiful but she didn't listen she just began to moan. "Mmmm rub those titties mama, mmmm" she kept moaning.


Jenna was so turned on. She wanted to lick her pussy but I didn't take any action.

"Are you new to this gym? She panted out in between moans" "MMMMM" "Yeah, I long have you been going here?" Jenna she continued rubbing her bouncy tits. Watching her nipples get harder and harder.

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She knew that the gym rat was staring. Jenna enjoyed every minute of it.


Being watched turned her on. "Honey, I am the queen of this place." As she said this she started to rub Jenna's ass and grab it and Jenna began to moan. "Suck my titties NOW" As Jenna said this.


The sexy brunette bent down and did it right away. "Good girl" Jenna petted her head. She didn't mind feeling the pleasure from her mouth.

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She turned around and sat down on the treadmill and began to take of her clothes off. The brunette slapped Jenna's ass as she raised her legs. Opening up wide she saw her fat juicy pussy glisten from being wet, she obviously liked being caressed. "Eat my pussy" The sexy brunette bent down and started licking away. "Up and down" Jenna moved slightly "Ohhhh that's it." Jenna's body started moving in the motion of her tongue. "Lick my tight little pussy; let me cum in your mouth" The brunette licked her like ice cream.

Up and down.

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Making sure she didn't lose any of her juices. She knew how to lick good. "Ohhhh don't stop, Keep going, FASTER" Jenna grabbed the back of her head. "Keep going, FASTER. Ohhhhh I am going to cum on your tongue, keep licking" Jenna's body shook in pleasure.

The brunette kept on licking.

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"oh my god, stop stop" She didn't stop. Jenna tried to close her legs. The brunette pushed them back open. Over and over Jenna convulsed…shaking harder and harder.

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She was Cumming all over again. Pushing the brunette away she closed her legs and began to spasm over and over again. "ohhh. Ohhh. ohhhhh, oh my god! " All Jenna could do was stare at the beautiful brunette as she walked away. She was sure she was going to like going to this gym.