Teen step sister and brother fuck while mom is napping familystrokin tube porn

Teen step sister and brother fuck while mom is napping familystrokin tube porn
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Hi my name is Jessica, and I am going to tell you about My First Time. When I was growing up me and my cousin Shawn was always close.

We did everything together, from playing football to taking a shower. He was always like a big brother to me. He was always there. As we got into are teens we started to see each other in a different way. He grew really tall. He stood at 6'4 with solid muscles and brood shoulders.

I didn't look so bad myself. I stand at 5'10 with a co cola bottle figure.

Long hair down to the cent of back and an ass that just keeps going, but I was still a time boy. I loved to play rough with the boys. Our birthdays are just weeks apart, with him being older.


So we both just turned 18 and we want to celebrate without our family around so we went to a friends and got drunk. Since neither one of us could drive home we just stand the. Our friend only had one extra bed so we decided that we could share. As we pass out, I remember waking up in the middle of the night.

I felt something hard on my lower back so I slowly start wiggling and it started moving too. Now I remind you I am drunk and I don't really know where I am.

I felt my cousins hand start rubbing my butt and feeling on my tits. For some reason I don't stop it, I just let it happen. He moves his hips and now his dick is lined up with my butt crack. I feel him move his hands lower until they are on my pants button. I turn over on my back so he can get better access to the goods.

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I stare up at him while he looks me in the eye and I don't know what took over but I just grasped his head and stole a kiss. He was shocked but for just a few seconds. As we are making out he is still taking off my pants. He gets them to my ankles and breaks the kiss, I let a disappointing moan because I lost contact.

As he moves down towards my pussy I can't help but to squirm a little. He slowly takes of my panties and I hear a low growl coming from him, it just makes me even wetter. As he spreads apart my legs he takes a big sniff of my pussy and moans.

Next thing I feel is his tongue on my slit and I damn near scream. I grab a pillow and put over my face so I won't bee so loud. He licks again but this time me starts sucking on my clit. At this point I am trying to get away before I wake up everybody in the house.

He grabs my thighs and holds my down and just keeps sucking. It was feeling so good. There was nothing I could do but scream and cum. By my third orgasm I couldn't do much of anything anymore. As he starts taking off his cloths and gets on top of me, are friend Roger comes down the stairs turns on the light and just stands there looking at us.

We all just stare at each other and wait and see who's gonna talk first. That's when I notice a tent in his sweats and I get an idea. I push Shawn off of me and slowly crawl over to Roger at the steps.

He is still just standing there in shock.

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I reach up and pull his pants down. As looking at his 9in cock, in my mind I am comparing the sizes. Shawn's is about 10in, so they are pretty close in size.

As I slowly start licking Rogers cock I feel my cousin come up behind and starts sucking on my clit again. It is really hard to concentrate on Roger when Shawn is driving my nuts.

As I'm slowly licking up and down on Rogers cock I can hear him moaning and I feel his hands in my long hair. I go to the tip of his cock and start pushing it in my mouth and I hum. He starts shaking a little.

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As I count to hum and go up and down on his cock I feel his fingers tighten in my hair, I know he is close to an orgasm, and so am I. I start feeling on his balls and feel them get tighter and next thing I know I feel a warm gooey mixture in my mouth.

It taste a little salting, but also really sweet. I keep sucking until its all out and he starts to get hard again. Mean while my cousin sticks two fingers inside and I have my forth orgasm of the night. As Roger and I are catching our breaths Shawn picks me up and carries me back to the bed. Roger is right behind us taking off the rest of his cloths. As Shawn lays me on the bed he turns to Roger and hands a condom. They both turn to me and gave me a sexy as look and I get even wetter. Shawn crawls on top of me and we start kissing again.

His kisses are driving me crazy. I reach down and grab hold of his dick and place it at the entrance of my pussy. He looks at me as like his making sure its okay. I move my hips up and the head pops in, so there was his answer. He slowly starts pushing it in and I feel him at my hymen, he looks at me again grabs my hands and plunges in. I can't help to scream as tears comes to my eyes. He starts to pull out but I wrap my legs around his hips and I hold on.

I look up and Roger is standing there playing with his cock and watch. I reach up and pull his cock to my mouth. Shawn starts slowly moving again and I don't feel pain anymore. It's like an intense pressure. I start to moan on Rogers cock and I can feel Shawn speeding up again. I wrap my legs tighter around him start bucking my own hips. All of the sudden he rolls us over and I am on top. He keeps the movements going so I can catch hold to it. I feel Roger come up behind me and I get a little nervous.


He slowly bends me over and I feel Shawn stop moving for a minute. Roger slowly starts pushing his cock in my ass.

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He must have found some KY jelly because it was going in with ease. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it was. Its just more pressure because now I am stuffed.

They start moving at the same time and it feels so good I can't help but cum for the fifth time that night.

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As my walls get tighter I hear both of them moan and groan loud. I feel Shawn buck up start to cum and I can't help but scream and cum again. I am exhausted but I feel Roger pick up speed and my screams get louder. Shawn kisses me to quit my screams and I hear Roger cuss and start cumming. Which makes me cum again. When we all final start having spasms they pull out and we just lay there wrapped in each other.