Fucking my mom while dads asleep

Fucking my mom while dads asleep
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Melody "Miss Melody Parker sir" Moffat my fathers butler informed me, "shall I show her in sir." I looked up, Moffat stood tall in the doorway of my father's study, immaculate in his dark suit, powerful yet deferential the product of many years in the Military "Yes thank you Moffat," I agreed, "Are you sure I have to do this?" I looked around the oak panelled walls, their medieval splendour disguising the nineteen fifties construction of our mountainside mansion.

"Oh yes sir, his Lordship was most particular sir." he insisted. I looked over the huge acreage of my father's desk top, at his papers neatly stacked and photos of his dogs, racehorses and various wives and said. "Oh well, let's get it over." He opened the door and Melody shuffled in, my heart sank, she was twenty pounds overweight, her hair and make up a mess, and her dress clung to her shapelessly for a reason which defied logical explanation.

"Melody, how nice of you to come," I greeted her. "Sure," she said, "Great, why the hell couldn't we do this down town on a week day?" Because I was going to seduce you you stupid cow, I thought, "Ah," I said weakly.

"I know I screwed up, so say your piece, and I'll get out of here," she sighed. "Melody, my dear," I said looking past her through the window to the blue ocean and the grey hae over the city and sounding altogether far too much like my dad, "It's not quite that simple," I explained, "We did pay rather a lot of money towards your college course, we were rather expecting that you would excel and be a credit to us." "Sure, but look buster, my Dad made me sign those forms and the ain't the slightest thing you can do if I quit." she said.

Buster, she had said and ain't, I idly wondered where the polished mid Atlantic accent which had so captivated me two years before had gone.


"We have a contract Melody," I told her, "You signed it, you are aware of the content." "Sure, I get enslaved to Marchington Associates for five years after I graduate, no matter what I want." she blustered.

"For a Law student that is a remarkably sloppy interpretation of our agreement," I explained,"but we envisioned that you would indeed remain for not less than five years and hopefully continue essentially indefinitely." "So I fucked up," she snorted,"Dropped out, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it, in fact I'm flying to Europe tomorrow." "The contract says five years from when you leave college," I explained,"Many of our long standing employees started as Law Students, just like you, given a chance because of their looks and personality when their intelligence really didn't make the grade." I looked at her bulging belly and wished I hadn't badgered Dad into taking her on, she was gorgeous as an eighteen year old, but now two years on she had changed, grown fat and surly and I could not figure out why.

"Are you saying I was employed for my looks?" she demanded. I nodded. "Not my brain." she continued. I nodded "Well more fool you." she chortled. "I'm glad you think it funny," I suggested," Presumably you flunked your interim exams and took a course of fat-n-ugly pills to spite me." He hackles rose metaphorically if not actually, "Well, I'm no bimbo." "No, I wouldn't want you as my PA, " I agreed, "So I guess you had better come down to the facility and get inducted." "Look I'm flying out," she insisted.

"No, we have an agreement," I picked up a copy attached to my clip board and showed her the relevant page." you will assist with our clinical tests." "Fuck you!" she said and tried to leave but Moffat placed his two hundred pound six foot plus ex Grenadier Guardsman frame in the doorway and stood firm blocking her exit. "Thank you Moffat, I think we'll take her straight down town." I suggested and as he forced her arm up behind her back I slid aside the panel revealing the small anaesthetic gas bottles and despite her frantic writhing I quickly placed an face piece over her mouth and nose and turned the valve.

"Fuck you, let me fucking go you moron!" she trilled but it was no use, and her struggles became weaker until she slumped in Moffat's strong encircling arms. I stared at her as Moffat laid her down, her mouth lolling open revealing a set of perfect though rather dirty white teeth, and her red dress seemed curiously tight around her bulging midriff, and even her breasts somehow too large for her bra, something seemed very wrong almost as if she was trying hard to be repulsive.

How different from two years earlier, when I came home on leave, and found her among those applying for a job with Marchington Associates when Dad insisted I learn something of the business, she had claimed that she ran half marathons back then, she was so lithe and perfect that I became excited just looking at her, but now even her cheeks looked puffy, her make up sloppily applied and the lipstick a hideous orange shade.

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"The Hummer is available sir." Moffat explained. Our pearlescent white Hummer based stretch Limo, a very convenient vehicle for transporting unconscious young ladies. Moffat effortlessly lifted her and I opened the hidden panel disguised as a bookcase which led to the door to the service elevator. Few people who used our elevator, and with four floors from basement to bedroom levels it was well used, realised that the rear panel was also a door and that half levels between floors number two and three led to my fathers study and one below the basement led to a small garage where a vehicle was traditionally kept ready at all times.

The original owners required quick egress in the event of the Police getting too close. There was a half level above three as well which led to a small secret room where one could hide, in father's case hide a mistress when Mother came home unexpectedly.

Moffat effortlessly deposited Melody's slumbering body on one of the Hummer's long bench seats and I called for Gregson, the duty Chauffeur, to come down to drive us to the office. The trip down town took barely forty five minutes and we swept into the delivery bay area at the base of the four story block and halted by the door to the basement.

Moffat easily lifted Melody and as I held the doors for him we made our way into the maze of service passage ways among the foundations of the building. Two barcode entry protected doors led us to the induction suite lobby in the sub basement below the boiler room, the Lobby was dark and forbidding, and the light glowed red above the heavy steel door to the induction suite. I swiped my ID card through the barcode machine and the door swung open.

Moffat guided her through the doorway into induction one, to the right a door to induction prep, to the left a door to induction two, and beyond, a row of four steel Lavatory cubicles lined the left side of the ceramic tiled room leaving a corridor maybe a yard wide to a door at the far end, the floor and lower walls were all tiled with white ceramic tiles, the upper walls and ceiling a matching garish white.

He sat her on a chair while I fetched an ampoule of adrenalin and quickly injected her upper arm to bring her round. She woke and "What the fuck!" "On your feet please Miss" Moffat ordered and yanked her upright and she stumbled and blasphemed and was really rather objectionable as her guided her through to Induction Prep, the Induction preparation room.

It was always easier when they were objectionable, far too often fluttering eyelashes, a graceful neck or nicely shaped breast and one felt rather guilty, but Melody was both objectionable and really rough, bloated out of condition, rather sad really.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked nervously when she realised he resistance was getting her nowhere. "Here," I said, "Prep first and then Queue Three, now keep still." Moffat guided her through the doorway to the prep area.

The prep room was not large, painted white like a medical facility with grey steel lockers and racks for equipment all well lit but the ceiling was high for a basement, over ten feet to allow the moulding barrel to be at above head height above the chair, she stared in disbelief. The apparatus was well tested, the seat was an ordinary cheap plastic seat, clipped to the grey steel frame, the polished wooden barrel simply the bottom half of a traditional beer barrel or ale cask except the bands were adjustable so you could dismantle it, the guide pole supporting the barrel at more than head height was from a huge industrial dumper truck hydraulic system heavily chromium plated and the barrel clamp a very special item, encircling the guide pole.

"What?" Melody started to say, "What is that?" but she stopped and her eyes widened as Moffat held her and I took the cutter, a special design, a polished stainless steel guide like a gardeners' trowel which goes against the skin and at right angles an extremely U shaped and very sharp blade, a very substantial polished wood handle completed the tool which easily peeled all but the toughest wrappings from even he most reluctant females in a single action.

She stared in disbelief as I took it and slid the guide down the V of her dress between her bulging breasts and started to cut, "No," she wailed but first her red dress and then her bra fell aside and as the tool picked up on her panties, they started to pull down revealing her neglected tangled mess of pubic hair, and then she just stood in her flat shoes and short white socks with her dirty white panties around her ankles. She tried to hide her pubes with her free hand but whatever she was thinking I found her rather off putting.

She screamed, a beautiful high soprano scream, high B natural, I wanted to ask if she did any classical singing but I figured it probably wasn't the right time or place. I took a wide soft leather collar from a drawer and slipped it around her neck then I grabbed her free wrist and placed a wide leather cuff around it and clipped it to her collar to stop her lashing out and still she yelled out uselessly into the soundproofed basement.

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Moffat secured slipped a cuff onto her other wrist and clipped it to her collar and guided her to the chair, she stared in horror and the scream died on her lips as he pushed her firmly down into the cheap plastic seat.

I selected an elasticated neophrene diaphragm "If you would like to slip this on" and I took the near one yard diameter disc with the small elasticated head hole and forced the clear neophrene disc over her. "Stop struggling, it's for your protection!" I warned her as I pulled the elasticated centre section down over her and spread it evenly to cover her from just below the breasts to the top of her untidy pubic hair, "These cost two thousand dollars!" I told her as I spread it out around her and put the support in place behind her to make sure it stayed level.

"Rape!" she squealed. "No, thank you, not today" I demurred. I started to pull the barrel down, it came down smoothly over her head, hiding her horrified expression and cleared her shoulders with an inch or two to spare.

I locked it in position and took a a hot wire cutter from a drawer and sliced off the back of the cheap plastic chair to allow the barrel to slide right down.

I pulled the barrel further down, sliding down over her breasts sliding smoothly down guided by its guide pole off to the side and gradually revealing her face and neck and then her breasts, finally coming to rest against the diaphragm resting on her upper thighs, I raised the Barrel slightly and smeared quick drying cement round the join to form a watertight seal before I lowered the barrel again and locked it in position.

I was rather proud of the locks as I had designed them myself in engineering class at school! "Is the mixture ready?" I asked Moffat as I saw he was in position at mixing controls.


"Three minutes sir, I'll heat it slightly I think, It will be more palatable for the young lady." "Yes, of course, I'll attach the wings." I said, and glued two vertical diaphragms which we called wings in place one at each side, very necessary if on was to extract the young lady at some future juncture. She tried to stand, almost dislodging the diaphragm, "Keep still" I warned, "Or your pubic hair will become coated!" "I think we should commence sir, the lady is becoming agitated.," Moffat advised.

I took the nozzle from the dispenser and pulled out about two yards of black reinforced dispenser tube, it was originally just an ordinary motor car oil dispenser now adapted for dispensing liquid rubber and as I aimed the nozzle Moffat pressed the start button and the cold liquid rubber solution started to pool around her midriff.

She had no idea what I was doing, even as it pooled around her waist filling the area from navel to just below her breasts with the resilient black goo. "My God, yuck, what exactly are you doing,?" she asked. "Stop, whatever it is you want I'll do it!" "Prepping you," I said, "For an experiment, we will have have wasted a two thousand dollar diaphragm if we stop now, so keep still." Moffat and I left her for a few minutes and we returned to find the rubber had solidified nicely.

"How do you feel?" I asked. "Horrible, of course, can I go now?" she asked, We laughed, and I took a half inch spanner and started to loosen the barrel bands before extracting the segments one by one. with the wood removed the rubber round her midriff looked ridiculous, maybe nine inches thick and about a foot deep.

"What possible purpose can this serve?" she asked. "Hole whore," I said. "What!" she wailed. "Your head goes through the hole Miss." Moffat suggested helpfully, " The rubber is clamped between flanges and your torso fits through the wall between the prep one and prep two rooms, making your delights available to any as may wish to partake." "Nooooooo" she screamed uselessly as Moffat helped her up from the seat and guided her she walked awkwardly into induction room one and I opened the door to cubicle 3 for them, it looked like a lavatory cubicle but there was no Can or Tissue dispenser, just a girl size hole in the wall and a drain in the floor to which the tiles sloped down, and a chromium bar on the floor.

"Oh please dear God no," she wailed but I pushed her head through the hole and then as Moffat held her while I went round to room two where her head was showing through the wall, almost like a stags head trophy or some such I noted!

"Let me go." she wailed, as I grabbed her hair and dragged her further in, her shoulders and then her breasts emerged and suddenly the Neophrene rubber plug had filled the hole in the wall completely as intended, only the steel flange holding the rubber from pushing right through displaying her head and breasts to perfection.

I looked at the row of threaded screw holes around the outside of the hole she now filled and I saw Moffat had started some of the long bolts securing the other room one flange in their threads and I released her hands as soon as I was sure she was secure. The polished steel ring flange and the black rubber somehow set off her pale skin to perfection, the flange an inch smaller all round than the rubber encircling her middle prevented her escaping forward and a similar one in the other room stopped he sliding out rearwards, her breasts drooped obscenely as she tried to keep her head up while the rubber held her middle horizontal.

"I'll adjust the hand-grips so you can take some weight." I offered. "Look, let me go and I won't call the cops." she offered uselessly.

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"No can do." I said sadly,"Comfy?" "Arggh No, my God someone is raping me." "Yes, thats the purpose of the apparatus." "He put something in my, my." "Vagina?" I queried, "I'm rather afraid you'll come to think of it as a cunt in time." "Oh please no" she complained.

"Aaaggghh he whipped me!" "Did you kick him?" I asked, "Yes" she said. "He'll lash your feet to a spreader bar then." I confirmed, "Moffat usually lubes a girl front and rear, but he seldom samples a girl." "It was fingers," she confirmed, "He has grabbed my ankle." she observed. "He's put something around it." "It's the spreader bar, he'll do the other in a moment." I told her, "God he has, I can't move my legs." she whined.

"This is our initial training, do you want false teeth?" I asked. "What?" she replied as she tried to keep her head up to look at me which meant at the unnatural angle required by her near horizontal spine. "Because if you bite my penis I shall take all your teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers." I informed her. "Please, no." she started crying. "Not that I'll Arrggghhh." "I guess you have a customer." I said.

"He's raping me!" she said in horror. "Yes." I agreed, "Its Jack Seymore." "What?" "Jack Seymore the Janitor, I can see him on the monitor." I told her. "You're going to let him rape me?" she asked.

"It's not down to me is it?" I replied. "But, uh, he's, ah, uh, oh God no, thrusting, uh, penis, ah, oohhh, right in, it's sooo big." "I'm glad you like it!" I exclaimed.

Her head flopped down suddenly as she grabbed at her nipples, losing the support of her arms.

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"Allow me." I offered as I moved closer to hold her breasts as she regained her handholds. "Why did you let yourself go so much Melody, you're a total mess." I said as I squeezed her nipples lightly. "Fuck you." she said. "These are often efficacious, " I said as I offered her clothes pins for her nipples, "Until we get you pierced." I clipped the shiny chromium plated clamps around her wrists securing them to the handholds and placed the clothes pins lightly on her nipples.

"Bastard," she swore, "You absolute total complete bastard." "Are you cumming?" I asked. She just sobbed helplessly.


"Was that the sexist thing you ever did?" I asked. "No." she lied. "Being screwed by someone you have never even seen or spoken to?" I asked.

"Bastard." she replied. "Suck my cock." I suggested. "Never," she snarled. "I'll wank over your face." I threatened. "Please god no," she gasped. "Suck it then." I suggested. "Oh god, yes all right," she answered. "Thank you," I replied, "But I see Arnold Hertz is ready to spell Jack Seymore, you'll love Arnold, he's hung like a donkey." "What's happening?" she asked.

"Well Jack's pulled out," I explained, "Oh I should have said the cubicle is prefabricated and portable and Moffat has helped Jack to remove all four cubicles and fit pictures over the other girl holes so your ass just sticks out into the corridor." "What?" she wailed. "Yes," I continued, "It is the main service corridor for maintenance staff and drivers, we sent them round the electrical conduit route when we installed you but now most low grade staff have unlimited access to you, just as long as they use lube and condoms." "You cannot be serious?" she wailed.

"Just a spare cunt and ass for the workers." I told her, "There is CCTV monitoring to check they use condoms but otherwise you're just a workers perk." "Bastard." she said again, "Oh my god he's huge, he's splitting me apart." "You wait till he fucks your ass, but tell me, Melody, why didn't you study hard and stay fit and look after yourself?" He body spasm-ed uncontrollably and she was unable to speak for a while, I mopped her brow gently.

"Why Melody?" I asked. "Dad said you wanted me for my looks." she said. "Well, I barely spoke to you before we hired you, you looked sleek, well turned out, sexy, a bit of a challenge to get into my bed," I explained.

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"And that's it?" she asked. "Sure." I agreed. "So if I go to bed with you tonight, this all ends?" she asked. "Hell, if you had walked in and dropped your panties earlier, I guess I could have forgiven you and given you a second chance," I confirmed, "But only if you were still as gorgeous as two years ago but don't you see the boys will be disappointed if I let you out now." "Bastard." she said, "I have a whole summer program laid out for Europe." she said, "I saved all year, Dad will kill you!" "No, my Father's people spoke to your people and as your people can't repay our investment he okayed this program, well something rather similar." I told her.

"John." she asked, "I need the bathroom." "Well this is a seventy two hour placement," I told her, "You just go when you need to and maybe someone will clean you up, but not now someone is about to fuck you." I watched as an old grey haired guy dropped his pants she gritted her teeth as the CCTV monitor showed him force himself into her "Good girl." I said and kissed her forehead, "You'll be fine, shall I get you a TV?" She nodded, "Thanks.

I think." she said. "I have a supper date I'm afraid." I said, "I fear I'll have to leave you." "Mr Marchington." she asked, "Will you wipe me before you go," she said quietly, "please." "Of course." I left her and walked out of the door into prep one and around to her other end and taking a tissue I carefully wiped the moisture from her.

I half expected her to do something disgusting, but she didn't and I left when Steve Ryman came along and dropped his pants to use her, "You finished up Mr Marchington sir?" he asked. "Sure, I have a supper date with someone called Melissa," I explained, "Enjoy yourself!" I laughed as I walked away.