Emo boys seeing old hairy dicks tube gay Kenny was helping Zack cram

Emo boys seeing old hairy dicks tube gay Kenny was helping Zack cram
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Let me introduce myself, sorry for the guys who just want a quick wank but as this is true here is the prelude to what turned out to be a great adolescence after a devastating start.

My name is John, a typical "English" name for a typical "English" guy. At the age of 15 my family, mother father and two sisters were tragically killed in a motor accident whilst I was on a Rugby tour in the U.K. My nearest relative was my father's cousin Herbert, or Herb as he liked to be called. Herb was married to Josie, they had not been fortunate to have children of their own and so willingly accepted me into their family in America.

It was obviously a shock and upheaval and as such I became quite withdrawn. I started college in the U.S. and I an tell you it was a major culture shock however I persevered and eventually became a minor celebrity locally. My outlet for my pent up anger and frustration came out through American Football.

Although I played soccer with my rugby background I preferred the contact sport more. I was chosen, probably bcause the coach couldn't think where else to play me as a defensive corner back.

I quickly made this position my own, although not tall I had the knack of making a lot of interceptions which I either returned myself or, using my rugby experience passed the ball back to Earl, who was lightening fast. This soon earned not only the respect of my team mates but also of the other teams we played as more often than not my apposing player would be marking me rather than the other way aound.

Through these unusual tactics our team turned it's season around and we became quite successful.

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I mention this because Earl, whom I called "My chocolate coloured friend", as he's given me the nickname of "Cor blimey limey" he didn't take offence, had a sister called Sophie. Earl's mother insisted that Sophie, whom was two years older than us, always came to meet him after practice and walk him home, as I lived close by the three of us shared the journey.

Earl had spread the rumor around that Sophie was actually dating me in order to hide any embarrassment and Sophie ,bless her, played along for Earl. This just added to my stature. More of Sophie in another story. Uncle Herb owned a local hardware store, he worked long hours but always seemed jovial. Josie was a domestic goddess, she seemed somewhat taller than Herb possibly because she always wore heals and possibly because she always dressed "Fifties" style. She wasn't a stunner but just an ordinary everday "boring" housewife devoted to her "womanly" duties to perform for her man.

Because of football practice and games I couldn't get myself any part-time work. What with helping Uncle Herb (I could hardly charge him after what he had done for me could I?). So the only spare time I had to earn any income was at night when all my mates would be "hanging out".

So I advertised myself out as a "Babysitter" of all things! It wasn't long before I got my first job. Mrs. Debbie Gibson, who lived a couple of blocks away desperately needed a night out, according to her friend Meg.

So I was booked and accepted the job. Mrs. Gibson's husband had left her and their 12 year old daughter, about six months ago. Her friend, Meg, had finally persuaded her a night out would be good for her.

I rolled up at seven in the evening, to be greeted at the door by a stunning looking statuesque woman in her early thirties, the one and only Mrs. Debbie Gibson. To say she was "Amazonian" would be pushing it a bit. She certainly had all the curves in the right place and a mane of long flowing black hair. She had obviously taken a long time getting ready for her night out and could easily have graced the front page of any woman's magazine.

Meg, her friend, whom I was introduced, was a blue eyed, short haired blonde, not petite but certainly no Mrs. Gibson. I was then introduced to Kizzy, Mrs. Gibson's daughter. Kizzy was her mother in minature. Slight of build though, long jet black hair, slightly dark complexion, deep black eyes. She was obviously going to bud into a beauty but hadn't quite reached the "budding" stage yet.

She had an impish smile and her eyes shone with mischief.

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"You've got your hands full tonight" said Meg "Kizzy can be a right demanding little madame!" she whispered in my ear. "Now you must be firm with her" said Mrs. Gibson (and no that wasn't meant as a pun. I have never lusted after 12 year old girls even when I was a 12 year old boy!).

"Now finish on your computer, get yourself in the bath and bedtime" Mrs. Gibson said to her daughter. Kizzy gave a little girly twirl and headed off to her room. As Mrs.

Gibson and Meg left the house I overheard Meg say "Gosh I wish I had a cute boy babysitting me when I was young" and Mrs. Gibson responding "He wouldn't have stood a chance with you, would he?" I settled in front of the T.V. and looked forward to an uneventful and boring evening of babysitting.

Not long after I heard Kizzy shout in the distance "I'm going in to get in the bath now". I just carried on watching the T.V. "I'm ready" I heard. "I'M READY!" I heard again after a couple of seconds. I didn't really know what she meant but after another stern "I'M READY!" I thought I'd go and investigate. I approached the bathroom, "Where are you?" I asked rather sheepishly. "In the bath silly head" Kizzy responded "I need you to wash me" she told me.

Nervously and a little uncertain of what "washing her" meant I slowly entered the bathroom. There sat with her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs, pulling her knees tight into her Kizzy sat in a half filled bath of soapy water.

Realising that she obviously just wanted her back washing I felt a little more comfortable. "There's a sponge mitten there look" she said as she motioned her eyes towards the end of the bath. "Right then" I said as I put the sponge mitten on my right hand and proceeded to lather soap into it.

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The position she was sat in the bath as a tight ball meant I could sponge her back without any embarresment, although as I sponged her back her arms loosened a little and as I leant forward I could just make out the little mound of breast that she had started to develop. Now as I've already said I'm not into 12 year old girls but the process did make my manhood respond a little.

I slowly and deliberately gave her back a good hard sponging, several times rubbing more soap into the mitt. Without warning Kizzy suddenly sprang up in the bath and stood there with her hands on her hips. "Now my privates" she demanded, giving me a stern look.

I took the mitt off and handed it to her, taking the opportunity to look at the developing bottom which was firm but starting to spread into a womanly shape. "No silly, you have to do it. It's very important that I have a real good clean down there. Mummy says so!" "Does mummy normally wash your privates?" I asked her. "Well daddy used to but he's not here so you will have to be daddy for tonight." A bit gobsmaked I replaced the mitt onto my hand, rubbed more soap onto it and gently massaged the soap onto her delightful derriere.

Kizzy parted her legs a little and commanded "Get in between, it's really important!". With her command I slowly slid the mitt, narrow ways on between the cheeks of her bum. Several times I rubbed back and forth until, again, to my surprise she suddenly turned around. "Now my front" she said again in a rather commanding voice. I now had a full frontal view of this little lady.

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She was indeed starting to develop into a rather attractive young lady. She saw me looking at her, devouring the little beauty with my eyes. Her breasts had started to bud, little mounds with dark nipples, small but I could see that they were hard.

Her "Privates" as she called them were barren of any hair but for a few whispy light coloured dawny tufts. Which was a surprise to me with her being so dark. "Get on with it" she sternly commanded. I'm sure I must have licked my lips as I put the mitt onto her pussy mound and slowly slid it between her legs.

She must have noticed as she smiled at me before looking down at my crotch. I hadn't noticed until then but I now had a raging hard on. I rubbed her between her legs for what seemed like an eternity, as I did she rocked her hips back and forth and gave out a little "hmmmm".

"Right" she said "Now to get dried, do you want a bath now?" she asked. "I think you should, don't worry I won't look" she continued as she got out the bath, wrapped a towel around her and left the room. "Make sure you wash your privates" she shouted from her room. I was in a state of confusion over what had just happened and also of her instruction.

Was this little minx seducing me? Was a 12 year old girl going to do anything? Why was I so horny over a little girl? Dazed and still confused I stripped and got into the bath.

I lay there trying to gather my thoughts and make sense of what was happening. The door opened and in walked Kizzy, a very loose T-shirt hanging off her, the neck nearly falling off her shoulders. Till dazed I looked up at her. "Have you washed your privates?" she asked as she put on the mitt, soaped it and slowly but deliberately stroked my still hard cock, which was laying erect on my belly.


"Youv'e got a nice dick" Kizzy said "It's bigger than daddies" she told me. My mind was racing, my cock was throbbing. I was still trying to make sense of this and trying not to cum as she gently stroked my throbbing member. "Did you wash your daddy?" I asked lamely. "Yes" she replied "When mummy went out we had our special bath nights and after played with Max". "Who the hell is Max?" I asked. "He's my dog silly. Come on I'll introduce you" she said.


Rather grateful that she had stopped stroking my cock she got up and left the room. I got out the bath, dried myself and returned to the living room. There was Kizzy and, I presume, Max, a Spaniel (I would have said Cocker Spaniel but it sounded too much like a pun).

"Sit down" Kizzy told me as she gestured to the easichair. Doing as I was told I sat. Kizzy then sat on my lap. Her back nestled into my chest and her legs spread down my own, her knees hanging over the outside of my own. "Now watch this" Kizzy said "Max is well trained" she turned her head and gave me the most wicked grin a 12 year old could give. "Come her" she commanded Max, beckoning him over.

The dog duly did as he was told. "Open your legs" Kizzy instructed me. As I did it had the obvious effect of spreading her knees wide apart. What the hell was going on I thought to myself. It didn't take long for me to find out. Max, obviously used to her little game buried his snout up her t-shirt, between her legs. Kizzy giggled and squirmed on my lap.

"His nose is cold" she informed me. She pulled the T-shirt up which allowed me to crane my head over her shoulder and see that the bloody dog was licking her pussy! Kizzy squirmed on my lap, she raise her arms up over her head and writhed about, her butt rubbing into my groin and making me hard again. Automatically I lifted the T-shirt up over her head and over her arms, throwing it to the floor.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" she moaned as she turned her face to me, I cupped her budding breasts in my hands and smoothed them over he mounds, making sure I touched her small but bullet hard nipples. Her eyes wer tight shut but I could see what she wanted from me, our lips being centimeters apart. I kissed her and she responded. Before you knew it we were in a full on French kiss, tongues deep into each others mouths. All this time the dog kept lapping at her pussy and she kept writhing on my lap.

Kizzy's breath became short and sharp, a couple of body spasms meant that she had climaxed. She slowly pushed Max away and leant forward before standing up, facing me. "That was great" she said "Now it's your turn". I was a little confused.

I had just watched a dog lick a 12 year old girls pussy whilst French kissing her myself. What the hell was going to happen next, and what did she mean by "It's your turn". To answer me Kizzy knelt down in front of me and started to pull at my zipper.

She pulled off my jeans and boxers in one swift move. My cock was standing to attention but I couldn't believe that this little girl was going to mount me, was she? Kizzy took hold of the shaft of my cock, with one hand. With the other she pushed my knees apart. "Come her Max" she beckoned the dog over. "Max likes cock as well" she told me as sure enough the dog started to lick my cock. "You'll like this, daddy did" she informed me as Max began to lick my balls and then moved his attention to my anus.

I slid forward on the chair so that he could get a good lick at it. What the hell was I doing. I didn't know but sure enough it did feel good, a doggy tongue licking at my bown ring. Kizzy climbed up onto the chair arms, bent her knees and pushed her pussy into my face. "Want a lick?" she asked. Did I!

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I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips and licked her up and down sucking at her clit as she pushed herself onto me. We stayed in this position, the dog licking my ass and me licking her pussy until once again Kizzy's body spasmed and jerked, her legs slid off the arms of the chair and she collapsed onto my lap, nearly impailing herself on my cock. "Now I want to suck your cock cream" Kizzy said.

Was this a 12 year old girl speaking? She slid off my lap, knelt with her arse in the air and swallowed as much of my cock as she could. Furiously she moved her hand up and down my shaft as she licked and swallowed my cock.

She gave one hell of a blow job. Daddy and daughter had obviously been a this for a while for to be such an accomplished cock sucker. Max, not wanting to be left out and seizing the opportunity crept up behind Kizzy and started to lap at her raised posterior. Seeing the dog lapping at her and Kizzy sucking me so expertly It was all I could do not to cum straight away. Then Max, bored of licking mounted her, his tongue hanging own the side of his mouth, drooling, he gripped her with his paws either side of her hips and thrust his groin forward.

"OOOuch" cried Kizzy as Max thrust into her. "Max&hellip. not again". The dog took no notice as he hammered his cock into her. Kizzy rocking back and forth with the power of Max's thrusts looked up at me and said "He's missed again" before swallowing my cock.


"It doesn't look like it" I replied as I watched him enjoying himself. "No he's missed my pussy again and got me up the bum" she informed me before again devouring my cock. This was too much, a dog fucking a 12 year old girl who in turn was sucking my cock like a pro. I came, long and hard.

I'd never shot so much come out before and this horny little minx was not only swallowing the lot but moaning with pleasure as she had the dog fuck her up the arse and my cum in her mouth.

Max also shot his wad, Kizzy quickly wiggled her backside and Max slipped out of her. "Don't want him getting stuck" she said as she smiled at me. I lay there exhausted and bemused. Kizzy got herself up, picked up her T-shirt and headed down the hall. "Another bath and bedtime" she shouted as she left the room. I followed but found the bathroom door locked. I returned to the living room.

Max was panting and licking himself, lucky bastard I thought to myself. I got dresses and sat back in the easichair. Had I just been used?

Kizzy re-entered the living room. This time he had on pajamas and looked for all the world like any other 12 year old ready for bed.

"I've brushed my teeth and am ready for bed now" she informed me, kissed me on the forehead and headed off to bed. I couldn't believe what had happened. I looked at the dog, still licking his balls, and just sat there in total and utter disbelief. Then I heard "I'm ready" .