Hung Twink Markus Polkas Beats Off

Hung Twink Markus Polkas Beats Off
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A Dozen Red Roses By Star Noble I had just stepped out of the shower when there was a knock on my door.

I put on my bathrobe and went to open the door.

To my surprise there he was with suitcase and a dozen of the most beautiful red roses I had ever seen before. I screamed as I opened the door as he yelled "Surprise" "What are you doing here" I said. He hugged me and said "I couldn't stand being away from you anymore.

So I got on the first flight I could find" "Oh god, you are such a romantic guy" I said. He gave me the roses and then kissed me on the cheek. My face started to tingle as I felt his warm breath and soft lips on my face. As he shut the door I went to the kitchen to place the roses in a vase asking him, "How long are you going to be here?" He replied "I don't know. I only bought a one-way ticket." My heart dropped as he said that. Could he be the one I thought?

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He had traveled hundreds of miles just to see me for the first time. How did I find such a sweet romantic guy like him? Could this be true love? As all of these thoughts were racing through my mind he came up behind me. He brushed my hair aside and kissed me slowly on the nap of my neck. My body tingled all over as his lips touched my soft skin.

He then wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "I never want to let you go. I love you." he said as he slipped his hand inside my robe squeezing my soft, firm wet breast. I let out a soft moan as his hand touched me. No man had ever touched me before like he did. His hand was soft and warm as he twisted the nipple on my breast.

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I turned around and said "I love you too" as I kissed him passionately on the lips, wrapping my arms around him "Never let me go" I said. "I won't sweetie" he replied. My heart began to race rapidly. My body tingling all over without any hesitation I grabbed him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom.

We had never met in person, only talked online and now here he was standing in my apartment kissing me so passionately. At that moment I thought am I willing to risk it all on this guy I barely know?

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But before I could finish the thought the words came softly out of my mouth "Take me" Knowing that I had never been with a man before he asked me "Are you sure?" Caressing him face softly as I looked deeply in his eyes I said yes before I engulf his soft lips once more.

We stood there in the middle of my bedroom holding one another as we kissed deeply. I pulled away from his embrace, I began to undress him. Kissing along his chest as I open each button, my fingers tracing along his well-toned, tan body.

I had thrown all caution to the wind. I knew once we started down this road there was no turning back. He brought my face back up to his kissing me deeply, making me weak in the knees. I unbuckled his pants slipping my hand inside.

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His cock was so big and very hard, yet still soft to the touch. Throbbing in my hand as I gently stroked it. Nervously I made a quick joke, laughing "Do you think it will fit inside me?" He chuckled saying "Don't worry sweetie. I know that it is your first time.

I will be slow and gentle with you my love. I would never hurt you. I swear." He pulled off his boxers as I laid down on the bed. Gently he laid down on top of me, his hard cock brushing against my thigh.


He kisses me as he unties my robe. His warm breath on my neck sends shivers down my back as he slips off my silk robe. Slowly his hands caress along my soft chocolate skin.

His lips move toward my plump, luscious breast. Slowly he sucks, flicking his tongue over my hard erect nipples. "Your breasts are so perfect" he says as he squeezes them between his hands. He is sucking them so hard like a starving child needing milk. I caress his head letting him enjoy my breasts. He moved down my body slowly kissing every inch of my wet skin, making his way to my smooth shaven pussy. With one finger he moved up and down my wet opening. Slowly he parts my lips as he tasted my sweet virgin pussy.

As he flicked his tongue over my clit my body went into a state of ecstasy. Working his fingers inside me as I moan softly. He then clamped his mouth over my wet pussy, begging with his tongue for my sweet nectar. His hands slid under my ass lifting me up off the bed as his tongue fucked me faster, deeper. I gripped my hands hard into the bed as I arched my pussy up to his awaiting mouth, my legs over his shoulders.

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Words cannot describe what was happening to me. My body started to convulse wildly all over the bed. What seemed like hours of his tongue lashing my pussy were only a few minutes. Losing all control I closed my eyes and let out a scream that I'm sure my whole building heard, as I bucked my hips wildly. My pussy filling his mouth with my juices. Never before had I ever experience anything like that.

My whole body shuddered in ecstasy. He loosens his grip on me letting my legs relax on the bed.

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I laid there motionless as he planted small kisses around my still twitching, dripping wet pussy. As he lifted his head I smiled as I watch my juices drip down his chin. He licked his lips drinking up the remaining of my juices. "Oh god that was amazing" I said. He just smiled as he came over me, kissing me with his wet lips. Our tongues wrestled with one another as I tasted myself, licking the rest of my juices from his face. As we kissed passionately I felt his throbbing cock pressed hard against me, feeling as if ready to explode between the two of us.

Slowly he rubbed the swollen head of his cock against my slit, making me moan softly.

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"I'm ready my love" I said. Gently he guided his cock through my wet opening. Lifting my hips as I moan louder, the feeling of him pushing inside me inch by inch. Slowly stroking his cock inside me as he sucks on my tits. I let out a small scream as he thrusts all of his cock inside me as he bites down on my nipple.

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"Oh god don't move" I said. Holding onto him tightly feeling his throbbing cock buried deep inside my tight pussy. "Are you ok my love?" he said giving me small kisses all over. Slowly he pulls out until only the head remains, then thrusting back in me. He pushed his cock until he was buried deeply inside me, his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust.

Slowly he starts to trust inside me, letting me get used to his hard cock in me. With each thrust he starts to pick up the pace thrusting faster, deeper inside me.

Pushing back with each thrust to match his, moaning loudly, coming closer and closer to the explosion I knew would be an even greater climax than the first one I had when he tasted my then virgin pussy. Wrapping my legs around his ass pulling him deeper inside me, as my breath quickens.

Suddenly I screamed with pleasure falling into a convulsion of pure ecstasy. Slipping his arm around my waist he started to pump his cock fiercely into me. The force of my pussy tightens around his hard cock, pulling him in me deeper. Then with one hard thrust he exploded his warm cum deep inside my womb. Slowly thrusting inside me shooting load after load of cum deep inside me. Falling on top of me I feel his heart beat against my chest. "That was the most amazing thing I ever felt" I whispered in his ear.

As he laid on top of me his cock eventually softened and slipped from my well fuck pussy. We laid there in one another arms just listening to each other's hearts, beating together as one as we drifted off to sleep. We must have made loved about four times that day, only stopping to have a bite to eat and for me to call in sick at work for the day. That night I fell asleep feeling like a new woman. Everything in my life was beginning to change and I was going to enjoy every last bit of it.

Then I heard my alarm went off. I jumped up suddenly hoping that he would be there next to me, but alas he was not. It had all been another dream like all the others.


Each time the dream got more and more intense as if he was really there making love to me. Laying there thinking about my dream, I only wish that it would become real one day.


Lingering in bed much longer than usual thinking about everything in my life, I finally got up to take my shower. As I started to run the water for my shower, I heard my doorbell ring.

Wondering who could be here at this time in the morning I went to answer as I slipped on my robe. As I opened the door the only thing I remember seeing is a suitcase and a dozen of the second most beautiful red roses I had ever seen before.