Teen slut Lea Alexis fucking teacher

Teen slut Lea Alexis fucking teacher
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When I wake up I hear a soft moaning sound coming from down the hall. I look over at the clock, 12:04 p.m. That means my mom had already left for work.

I get up slowly and walk down the hall, I open the door just enough to peak in.

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That's when I see my dad laying back on the bed, his huge cock exposed. I look around the room, but don't see anyone. I step in slowly and close the door behind me. This causes my dad's eyes to fly open as he tries to hide his erection.

I laugh and make my way over to him, "Don't worry daddy. It's just your sweet little girl." He lets out a deep sigh as he sits up "Good morning Jen." I slide onto the bed next to him "Why'd you stop daddy ?" "Jenifer listen. What happend yesterday was just a one time thing." I blink slowly, trying to take this all in. "But daddy, I'm horny." I slip my shirt off slowly and rub my nipple. "See look daddy." He puts my shirt back on.

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"You have Jason sweetie" He says in his calming voice. "But daddy I don't want Jason." I sigh softly as I get up and walk out of the room. I go back into my room and decide to call Jason. But he doesn't answer. I decide to text him anyway. "Hey baby it's me, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really horny.

Maybe I can come over tonight?

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Alright love you." I check my phone but nothing ever comes. I get up around two and decide to get dressed. I stare out the window for a bit untill I see the mail truck passing by. I get up and go outside, as I walk out towards our mailbox I see Jessica. I turn around and head back to the house, praying she won't see me. I stride across the lawn when I hear it. "Hey Jen!" Jessica runs up behind me and grabs my arm. "Oh hey Jessica." I look down wishing she won't bring up yesterday. "Hey umm Jen can you come over?" "Sure." I say but I don't really have a choice as she is already pulling me back towards her house.

I look around but don't see the truck that her parents drive. "Where are you're parents?" I ask as she pulls me up the driveway. "They're out of town for the week, some trip to Florida." I nod as she pulls me into the house and locks the door behind us. She pushes me up against the wall holding my wrist against the wall. I squirm around under her. "What are you doing?!" I scream. "Shut up!" She says in a voice that I didn't know she had. I nod slowly, as her lips meet mine. Her strawberry lip gloss tastes better than I expected.

She slowly lets my wrists go. She nudges my mouth open with the tip of her tongue. I whisper quietly into her mouth "What the fuck are we doing." She sucks on my tongue and whispers back "This." She leads me to her bedroom and slams the door shut. She throws me on the bed, the way my father had the other night, and begins ripping my clothes off. She slides her hands into my bra and begins playing with my boobs.


I moan as I feel my pussy become soaked and it throbs. Jessica is only in her thong now. I look up at her and admire her beautiful body.

Despite her small body she has huge double D breasts, and an ass that any girl would love to have. She throws my lacy bra off and begins kissing her way down my body. I can't believe what's happening. Am I a lesbian now?!

My thoughts whirl around my head but all I can focus on is Jessica sliding down my body, ripping my pants off and my soaked panties. I breathe heavily as she admires my pussy. "It's so beautiful." She whispers and slowly begins to lean down. She licks my clit slowly and gently. Making my breathing uncontrolable now.

She smirks and looks up at me with those beautiful seductive eyes.

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Suddleny I feel my pussy squeezing shut and then releasing. I buck up and down as she licks faster shoving her tongue deeper into me. "Oh my god. Oh my god." Is all I can manage to say as I reach the best orgasam I have ever had. She licks up all the cum that I have just produced.

"You taste.

You taste so damn good." She says while panting. I lay her down slowly. Then lay on top of her. I trace on her neck then lean down as I take her left boob into my mouth.

I begin sucking and flicking her nipple with my tongue. "YES ! YES!" She screams, as I slide three fingers into her rather loose pussy.

After another minute I feel a sticky substance on my fingers. I slowly lifts my head off her boob and slide my fingers out.


I sniff my cum covered fingers. "Thank you for my treat" I smile and shove the three fingers into my mouth. I suck on her pussy juice and savor the flavor. It's a very sweet sticky feeling. That I like.

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I sit up slowly. "Well I guess I should get going now." I begin picking up my clothes. "Not yet!" Jessica yells abruptly.

"Alright?" I sit back on her bed. "What now?" Jessica gets up and walks over to her dresser. She opens the top right drawer and begins going through it slowly.

She pulls something big, long, with a purple strap on it. "Whats that?" I ask, as she slips into the purple strap. She turns around to reveal that she's wearing a double ended strap on.