Piss fetish slut pees in bucket

Piss fetish slut pees in bucket
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Playoff game at a friends. The whole experience was crazy, I was driving home and just thinking about it, but I knew it was real as I could still taste and smell the juices. Well let me get started I was driving home from a friends house, the plan was we were just going to hang out and watch the afternoon playoff game, but they had more in mind.

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I called ahead of time, and my friends said they were lagging so to come on in, sit on the couch, and relax. Well I did just that, and next thing I noticed I could see in to their room, except he was fucking her good in bed. I knew they were lagging, but man he was just going on her for a couple of minutes, I didn't think they saw me looking in, but man that was a show.

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Anyway they came out, looking and smelling like sex, it was such a tease, in fact when she pulled up the recliner and sat down across from me I swore I could see juices dripping down her leg, I mean all the way down, that was hot. My friend sits next to me, and she walks around my side of the coffee table leans over to kiss him, but her wonderful juicy pussy was so close I but the best part was when she bent over she must have clinched more juice flowed and dribbled again down her leg.

There was a strong path of sun coming in through a window and that's she pulled up the recliner and sat back opened a beer and asked how "how's the game". She was in the perfect position, and she slightly hiked up her loose shorts just a little, but enough to let the sunlight shine right in and light up her lips.

I could see she wasn't wearing panties, and was nice and shaven, im sure she could feel the suns warmth on her lips. Oh my god, my cock was so fucking hard I swore she was half staring at my crotch but I wasn't sure, my mind was so much on sex I could have swore she said "how was the show". My friend comes in and hand me a glass of water and sets bowl of chips in my lap, which I was thankful for as it really helped cover my hard on and the precum stain on my sweats.


The game was pretty good but every time I would stare at the tv for more than a couple of minutes she would spread her legs a little more open, open and her loose shorts showing a little gap.

During the next commercial she stands up, and bends over and grabs a couple of chips from the bowl in my lap, pushing the bowl down as she swirled her hand around just grabbing one chip, standing up and popping it in her mouth.

Ok this was incredible, she bent over gave me a look down her loose tee shirt, and acted a little seductive when I got caught looking, Now the tv was to her right, and there was a table between us, im on directly on the other side of the table, and my friend is to my right, and he is looking at the tv, away from me, so totally thought things were ok with me sneaking a peak. What I couldn't see is how they were communicating with each other as it turned out I was caught looking many times, and she was working me up good on purpose.

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My friend got up and pick up the football and started tossing it to me, then he tosses it to his girlfriend who jumps up and throws the ball back to him, but her shorts slipped down showing a nice ass. He the throws the ball over my head, and I jump up, instinctively, but my hard on was fucking obvious, so I quickly threw the ball back to him. Except when I came back down my friend and his girlfriend tackled me, on to the couch.

Man she slid her crotch across my arm and rubbed my cock, but I didn't say anything. I realized I needed to shoot a little precum, so I said "ill be back", and went into the bathroom, turned on the fan and whipped out my hard cock, and pushed he precum out, which shot into the toilet.

I had to stop, so I turned on the faucet and washed my face with cold water, hoping my raging hard-on would go limp. When I opened my eyes and turned around there she was on her staring at me, and she said "you shouldn't waste such a tasty load".

Next thing I know it went crazy, I pull up my sweats and try to cover my self up, but she stared at my cock, it was awesome. She turned around walked into the room and sat down in the chair again; I then collected my thoughts and sat back down on the couch.

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Now she opened her legs, pulled her shorts to one side, and started fingering herself, then my fried walks over to her with his crotch right by her face and pulls down his shorts. His cock flops out, and she opens wide and starts sucking on him, making great gag sounds right in front of me, my cock got hard again fast. She kept fingering herself, then motions for me to come over, I look to my friend and he gives me the thumbs up, so I walk over and she grabs my cock in her other hand, and goes back and forth between our two cocks.

She really starts deepthroating me, I close my eyes and enjoy the great oral pleasure, as she starts to shift positions where he kneels in front of the recliner and starts slamming her pussy.


In and out, in and out I stared at her creamy fluids gathering at the base of his cock, she then spins and then takes his cock covered in her juices in her mouth and guides my cock past her sweet lips. She had orgasm after orgasm, and kept gushing on my cock and the recliner, I needed to pull out and take a break so I went down on her and tasted her sweetness. My face was covered with her fluids, when she got up and put her boyfriend on the recliner with her legs straddling his, she slid his cock inside her pussy and started going.

Then he reached around and started fondling her ass setting her up for me to enter her. So straddled his legs as well, and then slowly rubbed her juice onto my cock.

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As she was riding him she was gaping her ass nicely so when my cock was nice and wet me slowly place my head just inside her hole as she was gaping on the down part of her stroke just before she stated his cock out of her pussy. I was taking slow and eased in when she reached around grabbed her ass cheek spreading them wide and drove herself onto my cock, god I almost jumped.

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I Then paced my self with her strokes as she rode his cock I rammed my cock into her ass, she kept moaning fuck me, fuck my ass harder harder, harder. I was pounding with a lot of force, as she came, with a loud moan, I started to cum, and he did too, as she sank on to him driving his cock hard into her, I pushed forward and deep as could get shooting my load in side her as well.


I slid my cock out first, the she got up from his cock, and we caught our breath. I then sat down on the edge of the coffee table and she stood in front of us, she pushed the cum out of her ass, and pussy into her cupped hands, bringing them up to her face, sticking her tongue out lapping the juices up, then she bends down kissing him, then me.

She wasn't done yet, so she then grabs the both of our hands pulling us up, for more fun, to be continued.