Amazing babe strips down and gets fucked

Amazing babe strips down and gets fucked
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----------------- Full Moon Rising: Part 1 On a dreary, meek night; I found myself alone, walking down Poplar Ave after a rocking party.

"REX.What happen to, "I'll be your wing man?". What a douche, walking off with a blonde bimbo. Knowing him, he's somewhere out in the middle of the Minnesota timbers getting it on like the horny mutt he is," I mumbled. In the distance I could hear a car coming up beside me. "Hey look, if it isn't bawl.

What's the matter? Bawling because your boyfriend left you." I knew who it was but stupid me, I did not ignore him. Instead I turned to verify my guess. Brad Tidleson, captain of the football team, star quarterback, over all ass.

He was with his mindless goons as he said, "If you're that lonely. You can come in here and suck my big cock.

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No? You a one man's man? Oh well bawler, guess I'll have to catch you later." Before I could shot out a comeback, Brad burned rubber down the rollercoster called a street. Before they reached the first crest, a shadow dashed in front of them.

The crash was audible. Well, less audible then, "Oh shit dude. What did you hit?" "I don't know. fuck." Brad's voice matched his actions as he drove away in his dented Lincoln. As his tail lights dipped out of sight, I ran to the unmoving clump. At first, I thought it was a bear, but as I neared it, it developed into a huge wolf.


It was laying on it's right side, facing me. As I stepped up to it. It's eye lids fluttered open. It's grey eyes tried to focus on me.

When it did, recognition like a human came to them. "Calder Balor," a deep, ruff, demonic voice pierced my head, "I need your blood." Crap I've seen this movie before. The drunk high school nobody is killed by the monster in the forest. As I stepped back, all that ran through my head was great, just great. The wolf moved with a savage grace, and in second I felt its teeth slice into my skin.

As it latched on; it started to lap the blood coming out. God I'm going to die. Is this it? To die in the middle of the road eaten alive. That went through my head as the world became cloudy, then dark. "Do not fret," the voice said, "you come from an ancient evil. It is time your inheritance is awaken from within your DNA." ---------------- "God no," I screamed, tossing around. Something was rapped around my body, constricting my movements. After the flash backs on Poplar Ave, I started to gain perspective of my surroundings.

It was a white, pop marked ceiling, with a Celtic fan. This is my room. I looked down to see that my deep blue sheets were laced around my body soaking up the cooled, damp sweet on my skin.

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I looked down at my arm, to check to see if there was a wound. I twisted my arm and nothing. Not even the scratch that I got from fencing Brad's brother, Bill, in gym class the other day.

Weird, just weird. I got out of bed to felt a chill, it was coming from my open window and my screen gone. I closed it and went for my bathroom. On the way there, I picked up scattered articles of clothing off the floor for me to wear. As I set down my black, just kick-it, pearl shit and basketball shorts, I looked myself in the mirror. "What.

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The. Fuck?" This can't be. I searched my face and couldn't find one blemish on it. No pimples, no pop marks, no nothing. Even my little wart I had on my left cheek was gone. But it was my eyes that fazed me the most. My hazel eyes were now a bright emerald. As I look further down I noticed that I had toned muscles. I was always wiry.

But now I had some bulk. What is going. "Calder, are you up? You'll be late for school." "Damn," I mumbled as I quickly showered and brushed my teeth. As I was heading out the door I shouted, "bye, see ya." Once I ran down the paved stairs, i hit the gravel, running to the bus stop 30 yards away.

As I hit the turn ten yards in, I could see the school bus flashing it's red lights as it stopped. I knew I has not going to make it, and my suspicions were correct when I saw the stop sign starting to fold close. I blinked my eyes closed and imagined standing at the bus door. Then opened them and what the, I was standing at the door, and the bus driver was giving me that, "you are making me late and are the bane of my existence, get on or die," look. When I got on the bus, Al, the bus driver, closed the door, and drove to the next stop.

As I reached my usual set, Amy looked up. Her cute, black, long curls parted from her dark blue eyes. Her strawberry color lips parted, to show a dazzling white smile. "So lazy bones, did you want to run all the way to school?" Amy asked as she leaned forward.

She had always been a tease. Which would explain the red laced C cup that was now on display. I thought, if she could be my girlfriend for just one day. I would show her the attention she needs. Then some thing happened. Amy got up and came to sit next to me. The seats not big enough, causing our bodies to touch. She looked me in the eyes and whispered, "I never noticed your eyes were so green," as she is saying this I take a quick look down and can see down her shirt, where her fair-skinned breasts were cupped by a red laced bra.

Then I quickly look up to find her strawberry colored lips moving as she talks, "It's as if they draw my in to the deeps of your soul and devours my body." Eyes locked on her lips I kept listening to what she said and started to get hard. This sexy, popular, sixteen year old sophomore is giving me a verbal sex tease.


A seventeen year old junior, that is made fun of, befriended when people needed something. "What do you want Amy," I asked a little rudely?

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(What? this chick is making me hot and horny, and once I agree to what she wants, she will go back to her seat and give me one of the biggest case of blue balls.

What would you do?) "I want you," she said before kissing me. At first I was to stunned to do anything. She brought her left hand between me and the bench to rap around my back. While placing her right hand one my chest. As it slithered down she asked, "Have you been working out?" The question brought me more of guard before she touched my straining cock. Then I felt like a shark on a feeding frenzy as I panted a kiss so passionate, Amy was the one stunned for a moment.

I took that moment to slip my hands up her blouse, and fondle her red laced tits. She stifled her moans by giving my some tongue. Some time went bye before Amy unbuckled me belt and undid me button and zipper to reach in and grab my strained cock. She moaned in my mouth. Then backed away to pull my pants down to see my seven inch cock. She tried to rap her hands around it but it was to big for her dainty hand. In a husky whisper she said, "It's beautiful. I need to suck it, lick.

Fuck it." In a hormone induced haze, she bent over to devour my dick. I looked up, glad that we were seated in the back seat as I felt Amy's warm breath washing over my balls before she took them into her mouth.

To stifle my moans I put my head down on the back rest of the seat in front of me where my left arm was resting and bit into it. Amy meanwhile sucked both of my balls into her mouth, lashing them with her tongue.

After a few minute, which felt like a hour in heaven, I heard a wet popped as she released them from their blissful torture.

Her head bobs up as her tongue licks to the tip of my cock. There it flick across the under side of the tip. It felt like a orgasmic hot poker was stabbing at it. The pleaser was to much to bare.

As I bit into my skin hard stifling my screaming orgasm.

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Amy must have felt me coming; She latched onto my cock and sucked like a woman trying to get a drop of ambrosia. As I shot my first load into her mouth I heard her muffled moans as she had an orgasm.

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The vibrations of her moans intensified my orgasm almost sending me into darkness. When Amy cleaned up after herself she helped put my dick back in my pantand lend on my chest as we basked in the afterglow. I looked down at her face to see drops of blood stained her hair, a single one on her cheek. "What," she asked?

I pointed to her cheek. She must have thought it was leftover cum, so she swiped it with her index finger and without looking at it licked it off. To disgusted to see her reaction, I wanted to see how serious I bit into my arm.

As I watched my blood slither back into my body and the puncher marks heal I hear; I have never had a orgasm while give a blowjob before. I looked at Amy, her eyes and mouth closed resting on my chest; I wonder if he will eat me out.

I had heard what she was thinking. What is going on?