Riesige Klitoris masturbiert wie ein Penis

Riesige Klitoris masturbiert wie ein Penis
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I was a tomboy. I loved playing with cars,trucks and cowboy & indians. Me and my sister were the only girls on the street. My sister was a girlly girl. She didn't spend much time with me or the boys.The summer I turned 14 things changed. The guys wanted to spend more time with Dee. Dee had a great body. Dee would run around outside almost naked. I didn't like that they gave her so much attention. I use to have all their attention. Dee got off on the attention.

Dee walked into my room and laughed. Sandy before long I will have all of your friends. Dee be real they only like your body.

Sany they like a whole lot more than that. Dee have you been doing stuff with them? I could tell by her face she had.

Dee if Mom finds out she will freak. Sandy you are such a baby. I'm not going to tell and they won't. Dee what have you been doing with them and who?

I have messed around with Jimmy and Andy. We have done nothing but kiss. I have also let them touch my breast a couple of times.

I could not get what Dee told me out of my mind. I wasn't really interested in boys that way. I was only mad that I lost my friends. I though about telling Mom. I knew mom would stop Dee, but she would also keep my friends away. Mom would not let me play with them again.

I knew I had to fight fire with fire. I took off all my clothes in front of my mirror. I had to see what I was working with. I had a big set of tits and slim hips. My hips were cury but slim. I also had firm strong thighs and a nice but.

Dee had let them touch her breast and kiss her.

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I knew I had to do more than that. I'm a big planner and list maker. I made a list of all the boys on the street. I ranked them from one to ten. I knew Jimmy and Andy needed to be at the top. I got on the computer to do reaserch. I had to use my Uncle Tim computer because ours was locked.

I looked at many Porn sites to find something good. I didn't think I was ready for most of the things I saw. I was getting worried that my plan wouldn't work. I went to Uncle Tim's one last time. I hit gold on a site called humping. I saw the people gringing their bodies togather in the movie.

I noticed that the guy didn't have his dick inside the girl. The guy still came this way. I knew that this was my way back into the group.

I was still trying to figure out how to get the "Balls " rolling. Jimmys younger brothers birthday was coming up. I knew I would be invited to the party. The clock for sexing up the boys was set. I talk mom into letting me get some new clothes.

I knew money was tight so it was easier than I though. We went to the mall the day before the party. Sandy I'm so glad you are getting out of the tomboy stage. Ok mom don't freak I just want new clothes. I got alot of cut off shirts and short short's. Sandy don't wear these around right away. Mom come on thats not fair. I need to ease your dad into this. Ok mom but make it quick. I want to wear a new outfit to the party.

Sandy did you buy these for a special boy. No! I just don't want to look like a baby anymore. I went home and put on my new clothes. I looked in the mirror and saw a hottie. I knew that it was going to work. I would have every guy at my feet. Dee would not know what hit her. Mom came up later to see my new clothes. Sandy you look so grown up. Dad said he was fine with the new clothes.

Mom helped me pick out clothes for the party. Mom I don't want to look like a baby. Sandy don't grow up to fast,ok. Sandy you need to take better care of these outfits. Money is tight since Dad's accident so be careful with them. The night of the party was here. Dee came up the stairs. Sandy what are you wearing?

You look like a tramp. Dee you are just worried I will get my friends back.

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Dee left my room laughing her head off. I was worried that the guys would laugh too. I didn't want to look like I was playing dress up. I got to the party and Colin and his friends were in the living room. Colin were is Jimmy? Jimmy and Andy are in garage. I stayed in the living room for awhile. Colin friends were looking at my funny. I noticed that Dee was gone. I went to look for her and found Mrs Canter. Mrs Canter have you seen Dee. Sandy I think she went home. She said you forgot Colin's present.

I felt bad that I forgot it. I had been so worried about my clothes I forgot. Sandy can you go get Jimmy? Sure Mrs Canter, where is he? Jimmy and Andy are in the garage. I open the door and went down the steps. I hear Jimmy and Andy talking about Dee. I got so mad that I pulled my shorts up even further. Jimmy your mom wants your help in the kitchen. Jimmy and Andy were looking at me. They both started laughing.

Andy look Sandy is playing dress up with Dee's clothes. Sandy your body just cannot fill them out. Jimmy remember your mom wants you. Andy I'm going but she just looks so funny. Jimmy pushes past me on the steps. Jimmy slaps me on the ass with his hand. I rub my hand back against his hand.

Jimmy looked at my then he smiled. I had finally got his attention. Jimmy then ran up to see what his mom wanted. Andy started laughing so hard. Andy what do you find so funny? You are and your sexy act. Sandy you are just a baby. I ran down the steps and push Andy really hard. I'm not a baby and stop calling me that. Prove it! I don't know what came over me. I forgot all about the plan. I grab Andy and gave him a very long French Kiss. Did that kiss feel like it came from a baby?

Andy was breathing really hard. I could feel his cock was hard. I'm going back to the party. Andy walked over to the stairs.

I think you should take care of that first. I was pointing at his cock and laughing. Andy do you even know what to do? Andy just set there with a red face. I will help you this one time. Good thing this baby knows what to do. Andy come over here. He came over still not saying anything. I laid down on Jimmy's work bench. Sandy I don't think this is good idea. You can get knock up doing stuff like this.

Andy your cock is not touching my pussy, so don't worry. You just need to lay down on me. Andy started taken his clothes off. I heard noise coming from upstairs. Andy you better leave your clothes on. Sandy how is this going to work if I'm dressed. I will show you don't worry. He came over and laid down on me. Andy have you ever saw someone fuck. No, but I know you should be naked. All way need to do is rub our bodies togather.

It took us a couple of mintues to get the timing worked out. I didn't think it was working. I then felt my pussy get wet. Andy start to breath hard. He grab my ass and was grinding against me. Sandy this feel so good. He starting kissing me again. I was moaning and grinding back against him. He went stiff and said fuck yes really loud. Andy are you ok? Yes Sandy I'm thanks to you. I have never felt that good. I have jacked off a couple of times but it didn't feel like that.

We better get upstairs before they come look for us. Andy lean down and gave me another french kiss.

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Sandy does this mean you are my girlfriend? You want to go out with a baby. Sandy you are not a baby. I'm sorry I said you were. Sandy do you like Jimmy? I saw what happen on the steps with his hand.

I hope you are not like Dee. What is she like? She has been fooling around with alot of guys. I want to be your only guy. Who I do this with is my choice. Andy got mad at that an ran upstairs. I finally got up stairs to find out Andy left. The party was not as fun after that. Jimmy came up rigth before I left. I will want some of what Andy got. Andy has a big mouth. Andy didn't say anything. I came down to get you all. You all were busy dry humpimg.

I will be up tommorrow to get mine. Andy came up the next morning. Hi Mrs Jackson can Sandy come out to play. She is in her room go ask her. I heard them talking in the kitchen. I grabed a new outfit. Andy came in the door. I grab him and kissed him really hard. We then went out to play. Andy I don't want to play. I want to mess around again. He said lets go to my tree house. We climb up and started kiss right away. I love kissing you. Sandy I though about you all night. We laid down and soon were rubbing againt each other again.

He came fast and continued rubbing until I had one too. We played Tour of Duty for awhile. Do you want to try anything eles? I hadn't planned on doing anything eles, but loved it so much. Do yoy have anything in mind? I though maybe we could have oral sex. I would love to eat your pussy. I think it smells so good. I bet it taste even better. I agreed and took off my pants. Sandy take off your shirt to. I want to see and kiss your breast.

I took off the rest of my clothes and laid down. Andy had gotten undressed as well. Andy your cock is getting hard again. Me and my cock like your body. He then moved my legs apart. He pushed my knee's back so they were laying flat on the floor. He then crawled up between me legs. He just sat there smelling my pussy. Andy that feel good but can you use your tounge.


He then got busy and was licking all around. I pushed him back alittle. Sandy don't you like what I'm doing. I like it but I want you to lick my clit. I pulled my lips apart so he could see my clit. I need you to lick and suck that. He went to work and soon I was sreaming.

FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD. He looked up and had my cum all over his lips. I leaned over and gave him a french kiss. I loved tasting myself on his mouth. Sandy you tasted even better than you smell. We hugged and I felt his hard cock.

I bent over and kissed the side of it. Shit Sandy that felt good. Lay down so I can get at it. Andy laid down and stroked his cock. Get your hands away it's mine. I laid down and got up on my elbows. I licked the sides first. I then put the head in my mouth and licked all around.

Sandy please keep it in your mouth. I opened my mouth further and put it in. I pushed my mouth down as far as I could. I then though back to my reasearch.

The one porn movie was about BJ's. My mouth went up and down like in the movie. Andy was moaning and he grabbed my head He was fucking my mouth with his cock.


He yelled FUCK FUCK GOD I'm CUMMMMMING. I swallowed everything just like in the movie. He kissed me and said your are my girlfriend. I better not find out you are doing this with anyone eles. I was in bed when I heard the doorbell. I heard my mom talking to JImmy. Mrs Jackson I need to ask Sandy something. Jimmy if you hurry I think she is still awake. I heard Jimmy in the hall and got worried. I had to decided to forget the plan. I wanted to be Andy's girlfriend. Jimmy came in the room.

Sandy are you awake? I was going to pretend I was asleep. I know you are awake so don't try to pretend. I think you owe me something. Jimmy I don't owe you anything. He started to say my mom's name. Ok!! stop what do you want? I want my ride. Do you promise not tell my mom or Andy if I do?

Yes but why are you worried about Andy? Me and Andy are going togather. Jimmy was pissed about that for some reason. You chose the wrong guy. I think Andy is really cool. I will show you why I'm the better pick. He got on top of me and started pushing against me. He was moaning so loud I was worried. I keep a ear out for my mom in the hallway. It began to feel really good. I felt so bad that I was getting pleasure from this. I had feelings for Andy but this felt great.

I could tell that Jimmy's cock was very big. I put my hand down and rub it through his clothes. He grab my hand and stuck it down his pants. I wanted to take it out but I didn't. Jimmy it's so big and warm. Sandy rub really hard please. I was rubbing as hard as I could. GOD,ALL MY GOD I'm CUMMMMMMMING. His cum was all over my hand. I took my hand out. He put it in my mouth and said suck it.

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I sucked it until all the cum was gone. Jimmy please don't tell Andy. I won't tell Andy as long as you service me. Service you in what way. In any way I ask. This will be our little seceret. Unknow to me my Mom had witness what happened. I cannot belive my baby is a slut. She though back to the clothes. I took money out of my spending money, so she could fuck around.

If I heard Jimmy correctly she is doing Andy as well. I was mad and thining of a good punishment. I would make her pay back the money on the clothes. The next evening Jimmy showed up again. Andy had come by earlier and I like him.

I let Sandy go out with him for awhile. She came back in smelling of sex. Sandy we need to talk at breakfast about some stuff.

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Ok mom I'm going to bed. She had not been in her room 5 mintues when the doorbell rang. I guess Jimmy is coming to get his ride. Jimmy I think you should go home. Mrs Jackson please can I see her for just a few mintues. Jimmy I know what you did last night. Mrs Jackson I don't know what you are talking about. You little ass don't lie to me. Jimmy went to leave and then he turned around. Mrs Jackson what if I help you out.

Jimmy what are you getting at?


I heard mom tell dad that money is tight for you. I can help out until Mr Jackson gets better. Jimmy I think you should leave. I will pay you $50.00 to ride Sandy. I have alot of money saved up from cutting grass. I could even cut your grass free as well. I was getting ready to tell him to go to hell. I thought about the money I spent on those clothes. Jimmy it will cost you 100/week.

You will also cut my grass for free.Mrs Jackson I will take those terms and your daughter. He went back the hall to her room. I went to tell Jimmy the deal was off. I heard Sandy moaning and asking him to eat her pussy. I could not believe the little slut. I walk back to the kitchen. She wants to be a slut then I will make money on the whore.