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Hot Teen Strips Off Gift
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After some time, Ebony finally got a place of his own. Speaking with Agatha she arranged some work and money for him to be able to support his own place. For the price he was paying for it he was indeed impressed.

The apartment loft was huge. Just a giant empty space for him to do what ever he wished with it. Agatha had loaned him some furniture, a sofa, a table and chairs.

She was also nice enough and gave him an old tv and dvd player. After moving everything in Ebony stood in the middle of his own crib, just taking in this huge space of his own. Just wearing his boxers he thought about settling down and watching a few dvds that he purchased with the money he had left.


Sticking the disc in he was about to push play when he heard a knocking on the front door. Shutting the tv off he went over and opened the door to see a young red head standing in his door way.

She had a big smile on her face as she looked up at Ebony. In her hands she held a basket filled with beer bottles. "hello! I'm your neighbor down the hall.

I saw you move in and I figured I would throw together a little welcome basket for you." Her voice was light and cheery, her eyes looked down at the basket in her hands.

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"I wasn't sure what kind of beer you would like, so I just grabbed a little bit of everything." She welcomed herself in, walking past the dazzed Ebony and headed straight for his fridge.

Setting the basket down she bent over as she placed most of the bottles into the big empty fridge. Giving Ebony a full on eyeful of her backside, and for the life of him he couldn't peel his eyes away from her as they lingered over her small tight body. Shutting the door when he saw her finish.

She walked over to him with two beer bottles, he nodded taking the one she offered him. "well thank you, didn't realize I had such a friendly neighbor." He offered her to stay, telling her he had an amazing view of the sea from his balcony. She took up the offer and agreed to go sit with him on the balcony and chat for awhile. She was quite chatty Ebony soon found out, she knew quite a bit about this apartment. Who lived in it before him as well as the history of the building.

He didn't mind, he just sit and listened to her voice as she talked about her life and hobbies, the people she knows and places shes seen.

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Every now and then Ebony's eyes would wander over her body as she sat there in her little tight shorts and tank top. Quick glances as they traced over the fabric, imagining what she looked like with out the garments. As his eyes reached her chest and neck he noticed her nipples had become hard, pressing out against the thin fabric. Probably from the cool sea breeze that now washed over the balcony. A small smile pressed across his lips when he saw her frequently touch at them, her fingers grazing them since she felt mild discomfort of them hardening on her.

His lingering thoughts caused his flacid member to harden slightly in his boxers, not the intense hard on that he always got around Ivy. But it was enough to start to show through the fabric. Crossing his legs to pin the beast between them.

Not wanting his new guest to notice his growing erection. Sipping at the last of his beer he set the bottle down. "Maybe we should go inside, getting a bit chilly out here." She nodded and together they went inside to sit on the sofa and continue their talking. Eventually she asked if they could watch a movie, Ebony nodded. His eyes were starting to get a bit heavy from the beer and moving earlier that day. After she started up the dvd she went and sat incredibly close to him on the sofa.

The side of her white thigh almost touching his. Hearing the movie start he realized what she had put in, it was the porno he had purchased and stuck in the player before she had knocked on the door. Ebony was a little embarrassed and his hand went for the remote to stop it when he felt her hand stroke softly down his thigh. He froze and then felt sensations travel through his groin as her fingers made contact with his slight erection that had started to travel down his thigh.

Her fingers were timid at first as she traced eagerly back and forth down this length threw the fabric. When she felt his shaft thicken she started to grip at him causing Ebony's head to roll back some as he moaned slightly.

From all her talking earlier she suddenly became shockingly quiet as she stroked his fat black cock. Ebony's eyes were on her, but hers were on the movie of the couple fucking.

Her hands pressed the fabric up higher on his thigh. His black shaft coming into view slightly as she leaned over his lap to lick and suck him. Her mouth drooling on him and felt the drips of saliva slopping down his inner thigh as she took what she could into her mouth. Her cheek brushing back and forth against his smooth black thigh. Ebony watched her white mouth encase him, his black monster disappearing past her small little lips. His eyes moved down over her back now, looking over that backside that had teased him when she first arrived.

She must of seen what he was looking at cause slowly she moved her lower half while still sucking his cock. Her knees pressing down against the sofa cushion, her hips wiggling slightly with a roll as she started to moan against his skin.

Ebony slid his black hands down her body, pushing the fabric of her tight little shorts off. Her cute white panties coming into view. Ebony rubbed her slightly through the fabric. Feeling her warm moisture radiating out. Leaning closer he squeezed her cheeks, rubbing the small fat mounds of flesh. Feeling her mouth drooling and moaning more on him. Pushing the panties down her thighs, his one hand came up under her belly.

Stroking her softly before he moved his fingers over her wet entrance, messaging her and tracing the thick pads of his fingers over her slit a few times as he gathered the wet cum the seeped from her young pink folds.

Diving a finger inside of her, he felt she was tight but not a virgin for she must of taken on big dicks before. Still he could feel the slight pressure when he slipped two digits inside of her.

Her moans changed to groans of lust as his fingers pulled and stretched on her skin. Forcing his fingers down to the knuckle inside of her wet cunt. He wiggled them around, feeling her juices pooling out of her in a smell and sound like slurp and suck as he felt her muscles giving into just the size of his fingers. Her hips were now rocking back and forth, forward and back thrusting hard against his hand. Her mouth was gasping as she pulled her lips off of him. Her cunt incredibly wet now, sloppy wet noises filled the air around them as Ebony finger fucked her a bit faster.

Feeling his cock now reaching his full size and her body trembling as her hips gave and shuddered. Her moaning continued, reaching a new high and level as he felt her pussy suck his fingers inside with her small orgasm. She had stopped sucking his dick and just enjoyed her orgasm. Rising her head from his lap she knelt before him. Grabbing his hand from her snatch she pulled his fingers up to her lips. Wrapping her mouth around his fingers, taking the two he hand inside of her she sucked on both.

Ebony felt as her tongue twirled and wrapped around him. Pulling the female cum off his black skin. Pulling his fingers from her mouth she moaned against them, "Fuck.

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take your boxers off." Its all she had to say as Ebony pulled them off his body. His massive black cock finally being freed from their prison to hang heavy with his arousal. As he did so she stripped the rest of her clothes off. Ebony watched her, finally getting to see her bright pink hard nipples on her cute perk breasts. Walking over to him she did something different as she faced her back to him to sit on his lap.

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Ebony watched as her legs spread, lifting his thick cock to point up and direct it between her cunt lips as she slowly sat back on him. The swollen head of his cock spreading her pink lips, his hand stroking up and down his shaft as he pushed and pulled the head back and forth, letting it stroke her tight slit open even more for him as well as letting all those wet juices of hers cover his hard skin.

She sat back on him and he let her do most of the work of sliding his cock inside. She was so tight, so wet and her small little cunt only took half of his length.

She hissed her pain and moans as she was filled up with prick. There was literally no more room inside of her, and it felt so good that Ebony moaned as his hands stroked up and down her bare white back. His fingertips digging into her flesh as he left bright red streaks up and down her back.

Ebony noticed her eyes stayed on the tv, she must of enjoyed watching the couple fuck on the television. He could feel her getting wetter as she started to bounce her backside up and down the shaft of his cock, she groaned and moaned with each thrust of her hips.

Ebony didn't mind her not looking at him, he enjoyed just watching her back. Leaning forward he licked and bit at her shoulders. His black mouth sucking and pulling at her white skin as his hands pulled down to her hips. He felt out something on her skin on her one ass cheek, glancing down he saw something that looked like scars covering her white flesh.

Pink gashes of something once written there, but with her now bobbing and bouncing on him harder and faster he soon ignored and just enjoyed her tight little twat being filled. Her orgasm hit and he felt her juices gushing over the rest of his cock. Ebony grabbed her hips lifting her slightly. He wanted all of his cock inside of her now, and with that thought he rose his hips up and down. Thrusting into her hard and fast. He heard her scream, her cunt writhing on his prick as she continued her orgasm.

With each thrust he felt more of her tight pussy give way. Stretching and tearing, soon his whole dick claimed her. Bottoming her out as she yelled her orgasm now, "Fuck oh Rip." she gulped her air in.

"Rip me up baby. oh god yes.

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uh uh fuck yes." Ebony wrapped his dark arms around her, his hands digging into her tits as he pulled on them. His hips jumping up off the sofa slamming up into her. With this rythum he knew he couldn't maintain long, he could already feel his balls tightening with their need to explode. Ebony felt her squirming and spasming on him, and then he felt her reach down between his legs.

Her small hand tugging and messaging his sack. Ebony groaned, he was done in with one small touch. His hips slapped up into her in hot heavy beats, his cock exploded his lustful seed inside of her.

She screamed, "Yes.

uh yes Robert. cum inside me." She said someone elses name, but he didn't pay any attention. the whole time he was just thinking about his Ivy and playing out the fantasy that it was her all along.


His balls empty every thing they had up inside of her, his thick sticky white cum seeping out the tight space around his cock that was balls deep into her cunt. Ebony gasped as he let her go, feeling her body collapse back on him. Her sweaty back pressing back against his sweat covered chest, his cock still throbbed as it stayed up inside of her. oozing out the rest of his seed into her tiny body, her hips continued to roll and grind down on him.

Her small movements slowly working up Ebony's lust again, he chuckled at her horniness as he spoke over her shoulder, "Oh hey.

what's your name? Or should I just call you my fuck toy?" She giggled, she elbowed him in the ribs, "Carin. you can call me Carin."