Blonde European Lesbians Oil Up

Blonde European Lesbians Oil Up
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(note: this is my first story ever and are based on real tell me what you think! ) 'jeez.summer in Arizona is a bitch!' thought Anthony as he checked the temperature on his read 114 degrees.he groaned as he peeled his muscle shirt off.Anthony Martin DeCruz was 45 years old tho he didnt quite look it.he was ridiculously tall.

6'7" to be exact and was native american .tho wasent dark like youd think.he had light carmel colored skin coverd in tattoos and he had long black straight hair and peircing greed eyes he was also really buff.he looked like a hot biker basically.


Anthony stood at looking out of his massive front window.his neice Carina called and said she would be coming over. For what?

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Who the hell knows.Anthony thought she was beyond crazy to make the commute from tempe to casa grande in this heat.but he waited.seeming very excited. He turned and flopped on his couch.just then he herd the familiar deasil engine of Carinas ford F-350 dually.he herd the engine cut off and moments later his front door flew open.he watched as his neice carina walked in.his brothers daughter was a sight to behold.she had just barely graduated and was only 18.but she looked like a goddess.she was tall about 5'10" and had a shade darker of carmel colored skin than him.she was half native and half hispanic so she had wild ringlet pitch black curls all the way to the small of her back.she had light brown eyes and was achingly beautiful.but not only in her face but in her body.she had wide hips and a narrow weist and huge 38 DD brests.anthony couldent help stare at them as her cleavage peeked through a dramatically low v-neck she had on.

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"Hey! Tio!" carina beamed as she bounced twords him using the spanish word for uncle .she flopped down next to him and he hooked his arm around her weist as she planted a huge kiss on his cheek. "whats up rina? Why tje hell did you drive all the way here in this heat?" he asked she smiled sweetly at him "icant just visit my loving tio?" she asked.he rolled his eyes just then he hers someone else walk in.he almost choked when he saw who it was.he realized carina had brought her best friend sheena with her.and anthony liked sheena.she was a petite sexy little blonde with perky C cup boobs and aperfect hour glass figure.she also had the biggeat roundest booty for a white girl.Carina and sheena have been friends forever and anthony could remeber always having a 'thing' for that little girl.

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Well not little anymore.she just turned 18 like carina and was now legal.anthony thought.carina iterupted his thoughts "tio you remember sheena right?" carina asked.anthony nodded ans sheena waved.sheena walked over and sat next to carina.the 3 of them on the couch.thay sat in akward silence for a couple minutes then carina jumped up.

" Ima run to the store and get something to guys want anything?" they both shook their head and carina nodded.but before she left she looked at sheena and they seemed to communicate in that weird way girls do without talking.the carina looked at anthony the winked and sheena then left Anthony and sheena sat there in more akward silence until anthony claerd his throat "so turned 18.hows that feel?" he asked he caught the sheepish smile on her lips and she looked at him.his heart almost stoped when those ocean blue eyes met his " its know.being a grown up.getting out on your own.not to mention" she said the last word slowly.anthony gulped as he realized the hard budge in his jeans growning.sheena scooted closer to him."ima be honest uncle anthony.the real reson we came is cause i begged carina to let me see you" .another gulp from anthony "you dont say." he said she nodded " ive been so into you from the start.i think your rediculously sexy and i want you and your massive cock to finally make me a woman" she crooned.she was now stroking the huge bulge in his pants.anthony felt like all the air left his was this young.barely legal girl practically begging him to take her.she was a virgin no less!!

Would he do it.HELL TO THE YES!!

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Immediatly he bent and kissed the girl hard on the lips.she moned and felt up his muscular chest and arms.he scooped her up and placed her on his lap and palmed the perfect two globes that was her ass as she straddled his lap.she kept her lips locked on his as she ground her pussy agenced his bulge through theyre jeans.he reached down and undid hs pants and lifted his pelvis.along with sheena on his lap still and slipped his boxers and jeans off compleatly.sheena gasped when she saw his huge 9 inch long and 3 inch wide cock standing straight up she grasped it in her hands and she groaned she dabbed her finger on the steady stream of precum and slowly licked it off anthony groaned and locked lips with her again while he helperd her out of her shorts and panties.he looked down and saw her thick pussy lips were compleatly hairless and gleaming with excited moisture.using his index finger he traced the out side of her pussy.making her moan softly then he inserted his finger and right away found her hymen "wow he thought.she is a virgin." he took his fingers out and he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and stripped her and all that was left was her light blue bra.he slowly reached around and unclasped it and slowly pulled it off revealing her perky pale brest wit puffy pink nipples.heleaned down and pulled one of those nipples into his mouth while he gently massaged the other.sheena was moning louder and running her fingers through his silky black hair.

"ohhhh.mmmmm.shit anthony please fuck me now!

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Fill me with you cock!" sheena moaned grasping his cock.he helped her guid it to her waitin pussy.and slowly pushed in until it hit her hymen.she winced.she grabbed her face and looked at her.

"ok baby girl this is gunna hurt a little.but only for a second.then itll feel like heaven." she nooded then kissed him hard slipping her tounge in tasting this beautiful man.

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"do it quick."she wisperd her eyes clouded with lust he nooded then grabbed her hips and lifted up his hips fast in one hard thrust.tearing her hymen.sheena let out a shreik of pain and pit hard onto his shoulder.he grunted trying n ot to blow his load right there he stayed still letting her tight channel get used to his sized one she cought her breathe she kissed him again and firmly said "fuck me now." he grinned.she didnt need to tell him twice he picked her up but still penetrating her flipped her over and layed her on the couch.and started thrusting hard in her.

"oh fuck! Ohhhhh.mmmmmnn.nnohhhh.mmmyee god!" sheena moned loudly Anthony reached down and placed his hand around her neck.

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for better leverage.he continued to ram into her his thighs making a sattisfying slapping noise as they slapped agenced her ass. Each trust had is cock ramming agenced her cervix " gunna cum" anthony panted as the pressure built in his loins " fill me anthony.

I wanna feel your hot cum deep inside!" sheena moaned.locking her legs around his weist.

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He started thrusting harder and the eruptied thick ropes of cum deep in her womb.he groned loudly as everynerve end on his body felt shocked with electricity.the feelimg of anthonys warm cum made sheena convulse wit an earthshattering orgasm.she shreaked as her body seemed electrified and shaky.anthony colapsed on top of her.she wraped her arms aroung his neck.they were both drenched in sweat and panting hard.sheena planted another long deep kiss on his lips as hi slipped his limp cock out of her.thats when they both herd a familiar desile engine outside.