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Charlee Chase Big Tits Happy Ending Massage
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Time Machine Part 1 "Chief O'Brien are you ready down there, " Picard asks? "Yes Sir, I am all set here," O'Brien responds. "Number 1 you have the bridge, Data, Worf you are with me," Picard orders as he heads for the turbo lift.

"Shuttle bay 1, " he speaks into the voice control, as they enter the turbo lift.

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They exit the turbo lift by shuttle bay 1, as they enter the shuttle bay there before them is a small space pod. A Time Craft from the 26 century. There is no sign of the Professor Rasmussen. "Chief is the Professor inside the vessel," Picard asks? "Yes Sir he is inside according to my sensors," the Chief responds. "You know what to do, energize when ready," Picard states. "Energizing now Sir," O' Brien replies. Data vanishes and reappears inside the space pod, startling the Professor, who has a phaser in his hand, looking at it.

"Professor I am afraid that you will have to come with me," Data says. "Stand back Data, I will use this phaser on you if I have to," The Professor replies pointing the phaser at Data.

As Data takes a step forward the Professor fires, but nothing happens. They struggle briefly, as the Professor falls against the control panel. Data apprehends the Professor and recovers all the stolen items, and they both exit the space craft. "Ah Professor there you are, good job Data, I see you have recovered all of our items," Picard states.

"You see Professor when we noticed that the items were missing, we sent Data inside of your space craft, and he replaced the phaser with one that did not work, " Picard informed the Professor. As the Professor was about to reply, the space craft made some funny sounds and just vanished from sight.

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They all stared at the empty space. "Data where did the space vessel go," Picard asked him? "Captain I do not know where or what happens to the Time Craft," Data replies in his usual dead pan manner. "Professors do you know where it went," Picard asked him next?

"I am not sure Captain, it was set to go back to my time period when I was done here, but it should not have launched itself," the Professor told him.

Just then Riker's voice came over the comm system, "Captain Picard to the bridge, messages from Star Fleet Command." "I will be right their Number One," Picard replied quickly. "Mr. Worf would you please escorts the Professor to the bridge with us," Picard said.

"With pleasure Captain," Mr. Worf replied as he grabbed a hold of the Professor's arm. They exited the shuttle bay and went to the turbo lift, for the ride up to the bridge. As they entered the bridge, "Number One I will take the message in my ready room, Professor you are with me," Picard stated. Data and Worf both headed for the stations, as both Picard and the Professor entered the ready room.

"Ah Admiral yes we recovered our items, and have the Professor here with us in custody, but unfortunately his Time Craft Vessel has vanished, and nobody knows where it went," Picard reported to the Admiral. "Yes Admiral we will take the Professor to the nearest Star Base, and drop him off," Picard out. It was mid November, 1991, in a couple of weeks it would be my birthday and I would be turning 41.

I had just got done putting the meat to the old lady and she was sleeping soundly next to me. I just went to the bathroom and had just gotten back into bed, when I heard a strange sound and saw some flashing lights in the backyard.

I heard the dog barking, I got up and turned on the backyard floodlights. I could see something large out back, and the dog's fur was standing up on his back.

I went back to the bedroom and put on some clothes. I put on my boots and grabbed a jacket. I went out the back door with a flashlight in hand, to see what the commotion was all about. I could see the outline of something large back there.


I walked back towards it with the dog, I sure hoped that I don't step into any dog shit. I got back by the object, and shined my flashlight at it, it looked like a space ship, something right out of Star Trek.

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I walked around the ship, it was about 20 feet long and maybe 10 feet wide, and it was sitting right in the middle of my fucking back yard. The dog was sniffing the ship, and he cocked his leg and pissed all over the side of the ship, fucking dog.

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I gave him a swift kick in the ass. I could just see little green men jump out and zap us with their ray guns, because the stupid dog pissed on their space ship. I walked around the ship to the back end of the ship, and there was a plate there that had a hand print on it.

So I put my hand on the plate, there was a flash of light, and the dog and I were teleported inside of the ship. The ship was empty, and illuminated with soft green lights coming from what look like a control panel in what I would call the cock pit. I walked forward to the cockpit and shined my flashlight around, but fuck I did not have a clue to just what I should be looking for. There were two chairs in the cockpit, and I sat in the chair I figure would be the pilot's.

There were all kinds of buttons and levers and gages on the control panel, but nothing to tell you what to do.


There was a button on the back side of the arm rest, kind of hidden, that I pushed by accident. I heard this swoosh sound, and looked up and here was this cone-shaped thing about to settle over top of my head. I tried to move, but for some reason I was frozen in place, as the cone cylinder came to rest with half of my head inside of it. What seemed like an eternity, the cone shape thing stop making noises and raised back into place in the ceiling of the time craft?

It was like a library of what has happen in the past six century's. I found that I was able to ask questions in which the cone would answer. This was all done in some form of mental telepathy.


There was also a journal type diary that the two time travelers had kept. I was able to access this journal.

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I knew everything about this Time Space Craft and about the 26th century. The inventors had programed the cone to be a guide. I found out that this was a prototype Time Space Craft. It is called a Temporal Transporter. It works in conjunction with both space and time, in what is called out of a phase.

You have the ability to observe what is going on around you, but are undetectable, because the craft is in a time bubble. One thing that they stressed was the double occupancy rule, because time will not allow a double. The same matter can not occupy the same space, at the same time. Time will not allow it, and you will simply not exist anymore.

Let me see if I can explain this better. I have lived from 1950-1991. If I went back in time to anywhere in that time frame and pop into existence. I would immediately vanish, as I already exist in that time frame, and the double occupancy rule would kick in.

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There would be no more me anywhere in either time frames. You can observe as much as you want as long as you are in the time bubble out of phase. They explained that the Time Craft will keep track of your time usage. It also told me to open a panel next to me, and there was a wrist watch, or what they called a controller.

It had many functions, but one of the most important, was it allowed you to put the Time Craft into what is call 90 degree out of phase.

It stores the Craft into a time bubble, making it unseen and undetectable. The controller will also help to keep you informed on your time usage. They discussed the possibilities of traveling to an alternate universe through time travel.

It would be like stacking up hundreds of records and each one was a separate universe in it's own time frame. There should be a way to go to each and any different universe through time but they did not say how to accomplish that. Guess I am going to have to figure that out for myself. I started the time machine up and headed out to explore.

I traced the route it took to get here, noticed what happen on the Enterprise. I then followed the route that the Professor took, and watched him dispose of the 2 inventors. He tricked them into double occupancy and they just vanished. The Professor is just a 2 bit inventor, and con artist. I followed the two time inventor's back to the 26 century where I took all of their notes, plans, papers, computer files, backup files and anything that had to deal with the Time Craft.

I removed all evidence that it ever existed. I did not want someone to make another Time Craft and come looking for this one. While there I took a supply of pills that slow down the aging process. Take one pill a month, and it cuts your aging process by 50%. It also repairs any damage to your body organs. The one draw back is the pill won't start working till you hit the age of 40. Taken any sooner and it will cause your body and body organs to age rapidly.

A government agency was working on a proto type of a force field that surrounds a person's body. The force field is contained within a belt that goes around your waist. It is based on absorbing any type of energy, thus protecting the wear from damage.

I managed to steal a belt for my protection. I also helped myself to some advance weapons. I left the 26 century well stocked up with the best medicine, armor, and weapons, that I could find. Time to head home and figure out just what to do with this Time Craft, and where to visit next. I found I could use the cone library anytime that I wanted to, it was a valuable tool, as it would answer my questions.

I just had to be careful that I don't contaminate the time line, and change history, that might affect my existence. I arrived back in the backyard 1 second after I had left. I safely stored the Time Craft out of phase. The dog and I headed for the house.

I crawled back in bed with my wife Debbie, and laid there thinking about what has just happen to me. I knew one thing, and that is I just can't pop the Time Craft out anytime I want to use it without someone accidently seeing me. I will need someplace and somewhere to hide the Time Craft. Just down the street from my house is a storage place, and I got lucky they had a storage shed that measured 15 x 25, plenty big enough to store the Time Craft. I rented the storage shed for a year, put the Time Craft inside, and phased it 90 degrees out of time.

I got home and it hit me, I knew just where I wanted to go, as I just finished reading a book about that time in history. I raced back to the storage shed and entered closing the overhead door behind me. I brought back the Time Craft, and set the controls for the past. I piloted the Time Craft through the castle looking for a place to land.

I found a deserted room that was large enough and I landed. I used the cone library to teach me to speak the languages, and have the same accent as the people of this time frame. I then exited the Time Craft and put it 90 degree out of phase.


I found some suitable clothing and enter a large ballroom full of people. Suddenly trumps blared and a man shouts out all bow to King Henry the VIII.