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Farm guy fucks a granny in her ass
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Jason had finally grown bored enough with his peaceful life that he decided to destroy it.


Since he turned eighteen two months ago he notice his personality changing as a volcanic rage slowly built up inside his body, of the last few times he finally lost his temper he took his frustrations out on inanimate objects each time causing more and more damage. His mother had finally had enough of her son destroying her home and threw him out. She would call him back later but he needed to realise that breaking stuff cannot be the answer.

Already late for school he took his time getting there cussing out his mother for being a narky bitch, losing his temper again he turned to a parked car swinging his leg at the door in frustration not ready for when he buckled the door under his power and rocking it back as the alarm started blaring, he was already gone running down the road before the owner investigated the cause of the noise.

He quickly picked up speed with very little effort as his strides lengthened until he noticed that he had run further than expected he slowed to a stop wondering what the hell had happened as he made his way in through the gate of the dump he called school and went to his second class of the day.

During lunch was when things came to head, Jason too immersed wondering what the hell was happening to him lately was not paying attention walked right into Sarah, the head bitch of the bitch squad by which I mean the cheerleading team here at Bear valley high. Well her boyfriend didn't like that and decided it would be a good idea for him and his cronies to start some shit. Ten minutes later I finally came out of my rage and looked around, Brad who hit me first got off lightly when he got hit he knocked over a table which protected him from the rest that went down and now looks terrified.

His two buddies got the worst of it one was laid out on the opposite table knocked out his face a mess and the other guy was dragging himself across the floor screaming for help but everyone nearby just backed away and looked at me as if looking at a monster. I ran out of the cafeteria before anyone ran to grab a teacher and went into a nearby bathroom, standing at the sinks gripping the porcelain pedestals I noticed the blood on my fists and started washing it off my heart pounding wondering what the hell just happened I looked up at the mirror to see a big grin plastered on my face I was loving it.

I hear the door open behind me and look in the mirror to see a underclassman walk in, I give him a dirty look but he doesn't budge then I see him hold up his hand and see the sparks going around his hand and hear him say "we have to talk". ___________ Mary was a nineteen year old medical student learning about diseases and medicines in phoenix, Arizona. She was not a very beautiful girl, more so on the plain side but she was very intelligent picking up knowledge very quickly, she does not know what profession she wants after college only that she wants to help people.

Lately she has started to notice a tingling in her finger tips when she is concentrating and it is slowly starting to have an odd effect, when the topic is on healing and curing the body, the class feels good and energised. However when the topic is diseases people start to feel sick, gradually at first but the longer the topic, the worse it gets.

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The lecturers stop before it gets too bad and wonder why these students want to study medicine so badly if the feel sick at the gruesome details, they soon notice the only one unaffected is Mary, the lecturers start to give more attention to the girl which starts the rest of the students to resent her for the favouritism. After a few weeks of her classmates picking on her, with Mary's powers growing stronger and stronger a prank is played on her. She does not know who broke her laptop but when she found it with bitch and other less polite words written on it in different types of handwriting she snaps, quite literally as she feels as if she had pulled a muscle in her head she collapses on the floor of her dorm room, waking up to a white ceiling.

She looks around confused at how weak she feels, seeing an IV taped to her arm and a call button near her hand she concludes she is at a hospital and presses the button to wait for a nurse, she is calm after all she is studying about medicine and had worked in a clinic before for experience. She tries to think about what happened to make her collapse and cannot remember the snapping that happened before she fell only the anger at her tormenters.

A nurse comes into the room checking her vitals and tells her that the doctor will be with her shortly and that she was brought in late yesterday afternoon. The doctor arrived an hour later pleased to see she was awake and asked her if she remembered what happened she told him what she remembered leaving out the bullying but knowing they probably know about the laptop, she had spots it on a side cabinet with some clothes, she wondered who called for an ambulance and asked the doctor.

He looked very worried and looked to make sure the door was closed before he turned to his patient with a worried look on his face, he then goes on to tell her what had transpired the previous day. she wasn't the only student brought in, in fact a total of twenty-two students were brought in, all found at around the same time when one of the girls collapsed in her dorm room in front of her friends.

They tried to get help banging on some of the neighbouring rooms looking for help they find some others collapsed in the hallways and some outside the dorms, ambulances were called and out of fear for students who collapsed alone in their rooms the front desk opened up every room to check for others and that's how she and the others were brought to the hospital.

A medic who packed up her laptop and the clothes for her turned out to be a friend of hers who she got help from last year when he was in his final year of the course she was doing.

Mary thought about everything that was said and asked what happened to make everyone collapse. The doctor shrugged telling her that everyone that collapsed were from her class so it is likely they all came into contact with something there and that the college and dorms were closed until an investigation could be carried out.

With that the doctor left to check on the other students to see if there was any progress after telling her she would have to stay overnight for observation but if all went well she would be released tomorrow.

The doctor walked down the hallway, glad that it was one of the plainer girls that had woke up. He had started having fun with some of the others last night and found quite a few that he was looking forward to getting back to. The doctor had neglected to tell the girl the rest were in heavy coma's and was surprised that she woke up so soon, if this was a prelude to the others waking up he wanted a bit more fun first.

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After taking some measures to make sure he would be alone for the next hour, which was when he would be forced to move to his other patients, he entered a room pulling the blinds and locking the door while his heart started beating faster. He could lose his job over this, but the temptation had proved too much once again. While he moved to the bedside of the patient, neglecting to look at her chart; he loved the fact neither one new the others name.

He sat gently on the side of the bed looking towards the door, contemplating on leaving but the hardness between his legs told him the truth, he had no intention of leaving. Turning to look at the patient, he raises his hand cupping her face while slowly leaning down and forcing a kiss on her unresponsive lips. Pulling back he slides his hand under the blanket feeling her body through the gown, reaching her waist he grips the gown bunching it up under his fingers pulling it up slowly while she lies there unable to reject what he was doing and the doctor loving it.

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Finally the bottom of the gown reaches his fingers and his heart thumps hard as his fingertips touch the top of her thighs. Taking a breath he looks towards the door before leaning down kissing her again while navigating his fingers between her legs to the soft cotton of her underwear, his breathing becoming erratic while she breathes normally exciting him so much he forces her lips apart and slides his tongue into her mouth. His fingers reach the band of her panties he begins to tremble as he grips it and pulls the front out enough to slip his sweaty fingers inside, feeling the slightest beginnings of stubble sets tingles right up his spine to his brain.

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He takes a moment to enjoy the sensation and uses his other hand to fish his iron hard cock out of his bottoms and grips it hard to increase the pleasure as he slides his fingers further down her panties. He starts stroking his cock slowly at an even pace until he feels her folds separating her prize using a finger he burrows into the grove and starts stroking his cock faster, while his finger dips into the hole and he pushes his finger inside moaning at how tight it is as she hugs his finger.

He starts thrusting his finger slowly inside her as he thrusts his cock in his fist at the same speed, his face red with the excitement of what he is doing a smile forms on his face as he feels her getting moist. He pushes harder and faster into her trying to get her truly wet and starts pumping his cock harder and faster panting like a dog wanting water, which gives him an idea but it is very risky.

He glances at the door for less than a second before he is up pulling the blanket from the bed and pulling her panties down her legs and then off her ankles knowing he cannot keep them that someone would notice, sighing unhappily he turns his eyes to her flower grinning he grabs her legs separating them before crawling up between them.

Before starting on what he planned to do he wanted a memento, he pulls out his phone turning on the camera.

He takes some pictures of her spread out like that before pulling the gown up to see her tits, he moans seeing them standing firm up on her chest while not that big, at best a c-cup what really set him off was her really pointy nipples standing firm from the pleasures her body was unknowingly experiencing.

He slipped his fingers inside her delighted at how wet she had become he leaned down to kiss her nipples before slowly allowing one to enter his mouth and start sucking on it enjoying the smooth firm texture he starts chewing on it as his pleasure increases. Knowing he doesn't have much time he stops his pleasuring and looks at her chewed up red nipple taking a picture of it he then moves onto the main course.

He looks at her wet thighs and leans down giving them a lick loving the mix of the bitter sweat and the sweet taste of her sex spreading her thighs he burrows his face between her legs and starts lapping away like a dog loving the taste of the youngster who has no idea of her being violated on the bed, he starts moaning with pleasure as he shoves his tongue inside her loving the feeling of her upon his tongue he keeps licking away until he feels her tighten up a bit then start quivering before her thighs lock hard on his head then goes limp after releasing a bit more liquid onto his tongue.

Pulling back he checks the time, moaning in disappointment he puts her panties back on then pulls down her gown and fetching the blanket off the floor and placing it over her, noticing he still has ten minutes he moves to her face quickly going back to full hardness with a few quick jerks he places his tip against her lips and pushes firm but gradually against her lips until they part allowing them inside.

He thrusts loving the warm wet feeling encircling his cock he proceeds to fuck her face as fast as he can panting with exertion from the stamina required trying to memorise the feelings of her mouth upon his dick when he can feel his climax he rams right into her throat exploding with the force of his climax pumping right into her stomach.

He pulls back and fixes his clothes, waiting until he catches his breath he looks in the mirror in the room to check his appearance and flashes a smile before peeking through the blinds and unlocking the door and leaving.

_______________ Koko woke up frantic after seeing war and bloodshed in her dreams. This had been happening to Koko since she turned twenty.


The fights were always between gods and humans with powers. Some of the fighting was between the humans themselves as some of them wanted to seize power while others tried to stop them it was always the same group of people, Koko was often in the dreams herself fighting alongside them, she would rather pretend these were just dreams but she knew better, Koko was twenty four and it looked like her powers awakened first being the oldest.

Koko guessed where their powers came from by the visions she kept having and hearing things as if people were talking to each other. It seems the gods new this was coming, there was something said about a previous war and that it was time for them to relinquish their power.

There was arguments about that and they realised somehow that someone was listening and blocked her out of the conversation.

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Koko had been training to fight knowing war was coming and that there was no way to stop it, but she doesn't know if she will be ready in time, unlike the others she started looking for the others long before news started spreading about subject zero.

Koko found him but did not go to him hoping the authorities could stop that monster and was disappointed when they could not and there were signs of another from the bodies turning up in California but the one she wanted had not awakened yet and he would be needed before the others find him, while being the youngest he would also be the strongest given time and training and he will not abuse his powers surprisingly Koko needs the son of hades.