Deepthroating tgirl assfucked and creamed

Deepthroating tgirl assfucked and creamed
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The Trip Home Every body was getting ready to leave our cabin. It had been a fun Vacation, Mom and Dad, my 10 year old sister Carrie and me Rafe I am 16 and nothing spectacular bout me lets face it .I am a Nerd. You know black plastic rimmed glasses, skinny, but that is where it ends.

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I am not a computer whiz and I am not a brainiac. I am a fake I just have the look.

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The only thing I have going for me is 9 ½ inches of manhood, but no one knows about that. I am.still. a virgin, Also staying at the cabin this summer was my best friend Tommy who truly is a nerd and helps me to pass half my classes.

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His Girl friend Molly, his younger sister and Carrie's best friend, Chibbi and Tommy 's Mother, Yoko. Yoko is a beautiful Japanese lady, very tiny only about 4'10" tall and weighing less than a hundred lbs. Her husband was a military man and was on a tour in Iraq. I was assigned the job of getting the boathouse and the boats and toys put away till next time.

But first I packed my things and sat them outside my door. Dad would stow them in the Tahoe. All the clothes bags were going to be in the Tahoe.

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Tommy 's SUV would have all the coolers. I found a pair of gym shorts, that was nice and loose and put on a tee shirt. That way I would be a bit cool while working in the boat house. Tommy and Molly both had on shorts and tees as well.

Molly' s got my attention she had pulled them up very tight .her camel toe had her pussy standing out saying look at me. And I did.


Yoko had a sun dress and panties ready to put on when Dad hollered at her for her bag. So before dressing she opened the door just enough to slide out her bag. On his next trip Dad grabbed it up and loaded it. Yoko went ahead and took a shower. As she was putting on her panties she noticed the elastic on one side of the crouch was torn.

Oh well she thought guess it will keep it cool for the trip home and she giggled and put on her sun dress which was short only came half way to her knees.

Her breast were small and perfectly formed no bra was needed and she never wore one. Carrie and Chibbi were getting their last playing done.

Chibbi was chasing Carrie, Carrie tripped and fell. There was a small tree that had been bent over till it had cracked leaving jagged edges, the longest was about 6" long and there were at least 5 more about the 3 and 4"lengths.they all entered Carries thigh. The 6" one passed completely thru her thigh.

Chibbi ran for help Mom an Dad had heard the scream as had Yoko. Yoko had looked out the window and saw what had happened she grabbed a hand full of towels and ran as fast as she could. Dad could see that he would have to pull Carrie off the spears and was glad to see Yoko coming with the towels. I was far enough away that I was not aware of the crisis that was taking place. I had my own problems one of the paddle boats had come untied and was drifting away.

Knowing I had to wear what I had on for the three hour trip home.I decided to take off my gym shorts and shirt and go in in my briefs. While I was in the water Tommy came down the pier and told me what had happened and that Mom and Dad had taken Carrie to the First aid station and an Ambulance had already been called to take her to the Hospital.


Chibbi had gone with them and I was to ride in Tommy 's SUV. I hurried to finishI looked at my self and didn't wish to get my gym shorts wet so I took off my briefs. I guess I would have to go commando.

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When I got to the SUV Tommy was looking confused. The back was full of coolers, the front seats were bucket seats with a console between them. At his feet was one more Cooler, all the coolers were filled with things that had to be taken home so none could be left behind.

He slid the cooler into the backseat, it left just enough room for one person to sit. Yoko solved the problem, " I small. not weigh much. I ride Rafe's lap.let us go" Tommy knew that when his mom made up her mind there was no arguing so he agreed and gave me his I'm sorry look. I climbed in to the seat and Yoko placed herself in my lap. She wiggled a little to get comfortable.That is when fate stepped in.her movement caused two things to happen her torn panties slid to the side and my loose gym shorts moved up my leg.

Suddenly we both froze her bare pussy was sitting on my virgin 9 ½ " cock that was beginning to swell.

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Tommy started the car and started down the drive, Yoko started to raise up, the car hit a pothole. This caused her butt to rise up and go back. My Cock rose as well When she came back down fate stepped in again, it was the perfect angle and entered her.all the way. She froze and I had instinctively reached out and grabbed a hold of her. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that what I was holding was her tits. Neither of us made a move .we didn't have too. the road was pretty rough for about three miles.

It was causing sensations in my body I had never felt before. I have masturbated before but no way did it feel like this. The road was causing lots of movement in our lower bodies some of the bumps would raise her almost all the way off … then down she would come.ooh it was wonderful .I had never felt any thing so good.

I heard her gasp and give a small moan. Tommy heard her also and asked if she was alright. She said yes just quit hitting bumps.everyone laughed.

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Then we hit the pavement, I wished we were back on the rough road again, then I felt her ass start to move around it sent tingles all thru me. All this time I still had a grip on her tits, she reached up and moved my hands I let them drop to her waist she began opening her buttons.

Then she reached down and picked up my hand and slid it inside her dress an onto her bare tit. Electricity shot thru my hand.WOW! I was in heaven, it felt so smooth and soft and then I found the nipple it was hard and about 1/2" long. I began to play with it. I could feel and hear Yoko starting to breath hard and her ass was moving faster I could feel my moment nearing.It was all I could do to keep from screaming as I exploded in to the womb of my best friends Mom.

I am sure glad he had the radio playing so loud neither he nor Molly knew that anything was going on. In just seconds Yoko had her release an her body seemed to relax. After we both had climaxed I did not pull out we just enjoyed the feeling.

After a few minutes it was clear to both of us that my hard on was not going down. We both began gentle movements, 2 hours and three orgasams later we were home. Tommy backed up to the Garage and I went inside to open the door. While we were unloading the coolers Yoko slipped into the bathroom and cleaned up. Yoko thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before they left for their house.

Two hours later Yoko called.and asked about Carrie .and to tell me there would be no one at home tomorrow. But that is another story.