Boys gay sex well papers xxx When Aaron is feeling nasty no man is

Boys gay sex well papers xxx When Aaron is feeling nasty no man is
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I was frustrated as hell and equally as horny.

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A nine-day break from school was just starting. I had worked for weeks trying to get my girlfriend to spend the time with me on a camping trip to a park on the ocean shore. Toni said that she didn't think she could keep her virginity if we went camping together for more than a night. That was my plan.

We had been going together for over a month now and I had yet to be able to get into her pants. She planned to be a virgin when she got married and I had not been able to change her mind.

I had twice been able to talk her into giving me a blowjob but she wasn't very good at it and didn't enjoy doing it and she refused to let me finish in her mouth.

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I decided to go home instead of going camping by myself. It was a two-hour drive home and I was about half way.

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I had my cock out and had been stroking it for probably twenty miles. Finally I had to pull over so I could catch my cum and not make a mess all over my pants. I shot my load into a paper napkin and put it in the trash bag that I kept in the car.

That helped for a while but I kept thinking about how to get laid while classes were out.

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Maybe I could get lucky with some of the girls that I dated while in high school. I had my share of pussy back then. When I got home I used my key to let myself in and headed to my room. As I passed the family room I saw quite a sight. Naked, on her hands and knees, in the middle of the floor, was my mother, fucking my uncle Ken and two other guys.

She was facing away from me. One guy was behind her, holding her hips and slamming a good sized pecker deep into her cunt. Uncle Ken and the other guy were at her face and she was going back and forth from one dick to the other, giving them great head. My uncle saw me and gave me a wink.

I held my finger up in front of my lips to tell him not to give me away. Mom moaned with pleasure and her D-cup tits slapped back and forth each time she was pounded from behind. I stood in the doorway and watched my mom get ganged and loving it. After several minutes, the guy fucking Mom held himself deep in her and moaned as he filled her fuck hole with cum. Mom screamed in orgasm. Pulling his cum covered cock out of her, he moved to the front and Uncle Ken took his place. Mom had her mouth wide open and welcomed the cum covered cock into her mouth for a good cleaning and hopefully to get it hard again.

The same scene happened again but this time with my mother getting fucked by her brother. Now my pants were on the floor and I was beating off like mad as I watched my mother having hot sex with three men. Mom is a milf but I never knew that she fucked anyone but Dad.

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From the time I got my first hard-on, I imagined myself burying my cock in her as I jerked off at night. I knew that she was hot in bed. My room shared a wall with the master bedroom and I could clearly hear Mom and Dad frequently fucking at night.

I could hear Mom begging to be fucked harder and screaming in orgasm and sometimes I could hear Dad telling her to drink the cum from his dick. They had a great time with each other, frequently. I had only seen Mom naked once, when I was fourteen.

I had walked into the bathroom to piss just as she climbed out of the shower. I jerked off three times that night thinking about her wonderful body.


Several minutes passed as I watched my uncle fucking his sister, my mother, and I kept stroking myself as I watched. Finally he groaned and added his load to her fuck hole and then pulled out.

I had no idea how many loads she had filling her cunt at that time but I could see cum dripping from her open hole and running down her thigh. Uncle Ken looked back at me and pointed, palm up, at my mothers ass, telling me to come have a turn. Without hesitation, I got behind her and Ken went to her face for some oral attention.

I had never fucked a cunt that already had cum in it. It was wet and loose. I was buried to the balls without any effort. I was used to having to work my cock into the girls that I had fucked as I grew up. But Mom did have some muscle control. I could feel her squeeze down on my thick seven-inch shaft as I fucked into her. I was so horny and had been jacking off enough that I did not last long.

Not much more than a minute after I had entered her, I added my load of seed to where I had come from when my mother gave birth to me. It was a long held dream of mine and it had finally come true. Mom moaned. "Oh fuck yes, that was a big hot load. Yes." The only guy that I had not yet seen fucking my mother now moved to the back to take my place and Uncle Ken motioned me to the front. When I got there, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

They guy behind her and I entered her holes at the same time and her lips closed tightly around my manhood.

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He started to fuck her cunt and I her mouth. I started to get hard again and she smiled and looked up at me. When she saw that it was me, she spit my cock out. "Oh God, Jimmy. No. Fuck no. I can't." The guy behind her held on tight and kept fucking her, not giving a shit what was going on up at my end of my slut mother. Uncle Ken grabbed her by the hair and she opened her mouth. "Fuck her mouth, Jimmy, she loves it." Mom realized that things had already gone to far to keep them from happening and anyway, there she was fucking her brother and two other guys, so she opened her mouth and I pushed myself back in and started fucking her mouth with my re-hardening cock like I was fucking a pussy.

I lasted several minutes and the guy behind her and I came at the same time. She swallowed hard and never spilled a drop of my cum as I shot rope after rope down her throat. After that, everyone was done. Mom collapsed on the floor and cried. I leaned down, lifted her head and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't cry, Mom.

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I've wanted to do that ever since I was little. It was wonderful and we are going to have a lot of fun for the next week while I'm home and from now on." Boy was I right. For the rest of the break, every day that Dad went to work, I had wild sex with my mother and twice, Uncle Ken came over and joined the fun.

One night Dad had to be out of town on business and I spent the entire night in Mom's bed. We fucked and sucked till almost dawn and then slept till noon.


Then we fucked again in the shower. Once we started, Mom couldn't get enough of my cock. Now, back at school, I have a new girlfriend that likes to fuck as much as I do but I really look forward to going home on every school break. 711