Incredible babe Yu Ayana is having rough threesome all night

Incredible babe  Yu Ayana is having rough threesome all night
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Meet and Flash in Charlotte The true life story of my first threesome. (MFM, voy, exhi, oral) © 2005 Rhys.The.Mage A week ago I was a man who had been married for fifteen years and had never so much as kissed another woman.

So while it may be a very tired clich?traight out of Penthouse, I have to begin with "I never thought it could happen to me." Except for the names and places, everything you read below is the true story of two of the most exciting hours of my life. Last Monday night I was surfing the forums on the Voyeurweb website looking for plot ideas for a story. I paged over to the Exhi Meeting Point forum, a place where, ostensibly, exhibitionists arrange meetings to show off.

The idea is that you can pick the people you will be flashing, and arrange to meet. Much better than hoping people you run into will have the right idea and same enthusiasm as yourself.

One of the threads was titled Charlotte Center City area. I just happened to be spending a few months on business in Charlotte so I opened it. As I did I remembered once a few years ago when I tried to arrange a meeting at a Home Depot. Nothing ever happened. This one read "Wife is in a sexy/flashing mood for this weekend. Looking for respectful voyeurs (and maybe more)." It went on to request an email, photo, etc. I figured what the hell and paged over to one of my many email accounts.

I sent out an email under the subject line "Meet and Flash in Charlotte". It read "I'm in that area and would love to see your wife's bits. Just let me know where and when and I'll be there. There are a couple of good malls in the area." As I hit send, I didn't figure I would hear anything back, but it wasn't like it was costing me anything but a few seconds to try. The next day, there was an email waiting for me.

"We would like to stay in the area of the hotel. If you could send us a picture it might help us decide." I replied, "I am a moderately decent looking middle-aged fellow. I'd love to meet you. Let me know when and where to be." So far so good, but it was still a long way from actually getting together. The next email, on Wednesday, read, "Okay, we're game. The Holiday Inn at Center City.

The game starts at 1. We'll see you in the lounge. What will you be wearing?" I thought about my wardrobe as I replied that night. "I'll be there. I'll be wearing an LSU football t-shirt and blue jeans. See you then. By the way, you might like to call me Bill instead of 'you.'" I didn't expect any other emails as I figured the rules of the game were pretty clear. I would show up, dressed identifiably, and wait to be flashed by a lady, hopefully. If you think about it, however, it's a bit more complicated than that.

After all, if there's more than one woman present, you'd have to be eyeballing every one of them, rather lecherously, on a regular basis to make sure you didn't miss getting flashed. I figured one of them would make contact and I would just get to enjoy the show.

Friday morning there was another email.

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"Show starts at 1pm. Do not approach us. My wife will make all the right moves." Sounded like I was on the right track so far.

Late Sunday morning I put on my LSU shirt and a pair of jeans and headed out for a walk. The downtown area was absolutely dead on Sunday morning. The center of downtown was probably bustling on weekdays, but on the weekends there was no one working there. I walked for twenty minutes looking for the hotel. I found myself looking at all the couples on the street, wondering if any of them were the ones.

Was that cute chick with the nice tits the one? What about that young, way over weight couple? I realized any of them could me attire and I had no idea who they were. It really had me wondering. Truth be told, my time on voyeurweb told me my couple would be middle aged, like me, and decent looking—unlikely to be from either end of the spectrum. It was kind of like when you talk to someone on the phone that you have never met. You form an idea of what they look like but without any specifics.

At a quarter to one I walked into the hotel lobby and looked for the lounge/bar/restaurant. I spotted it off to the right and headed for one of the hostesses. For a place with no customers, there were four women at the podium. On the right was the dining room, with exactly one person seated for the twenty tables.

Off to the left the bar was dark, empty, and the large screen TV was off. The lounge, adjacent to the bar but set back, was empty and dark. Three other flat screens were on and set to random channels.

One of the women made eye contact with me, "Can I help you?" "I'm supposed to meet some friends here for lunch and maybe watch the game." She grabbed a menu and gestured behind her, "Sure, where would you like to sit?" I looked around.

Although dark and unpopulated, the lounge was the meeting spot. "Can I sit over there?" She looked surprised but said, "Go ahead." I moved past her and eyed the lounge. Hoping my flasher would still show, even without a crowd, I looked for a seat where she could have her back to the server station and face me at the same time.

I picked out a spot and sat down. A minute later the waitress came over with a placemat and table setting. "Can I get you something to drink besides water?" She had an accent I couldn't place. "Diet Coke?" She nodded and left me alone. A short time later the lights came on in the lounge. There were about ten tables, some stand alone and some against the back wall. There was a low wall, dotted with potted plants, separating the bar area from the lounge. The bar area had the 'bar', six or so seats at the counter, and several other tables.

Uninterested in what was on TV and not feeling motivated to ask for a change of stations, I took out my current reading book out of my pack and started reading. I placed my order for lunch, a grilled chicken sandwich. She asked if I wanted fries or chips then disappeared. By now it was 1 pm. From where I was sitting I could just see the front desk and I could catch glimpses of people heading to the elevators.

Every time I caught movement I looked up. Nothing. The waitress returned. "I am sorry, how did you want that cooked?" Chicken? I didn't know what the hell she meant. She broke the pause, "Medium, or well done?" I figured I better be safe. "Well done will be fine." "Well done," she repeated. "What kind of cheese?" Still lost by her questions, "Uh, provolone or swiss." "Swiss cheese. Okay. Thank you." I really wondered what was going to show up for lunch.

At ten after one I still hadn't seen anyone and I wondered if this was going to be just a goose chase. I told myself I would finish lunch and wait until 1:45. Lunch arrived. A cheeseburger and fries. The burger was tasty enough, but how she went from grilled chicken to cheeseburger I couldn't figure. I finished the burger, got another diet coke and squared to tab.

At 1:30 I had pretty much quit watching the elevators and was more or less intent on the book. Someone walking closer got my attention. An attractive middle aged woman was walking around the planter wall and toward me, watching the TV screens. "Are you watching the game?" she asked. I found that odd, considering I was facing away from the TV screens with my nose in a book when she walked up. Still, that was the cover for the meeting. "I was going to meet someone and maybe watch the game, but I haven't felt like asking them to change the channel." She smiled, a very pretty smile actually.

"Do you mind if I join you?" "Please," I gestured to the chairs at the table. I still didn't know if she was the one.

I had figured there would be a couple, not just one person.


I was trying to check her out without being to obvious, just in case it wasn't her. Odds were on her being the one, however, as it didn't seem likely she was just trying to pick me up. The waitress arrived just as she sat down next to me.

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked.


"Just water," she said quietly to the waitress. We made small talk about a great variety of subjects, and nothing in particular. I was going somewhat out of my way to let her know I was an average guy, maybe to make her feel relaxed. She seemed nervous to me. After all, we were the only ones around and I figured if she wanted to flash me she could have done so by now.

Back to my first concern, I didn't even know if it was her. She, however, if it was her, knew it was me by the shirt. As I said before, an interesting situation. The time we spent talking, probably fifteen to twenty minutes, gave me a good chance to look her over. She and I made eye contact routinely. She was not a model, but she was athletically built and appeared toned.

Great looking skin, golden blond hair, long trim legs, a white button down shirt and a dark colored skirt. Actually, it was her skirt that first gave me a hint that she was the one.

It was really cold in the hotel lounge and I thought I could just make out perky nips and smallish boobs under her shirt. More than that, her shirt was buttoned down most of the way. Her skirt was short, and she repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her legs. I wondered if I was missing a message there, like she was going to flash me her panties or pussy. Of course, I couldn't see anything, partly because it was dark and partly because of the table.

I continued to enjoy the conversation, figuring, as the email said, 'she would make all the right moves.' I realized later that a good part of this was supposed to play out according to the script in her mind, not mine. Problem was I didn't have the script and couldn't help out.

"Do you think we could watch the game?" she asked me. I nodded and went up to the two servers. Two of them had disappeared by this time. "Can you call up the game on one of the screens?" My lady friend had gotten up from the table and was nearby. Now that I was standing I could tell she was tall.

Easily 5'10" in her three inch heels. The skirt was not more than four or five inches below her crotch. Very nice. And trim legs. Instead of continuing to call her 'the lady', I'll now refer to her as Jen. At no time that afternoon did we exchange names, but 'the lady' sounds to busy.

As the waitress tuned the TVs, Jen asked, "Can we watch at the bar? On that TV?" The waitress adjusted the TV behind the bar, put it on the football game, and told us she could not turn on the lights. She also told us the bar did not open until five. It was still just the two of us as I took the seat at the end of the bar.

This gave Jen the option of sitting next to me, and if she turned toward me once again her back would be to the server station. Even better, the server station was masked by plants from the bar.

We continued our small talk. The sound of the game brought an additional person to the bar. He sat two seats down from us. Jen was not really watching the game. As much as I am not a football fan, she was clearly not into it.

But she did want to be at the bar. She turned in her seat to face me and put her back to the gent to seats away. She put her feet up on the leg supports of the barstool. Her legs were slightly apart. I figured she wanted me to look, but I didn't have a clear go ahead. I stole a glance. Bright red panties. I looked up at her. She said something, but I didn't catch it. I leaned in closer. "Do you like what you see?" she asked me with a slight grin on her face. My adrenalin kicked in at that instant.

My heart was pounding. Clearly Jen was the woman. "Very much," I said, "Very pretty panties." She slowly reached up and undid another button on her shirt. She reached into her shirt slowly and rubbed a nipple. A brief look of pleasure crossed her face. She stood up and leaned toward me so I could hear her. "At the bar, I could lean in," she leaned forward, her left side toward the bar, and pulled her shirt to the side. She watched my reaction as I looked at her areola. I got just a glimpse of nipple, and she held the shirt open only far enough to see the brown ring of skin surrounding it.

She looked around slowly, confirming where people were (there were two more people at the end of the bar), and then slowly opened the right side of her blouse to show me both nips very briefly. She held her shirt open just enough for me to see both areola. I was getting a bit hard now, and my heart was still hammering in my chest.

I visibly adjusted my stiffening dick. As I hoped, it didn't bother her. I decided to be a bit braver. "Can you hold your shirt open so I can see your boobs?" I said, hoping only she could hear me. She looked straight at me and slowly moved her hands to the shirt.

Taking the role of an active conspirator, I said, "There's no one watching and the workers can't see us." She slowly, tantalizingly undid another button and pulled her shirt open.

I was greeted by the sight of two plump little breasts topped with very nice nipples. She stroked her nipples and they instantly came to attention. I put her at an A cup. I typically like bigger tits, but hers appeared very sweet to me just then. Firm, with just a hint of droop. We were surprised then as one of the waitresses moved past us and went around the bar. She did something with the register and then disappeared. We smiled at each other.

There was a little risk after all. She moved to open her blouse again, but I wanted it more open. I had an idea. I lifted my glass. "You could just hold your shirt open with your left hand, no one will be able to see, and if anyone moves this way I will set my glass down." She looked at me and then pulled her blouse to the side.

She had taken her seat again, facing me. I had an unrestricted view of her left breast. Then she surprised me again. "You can touch them if you like." I didn't need to say anything. I reached out slowly and lifted that lovely breast.

I watched her expression as I squeezed her tit. She was warm, my hands were cold. Her breast was nice and firm, rather like a ripe peach. Always having been a man who went for more than a handful, I was entranced at being able to squeeze the whole thing in my hand. I massaged her breast and then could no longer resist the urge to play with her nipples.

I lightly pinched it in between squeezing her breast. Her nipple responded by firming up, but in an unusual way. It didn't get hard—it got plump. Her nips stood at attention, I let it go and briefly stroked it through the material of her blouse. Her expression told me all I needed to know. Feeling bolder, I reached up with both hands and held both of her tits in my hands. I rubbed her nipples to attention and tugged on them as she responded. Not knowing what she liked, I kept my eyes on her face, and also on the nearby people.

A couple emerged from the far side of the bar and I pulled Jen's blouse together and withdrew my hands. She calmly buttoned the lowest button and then told me she needed to use the restroom. I nodded and waited.

I put even money on her disappearing. I had already gotten way, way more out of this than I had bargained for. She returned a short time later. A man had taken a seat against the nearby wall.

That definitely put a damper on any more flashing and groping. Or so I thought. Jen didn't sit down but instead told me, "I think we should move over to the lounge." I stood up and followed her lead. I expected her to take a seat with her back to the bar, but instead she sat with her back to the wall and I took the chair at the table.

I moved it to the side and sat opposite her, table not in the way. She sat forward on the bench seat and moved her legs to either side of my knee. I leaned over toward her, "I've never done anything remotely like this." She laughed a little. "It's not like I am all that experienced.

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I always wonder, should I wear a bra, not wear a bra, do you wear panties, what color, that kind of thing." She held her blouse open and I took the invitation to resume tugging and twisting her lovely nipples.

Every few tugs I massaged her breast. She had guard duty now, so I just enjoyed playing with her tits. The look on her face gave me the impression she had sensitive nipples. Lucky for both of us. She leaned back and gave me a view of her crotch. No panties now. "Do you do this very often?" I asked.

"Not often," she said, "but sometimes when we are out of town we like to do this." She told me a short story about a couple they had met on another trip. I got the impression they had messed around in the same room, but had not switched partners.

I was wondering about her husband. "Do you tell your husband all about your adventures?" She grinned and nodded.

"It gets us both off." Or something like that, I really can't remember. This whole time my heart had not quit pounding. "What do you like about it?" I asked. "It's exciting," she shivered for my benefit, "daring. It's a fantasy." She reached in her purse and pulled out the red panties.

She pushed them into my hand. "Feel them, aren't they nice?" They were lacy, and very sexy. She leaned forward again and I reached out for her tits.

My left hand still on her breast and tugging at her right nipple, she took a hold of my right hand. She very deliberately placed my palm on her inner right thigh and then relaxed her grip. I had the impression she wanted me to venture further, and she was keeping her hand there for her own security. I didn't want to go overboard, so I started stroking her thigh. A bit higher each time. Her legs were not smooth, as if she had shaved a few days ago (as in winter has recently set in). This told me the position of my hand was not in her original plan.

That was a fleeting thought, however, as I moved toward her uncovered pussy. Her inner thighs were toned, her groin muscles taught and defined. I caressed her inner thigh as high as I could go without touching her pussy. "What do you want?" I asked. Her answer was to stroke the back of my hand. As I tentatively stroked the back of my hand up the length of her pussy, she suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed. I thought I had pushed to far and I withdrew at once, but she didn't let go. "Someone was coming this way.

But they're gone now." She let go of my hand and I continued my exploration. This time, as my hand reached her uncovered pussy I had my palm on her. I cupped her mons, feeling her plump pussy. I tried to picture what she looked like and settled on the 'split peach' visual. No protruding lips, just a plump pussy. She was wet, and I stroked her peach gently, a little more intently each time.

A couple times she seized my hand, but each time she gave me a brief nod to continue when whoever it was disappeared. By now I could tell she was really wet. I was stroking between her lips with my middle finger, my other fingers massaging her lips on either side and my other hand massaging her enchanting nipples.

I stroked her a bit more before deciding to go for it. Stroke after stroke I slowly insinuated my middle finger into her pussy. She was hot, wet, and ready for it. The look on her face told me I was doing fine. I slowly finger fucked her, alternately reaching as deep as I could and then stroking her lips and seeking out her clit.

I gave it a careful caress and observed her reaction. She was watching me only a little, and occasionally flicking her tongue quickly across her lips in a very sexy move. She liked what I was doing, someone she had never met and someone who did not know her body. She shifted her weight, with my finger still inside her. I withdrew my finger and started working her with my index finger. A moment later it was wet and I continued to stare into her eyes as I pushed two fingers into her.

Her eyes glazed slightly and she leaned forward, popping her nipple into my mouth. That plump little nub felt ten times better in my mouth than in my hands. I curved my fingers and strained to reach up into her and stroke her gspot as I sucked her nipple as far into my mouth as I could. I wiggled my fingers quickly and she hungrily sought my mouth with hers. I was taken aback but returned the kiss fervently. She broke the kiss, then exhaled strongly and grabbed my wrist.

I stopped my stroking and slowly withdrew. "That was pretty wild." I was hoping she had just climaxed, but I didn't ask. There was some motion behind me, but I didn't look. I kept my hand on her thigh. "Is there anyone still over there?" "That guy is still at the bar." I looked over my shoulder. The guy stole a look in our direction and then looked back to the TV. I knew what he was doing.


"He's hoping for a show." I stroked her thighs again and slowly moved toward her pussy. She was watching me, watching her. I quickly returned to fucking her with two fingers. My efforts were rewarded with another chance to suck on her nipples and another strong kiss as she seemed to cum again. She sat back and relaxed.

"I could do you right here." She smiled at me. I was still grinning. "I could just bend over the table and…" "That might be a little to risky I think." "What we just did was pretty outrageous." I nodded. "So what would you like to do? What did you expect this afternoon?" I thought this was the d?uement, the outro as it were.

My hand was still on her thigh. I answered truthfully, "I was just hoping to see your tits." I shrugged. She giggled. "Then I was to easy." "Easy is good." She pulled my hand back to her breast again.

She knew how to negotiate. "I have some toys in our room. You could fuck me with them and I could," she made a movement that told me a handjob could be in my future. "I don't want to fuck anyone else, but I could take care of you." "You want me to watch your husband fuck you?" She gave me a look that said I didn't get it.

"Not just that. I want you both to undress me, then I can take care of you." "I could be interested in that." "I need to go call my husband and see what he says. I'll be right back." She picked up her purse and stood up.

As she walked by me she leaned over and said, "I'm worried about my skirt, I'm so wet. Does it show?" She turned her nice butt to me. "You're fine, besides, the skirt is pretty dark." She walked off in her 'fuck me' heels. While she was gone I found myself with a decision to make. I could get up and leave, with the memories I had, having done not quite enough to feel really guilty with respect to my wife. On the other hand, I could stick around, go upstairs with her, and have a really wild time—maybe.

Several years ago, before I was married, I met a girl at a party and couldn't make up my mind on whether or not to ask her out. I went out to my car and then changed my mind and headed back in.

My buddy met me at the door, "The old fight or flight eh?" I still hadn't gone anywhere, and she returned after a couple minutes. She sat down across from me again. "What did he say?" "He said if I wanted to that he liked the idea. So what do you want to do?" She opened her blouse a bit, but not all the way.

"I'd love to cum on your tits." She nodded. "So are you going to come with me?" I got up and followed her to the elevator. We didn't say anything on the ride up to the eighth floor. I didn't see anyone except the help as she tried several doors with her key before calling her husband and ending the search.

She tried the key at that door as well and it still didn't work. She looked sheepishly at me, her blouse nearly undone and her short skirt covering very little of her legs. She knocked on the door with the ubiquitous "shave and a haircut." A moment later the door opened and she walked through.

I paused, and a man, her husband I presumed, stood back so I could walk in. "Here we go," I thought. "Hello," I said to him. "Hi Bill," he said. I entered the room and dropped my bag. Jen walked up to the two of us, I on her right and her husband on her left. He was about my height, average build, with salt and pepper gray hair. I hadn't noticed until then, but Jen had some gray in her blond locks as well. I didn't think about that again until much, much later.

Her husband (Jerry) opened up her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. I figured the time of bashfulness was over by now. I reached out and tugged on one of her delectable nipples. She purred, and once again started doing the thing with her tongue and lips. "I love her nipples," I said to Jerry.

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I think he said he thought so to, but that was the only thing he said for some time. Jen reached under my shirt and tweaked my nipples. Her hands were very cold. Down at the bar I had apologized for my freezing hands, but it was damn cold there. "You two need to get undressed," she said. Jerry pulled dropped his pants, then stepped out of them and pulled down Jen's skirt.

I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and reached out for some more nipple. Jen unzipped my jeans and reached her hand down inside my underwear. I wasn't quite hard yet, but she was working on fixing that. Meanwhile, Jerry had shed his underwear and shirt and now stood there bare assed as his wife stroked his dick and mine in tandem. I thought I would feel weird about being in the room with them, but I didn't. I noticed his dick was about the same size as mine.

I took off my jeans and underwear and continued to knead her tiny plump breast and its mesmerizing nipple as she stroked our cocks. "I want to sit down," she said, "let me get a towel." The two of us stood there for a moment wordlessly while she got a towel from the bathroom.

She pulled one of the room's chairs from the desk and turned it toward the bed. She spread the towel out and then sat down. We took up our positions on either side of her and she continued to stroke our dicks. She turned toward me and leaned over, taking my dick in her mouth.

She felt wonderful. She used her hand and her tongue to work me up to full attention. I pivoted the chair and lifted her left leg, placing it on the bed and spreading her legs open.

She popped her mouth off of me and onto her husband's dick as I slid a finger inside her. I quickly worked two fingers into her, slowly rubbing her wet pussy. I noticed the small tuft of hair she left on her mound was mostly gray.

But that was an afterthought. I had my fingers in her pussy, slowly fucking her. She pulled off her Jerry's dick and then he leaned down to suck a nipple. I joined him on her other nipple. I briefly fucked her faster and watched her darting tongue as a sign of approval. An hour of teasing in the bar, coupled with the wild scene in the room and her stroking and sucking, and I was getting close to popping a wad.

She was stroking my cock with an ease of form and practice that only a long married woman would have perfected. I was in bliss. "You need to fuck her," I told Jerry. Jen didn't need a second hint. She crawled onto the bed on all fours. She moved far enough on to the bed that Jerry could get on the bed and kneel behind her.

I could tell from his movements that he was feeling her pussy with one hand and guiding himself home. I knelt on the bed in front of her and she took me in her mouth at once. I reached under her and found I could easily reach her nipples. I had wondered if I was being to rough with them, but she hadn't complained, despite telling me how sensitive they were.

This time, I gave them no mercy. As Jerry pounded her pussy I tugged her nipples firmly. "I bet her pussy feels great," I said. I was rewarded for my compliment with an extra hard stroke of her tongue. She balanced herself on one hand, reaching back to frig herself while she continued to suck me. I was loving this and so were the two of them. Jerry was panting up a storm, clearly building toward an orgasm. Jen briefly shuddered and clamped down on my cock with her mouth.

Her hand left her pussy and returned to helping her mouth work me over. Jerry suddenly stood straight up and seized his wife's hips. "Oh yeah," he grunted and continued to give Jen very sharp thrusts.

She sighed heavily and sucked harder on me as Jerry filled up her pussy with his cum. Jerry gave her another several thrusts, then shuddered and withdrew from the field. He laid back on the bed and watched the TV. I found that odd, since it had been me I would have continued watching the show.

Jen hadn't let go of me and I was getting really close. I could easily have shot off in her mouth, but that would have been impolite without some warning.

I grabbed her hand to slow her stroking. "You've got me really close," I panted. "So soon?" she asked. I just smiled, "After all that time downstairs and now this? Hell yeah!" She grinned and then, without stopping her stroking, she changed position on the bed, coming to me. She laid on her side, perpendicular to me, and stroked me while rubbing my cock against her nipples and tits. I was in heaven, but this wasn't quite what I had in mind. I shifted my weight forward and into her, and she rolled from her side to her back.

I braced myself above her as she continued to stroke my dick. Still wet from her mouth, she rubbed the head of my cock around her nipples as she stroked me. Her plump nips felt great on my dick and I felt myself peaking.

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"I'm coming," I grunted, and looked down as she smiled and milked me my cum onto her tits. She moved my dick back and forth between her nipples as I pumped a great load onto her chest. She stroked me until she felt me stop pulsing, then gently let me go. I sat back on my haunches and watched her play with my cum. "Now you're all messy," I said. "I know," she said, "in more places than one." She got up from the bed and got some tissues to clean up. I could end the story there, but as I said, this was real, and it had a real, and slightly uncomfortable, ending.

I sat there for a couple of minutes and then said, "That was pretty amazing." Jerry was still watching the TV. Now I was at the 'morning after' the one night stand stage.


I really didn't know what to do. If Jen had asked me for something else I'm sure I would have agreed. As it was, being a guy, I was done, and now there was nothing else.

It wasn't like I was going to go with them to dinner or something. I searched for something to say. I stood up, feeling a bit awkward without knowing why.

After all, what was there to feel awkward about? I just had a three way with two people I didn't know, and we (Jerry and I) had tied her up in a 'fingercuffs' kind of move.

And, to boot, she had pumped my load on her tits. And there was nothing else to say about that. "Uh, I don't really know what to say except that was a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for a great afternoon. I'm just gonna get dressed and take off I guess." Jen was standing there, still wearing just her heels. "That was something I thought I would never do." "And you'll never want to do again?" Jen asked, an odd tone to her voice. "Oh no, I wouldn't say that.

It's going to take an hour to get the smile off my face." Jen smiled back at me. "This was incredibly exciting. Thank you both for letting me enjoy this with you. It was nice to meet you both." As I turned to the door to go, Jen and Jerry both said "Good to meet you to, we had a great time." I walked out the door, pulled it closed behind me, and chuckled to myself all the way back to my hotel. A day later and I still can't believe I did that.

So if you ever have the chance to meet someone for a 'meet and flash', do it. You just never know. The End (look for me at