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Life is full of opportunities to fuck, especially other men's wives. Just take advantage of them. Bob and Sara had moved to our small town three years ago, but had made few friends except for my wife and I. Sara, who was 33, home schooled the children, and Bob worked at the local bakery and served as assistant pastor to a small fundamental Baptist church.

We wondered how Sara could home school the children when she had not even graduated from high school herself, but it was clear that she was doing a good job in educating the children. The whole family dressed plainly, with Sara and the girls always wearing long dresses. They had six children, Louann, who was 17 and the oldest, Wilma was sixteen, Betty was 13, Bob jr. 8, Millie, 6, and Rebecca 3.

Probably the only reason we were familiar with the family was that my wife, Carolyn, hired Louann and Wilma to help her around the house. Carolyn had talked with Sara about permitting the girls to wear more comfortable clothing while working, and she had agreed, with the understanding that Bob was not to be told of this arrangement.

The girls would wear their long dresses to our house, then Carolyn would lay out a pair of shorts and a halter top from her closet. The girls were excited to wear these even though they came from a very religious home. Louann and Wilma resembled their mother more than their father. They both had long brown hair, brown eyes, and were about 5'6 inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds. Sara was a little heavier probably 140 pounds, but that was to be expected after having birthed six children.


None of them were raving beauties, but they were not homely. I would rate them average looking. Because the children were home schooled, they had very little social life. Their church was the only place where they had the opportunity socialize, but it was a small church, with fewer than 100 members. Carolyn and I apparently were the chief outside influences on the children. Carolyn would take all of them except Rebecca on outings to the park while I would help Bob in the yard and do minor house repairs.

Although we did not attend their church, the family accepted us and seemed to enjoy our company. Bob had asked me if I could help him and Sara plant a garden.

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He said he would take Friday off if I could. I agreed to help him, and Cheryl said she would take the children to the river for a picnic. Early Friday morning Bob called and said one of the men at the bakery had been hurt and Bob was going to have to fill in for him and would not be able to work in the garden.

"That's o.k.," I told him. "I will get it started for you, and then we can work on it Saturday also." A few hours later Carolyn and I talked down to their house, and Saa told me she would help with the garden since Carolyn was going to watch the children. I was dressed in my walking shorts, but noticed that Sara was going to wear a long dress to work in the garden. "She is going to get hot," I thought to myself. We had been working about an hour when Sara started screaming.

"I am being stung," she yelled. I looked over, and saw that she had disturbed a yellow jacket nest, and they were swarming all around her. "Run," I yelled. And she ran to the house.

I followed her, and she said "they are under my dress, and sting me." "Take it off," I said. She looked at me, and crying, began to go in the house. "No, take it off out here so the yellow jackets won't be in the house," I told her. "I can't, you will see me." I said, look, I am 55 years old and have seen several naked women.

Take the damn dress off so you won't get stung any more." Finally she did, and was I shocked to see that she was not wearing underwearno panties, no bra. But I could see the stings, already swelling. It looked like she had dozens of stings. I followed her in the house and said, get on the table and I will try to help you. She sat on the edge of the table and I told her that I was going to suck the poison out of the stings.

I started on legs, and asked if that helped. She said it did, but she was embarrassed with me seing her naked.

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Bob was the only other man who had ever seen her this way, she told me. I sucked the stings on her legs, then saw that she had stings on her stomach and breasts.

She flinched as my lips touched her breast, and she turned even redder. "Do you have to do those too," she asked. "It is up to you," I said. "If you feel uncomfortable, I will stop." "It seems to be helping, its just that no man has ever kissed my breasts before." By now my cock was raging hard, and I continued to suck on her breasts. Although there were no stings on her nipples, I sucked on those as well.

As I did, I could tell they were getting hard.

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"Lie on your back on the table, and I will get the bites on your stomach," I said. As Sara reclined, I moved forward and began to suck on the stomach bites.

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Then I continued south and began to suck around her cunt. "I don't feel a sting there," she said. "There is" I told her and then gently took her clit into my mouth. She recoiled and in a husky voice said, "what are you doing Bill?" "Taking care of business down here" and then went back to sucking her clit and ramming my tongue into here cunt. By now she was full aroused and said "Oh God, stop, no don't stop, oh God, that feels so goodI have heard of men doing this to women, but Bob has never done it to meoh God " and then she squirted her orgasm into my face.

With one hand, I lowered my shorts and my cock sprang out.

The table was just at the right height for my cock to kiss her cunt. I moved up and began to kiss her tits again, and Sara was moaning and heaving. My cock was at the cunt opening, then I shoved it in.

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"No, no, no, don't" she said, but by now I was banging away, and she started responding to my thrusts. I don't know which was louder, the sound of my balls slapping against her wet pussy or Sara's moaning. I fucked her hard for three or four minutes, then knew I could not hold it much longer.

Should I withdraw, or should I shoot my seed into her womb? By now Sara was like a wild woman, and had her legs wrapped around me and I could not have withdrawn if I wanted to. She had put her arms around my neck and slapping her cunt on my rod.

She was ecstatic as I shot my cum deep into her. Finally, we drew apart and she began to weep. "No man except Bob has ever touched me, and I vowed to remain faithful. Oh God, I am going to hell,? She sobbed. "Bob will kill me." I explained to her that Bob does not have to be informedthat this can be our little secret. We talked some more, and then she said, "You know, this is the first time I have really enjoyed sexI have never had an orgasm before today, and I had several with you.

It will be our secret. But how can you last so long? Bob always comes in a minute or two, leaving me frustrated." "Just call me when you are frustrated," I said as I winked at her. Then we heard Carolyn and the children walking up the street. We quickly dressed. Carolyn looked at Sara, and said, "what happened to you?" "She got into a yellow jackets nest and was stung dozens of times," I blurted. "You poor thingno wonder you look like you are exhausted." Monday morning I went for my walk and saw Sara in the garden.


I walked in, and she seemed aloof. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked her. "Oh, Bob left me frustrated again,and I feel guilty because I was thining of you" she said. "Come to the storage shed," I told her. We embraced, kissed, and I raised her dress to her waist.

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I dropped to my knees and found her already wet cunt with my tongue. Then I ran my lips to her clit and began to massage it with my tongue and lips. Sara began to sway and moan, and then her frustrations were over as she had a massive orgasm.

I got up from my knees, stood behind her, and with one hand began to rub her clit and cunt while I rubbed my cock against her pussy wetness. When my cock was wet, I aimed it into her asshole.

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"Something new for you Sara, hold on." and I shoved my cock into her sweet ass and put three fingers in her cunt. She turned her head and we savagely kissed while my balls bounced off her ass. My fingers in her cunt soon had her reaching another orgasm, and now I took my cock from ass and from behind rammed it into her cunt so I could shoot my juice deep into her.

I looked at my watch and saw that we had been in the shed for 45 minutes. "Got to go, Carolyn will be looking for me," I said.

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"Come back soon," Sara said, "maybe even today." Damn, I have turned this fundamentalist into a cock-loving slut, I thought to myself. This is good. Hope she is on the pill.