Perverted skinny blonde teen sucks three big hard cocks

Perverted skinny blonde teen sucks three big hard cocks
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Hello there, friend? Is that how I should address you? Are you my friend? It doesn't really matter though does it, I have a story to tell and you for some reason are reading on.

My name is Karl Max, or that is what I call myself right now. I describe myself as handsome as all confident man must. I had a sharp jaw with light stubble ascending to deep blue eyes which glowed menacingly. I was built rough and muscular with scars running down my back from an early era. As for what I did well I am a private investigator. The life of a being a private investigator wasn't as illustrious as is said in the books and television.

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Heck even on T.V it ain't all that. The pay was cheap as was the booze. Not that I am complaining as you get used to that after four years in the business. And by used to it i mean it grows on you. Funnily enough I have even helped as a consultant for the local police department. I helped put away some pretty rough guys. There was however something that was spectacular amongst most, the pussy. Even as i keep monologuing my thoughts internally as all good private detectives do i am being treated to the most scrumptious mouth in all of new haven.

Sweet, sweet Clarissa. Imagine it, a perky little redhead with big juicy lips, emerald green eyes and itty bitty little titties big enough for one glorious mouthful. She happened upon me a week ago to find out where her father kept going middle of the night unbeknownst to his wife and daughter.

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It was decisively hard to say no to such a pretty face so I didn't. I gathered my gear and following a text from her I drove after him all stealth like only to find him holing up in a cheap motel.

Now i know what you are thinking daddy was getting some strange, fuck that's what i thought as well.

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Upon closer inspection i saw her dad sprawled up on the floor, dildo in ass, trying to suck his own damn dick. All the while dressed in what i could probably tell was one of Clarissa's party dresses. I thought at least he must be in pretty good shape to wear the same size, right? All in all it was a weird weekend but it was good pay. Not the money no the money was standard fee but my bonus was all fucking right. We were in the back of my SUV, black of course, I got to keep up a good cliché don't I.


It didn't take long for her to go down after I told her what's what. In her mind she wanted to rebel against her daddy for what he was doing but I don't really care for the reasons.


She was ravaging my dick, gagging and swallowing the damn thing down her throat. She kept getting spit all over my seats but having this 18 year old hottie take on my dick was for lack of a word amaze-balls. Yeah, i said it; i keep up with today's time you know. But this amateur slob fest wasn't gonna cut it, this bitch was mine now. I removed her head from my cock and lathered up all the drool from her face and used it as lube to frig her.


She was taken aback by the sudden change in control. But just for a minute of course, I had her Cumming on my hands in seconds, her face convulsed as she achieved orgasm.

I then gently but firmly grabbed her by the throat.

"I am going to fuck your mouth again and then i will fuck you every which way imaginable and then you are gonna call me daddy." This I whispered in her ear. I didn't give her much time to respond and grabbed her by the head and began fucking her mouth, my hips were raised in the air and i was happy to show this whore my disappearing salami.

She was choking on it, her eyes watery from the tears and the only sound was the beautiful noise of my dick hitting the back of her throat.

I could feel her throat closing in and enveloping my dick in a way which a vagina itself never could. After a very relentless throat session i stopped abruptly and sat back down. She just stared at me with a blank expression, "why did you stop." sputtering up spit as she said so. "I love it when chicks beg," I told her confidently, "I want you to beg!" Now i knew this chick wanted more, her hips were gyrating, her hands never leaving her soft and puffy nipples.

It might have started off with a debt of repayment for her fathers acquired taste but now she was hungry, she was horny, she was alive. She looked at the spit covered seats and crawled over to me. Then she dived face first into my balls swallowing it. "You want me, you got me. Take me in the ass!" She said between slurps. "Please, Daddy?" In the ass? Now that i did not expect.

But i wasn't one to say no to such tightness. I turned her around and started lapping up her backdoor. "Yes daddy yes," she screamed as i jammed my fingers up there, "You can have my ass, you can have all of me." Now i wasn't interested in this sudden daddy fixation of hers but this magnificent bubble butt ain't going to waste, i once again turned her around and face fucked her for a while to get my dick all lubricated and then placed her face down the carpet as i invaded her.

I went slowly at first wiggling my way up there, her coming the moment it was fully inside. I grabbed her by the hips and i fucked her. Each thrust ending up balls deep inside of her. I was relentless in my fucking. Each stroke happening as soon as the first ended. I grabbed her by the hair and started pulling it, yanking her of the carpet. At this point she was speaking gibberish as she moaned, suspended midair in full surrender.I could feel her insides clamping on me guiding me to climax but i wasn't gonna fill her ass, no.

Clarrissa was gonna get marked. As i approached my orgasm i took my dick out and placed it near Clarissa's face, "If you want it you will come for me, bitch, come for me." I kept stroking in rhythm keeping aim at her face. She took it to heart and finger fucked herself rapidly until she came all over. That was my cue. I took my dick and unloaded all over her pretty face and tits, her once pretty face now destroyed by me.

I was sure not to leave an inch uncovered as i took my dick and gently massaged it on her forehead. Drip, drip, drip went the semen. I gave her a box of tissues I kept in the glove box to clean her up, which she did, trembling from the onslaught of orgasms she just received.

We got dressed and she gave me directions to go to her friend's house seeing as she wanted to stay away from home that night.

As I dropped her off she gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled highlighting her cheekbones. I smiled back in warm regard. Back home it was a mess.

There were empty bottles everywhere, boxes of pizza stacked mile high which were my only real form of sustenance really and it bothered me to no end. But I thought hey why not clean up tomorrow right. With this I poured myself a nightcap of whiskey and drank until I hit slumber. I awoke the next day to banging on the front door. I looked around and saw that I had nearly finished the bottle the day before.

Dressed in my briefs as I usually am when I am at home I went to the door. What I say dropped my jaw to the floor. Before me was literally the hottest person I have ever laid eyes on. She appeared to be of European descent. She was dressed in a simple jacket over a t-shirt which did nothing to hide her clearly DD sized jugs along with some tattered jeans. She had lovely high cheekbones and a stern look about her. "Well hell…&hellip." I was interrupted by her as she barged in, "Hey lady, I don't know who you think you are but you better get outta here or I will call the cops." "Oh please," she spoke in a distinct accent, "I am the police.

We are here to investigate the murder of one Clarissa Noblinski." My heart skipped a beat, "Why? What happened to her?" "She was found murdered, her head detached from body with the message 'We are here, we are strong' scrawled beside her on the floor in blood, along with some religious artifacts." She sat down on my couch, "Your number was the last dialed, so I must ask what your relationship with the victim was?" "I was working on a simple case for her; you see I am a private investigator.

She wanted me to track down the whereabouts of her father. I did what she wanted to and later had a moment with her, if you don't mind me saying?" She smiled and shook her head, "We had a sexual altercation, you can say. I later drove her home and I came back home and had a few drinks before I fell asleep." "Only a few?" She pointed to the empty bottles.

"That is collected from a lot of nights," I chuckled, "So that is it, if there is any other way for me to help you do tell me, officer?" I paused for her name.

"The name is Katerina." She said, "And yes you can help me. I would like to ask for your assistance in this case. You are quite famous Mr. Karl. You have assisted in putting away monsieur Black of the Asian mafia, members of the Cold Stone Viper biker gang and Henry Dunning the cocaine smuggler to the rich." "Yes but that was not cold blooded murder and I did not know those people." "I understand," She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a card, "Call me if you wish to pursue this." She left and I didn't follow.

This was a bit too disconcerting. I bang this chick and then she dies the next day. What I needed was to get high. So I called up Nancy to bring over a few ounces of the stuff. Weed was going to help me forget this day and maybe falling asleep between her thighs.

We had a working and at times personal relationship.

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Nancy came over in minutes, which is not surprising since she lived in the flat below me. She was of Asian heritage changing her name from Kimiko because she thought it was and I quote 'Cuter'.

She had classic Japanese features and a slender figure. She was dressed in short shorts and a very revealing top. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, walked in and then unloaded a huge bag if ganja on my coffee table. "Clean up around here Mark," She said ever so cheerily, "Girls love a clean guy you know." "Why does everybody keep bringing that up today?" I crept down near the table and rolled up a spliff.

She sat next to me and shared in the smoke as I burned one up. Puff, puff and then pass. That was one of many laws of smoking weed. We shared many a joints and in the haze of smoke, we found each other's lips. We moved back and forth my tongue and hers dancing in each other's mouths ever so lightly. The weed made me a much gentler person and in this instance passionate. I broke from our lip lock to gaze her in the eyes, she had the most soulful eyes. Even though she was in her late twenties her eyes spoke of journeys from centuries ago.

Or maybe that was just the weed. I was still in my briefs as I did not leave the apartment. She pushed me ever so slightly and I took the cue and lay down. She took of each of her clothes and then with the removal of her panties she lay on top of me. We kissed like this taking the time to find the innermost corners of her mouth.

As we did she slid one hand down and placed my cock at the entrance of her vagina.

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And almost instantaneously we were one. I moved to and fro taking care to massage the walls of her pussy. She moaned and swayed playing with her clit as she jumped on my dick. I sat up her still on me.

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I attached myself to her right breast as I played with the other using my hand. Her nipples were as hard as gumdrops from a candy store. In a swift move I grabbed her and switched places to find her in a missionary pose. Here I went back into kiss her some more. I fucked her deep and hard, every thrust I took causing her to bounce upwards with every thrust.

In the midst of this I felt her pussy clench and I knew she was about to come. I too was close and my member had already swollen to its maximum potential. "Cum in me," She moaned seductively, "It is alright Mark; I know you are close, I am on the pill you know." "If only you cum with me." I tried to sound poignant.

"Already there!" She exclaimed and her pussy clenched even tighter and in the act of it made me cum as well. Even as I was coming I kept on fucking her hard as though I wanted to spread my seed as deep inside her as I could. After a couple of more thrusts I pulled out. And then we just laid there for about twenty minutes or so embraced in each other lost in the haze of sex and smoke.

"Hey Karl, mind if I switch on the T.V." She asked, "I always love a good romcom after sex." "Go right ahead." I said and grabbed for another joint. She buzzed through the channels and then stopped on the news channel, "How could anybody do that to a person? People are so fucked up you know" I looked up and saw Clarissa yet again.

But this time I saw the real thing. It was as Katerina described, with symbols all over the room drawn in the remnants of her blood. It was satanic in the way that only one completely apart from humanity could do such a thing. Then they closed up on her face and I saw her face.

Her face was frozen in shock and fear and her beautiful emerald eyes remained forever open. That was it. I knew I had to help and so I reached for my phone to call Katerina. What I didn't expect was that this would be the last case I would ever work…&hellip. TO BE CONTINUED.