Hot secretary licks cunt to keep her job

Hot secretary licks cunt to keep her job
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"Mmm yes! Not so hard baby." She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer into her soaking wet panties. My mom was kind of slow since she lives with a disability.

She's only had 1 man and that's when she was raped to conceive me. Now she tries to use to for her own pleasures, even though I started it. I'm Rya5n. I'm an only child and I live with both my mom and grandma. I'm just going to give a quick back story on how I started with my mom. She laid in bed with a t-shirt and panties on which was the norm for her.

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Sometimes I'd lay between her legs just to suck on her nipples and it'll help put me to sleep. But one day I wanted more. Like I said before she hasn't had a man in her life since I was conceived. My grandma forgot it because of her condition.

So sometimes when my grandma went out for late bingo or on trips with her friends my mom would watch porn. Most of the times she would wait until I was sleep but other times she didn't care.

I use to fight the feeling growing in my boxers but tonight I decided to just give in. Once she laid down she turned on the tv. I already knew what she was about to watch since she thought I was sleep.

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I waited until she was a few minutes into it before I climbed on top of her and laid my head on her chest. "Why you not sleep?" She asked in her kind of deep dragging voice.

"I'm bored." I responded. She knew the best way to keep me entertained and quiet was to let me suck on her nipples. She pulled up her shirt and exposed that she wasn't wearing a bra. I made my self comfortable between her legs then slid one of her nipples into my mouth. Once she felt the warmth of my tongue she moaned. That motivated me to suck harder. Before tonight I've never tried anything like this but she needed it and I wanted it so I'm going for it.

I grabbed her right breast with my hand and squeezed it while I continued to suck on her left nipple. She grabbed my hand and removed it but I quickly put it back and tho time added some motion between her legs. The low moans on the tv had her thinking if she should just let this happen or not. It didn't look like she wanted to give in so I pressed my hard dick against her wet pussy. Her panties was soaking so I knew she wasn't going to deny me for much longer.

"Stop it bad boy" she demanded.


I didn't listen. I just wanted her to shut up and let me in.

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She opened her legs a little wider invited me to play a,little more. I was sucking and pulling on her tits and slow humping the hell out of her. She was trying not to moan but they just kept slipping out. "Rya5n you're being naughty you stop it." When the screams on the tv got louder her legs opened wider. I reached down and pulled my dick from my boxers. I pressed if against her pussy hoping I can get in soon. "Oo you are bad." Her slow voice moaned.

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I didn't want to say anything to ruin the mood so I remained quiet She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer into her. My dick felt as if it was making its way in but her panties was stopping it. I couldn't have that. I wanted to get inside and fuck her like she wants me to. I took 1 hand and slide her panties to the side then quickly placed my dick at her entrance. "No Rya5n stop you can't have sex with your mommy." She was saying 1 thing but doing another. She gripped my ass cheeks hard forcing me to slide in her.

We were both moaning but she was louder. Her legs see wrapped around my waist and she was trying to suck my dick with her pussy. "Mm baby you a bad boy. You humping your mommy I'm going to have to punish you for this." In the background I heard the guy in the porno tell the girl "shut up and take this dick bitch" so I said it just to see if she'd like it.

"Shut up and take this dick bitch" My dick was deep in her and my thrust were harder.

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"No. You no talk to me like that. Oo you're bad." You moaned still trying to tell me to stop. "Mom your pussy so wet, I want to fuck it all night. Keep screaming. I want you to cry out like it hurts. Take all this dick and give me a kiss" I planted my lips on hers and she willingly kissed back.

"I-I'm going to. Mm punish you fo-for for putting you penni in my vagina. Ooo stop, take it out." She screamed but her legs never unwrapped from around me. There's no way I was going to stop. I was as hard as a rock and it was feeling good just to be in there. I slammed in and out of her wet pussy. I looked at her face expressions and she was enjoying herself more than I. For a disabled woman she was really cute. But I think if she was normal I wouldn't be able to fuck her.

She's an easy target right now. "Yes baby yes yes I think I'm cumin on your dick. I can feel it. I'm going to cum." She yelled.

I sucked on her nipples beating her pussy until I felt her about to cum again. "It hurt Rya5n stop.


Mommy can't take it no more." She was still moaning and dripping wet. I was still hard and horny. "Shit up and tell me you love me. Tell me how much you love your son dick in you. I can't hear you." I slapped her. "Tell me now." "Rya5n I love you. I love you and your dick so much I want to fuck it everyday. I want to suck it in my mouth. I want you to stick it in my butt and make yo mom feel good. I'll do anything for you to fuck me every day." I shot cum deep in her cunt and fell asleep still inside of her.

And that's where it started. She was willing to do anything for a little dick here and there and I wanted to make her my cum bucket so I did. Now she does anything I want her to do so that she can feel ger son in her every night