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Tan firs time femboy all xvidoes
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Only a week went by and Rhianna rang me again. "Busy?" she asked. "Never too busy for you Rhianna. Do you want to come round?" "Yes please", I could hear the smile in her voice, "I can't stop thinking about last week. It was so horny. And loving! You were so gentle with me. I loved it. Do you want to know what I loved best?" "Ooh Yes. Was it the boobs or the Bum?" "Neither.

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It was sleeping with you. It was so warm and cuddly. I woke up a couple of times to check if it was a dream. I watched you sleeping.

I love you!" " That's not the general idea. How's the dating going?" "Haven't had one. I've been asked but I didn't fancy it." "OK. You will soon I hope. When do you want to come round?" "Well tonight but there's something else." " What is it? I started to worry with my mind flitting around possible disasters.

"Well Mum is babysitting but as she knew I didn't have a date, I had to phone Demi and use her as an excuse and it went a bit wrong and she's really coming with me. Do you mind?" "No of course not as long as I can have a quick kiss and cuddle in the kitchen" " I want more than that!" she snapped.

"Get yourself ready. See you about half past seven".


And with that she hung up. I couldn't imagine how it was going to go. How could we possibly get to fuck with her best friend there? Yes the flat had separate rooms but it would hardly be fair to leave demi watching the TV while Rhianna ans I were noisily fucking in the next room?

Maybe she just wanted a stand-up quickie while we made the tea in the kitchen. I got on and tidied the flat, washed up and made the bed while musing events to follow. Just after half past seven the bell rang. I answered the door and Rhianna stood there in her long coat again with Demi looking over her shoulder, grinning rather stupidly.

Rhianna leapt at me and kissed me deeply, diving her tongue into my mouth and pulling me into her. She raised a knee up under my balls and rubbed me gently. When she finally released me she said, waving an arm, "You know Demi don't you?" We gave each other a quick hello and smile and they both went and sat on the sofa. "Well how are you both? No cash for a night out?" "This is our night out" Rhianna said emphasising the "is". "Can I have a quick word ? Lets go in the kitchen".

She got up and putting an arm round me propelled us both into the kitchen. She didn't shut the door so she was not going to try anything. I was slightly relieved. " I hope you don't mind me bringing Demi but there's a purpose to it. She's my best friend and she knows about us.

I've told her everything. All of it. All the detail and she's in exactly the same position as me!" "I thought she was going steady. Doesn't her boyfriend live with her?" "Yes he does but she's not getting the lovemaking she needs.

He's a wham, bam, thank you mam! Except that she doesn't even get the thanks! Sooo she wants us to teach her how to get what she wants!" "Us?" "Oh yes.

If you're going to fuck her I'm going to be there. Besides you know I want to fuck you and any time lost will be maddening. So will you do it?" "OK. If that's what you really want.

I think you're playing with fire. What if she falls for me like you have?" "She wont. She loves Dave with all her heart. She just wants to show him how to really make love and do something different. Anyway she knows I'll kill her if she tries to carry anything on with you after tonight.

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Come on then Let's go get her." With that she shed her coat from her shoulders revealing she was dressed in just Bra and Panties. She again threw her arms around me and kissed me open mouthed. Our tongues wrestled each other to gain access to the other's mouth. When we pulled apart we were panting like dogs as we walked back into the lounge to find Demi sitting staring at the floor. "It's alright Demi, he's agreed.

Come with us." said Rhianna as she took Demi by the hand and led her into the bedroom with me trailing behind, already adjusting an erection caused by Rhianna's kiss. When we reached the bed Rhianna went behind Demi and pulled her coat from her shoulders to reveal another pretty set of underwear.

They had both come prepared! Demi was about the same height as Rhianna but much slimmer. I would put her in the skinny category.

She had a cute little bum and as I was to discover, small boobs but with very prominent fingertip size nipples and hardly any aureole around them. She had a very flat tummy with, like Rhianna a pierced and jewelled belly button.

All told she looked very sexy. Rhianna took her in her arms and kissed her gently, pulling her down onto the bed. She undid and took off Demi's bra and then her own. As her breasts spilled out she grabbed them in her hands and ordered me to strip.

"Now lay down between us and do your thing" she giggled. I did as I was told and from kneeling position between them and kissed Demi quite gently before grinding my mouth against Rhianna's luscious mouth. I began to stroke both their bellies up to their boobs and massage their nipples before sucking first on Rhianna's and then harder and longer on Demi's hard protruding ones.

While doing this my hand made its way across her flat belly and into her panties which were lifted away from her belly by her hip bones. She was shaven smooth so I quickly found her prominent clit and caused her a sharp intake of breath as I gently rubbed it. Rhianna heard it too and leaned over her face and asked, " Doesn't Dave rub your clit?" I think Demi must have just shook her head as she said nothing but Rhianna then said, " I get the same thing from the shits I go out with.

They just shove a finger up and then that's it. Just wait until Neil kisses it for you". " Wha' will he do THAT?" breathed Demi. In response I pulled away from her hard horny nipples and snaked my tongue down her belly and pushing the top of her panties down found her clit with my tongue.

"Argh! Oh my god he is!" she pushed her pelvis up toward me." Oh god! This will make me cum too soon. I don't want to. Oh god.Cum yet. Oh god.! Oh fuck!" "Don't worry enjoy it. Cum now. You'll get more later". Rhianna told her. Keeping my tongue on Demi's clit I moved my knees between hers and pulled her panties further down. Then I gave her the flat of my tongue along the length of her pussy lips and sucked on her clit again. She was thrusting up and down at my face and talking to god all the time.

My mouth and tongue did this journey three or four times before she suddenly stiffened and lifted her bum clean off the bed and was on her heels and shoulders as she went into the throws of her orgasm. "Aaah. Oohh! Aaah! Aaah!" She called as she shook and quivered through it. Many Ahs and Oohs followed before she finally collapsed back on the bed, panting with eyes closed.

"Nice?" questioned Rhianna. "Fuck sake. Very nice!" replied Demi. "My turn now" said Rhianna as she reached forward and grabbed my cock, pulling me by it toward her. "Fuck my Tits". I had the feeling that she wanted to do something Demi couldn't but who was I to argue or analyse motives? I threw a leg over her body and sat astride her chest. I took my cock in my hand and smeared precum on her nipples before pulling those magnificent mammaries together trapping my cock between them.

I started to thrust up toward her chin. I gathered some spittle in my mouth and then let it dribble down between her boobs so that I had good lube to fuck them. Rhianna tried over and then under my leg to reach her own clit but it proved too difficult for her so she contented herself with holding her boobs and rubbing her nipples with her thumbs.

She stared lovingly up at my eyes. Then they suddenly shot open wide. "How are you.?" her voice tailed off as she realised that Demi was touching her pussy.

" Oh my god!" she shrieked. "Let her do it". I told her, "Remember how many things you didn't want to do before you found out how good it could be." " But she's.my.Ooh fuck. Friend.

Oh my god!" "Oh my god Rhianna. When did you start growing your pussy hair again? You always shaved." Demi said from behind me. "Neil likes it" "Fucking hell. You really love him don't you? Well I like it too. I wonder what Dave would say if I grew mine?" "Don't talk about him tonight. Its just us. Now rub my pussy." Demi must have really gone to town on her job then because Rhianna started moaning and pushing her boobs harder upward so that her nipples rubbed on my belly.

I could feel her pelvis was rising and falling behind me. She smiled up at me and looking into my eyes with lust she told me slowly, "I'm going to cum".

I could feel her pelvis moving faster. "I'm gonna cum on your cock and Demi's fingers. My nipples are burning into my pussy and I'm cumming Now! Oh god. Oh fuck me!


Fuck my tits. Fuck my cunt. Push some fingers up me. Fuck it. Fuck it Fuck me. Finger my fucking ass.

Fucking Jesus H fucking Christ. Amazing! OOOH!" She shuddered her whole body and she sunk her fingers deeply into her tit flesh, shaking her head from side to side as she progressed through what was obviously a very intense orgasm.

She let go of her boobs and freed my cock. I moved backwards nearly knocking demi over but we all ended up in a triangle staring at each other before Rhianna started giggling then laughing. Demi joined in and soon we were belly laughing like we had just heard the worlds most funniest joke!

" I'm going to wet myself!" Rhianna laughed. Then I quickly changed the mood by saying, "Don't waste it then! Do it on me!" Rhianna must have immediately got the sexiness of that and we quickly manoeuvred ourselves so that she half squatted, half stood above me in time for her to squirt pee and cum onto my chest. It was only a short spurt but she fell down beside me and began to rub it in.

She was Joined by Demi. "Rhianna?" Demi asked, " Do you know what you are saying when you orgasm? I've heard women do it in porn videos that Dave watches but I don't do it and I'd never have thought you would". "Its only started really with Neil. It just seems so natural to tell him what I feel and it makes it more intensive when I actually cum.

Give it a try next time. I know it makes it better for the boy too. Much better than Oohs and Aarhs." "Get you Rhianna!" I said, quite surprised, "You've learned well and now expert advice!" "Well I'm only trying to help Demi" "We both are my lovely" I assured her. " You said fuck my ass when I was fingering you. Did you know you said that?" Demi got back to her question. "Yes I suppose so" "But when we've talked about that you've always been so adamant that you never would let anyone do you in the bum.

Was it just words?" " No. Things have changed a bit" Rhianna smiled at me. Demi saw it and shrieked " You've done it with Neil haven't you?" Demi collapsed in a giggling fit. "That was going to be completely between us and now it's between all of us.

But that's it. Nobody else should ever know Demi".

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" Oh Rhianna. You know our secrets are always our secrets. I will never ever tell anyone anything" pleaded Demi and then went on, "Dave's tried it too but it was awful. It hurt and he couldn't do it either". " It can be very lovely. Do you want to try again?" Rhianna looked at me for approval. I slightly shook my head to show her but not Demi.

"Why did you want to try it?" Demi asked. " I was on my knees and Neil kissed his way down my back and then he licked my bum hole. It was fucking fabulous Out of this world. I didn't want him to stop and he didn't. It was so horny Demi and it made me cum". "So then you wanted to get fucked in the arse?" Demi asked candidly " No not at first. The thing is Demi as you've already found out.

He's gentle and sexy and only does what you want and helps you to find out what you want and enjoy it and he gets you so turned on you'll do anything. I've even tasted my own cum and of course his" My word she really has got it. I thought. She's got the makings of becoming a sex therapist!

Rhianna went on," So are you ready for more?" she seemed to ask us both. "Ooh yea! What have you got in mind?" "Lets play with this a little." said Rhianna waving my cock at her, which she had been slowly working on whilst talking. She immediately slid down the bed and put her luscious wet mouth over my cock.

She crooked a finger at Demi who was already on her way to the same place. I was still sitting up so I pushed myself down the bed and they had to knee-walk backward to keep their place. Demi managed to get her hand around the lower part of my cock while Rhianna pumped it into her mouth. After a few seconds she plopped it out and pointed it toward Demi who dived her mouth straight down on it.

I could feel her moving her tongue around the head as sucked quite hard. A super skill! She had it a little longer than Rhianna because she came up to kiss me open mouthed before going back down and claiming my cock back.

They swapped places like this for some time before I called a stop to it. " I want to fuck Demi now. Rhianna, come and sit on my face!" I ordered and she rose up from her kneeling position. "Just put your knees over my shoulders and lower yourself down. Demi just kneel astride me and take as much cock as you want!" She didn't need asking twice. I could feel her hand guiding my cock into her hot cunt and start rocking herself forward and backward. I could see none of this as Rhianna's bushy vagina came down to meet my mouth.

"Hold it open for me" I managed to say before I felt her wetness on my chin and lips. Her fingers came down on my cheeks and curled between her outer labia, pulling them apart. My open mouth was devoured between them and I pushed my tongue upwards into her vulva before snaking it up to tickle her clit.

This brought a moan of approval from her and When I repeated it she started to move her pelvis back and forward to make it easier for both of us. Pretty soon I was getting enough juice from her to swallow and I opened my eyes to see her massaging her great tits and occasionally pulling on her nipples. Meanwhile Demi had got my full length of cock up her hot hole and was increasing the speed of her thrusts. She had her hands on my belly and hips but she gradually pushed them up my body until she met Rhianna's ass.

She must have taken hold of her in some way because I didn't feel them again. This gave me an idea so I pushed my head back into the bed and said, Rhianna turn round the other way so I can see your lovely bum hole" and as she rose up to turn round, "You'll be able to see my cock fucking Demi while you feel my tongue in your ass" " Fuck yes!

I want that" she was already facing Demi and starting to squat down over my face. I saw her beautiful ass hole as it came down toward me. Her legs were wide apart with feet planted on the bed out near my elbows.

In seconds she was placing that lovely star on my mouth. I gave it a very wet lick before pursing my lips and making my tongue into a spike and pushing it into her hole. She moved her hips and ass around in little circles and then pressed herself down onto my tongue. I got as much into her as I could. Then she raised herself until just the tip of my tongue was left inside and then lowered herself sensuously back down so that my tongue again penetrated her ass as far as it could.

" Oh fuck that's wonderful". She purred. "Bloody hell Rhianna is he licking your ass?" Demi sounded quite shocked. " He's tongue fucking my ass. I love it and I thoroughly recommend it. It's really horny to feel it and its so,so rude to think about it. And I can get my clit licked so easily from here. Like this." Rhianna pulled her ass hole off my tongue and rocked back her pelvis so that it ran wetly through her pussy lips straight to her little clit.

I stabbed at it several times in quick succession. "Ooh yes!" she moaned. "More!" Demi had increased the speed of her thrusts on my cock and I could hear her starting her "oohs and aahs".

Then they became muffled as her mouth was covered with something. Then I worked out from Rhianna's noises and her more upright position that Demi had one of Rhianna's nipples in her mouth. Down my body I could see Rhianna's left hand in Demi's crotch rubbing her clit as she bounced up and down on my tongue and mouth.

I thought that when they were facing each other, something like this would happen.

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I was delighted and that great feeling began to build up in my cock and balls. I was going to cum soon. I knew Rhianna would come first though because of all the noise she was making and the increased juice I was getting from her delicious cunt.

She started her torrent of unrelated swear words and rapidly rocked her pelvis so that her pussy lips slid across my mouth, chin and nose. We all knew she was cumming and no mistake! This seemed to trigger Demi and she began to vibrate her self on my cock. "Oh my fucking god Rhianna. You're making me cum!

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Don't stop rubbing me. Fuck me Neil.


Push your fucking cock in deep and cum in my womb. Aargh Fuuuuck! I'm fucking cuminnng!" She slammed herself hard down onto me and pressed down as she gyrated herself through it. "Oh god! Oh my god! I've never cum like that before. What a fuck!" she babbled. How could I not react to that and I felt my orgasm's rapid approach. I managed to tell them I was cumming as I heaved Demi off my buzzing cock and shot my load over my belly and Rhianna's belly and boobs.

"Oh fuck! Look at all the cum. Lick it off my boobs Demi. Taste him. Demi having regained her balance kneeled over me and licked and sucked at Rhianna's boobs and then my belly.

She rapidly cleaned us both up. "Wow Demi! You're a fast learner too. Where did all that language cum from?" I asked. " I guess it was always there but I thought I was not supposed to show my enjoyment that much. But Rhianna's turned me on so much that it just came out naturally." " And it's nice to see you two are more than friends". I was cut off by Rhianna,"Were not lesbians!" She snapped.

"I didn't say you were but you both really got into it and helped each other. That's really nice and you'll probably not get the chance to do it again unless you come back here with me.

It's no big deal!" " I don't know why I did that. I've never touched another girl. Not like that". "Nor me!" chimed in Demi. " I kinda knew something like that would happen when I turned you round. You brought Demi here to help her and that's all you were doing. You already knew, I think, that Demi is already fascinated by your boobs and she'd jump at the chance of playing with them. Or licking cum of them!" They both laughed embarrassed.

"That doesn't make Demi a Lesbian either. You both love cock don't you? There laughter turned to belly laughs and I joined in. We all rolled about the bed occasionally touching bits of each other until we settled down with me in a sandwich between them. Rhianna leaned over me and kissed me deeply with her tongue. I returned the kiss and not wishing to leave Demi out, my hand slid down her body and started to rub her clit and finger her wet cunt.

Rhianna grabbed my cock and caressed it gently. It was only semi hard and wasn't responding very much despite my finger in Demi's cunt which was responding! She was starting to push herself onto my busy fingers. I pushed a second one into her willing hole. " Oh Neil please fuck me". Said Demi" "Hey!" cried Rhianna, he's mine" " Tonight we share. This was your idea. I'll make love to both of you" I reassured her.

"I'll start with Demi as she asked first". I actually knew because of Demi's physical attributes that I could get my half hard cock into her and my full erection would soon follow. I rolled onto her and put it in myself, holding it tightly to force it in. I held on for a few moments until I was sure that I was getting hard inside her. Then I moved my hand over to Rhianna's cunt and found her wet vulva. I finger fucked her in time to my strokes into Demi. I leaned over and tongued her mouth and she soon was fucking herself on my finger.

She asked me to put another one in her and I pushed in two more. We carried on like that for a few minutes until I could tell from the noises that Demi was getting close to her orgasm. "Rhianna's turn now" I announced and pulled my sloppy cock out of Demi's cunt and jumped over on top of Rhianna. She grabbed my cock and guided me in. She immediately brought that hand up to her mouth and licked off Demi's cum. "Mmm" she murmured as I sank my full length into her. She returned both hands down between us and pulled her outer lips apart as she raised her knees either side of me.

We quickly established a nice steady rhythm as I reached over to finger Demi again. " I want you inside me when I cum" she said. "And I want you inside me when YOU cum" said Rhianna. They were both making appreciative noises and I swapped back when I guessed Demi was close not forgetting to give three fingers back to Rhianna's cunt. Not long afterwards Demi was off! Swearing like a trouper she raised herself on her heels and pulled me into her by my ass "Oh my god I can't believe I can cum that quick and that good".she breathed as she sank back on the bed leaving my cock above her for Rhianna to grab and guide toward her waiting cunt.

" Give me your cum my lover" Rhianna whispered to me, I love your fucking cock. Are you getting close cos I want us to cum together". I sure was! I placed my mouth over hers and whispered, " You'd better be close too my love cos I'm ready".

With that I ground my open mouth into hers tongue wrestling her until she tried to break the kiss. I wouldn't let her and continued to grind my mouth very wetly into hers. She started to try and talk but just ended up making grunting noises and gurgling in her throat as she lost our rhythm and rapidly pumped her hips against me as she came.

The movement caused me to cum too and I pulled my mouth off hers and told her so as we both jerked together and gently kissed as we calmed down. Rhianna and I were both panting short of breath and staring into each others eyes, No words were needed. Demi broke our silence. She was laying on her side with her hand supporting her head. "That was beautiful" she smiled you two really know each other don't you?

Now I think we better turn our mobiles on and tell your Mum what time we'll be home". "Fuck you Demi. Don't go and ruin it now!" snapped Rhianna and as she looked at her watch, jumped up saying "Oh my god its a quarter past twelve. I told her we'd only be out till eleven!" "Just tell her we watched a movie at mine and it went on too long" said Demi as they were both retrieving and dressing in their underwear and shoes. Demi was slower than Rhianna and by the time she was dressed, Rhianna had gently kissed me goodbye and was standing by my open front door.

Demi kissed me on the mouth and flew out after Rhianna and they were gone into the night.