Jenna lovely and johane johansson peg

Jenna lovely and johane johansson peg
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Ian was finally free! After 8 months of court trials and police investigations, he was free. Ian was 15 years old with a strong athletic build light brown hair and brown eyes. he also has 212 I.Q. so he was able to do anything he put his mind to. But he also had a evil streak to him. He first used his superior mind at age 9 to steal toys from the toy store. When he was 10, he framed a rival student in school for using drugs so he would get student of the year.

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At 13, he conned one of his rival's mom to have sex with him. But when she told his parents what he did, his parents whipped him good. he spent almost a year grounded with nothing but home school work. It was then he decided to free himself of his "excess baggage". He knew his parents well and their habits. Their where drunks and slobs. They has more DUI's than a rock star.

The only reason their got away free what the wonder fact that they were rich. owning the biggest shipping warehouse in town and charging insanely high prices is how they made their money.

Though Ian learned they where also shipping stolen items as well. It was through this that Ian set his plan in motion. He learned all he could about his parents car and how it worked.

Knowing his parents are social people, they go to all the parties get drunk and drive home. He checked his parents schedule to see what events were planned at night. He waited till the one night when they had a event while it was raining. He then cracked the fuse for the power brakes of the car so they wouldn't work. His parents left and he began to plan his alibi and then just waited. About 2:30am, the sheriff came knocking at the door.


Ian took a light sleeping pill to help with the rouse of being asleep. The sheriff told him that his parents drove of the road and were killed.

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Ian played the part of a sad child and cried, but deep down he was laughing. A few day later, Ian was in front of a Judge who was handling his case.

The court assigned him a lawyer to represent him during the case. The lawyer was a young woman named Heather.

23 years old, long red hair about 5'11" slim build. She was new to the law and was somewhat unsure of herself. Ian had of course memorized several law books and was 6 steps ahead of everyone. The investigation showed that his parents were drunk with and drove off the rain slicked road at high speed. As such, the court agreed with the sheriff's report and labeled it a accident. The next issue was about Ian himself. Since his parents used their influence to keep his bad habits quite, their was no record of and wrong doing so the court ordered Heather to be his temporary guardian till the court made it's final ruling on him.

Be the end of that week, Heather had moved into Ian's house if only for a few days. Ian had a plan for both the judge and his new play toy. The evening he made dinner for her as a way of lowering her guard. He made her a microwave spaghetti but he added some Ecstasy to it to help make her easier to control.

She had no way of knowing that her new friend was about to destroy her life. After dinner they made small talk and Ian waited for the drugs to take affect. While he was waiting, Ian told her lies about how his parents drank and abused him and she was believing every word. Feeling sorry for him she let him set close to her to the point where they were on a couple of inch's away. Heather was on her 3rd glass of wine when she stared to get dizzy.

Once Ian noticed that the drugs where working on Heather, he started making his move.

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It stared with him gently holding her hand. This was starting in get Heather aroused. He poured her a 4th glass of wine and moved up to her arm and shoulder.

He poured her a 5th glass and was creasing her waste and had his hands on her legs.

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Heather was getting stimulated be all this but couldn't understand how. Finally after the 6th glass she was to weak to resist. She laid back on the couch and let Ian do what he wanted.

He wasted no time in unbuttoning her shirt and opening it up. Their before him where the best C-cups he had ever seen. Only a blue laced bra where between him and her nipples. He moved close to her to reach behind and unclasp the silky blue barrier. As the bra came lose and feel to Heather's lap a light moan came from her lips. Her nipples were erect and pointy. Sticking out like arrowheads.

Ian placed he lips over the left one and began to suck and lick it. Heather moaned deeper as she was overwhelmed by the sensation not knowing she was being raped by a 14 year old. He continued playing on the left nipple for a few minutes than went to the right side.

Heather didn't notice that one of Ian's hands moved down to her waist and was undoing her pants. Ian finished playing with Heather's breast and focused his attention to Heather's waist. He had unbuttoned her pants and slide them down enough to show that she wasn't wearing blue panties, she was wearing a thong, He slide his hand down between her legs and was a little surprised how wet she was. She must have orgasm while he was playing with her breast. "this girl is easy" he thought. He pulled down her pants till they were off and on the floor.

Heather was gone mentally. Between the Ecstasy and the wine, she was in no shape to realize what was happening to her, she was in blitz and loving it.

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Ian pulled down her thong and started eating away at her wet pussy. Heather Squirmed and gasped to the sensation with the occasional load moan. This lasted for several minutes till Ian was ready for the next step.

He slide his pants off and then his boxers. Heather looked up and saw a huge cock in front of her. She leaned forward and with out any effort or encouragement, took the whole thing in her mouth. Ian was shocked as to how well she sucked and licked his dick. Like a pro, she took it with no problems.

Ian leaned his head back as the sucking motion made his dick get bigger. He finally was able to pull his dick out and gently pushed Heather back against the couch.

Heather's pussy had a river coming out of it. Ian took her legs and spread them apart. He moved up close and thrust his dick into her pussy. The insertion made Heather cry out. Ian drove it in to hard and it was painful, but Ian didn't care. He repeatedly rammed his cock into her over and over till he got a rhythm going. Heather was too wasted to resist.

She soon began to enjoy the painful actions and began to moan loudly. The moans soon turned to screaming as she became use to the hard actions. "YESSSSSS!!!! and OH GGGGGOOOODDDDD!! were shouting out of her mouth. Ian grabbed Heather and lifted her up holding her by her ass cheeks.

Her breast in his face, the smell of hot sweat dripping from her nipples drove him crazy.

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He turned and sat down of the couch with Heather sitting on his lap, her legs wrapped around him. He sucked and lick the sweat off her breast and trusted harder into her. Heather was totally his. After several minutes of heavy thrust, Ian came inside of her. His hot semen driving deep in to her Virgina. Heather collapsed in Ian's arms, her head on his shoulder.

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Ian was gassing for breath after the climax. He had won a major victory over a weak opponent but he wasn't happy. He had to find away for the court to let him live his way and that wasn't going to be easy.


Fortunately, the court gave him the perfect tool to help him win.